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Stunning Australian street art shows the world the true face of LGBT people

Australian street artist Astrotwitch launched “Queer the Streets” last year based on the idea that, as they wrote on Tumblr, all the “queer community needs is simply for more people to know that they exist.” Their works are incredible — and you have to see the rest

Fresque murale en hommage aux zadistes réalisée à l'encre et à la bombe durant le festival Impressions visuelles et sonores au 1e étage du bar L'Intermédiaire à La Plaine, Marseille - Détail 5 / 5



Last week I painted a temporary panel for Mural Festival on St-Laurent. Even though it’s been taken down now, here are some photos of the process.

“Mental Floss”, a friendly reminder to floss everyday, was painted on plywood with latex paint and lots of sweat 🔥

Photo credit goes to my buddy Carolane Bélanger