SM Freakshow/circus Au where bog is part of the Freakshow, getting his show name “the bog king”. Marianne is maybe a runaway bride that joins the circus trapez/aerial silk act. ^w^ it was loong ago i got this idea, but i wanted to ad more to the art. But lucky mmee~~ my Wacom is broken soo No digital art for a while till i can buy a new one… -__-’

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“i’m now caught up on eight podcasts, woot woooot!  and seven of them…”

what podcasts?

naturally all of the night vale guys’ (both written and produced):

  • within the wires
  • alice isn’t dead
  • the orbiting human circus (of the air)
  • welcome to night vale

i feel like everyone knows how great those are, and if they don’t then they know to give them the benefit of the doubt because jeffrey cranor and joseph fink have earned at least that.  so i won’t blather on about how wonderful they are [coughs].  then i’ve caught up to these in the past month:

  • eos 10, i’ve just listened to the last episode today and, holy hell, it has to be up at the tippy top of favorites.  the humor in it is so freaking on point; laughing out loud in public for no apparent reason is always super fun, right?  if there’s a cooler girl than jane johns, well, that’s probably what she’s going to end up in prison for: eliminating the competition.  dr. urvidian and ryan dalias as rehabbing reluctant doctor friends in space is the best relationship ever conceived of and i defy you to prove otherwise.
  • the strange case of starship iris, this literally just started, the first episode dropping just the 10th of last month and i already want to give my whole heart to it (and violet liu).  real illuminae vibe to it that i like a loooot.
  • the bright sessions, HI, HEY, HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BECAUSE I AM PRETTY GROTESQUELY OBSESSED WITH THIS.  if you weren’t aware of that: here ya go.
  • wolf 359 (my only non-gays of the bunch - though they’re not necessarily out of the running, there are no romantic subplots to this three seasons in - which i also enjoy the hell out of), this one deals with a ragtag group of uniquely brilliant misfits orbiting and observing a red dwarf star… that’s totally normal and stuff.

Benedict Cumberbatch is on a German talk show (Circus Halli Galli) tonight. Just to pre-warn Tumblr…. there is a good chance they’re gonna interview him in a basement. That’s how Germans interview people, there’s nothing weird or disrespectful about it, we just do things this way here. Please respect German culture of weird as fuck interviews. :D

Me: (drunkenly trying to explain the book ‘The Night Circus’): It’s like…people in fancy clothes do magic.
Other Person: Oh, is it like that Mr Norris thing?
Me: You mean Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell?
Me: (exercises an extraordinary amount of self control considering someone has mentioned JSAMN to me while drunk)
Me: Actually, yes. It’s a great companion book.