So I was in stratford a couple weeks ago and obviously i went to the Avon Theatre to see Justin’s star. I don’t know if you guys can see clearly but people spit their gum on it on purpose, people throw their drinks on it. I can’t understand how people can do that. I mean this is a symbol and a reminder for him, Justin is one of the only artists who are still talking about the town he comes from and still give a damn about it and people thanks him with spitting around or destroying his star? I can’t tell how much this is a disrespectful thing to do. Haters say Justin’s an asshole and a bad person but who’s worse? seriously.

I closed my eyes, almost hoping he wouldn’t be interested so we could wrap up this talk and call it a day. We could go back to our normal lives without me needing to wrestle with these unique decisions about his future. I could continue living in my comfort zone. If Justin had said no, i would have called Scooter that very second and pulled the plug on that and future offers. And i would have kept making and posting videos of Justin only for as long as he wanted.

But Justin didn’t say no. His eyes lit up. He said, “ Yeah, sure! When do we get to go? ” …

—  Pattie Mallette

Yardhouse | Assemble
Location: Stratford, London, United Kingdom

- The main structure is formed from a barn-like timber frame and enclosed by prefabricated insulated panels. The front facade facing onto the Sugarhouse Yard is made from colourful concrete tiles handmade on site. The unlikely scale and intricacy of this façade forms a backdrop for the active public yard onto which it faces,