So I was in stratford a couple weeks ago and obviously i went to the Avon Theatre to see Justin’s star. I don’t know if you guys can see clearly but people spit their gum on it on purpose, people throw their drinks on it. I can’t understand how people can do that. I mean this is a symbol and a reminder for him, Justin is one of the only artists who are still talking about the town he comes from and still give a damn about it and people thanks him with spitting around or destroying his star? I can’t tell how much this is a disrespectful thing to do. Haters say Justin’s an asshole and a bad person but who’s worse? seriously.

Here are some random things Chloe and Christi said after people asked them questions at their Q&A today! (Contains some Season 4.5 Spoilers)

1) Christi has a sister called Jodi and a sister called Courtney.

2) Pyramid filming can go on for up to three hours!

3) Because pyramid goes on for so long, sometimes the crew gets shots of the moms/the girls looking tired/annoyed, and uses those shots as if they were reactions to a different situation, e.g. Christi looking mad that Maddie is at the top of the pyramid.

4) Abby told Todrick Hall that if he were to put Chloe in his music video, she wouldn’t let Maddie, Nia, Mackenzie, Kendall or Payton be in the video.

5) Christi said Abby is way worse in real life.

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Westend Matildas Stratford-Present

Josie Griffiths, Adrianna Bertola, Kerry Ingram

Sophia Kiely, Cleo Demetriou, Eleanor Worthington-Cox

Isobelle Molloy, Jade Marner, Hayley Canham

Lucy-Mae Beacock, Lara Wollington, Chloe Hawthorn

Cristina Fray, Elisa Blake, Georgia Pemberton

Lollie Mckenzie, Cara Jenkins, Lottie Sicilia

Tasha Chapple, Violet Tucker, Matilda Shapland