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Strapping Young Lad - Underneath The Waves

I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired of fighting
I’m tired of waiting for fucking nothing
I’m sick of lying
I’m sick of trying
I’m tired of waiting for fucking nothing

tired of hating, bored of dying
tired of waking from the dreams of morning

sick of trying, sick of whining
tired of waking from the dreams of morning

…in my mind, metal is not defined by oppressive, negative bullshit. Metal is defined by a creative freedom and a type of power that’s visceral in a way that no other kind of music is. And if what you’re choosing to represent with that power is negativity, positivity, cathartic release, absurdity, whatever — it doesn’t matter. To me, that’s what metal is.
—  Devin Townsend
“My biggest problem with the whole metal scene a lot of times is the misogynistic part of it……
……The way I look at it, between human beings or the male and female sexuality and/or relationships, it should be easy. It should be people saying "OK, cool whatever, we’re hanging” and that’s it. Other than the obvious personality differences, to me, there shouldn’t be any differences between men and women. I got some friends in a group called Broken Hope who sent me a disc and their whole lyrical standpoint is just like, “Bitch fucked with a knife!” and all this shit and I’m thinking they haven’t been laid, that’s their problem towards women, cause they’re not getting laid. What I see with that is a group of people who are afraid of women.“
—  Devin Townsend speaking against misogyny in an old 1997 interview.