In the spirit of Comic Con, I wanted to drop a little exclusive promo poster image for my upcoming Roz Wells + The Vortex short, “Ant Agony.”

You won’t actually be seeing this at Comic Con. There’s no panel, no booth, no one handing out flyers outside the convention center. No studio is producing it, after all - it’s a 100% independent production.

If you’re looking for something different from what the traditional networks have to offer, though, stay tuned! I’ll be animating it myself and sharing progress as I go.

The short should be out in fall of 2016.

Ritual and burial strange and elaborate ways humans prepared animals

The practice of animal burial is one that dates back to prehistoric epochs. Many cultures around the globe have buried animals for various reasons: sentimentality, religious rituals, superstition, and more. Archaeological studies of animal burials aren’t just to This article touches on only a few of the surprising ways humans have buried animals through history.catalogue what the ancient humans ate or which animals they domesticated, but these finds also shed light on the very lifestyles, beliefs and spiritual customs of ancient societies.

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