Video at the Texolo waterfall park located in the Municipality of Xico, in Veracruz, Mexico. The main waterfall has an approximate height of 78.7 feet. There is a bridge over the ravine that connects both parts of the forest. On the other side, there are two smaller waterfalls that can be seen from some of the trails in the area.
The waterfalls and their surroundings have been used to film several films. Video by @christian_foto / @prime_collective


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🔴 PenguinPotential [LIVE] - Weekdays @ 10am EST

New Pengi RPG today! v.0.4.1

Saleswitch - New shop that appears, you can buy Holy Grail for 50 coins when she appears.

Holy Grail - New item (!grail). Costs 50 coins. Allows Pengi to be any class and deal damage to all enemies for 5 minutes.

Item Rework: Storm - (!storm) Costs 30 coins. Replaces Smite. Creates a looming storm above the enemy which strikes for 50% of its total HP. Lasts for 3 enemies.

here’s the recording of my Pokémon Moon stream from today! everyone was so fun and chill and wonderful. can’t wait to kick more pokébutt soon! ôヮô

bonus merch courtesy of kati-er, slurpee cups coming soon:

Open the gates: Commission Masterpost (USD)

Hello, hello pals, It’s about time I opened up shop to use all my spare time. What I have to offer is Detailed-sketches, inks, monochrome coloring.
Also, along with regular commissions, I offer art sessions per hour if you’re not sure what you’d like.

First off, if you’re interested any you can contact me either in PM’s or email:


(Additional characters +%50)
Headshot: $10
Bust - $15
Full Body: $18 USD.
Complex sketches (Includes dialogue/basic shades) + $5

Slot 1: Azriel on discord.
Slot 2: Available
Slot 3: Available
Slot 4: Available
Slot 5: Available

Example Links:
Boop! <– Fullbody basic 
Booop! <– Headshots
Boooop! <– Backgrounds included with Complex fee. 
Booooop! and Blp! and Blut! <– If there’s a style you’ve in mind, lemme know. I’m an expert at plager– I mean replicating. 
Bleeeeep! <– Multiple characters will are fun. 

Inks are an additional $10.
Slot 1: Available
Slot 2: Available
Slot 3: Available

Bloop! <– (I wanted to be Vayne…)
Beep! <– (A gif I worked on for abit.)
Y’know, I haven’t inked anything this year. I hope I get commissions like these, hah!

1. Slot taken. @cotton-hands

As for splash arts, where I spend hours recreating a league aesthetic with little to no hesitation on details for the intention of professional champion select quality! Just $50. 

Background and character will be monochrome flat. 
I’ll only work one at a time. 

Rent me is for those small doodles, y’know, the 5-20 minute rough sketches.

vv About an hour of work vv 

Rent me stream sessions are $15 an hour.
During that period I’ll doodle whatever you’d like, whether it be detailed or scratchy work. You can even set me to autopilot. I can fill out an expression character. I can draw bubbles. Really, aesthetic, bubbles.
Stream sessions can be private or public (You decide summoner).
We’ll decide on a set time and date together. 

You get the point. I won’t afk at Keyboard, I promise.  
I’m a submissive artist okay, feel free to yank my chain. 

If you’ve any questions or concerns, let me know. Hope to do business with’cha. Y yes i do nsfw hee-hee
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PageOfLight is live on Picarto.TV! Watch our streamer do Furry stuff and chat with likeminded people. 23 have watched PageOfLight’s stream!

I’m gonna do a freebie stream for some commission examples! Feel free to stop by and toss some designs at me! I do humans and anthros mostly. I can attempt feral designs too if you’re interested.

Depending on how many people show interest I might have to pick and choose based on my interest in the characters. Please know these will be artistic freedom for the most part. Some may be quick headshots while others may be sketchy busts or fullbodies.