Do you ever get tired of constantly being linked with Fred Astaire? 

I know we weren’t born Siamese twins, but sometimes you’d think we were. Wherever I go people ask, “Hey, where’s Fred?” He gets a little bored being asked about me all the time, too. We are great friends with tremendous affection for one another. He’s charming, gentle, shy and the perfect performer—my idea of a super man. 


Baumgartner’s jump, from multiple angles, with mission data.  Insane.


I don’t know how many of you ever watched this “live”, but Felix Baumgartner’s jump to Earth from 128,000ft (24 miles!) was truly amazing. The above clip is a highly edited version. If you have a little more time, here’s another high def clip that gives a little more detail and background to the story. 

There’s also lot’s of interviews with Felix after the jump, here’s one such example. He really is a pretty humble guy. This comment on the interview video linked sums it up…

"I think what’s most impressive is that he looks as cool as a person who would do this should."