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Melanie's Story - Who is visiting me??

My father committed suicide when I was ten.  I believe he is still here with me…but is letting me know this in a very paranormal way.  He used to take my son’s baby bottles out of the refrigerator and they would appear in the strangest places in my house.  I was falling asleep next to my boyfriend one evening and we heard a man’s voice coming from the upstairs of my house…it was a voice that was loud…I could not make out the words..but there was a pretty long sentence…and I could tell it was IN the house.  My boyfriend heard this too, went upstairs with a baseball bat and checked all doors and windows and there was no one there.  Hmmmm…and then things started really happening.  The comforter on my bed started moving while I was lying in bed…as if I was being tucked in.  The vcr player would start……fast forward…stop …and then rewind itself and then shut off.  The vaccuum cleaner started by itself, there were footsteps coming down the stairs one night while I was alone in bed..the typewriter I was using to type all of this out moved by itself….the spacing mechanism on it changed without me touching it.  The clock that had the dead battery in it that hadn’t worked for weeks started by itself..with a dead battery in it…and then stopped after about 24 hours.  The garage door started opening by itself.   Since this all started I have been getting very strange photos….a being showed up in one of my had wings and a head and a spine…and then orbs started appearing in my photos by the hundreds…and triangular hues and smoky looking twisty and windy things started appearing in my photos as well.  I shot one photo at night off the balcony of the house in the mountains…into the air…I was up about 20 feet on the balcony…and just shot right out onto the valley…and then a WOLF or DOG appeared in this photo…strange because I was just shooting into the empty night space off my balcony.  OH…there are many more stories I could tell….but it intrigues me.  I don’t believe all spirits are bad, or “ghosts”…in fact, I think some of them are very GODLY spirits wanting to let us know they are here watching over us.  I need to get some good equipment and start recording these on an EVP player or MEL meter…hahah (My name is Mel)….haha..anyway…Best regards!!!!!!!!!  Melanie (Thanks for letting me share)

From Melanie


I’ve yet to see all the selfies of this years’ Voltage Selfie Day, but I already seen tons of beautiful ladies! So a big ‘thank you’ goes to the girls who tagged me! (ladyzain, akidrana and kinda by ichiyanagi-subaru x°D)

In the first one I’m trying to show my pink hair, but I’m stupid and I made a bad photo so it doesn’t show that much xD but I promise, it’s a bright magenta! :D

In the second one you can see me with my lovely Auctioneer made by the amazing and beautiful Tori (thedollymaker)! It’s so cute, and soft, and detailed! I love it so much! he’s always by my side especially when I have to study x3 he always makes me tea ->

isn’t he adorable?! *0*

Btw, I’m using these selfies to do the 20 beautiful people challenge too, I don’t know why you people want to see me that much, my drawings are way better than my selfies >.>

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Thank you all so much!