It was a tragic affair. Person A and Person B were madly in love. Head over heels for each other. But their story had been doomed from the start, and they were separated, tortured, and later, killed. Fast forward roughly a hundred or so years. Person A has been working as a journalist for years when they’re suddenly fired. After a wild, crazy night of drinking their worries away, they wind up with Person B, a complete stranger. That morning though, all hell broke loose as suddenly, a bunch of people are on Person A and B’s trails, attempting to kill them. As Person A and B discover more and more about their previous lives, their present and future is less certain than ever. Can Person A and B navigate through their shared past and manage to, this time around, get a happy ending?

Bonus: Play out both the present and past version of the characters, progressing the stories along as the characters uncover the past.




Please Enjoy The Q and A, Wherein I, Celeste Of The Goldberg Sisters, Was Granted Unprecedented Access…To Adam’s Mother’s Womb!

Celeste: So who am I, Adam?

Adam: That’s your first question?

Celeste: Yes.

Adam: You’re my identical twin bearded sister, Celeste Goldberg.

Celeste: So, I’m real. I’m not just some kitschy meta gimmick to help you sell records?

Adam: You arguably have only served to confuse matters and stifle record sales. So, no, you’re not a gimmick.

Celeste: Good. Thank you. I’m not sure those record sales wouldn’t have gone ahead and stifled themselves no matter. Anyhoo… So, Adam, why are we here?

Adam: Well, wow…Uh…I mean…I’m not sure I can answer a question like that in the context of a promotional Q and A. I’m not sure anyone can really answer-

Celeste: No no no, I mean why are we on your blog and not somewhere cool. Like Pitchfork or Stereogum?

Adam: Well, I’m not sure either one has bothered to acknowledge the existence of The Goldberg Sisters…Well, to be fair, Pitchfork did write a tiny blurb on the first album when I, uh, when we were called LANDy…But come to think of it that was probably because Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart contributed to that record.

Celeste: Yeah, those guys are great.

Adam: Yeah, they’re good.

Celeste: Good? They’re fucking brilliant. I mean really really-

Adam: Okay, okay.

Celeste: So, basically you couldn’t get placement for the new video and thought you’d kind of DIY it. Kind of like the record itself. Is that it?

Adam: No I mean, some places were interested, it’s just that…I mean, why does being on somebody else’s blog legitimize your art?

Celeste: So, you consider what you do art?

Adam: Come on, you know what I mean!

Celeste: Shhh.

Adam: Anyway it’s fitting to premiere the video here. This blog in many ways is responsible for the genesis of these songs. They all exist in the archives here in one demo iteration or another. Plus the video consists of photographs, of stills, and so really it’s really the most appropriate home for this piece, anyway. This is where most of the music I’ve written and photographs I’ve taken have lived since I began the blog in 2010.

Celeste: That’s actually a really lovely circle you’ve managed to create.

Adam: Thanks Celeste, I thought so too. It’s poignant I think.

Celeste: Poignant. But not Pitchfork.

Adam: Maybe you and Pitchfork should get a room!

Celeste: If only they’d slip me their key.

Adam: Ugh, Anyway, the goal — beyond just the doing of the thing, the making of the album, which is really the most fulfilling part of the whole process — is to have people see and hear what you do. I mean, if 50,000 people are looking at this blog anyway, why not-

Celeste: Well, hold on there. To be fair, you have that many followers because you are listed in the photography directory. Most of them are probably teenagers who follow thousands of blogs, and they just click on and follow everyone in the directory. I’m not sure they’ll even find this buried in their feed.

Adam: Fine, you win.

Celeste: I win nothing. You go down, I go down.

Adam: Can we move on?

Celeste: So you recorded this album in your garage, is that right?

Adam: I did. Longtime collaborator and wonderful musician in his own right, Andrew Lynch, recorded and mixed it. And I played all the instruments.

Celeste: Oh myyyyy. Someone’s kind of a control freak huh?

Adam: It was just easier, more convenient, and more affordable than scheduling musicians, as much as I love the ones I’ve worked with in the past. It turned into sort of a dogma, a challenge, which I often regretted. But I suppose I’m happy to have gone through the exercise and I’m generally happy with the results But there are times I wished I had, for example, Andrew play trumpet as he has on my past records or Roxanne [Daner, his muse and girlfriend, featured in this video, a graphic designer and the wedge that drives Adam and I apart] play violin. But it was such a personal album, that began in such a solitary way, on this blog, in the middle of many nights, that it seemed the recording of the album proper should reflect that sentiment and aesthetic.

Celeste: So, you’re cheap is what you’re saying.

Adam: Yes. That’s exactly what I was saying.

Celeste: Let’s talk about Vine.

Adam: Do we have to?

Celeste: Well, I think it may be of some interest to the 25-30 folks who have read this far that you have accrued more press in the last year, making little videos on your telephone, than you have in 20 plus years of acting, directing films, and making music.

Adam: Like I said, do we have to?

Celeste: Oy. Okay, how about this. The video “you’ve” made -

Adam: I did make it!

Celeste: Right I didn’t help….Anyway, the video “you’ve made” here for “Wandering I” appears to owe just a little to the jittery stop motion vibe you cultivated in your Vines.

Adam: Actually this is not the first video I’ve made which comprises still photographs.

Celeste: Okay, so now you want to plug a video you made for another artist like 2 years ago? What was her name? Agne something, Moorehead?

Adam: Obel. Agnes Obel. Agnes Moorehead was on Bewitched.

Celeste: Tomato, tomato.

Adam: I’m not sure that expression reads properly in print.

Celeste: I’m not sure it matters. We’re on your Tumblr.

Adam: Anyway, I’m just saying I had been wanting to make another video made of stills for a while. This time I used a digital camera. whereas last time I shot entirely on instant film. So I had a lot more opportunity to play with stop action, opposed to the Le Jetée vibe of Agnes’ video.

Celeste: Le Jetée, fancy.

Adam: Jesus Christ.

Celeste: So you, in essence, what you’re saying is…You cheated by not shooting analog this time?

Adam: I’m done.

Celeste: No, actually, I’m done. I’m so sorry, we’re all out of time. Thanks so much for chatting with me, Adam!

Adam: Jesus Christ.

You can purchase the digital album on iTunes now and pre-order CDs, in stock September 17, on OUR SITE and other fine retailers and not so fine retailers.

If you prefer, watch and share the video on VIMEO.



Vocal Classification: Lyric Contralto

Vocal Range: C3 - F5 - F6 (3 octaves, 3 notes)

Best Vocal Performances: If I Could Turn Back Time, The Star-Spangled Banner

Lower Register (C3 - G#3): Cher’s lower register is excellently supported and well-placed, and as a whole, it is dark and velvety, as it carries up into mid-range (Early Morning Strangers). In a live setting, these notes are fairly easy to reach as well, showcasing her contralto nature.

Middle Register (A3 - E4): The mid-range is dark and solid in nature, with it being a great way to access both the lower register and the belting range (Taxi Taxi). It’s very rich and deep in tone with her signature androgynous timbre.

Mixed Voice/Upper Chest (F4 - F5): The upper chest range is flawlessly mixed and incredibly well-supported, with her having the ability to sustain notes for long times with or without her speedy and malleable vibrato (The Star-Spangled Banner). This enables Cher to fire mid-belts rapidly back-to-back being able to descend and ascend from the mid-range up into her belting range with ease (Believe).

Head Voice (Eb5 - F6): Despite her contralto voice, Cher’s voice within the higher octaves using her connected head voice is dark, slightly wispy yet fairly resonant, and compared to the rest of her voice, has much less trouble executing ornamentation within this range (Just This One Time),

Vocal Ability: With her incredible breath support and control, Cher is able to sustain notes for incredibly long periods of time, without the note wavering in pitch one bit. Although her voice is far too heavy for ornamentation, Cher’s musicianship showcased within her voice is top-notch, never sounding out of place from the music. Her biggest ability could be the ability to widen the size of her vibrato whilst sustaining notes, and as a vocalist, has avoided her voice from being pulled up into her throat.

Natural Qualities: Cher’s voice is dark and heavy in tone, and warm and androgynous in timbre, with the voice carrying a huge amount of weight within her full voice. Her vibrato is swift and malleable, usually being used to sustain notes for lengthy periods of time.

Overall: A+




Please Enjoy The Q and A, Wherein I, Celeste Of The Goldberg Sisters, Was Granted Unprecedented Access…To Adam’s Mother’s Womb!

I’m about to go spend a week in the woods teaching low income families about financial systems and institutions (makes sense in context… not really actually)


I would like podfic/playlist recs to download for when I won’t have any service!!!

(no podfics under an hour please. I want something to sink my teeth into)

  • Stranger:Good morning! How are you?
  • Me:I'm fine
  • Me:wait should I have said 'and how are you?' too oh no what if they think I'm mean and uncaring and
Now Hear This!: The Goldberg Sisters - Strangers Morning (PopMatters Album Premiere)

Stream my new record (which originated as demos on this blog) for free for the next week….before it gets turned into a torrent and is free anyway. 

(one day, maybe by the year 2022, when I can no longer lift a guitar without going into spasm, Tumblr will access the technology to allow a negligibly more eye catching way of presenting a link)

Six-shooters and Sunshine

Christine Chapel had the sweetest smile this side of the Mississippi. She always had a kind word for everyone, even the gruff old town doctor.

She knew everyone in town, too, so the man leaning casually against the fence at the general store caught her attention.

“Good morning, stranger,” she said with a smile as bright as the sun overhead. “I haven’t seen you around here before.”

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