DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 42: Marcela Bovio
Born: October 17th, 1979 (Mexico)

Bands/Projects: Hydra (1995 – 2006); Elfonía (2001 – 2006); Stream of Passion (2005 – 2016); Solo (2015 – present)

Collaborations: Ayreon (2004, 2005, 2016); Beto Vazquez Infinity (2008); The Gathering (2009); To-Mera (2012); Revamp (2013); Subsignal (2013); Epica (2014, 2016); Mayan (live 2014, 2015); Exxiles (2015); The Gentle Storm; Maiden uniteD

Personal life: She married fellow Stream of Passion member Johan van Stratum on 28 October 2011. They live together in Tilburg, The Netherlands.


symphonic metal // listen here

1 Sirenia - Meridian // 2 Kamelot - March of Mesphito // 3 Delain - Here Come The Vultures // 4 Epica - The Second Stone // 5 Lacuna Coil - Fragile // 6 Diabulus in Musica - Shadow of the Throne // 7 ReVamp - Wild Card // 8 Nightwish - Romanticide // 9 Stream of Passion - Lost // 10 Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour // 11 After Forever - Cry With A Smile // 12 Xandria - A Prophecy of Worlds To Fall


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 17: Charlotte Wessels
Born: May 13th, 1987 (Netherlands)

Bands/Projects: To Elysium (2004 – 2005); Delain (2005 – present); Phantasma (2015)

Collaborations: Infernorama (2005); Day-már (live 2006); Sonata Arctica (live 2009); Nemesea (2011); Knight Area (2011); Serenity (2011); Stream of Passion (2012); Doro Pesch (live 2014); Karmaflow (2015); Kamelot (2015); Dark Sarah (2016)

Wessels has been trained in both jazz singing and classical singing.
When she joined her first band, her parents had to sign a contract because she was still underage.

Personal life: Charlotte has an art history degree and also has a master’s degree in gender studies. She is a vegetarian.


The Gentle Storm - Valley of the Queens (Ayreon cover)

Live from Progpower XVII, 2016


This is all of my ayreon/star one/stream of passion/Arjen Luassen stuff that I’ve gathered over the years. 
Ive all the Ayreon studio albums (the two different editions for the human equation and 01011001)
Arjen’s first solo album from 1993 – pools of sorrow, waves of joy
the Ayreonauts only cd and both the orignal and remastered ambeon album 
and the Stream of passion and star one live dvds
And the few ayreon albums that were released on LP
some of the stuff is signed too 

Stream of Passion

With her eyes fixed on the sea,
She looks for a sign among the waves,
Something to make her forget the truth,
An entire life filled with tears.

She surrenders to the madness,
Then goes quiet,
For the love of a day,
that will never come back.

When the rose dies,
She’ll find peace in those useless words,
For the love of a day,
that will never come back.


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 21: Dianne van Giersbergen
Born: June 3rd, 1985 (Netherlands)

Bands/Projects: Ex Libris (2003 – present); Xandria (2013 – present)

Collaborations: Karmaflow; Pathfinder (2011 – present); Taipan (2015); Stream of Passion (live 2015); Catharsis (2016); The Gentle Storm (live 2016)

Dianne received her first singing lessons as a birthday present from her parents at the age of just four years old.
She is graduated with a Bachelor’s and master’s degree at the ArtEZ school.
She expanded her vocal technique and began to combine her classical training with heavy metal music; her thesis addresses this issue. She also worked on the theory of composition, wrote poetry and was president of a group of master students to classical music concerts were organized.

“ The seismic waves of our skins”

The seismic waves of our skins is an  eletrical emotional history of our passion…

The seismic waves of our skins  is ,the rush of feeding our insane  hunger…

The seismic waves of our skins is, the flow of our secret painted sin…

The seismic waves of our skins  is , the beating of endless motion of our crusts…

The seismic waves of our skins is,the released feelings over our volcano …

The seismic waves of our skins, are the deep roots of mingle agony of our desire…

The seismic waves of our skins , is a delicious flaming mud between our shapes and devoruring lips…

The sesimic waves of our skins, are fingers over our painted starry heaven …

The seismic waves of our skins, are the layers of juicy liquors dipping through our madness…

The seismic waves of our skins ,is the crush of all universes in a rhythmic symphony of us….

Touching ,shattering ,crashing in one to the summit in explosions carried by a stream of lava …

Flooding the passion of us ,giving a meaning to a new beginning ,feeding til the end …..

The seismic waves of our skins are stronger as never before and even in a slight touch, this  dance of hunger starts again and again  in a rush ,shattering the horizon …

The seismic waves of our skins …repeating once more….


                                        Salt melts the Ice                       

An AU Nix/Hunter Reylo One-Shot that’s inspired by all the awesome Mermay beautifying my dashboard.


The bleeding stag across the hunter’s shoulders forced his boots to sink deeper into iced over mud.

Each pull up took more effort.

Each step down felt more final.

Verdammt! How far can I be?

“I’ve only been here a hundred times?” he shouted through chattering teeth. “H-How can I be lost!”

For not the first time, he regretted separating from the group, but regrets wouldn’t keep him alive. Sucking down a stabilizing breath, the raven-haired man gathered enough strength to stumble back along the right way. One foot in front of the other stuck close to the stream. Across thickets and around trees, he followed the slow merciful gurgle until the Aufeis stopped the flow.

Staring at the hunks of ice blocking the stream, the hunter could only sense his impending end as well.

This time when the stag slipped off his shoulders, he didn’t stop it. Leaning against a rock, the worn man submitted to the inevitable. Under all his pelt layers were shiver swells that wouldn’t quit. Under the eyes of the gods who he thought had abandoned him, the man prayed to make it back to his village.

I will not make it.

Liebe Götter, please let me make it.

Long after panicking, the man called Kylo urgently spoke his oldest god’s beloved names. Every praise puffed out into a harsh winter wind, but he kept praying. On and on, he showed reverence while never daring to close his eyes when the frozen dew caked his eyelashes.

No answer came. 

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2016 - A year in review: FAVORITE RELEASES (date of release order)

#1 - Arch Enemy: War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice DVD (although it was a Japan only release, it end up on the internet for anyone to watch it. It was inevitable.)
#2 - Amy Lee: Recover, Vol. 1 EP
#3 - Lacey Sturm: Life Screams
#4 - Nemesea: Uprise
#5 - Lacuna Coil: Delirium (my favorite release from them since Karmacode)
#6 - Tarja: The Brightest Void
#7 - Stitched Up Heart: Never Alone (a good debut album)
#8 - Tarja: The Shadow Self
#9 - Delain: Moonbathers
#10 - Amy Lee: Dream Too Much (a nice surprise, showing once again that she isn’t stuck in one music genre)
#11 - Darkher: Realms (this was one of the nicest discovers from this year. In the line of Draconian or Trees of Eternity)
#12 - Marcela Bovio: Unprecedented (a nice release, showing that she has a future after the disband of Stream of Passion)
#13 - Epica: The Holographic Principle
#14 - The Pretty Reckless: Who You Selling For
#15 - Sirenia: Dim Days of Dolor (although it feels like I’m betraying Ailyn, I always give a chance to the new singers that come to any band. And I gotta be honest and said, that I liked the new singer and the new album.)
#16 - Trees of Eternity: Hour of the Nightingale (this is my favorite album of this year, without any doubt.)
#17 - Lacuna Coil: Naughty Christmas (single)
#18 - Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit DVD

I Feel Immortal | For Mika. | Playmoss | Spotify

We Were Alive - Austra / Coil - Opeth / Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana / The Trick is To Keep Breathing - Garbage / Ocean - Goldfrapp / Windowpane - Opeth / My Lost Lenore - Tristania / Nemo - Nightwish / A War of Our Own - Stream of Passion / I Feel Immortal - Tarja / Beloved Freak - Garbage /

More OB fanmixes

Symphonic Metal Follow Train

Now that all bands are gonna be touring again, I really want to have loads of symphonic metal bands on my dash. I miss the old days (before I deleted my blog) when there was a lot more of that, and a bit more of a community around those posts.

Here’s how it works:

  • reblog this post if you’re a symphonic metal blog
  • check out the other blogs who have reblogged it
  • follow some of them, as many as you like! 
  • maybe even talk to them and start some friendships

P.S: If you ever want to talk about anything band-related or not, please come knock on my ask box and I’ll answer!

PROMPT; here
COMMENTS; So this is part of the tumblr “BuckyNat Smut-a-thon” which is taking part across tumblr from the 6-12 of July. I’m going to be doing this all week which means prepare yourselves BuckyNat fans because there’s a storm coming. Literally. 
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
 sexual scenes

“Nat- didn’t you hear?” The red-head looked up from her tablet, an eyebrow raising as her best-friend spoke. She’d been happily minding her own business until Clint had come ambling into the lounge area, looking sombre. The marksman looked surprised to see Natasha sat there, legs drawn to her chest and tablet balanced in her nimble hands. Clint just frowned before continuing, catching Natasha’s confused look. “It’s James- he’s been assigned the job to Russia.”

He watched as her facial expression fell, her eyes darkening as the words processed in her brain. He was going to Russia? He was going away? Without telling her? Clint’s face contorted as an angry look rose in his friends eye, and his mouth fell open as he saw the emotions play clearly across her face. He knew that there was something going on between Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes, but he’d never quite seen it.

Until now.

“Excuse me.” Natasha said stonily, and Clint made no time in stepping backwards and letting the fiery Russian assassin past. A slightly exsasperated look was burned onto his face as he noticed the deadly look on her face. With clenched fists and a set jaw, Natasha went stalking through the door and through to the corridor, where she went in search of the familiar man with the metal arm.

Clint watched her go and let out a low whistle. “Someone’s going to get a mouthful.”

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