Mirsan Week- Day 2- Partners/Purple

I don’t think I draw enough of my favorite couple looking fierce and battle-ready.

I had a lot of fun on this one and I think I finished the entire piece in record time. This piece is dedicated to the wonderfully talented @kristicles Happy belated birthday, Krista!

Art Stream has Ended

((Camille and Nebula belong to @inklingleesquidly @myzzy and @agenttwo

Emerald belongs to @son-of-joy and @twelvetailedkitsune

Justinian Agent 7, and Telemachus belong to me))

Telemachus then changed expressions to the familiar calm look. He grabbed Camille’s hands and pulls her close.

“Don’t make a scene, okay?” He whispered, “Just follow my lead and dance to the rhythm.”

Camille kind of had no choice and nods. She still kept the glare. “I blame Agent 7 for this…”

“Agreed.” Telemachus narrowed his eyes.


OKAY SO - Gonna go ahead and stream. May as well get some work done while I’m at it. (Like work on that daki commission)

But CHEAP COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! I wanna put the funds back that were taken out for various things needing to be paid for so it would really help! Signal boosts are also love. I’m hoping to get a few commissions today ;3;
If stream doesn’t load Refresh/F5 untill it does!

Feel free to come in to chat with me and others.

Guest channels that join the multistreaming experience automaticly use these rules too.

Stream Rules:

1. Do NOT ask for free art or for me to draw you.
2. Do NOT post links WITHOUT my permission. You get one warning.
3. Please do not beg, cry, or whine for an adoptable/auction picture. I will blacklist you from buying said character.
4. Dont like my music? then mute stream and listen to your own. OR leave the stream
5. Please talk amongst yourself. It makes me uncomfortable when the chatbox is silent.l
6. PLEASE tell me if my stream black screens. I’m not psychic, and I cannot see it myself so please.
7. Feel free to talk to me about almost anything. just don’t ask me for personal things ;)
8. Do not start drama or fight in my stream. I will ban you almost immediately. This is your warning.
9. Payment is in USD only, and on PAYPAL only.
10. BE conciderate to one another. things you say can be upsetting/offending. Keep other people in mind too.
11. Don’t like the current content? Don’t watch or leave. You were warned with the Mature filter.

PS: My Wrist is fucked up, I had surgery to try and fix it which made things worse so please be patient!