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Nader Khalili was an exceptional architect and humanitarian.  You could distinguish his design aesthetic by the dome-like structures, layered sand bag construction, glass bottle insets, and intricate attention to detail.  As and admirer of his technique and thought process behind his design, Mikel Robertson, owner of Green Goods Products, adopted his technique in the construction of the main structure built on Four Elements farm.  

Although Nader Khalili has since passed, it is important to keep his dream of architectural structures that cause less harm to the earth a reality.  

Here you can see pictured one of Nader’s structures under construction, on complete, and finally the structure built by Mikel Robertson in the likeness of Khalili.  

Stay tuned for our informational video on straw bale and rammed earth construction.  

Wayne from the show Letterkenny is autistic!

Sources below (warning for heavy swearing, crude humor, and alcohol in some scenes):

Heavily repetitive to the point where he pretty much scripts his greetings.

Is super repetitive with his speech - also sounding scripted.

- Edit: His body motions are heavily scripted as well. Almost “robotic.”

- Doesn’t understand socialization - especially when flirted with.

- Can’t handle change - such as when someone made his birthday muffin with cream cheese instead of icing, or when they tried to get him a donkey instead of a horse for his birthday, or when a rave was hosted at the city hall instead of the regular country music.

Doesn’t understand how to make socially appropriate jokes (literally in the first link he describes how he saw a hen get fucked by an opossum in front of a fucking priest and was too socially dense to realize what he was saying was wrong. In the second one, he says he could watch kids hurting themselves all day as a joke). Edit: also this one.

- Literally never makes different expressions.

Is apathetic and has empathy issues regarding even his best friends - even doesn’t flinch in the face of danger. 

- Constantly makes corrections on how to tell the difference between a hay bale and a straw bale - farming is a special interest of his.

- Requires routine.

- Is monotone no matter what (dude just watch everything with him).

I am very sad today because my little floppy daughter, Emilia, died in the night. We don’t know what happened yet; she was only 5, and I haven’t been at home for a week or so, so it’s a mystery at the moment.

Very important facts about my lovely pudding child:

- I got her because she was the rabbit no-one wanted, as she was considered too old to adopt (at 6 months!) and not cute enough. She was very snuggly and tried to go home with me inside my coat, and so I decided that I would let her.

- she was a VERY GREEDY BUN. She used to put her food into a pile and sit on it so that our other rabbit, Gus, couldn’t get at it, and then she would pull bits of food out from underneath her and chomp them secretly. We had to be careful what we fed her, but she was always a healthy weight and we got her checked regularly.

- every time we went to the vet, they would tell us that she was the friendliest and best behaved rabbit they’d ever treated. She charmed about 5 vets into saying this.

- her favourite pat site was the base of her ears, and she would chatter (rabbit purring) as soon as she realised it was incoming.

- a few weeks ago, I bought them some nice new toys and she tried to eat all of them. I’m glad she enjoyed them for the past few weeks.

- she always came out to say hello whenever you went outside, and would try and climb your leg and eat your ankles.

- she destroyed 3 pairs of earphones.

- she put a hole in my favourite trousers, jumper and dressing gown.

- she would help me clean the hutch by chewing open the bales of straw and pulling it all out.

- this photo was taken on Halloween and she was being spoopy.

- I love her a lot a lot a lot and I’m going home today to see her and I’m very upset, but I’m glad I wasn’t the one who found her.

Sorry for morbid post. Emilia was a happy blancmange, so she would want pats and rubs, not sadness. When I get home, I’m going to pat Gus a lot, whether she likes it or not (which she won’t, because she’s a grumpy rabbit fuck) and rub Clod’s head, and that is the best thing I can do for Emilia now.


Straw Bale Gardening

One of the thriftiest, most versatile ways to garden is what’s called Straw Bale gardening. Often cheaper than garden soil or fertilizer, straw bales are found virtually everywhere. Craigslist, home depot or other home improvement stores will sell them for pennies on the dime when push comes to shove.

But what can you grow?

The answer: just about anything.

Moisture and heat collect in the straw bale like a trap. Tomatoes, corn and other tall plants can break the bale apart the taller they get, but potatoes and herbs will thrive in your bale. 

Hay bales start to decompose just hours after they get wet and can provide an atmosphere better than your greenhouse. By digging a hole into your bale, dropping in some soil around your plants and packing it firmly, you’ll add some stability to your plant and as your bale decomposes, it will provide a steady source of nutrition all throughout the growing season.

Some basic info on LAMMAS 🌛🌝🌜

Lammas other known as “Lughnasadh” or “August Eve”.
This celebration takes place on July 31st - August 1st.
The meaning of it is the first harvest. The coming of the dark. The wheat and fruit harvest. The wane of the light. Preparing for winter.
At this time the focused Gods and Goddesses are: Lugh, Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother.
The symbols of this celebration are: Wheat, Corn, Barely, Oats, Onion, Grapes, Straw Dolls, Corn Dolls, Wood, Straw Bales, Tarot (strength) Rune (Eihwaz).
Its colors: yellow, orange, bright red, violet, dark green, brown.
The stones: Camelian, Cat’s eye, Citrine, Marble, Sale, Granite, Lodestone.
Herbs: grapes, heather, blackberry, pear, rose, sandalwood, goldenrod. Foods: bread, apples, grains, corn, beer, grapes, onion, apricot.


epic straw bale earthquake test


Green, green, and more green!

I harvested green beans, several varieties of lettuce, kale, and basil for dinner today…and the harvest is just beginning! Rudbeckia flowers were moved to the deck to salvage the remaining blooms, d— bunnies! Despite my efforts of securing the raised beds with chicken wire and deer netting the rabbits are still visiting for any remaining unprotected survivors. You would think that a black lab and orange tabby might deter their effort, NOT! Eggplants and squash are beginning their journey. Another season has launched and I can’t wait to watch the journey:)