Gift Fic: Of Chalk and Jewels


Rated: T


Of Chalk and Jewels

Requested by @b1ackcat105

Modern AU Artist Gajevy

Downtown Magnolia was holding its bi-annual street fair. Artists of all kinds would go and set up a booth to sell some of their products. Some artists would sell, others would display their art.

This year, Metalicana Redfox paid for a spot in which he and Gajeel set up a booth to sell some of their unique jewelry that the father and son team made.

The large, heavily pierced male growled in annoyance as he was setting up the cart at his stationed location.

His eyes caught a shimmer of blue coming up. Arching a studded brow, he watched as a small woman, maybe five feet tall, started setting up in a roped off square.

“Morning!” She chirped, having a large cup of coffee. Gajeel pondered how much damn sugar she had in it to make her that happy.

The woman was clad in some black shorts and an orange hoodie. Under her arm was a large black case and in her hand was a bag of minor supplies. Snacks, water, and so on.

“Ya sellin’ something?” He asked, closing the display for some necklaces.

She hummed slightly, “Yes and no. I’m showing off my artistic skill for now, but I’m bringing out a book of everyone’s work from a place I get. Sort of just a show to draw people in and have them think about actually coming to where I work. If that makes sense.” She explained lightly with a half-smile and shrug. “Mind watching my things? I need to get the last of the stuff from my car.”

“Yeah, sure. Make it quick, Shorty.”

This caused her to glare at him, but she left quickly to grab the display she was using. When she was back at her spot, she set it up and the decal on the front of the black stand read “Fairy Tail Tattoos” with a large book set up on it. Along the Decal were several pictures with names.

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