Sometimes situations don’t allow you to capture the photos you want, for me, today, it was the fact that i was about to pass out and havent left bed in 3 weeks but really wanted photos to play with.
It can also be simple things like lighting, placement, or a very uncooperative subject! Been there, so I get it. 
Its possible to get photos nearly perfect straight out of camera, but it takes extra talent to be able to save photos like these.
When I’m out taking photos, I always have something in mind as to what I want the end subject to look like. Today, I captured that perfectly, even though I didn’t capture it in my camera.

I’m really proud of this picture. I used to think photos like this were photoshopped but this is straight out of the camera. Can’t wait to take more.

Location: Bryce National Park, Utah.

Instagram: LydiaFlowerss

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Oh my gosh if you have some time I need OQ + sending nudes to the wrong number, pretty please <3

It’s a relatively new concept to her, not only for the fact that her cell phone has been one of the flip variety for the last three decades but the whole selfie sending saga in the first place. Everyone knew what she looked like, why would they want picture proof?

Henry had insisted though. Her trusty old phone had finally given up the ghost and, despite her reluctance, she’d chosen to upgrade to an iPhone. ‘It does so much more than your old phone, Mom. Trust me.’ and, of course, she did. So the next day she’d bought one. The very same model that she’d gotten Henry for his seventeenth birthday the year before. It hadn’t been hard to get used to, after an hour or so spent fiddling about with it, and she’d found herself rather happy with her new choice and her hand picked selection of applications.

One of which was Snapchat.

At first, Henry was her only contact and she loved it. Loved looking in on his day to day activities; time with his friends, afternoons spent terrorising the Charmings with his other mother, sweet little moments with Violet. It was like her own little peek into his world.

Over time though, and with Henry’s influence on the town, others had downloaded the app and so her contact list had grown to include Snow - with endless videos of Neal running riot about the town - Charming - sickening picture after picture of his one true love when she was unawares - Emma - mainly snaps warning any that followed her of the various hazards around town and some of Henry - and Robin.

He was the more recent of them all.

Her own ‘story’ consisted of various dishes she’d experimented with, drawings that her dimpled seven year-old sweetheart had brought home from school - he was endlessly talented with a pot of paints, they’d found - and pictures of all three of her boys together whenever she had them all in one room.

It was nice.

Also, it afforded herself and Robin the chance to get a little more creative when it came to their affections. Namely when the good and reformed Outlaw found himself on the night shift at the station.

Most times she’d send him a little warning, a preliminary snap to ensure he was alone before she’d begin the show for him.

It was never anything particularly special - a bare shoulder, a video of her thighs slowly rubbing together as she let loose breathy moans, an awkwardly angled (but highly paying off) shot of her bare bottom that always sent him wild - but his reaction was always worth the effort. Particularly on the nights she didn’t have to be up for work the next morning. He’d wake her on his return with a tongue between her legs or after a series of touches that would have her wet before her eyes were even open.

She’d known from the beginning that theirs was a relationship made to last the ages but to actually experience it was something that always managed to take her breath away.

The thought of her husband, so hardworking and lovely, was what had her in quite the playful mood tonight. He’d had to work a few more night shifts this week and so, she was missing him.

She padded across the floor of the bedroom to stand before her full length mirror, grinning as she positioned herself. She didn’t want the build up tonight and the thought of completely surprising him was too good to resist so, with a little preparation, she brought her phone up and pressed a finger to the middle button, recording as she moved her elbows out a little and allowed her silk nightgown to slip from her body.

She watched it through a couple of times, just to ensure it did the job, before she pulled up her contacts and found Robin’s name with the little gold heart beside it - of course he was her ‘best friend’ on the app.

It didn’t take long, just the short walk back to the bed, before she received a notification telling her that he’d replayed the snap - she chuckled softly at the thought of his expression - and only one minute after that came the “Robin is typing…” banner, followed by the little blue chat button that had anticipation skittering across her bare skin.

“Oh, my love…” read his message and it was only three words but they were three words that had her grinning like a fool at her phone.

Instead of replying, however, she positioned herself back upon the bed with arms straight out before her and her camera switched to the front so that she could adjust herself. Taking a moment, she brought a hand down to thrum gently across each nipple, returning it when both stiffened into dusky peaks.

She angled her phone, taking the picture on a diagonal and swiping to add the desired filter before moving to her contact list once more. It was as she’d highlighted Robin’s name that she heard a sharp cry from down the hallway - Scarlett.

She sighed gently, glancing down to send the snap - she couldn’t leave him hanging in anticipation - before leaving her phone on her bed and moving to pull on her robe.


Emma was quite ready to pack up and call it a night. She was on call anyway, if there was any real emergency she’d hear about it. The sight of Robin looking so desperately at his phone in the other office - no doubt texting Regina - not strengthened her resolve. It was home time.

First though, the phone had to be diverted to her cell.

Picking up her own phone - she really needed to learn her number one day - she was surprised to find a notification of a received snapchat from Regina. The very fact that Regina was even on snapchat still amused her.

Still, it wasn’t a complete rarity for her to receive a funny picture of Henry or a sweet snap of Roland and Scarlett and so, rather innocently, she opened the app and clicked to open the received picture only to throw her phone across the room, wincing at the worrisome crack as it hit the ground. Robin was frowning confusedly at her through the window separating them but she could do nothing other than try and erase the image from her mind.

Robin’s focus on his phone made sense now. How many times had they been on the night shift together and this had been happening?

It didn’t bear thinking about.


She was roused by gentle kisses along the line of her jaw and neck, her husband’s palm warm as it stroked along her upper arm. God, she loved him.

“Welcome home,” she whispered sleepily to him, tilting her head back on the pillow to allow him more access to her skin and emitting a warm hum at the feeling of him behind her. “Good shift?”

“Most definitely,” he replied pointedly before he continued, “although, Emma was acting a little strangely before we left. She threw her phone across the room.”

“Why would she do something like that?” Regina frowned.

“I don’t know,” Robin chuckled softly, “but she warned me that you’d be getting the bill for the repairs.”

That had her a little more alert as she turned her head and asked, “Why the hell would it be my-” she gasped, hoping to god that she was wrong as she lifted herself from Robin’s hold and reached for her phone left forgotten on her bedside table after her last exchange with Robin.

She was quick to unlock it, ignoring her husband’s questions and opening the snapchat app, her heart pounding fiercely as she looked through her most recent exchanges and, sure enough, there was Emma’s name just under Robin’s, the little triangle just an outline of colour.

“Oh, fuck.”

Last Light on Everest, by shanezanath

Everest is on the left and you can see the final light of the day ascending up its massive pyramid shaped summit to the highest point on the planet Earth 8,848m (29,029 ft.). Although the peak of Nupste 7,861m (25,791 ft.) on the right looks higher, it is closer in the foreground which gives this appearance from our view at Kala Patthar (notice there is no direct setting sunlight remaining on Nupste). That pinkish hue beginning to light the mountains is straight out of the camera. It’s an effect of light refraction through a very high layer of atmosphere which is known as the Alpenglow. You can see this effect shortly after sun down or before sunrise in high mountains around the world, but as it is directly related to altitude, the Himalayas are unmatched for its viewing. Although we were supposed to ascend Kala Patthar for sunrise, we were aware that the lighting conditions favored the sunset hitting Everest from this particular vantage point. Considering the mornings were crystal clear without a cloud in the sky, we knew this was quite a gamble as the afternoon clouds were engulfing the mountains and it had started to snow fairly hard as we left our way out of the settlement of Gorakshep. I was satisfied enough when the clouds revealed Nupste, but they continued to clear revealing both Everest and eventually the amazing but deadly Khumbu Icefall, which can be seen twisting its way out of the mountains on the left.

PlayStation vs. Xbox poster.

We’re soon to hit 3 milion views on our music video, so I decided to  send You all a big thank You for the support. The amazingly amazing comments, fanart, likes and shares have brought us to where we are here.

So, speaking for myself, I’m quite proud of what I did with the music video. I’m proud of the idea, I’m proud of the designs, I am proud of the story it tells. It’s amazing to see You enjoying what I’ve made. Even though it’s been done one year ago, I still hold the console demons close to my heart. At first it was hard to do any progress on the video at all because of my school year coming to an end and the struggle to get the european scholarship. Working on the video became nearly impossible for some time. However once the summer started, I got back to work. I made a short script of what the music video should look like and got straight to sketching out the storyboards. Camera shots, angles and what-not. Was thinking about what would be exciting to show. After all, the song is about consoles rapping. However, animating consoles themselves would be boring. So I stepped up the game and thought to myself “Why not make the consoles have souls. Why not make them badass and edgy. What’s related to a spirituality and is actually edgy? A demon. Settled.” I made a test shot to show Rockit what I came up with (some of my faithful watchers have seen a small bit of it). Surprisingly enough, he loved it and told me to go with it all the way. So I did. And after long weeks of putting the whole video together, we have published it. Now I can look at it and say it was a success.

To honor it all, I made a poster for You. It’ll be given away in the Rockit Gaming steams and then maybe ( maybe ) put up for sale. Hope You’ll dig it and thank You all once more for the support! <3


Remember last week when that external told me how shitty my car pics are? I just took these here. Yes, the Mazda is a fucking supermodel as it is, but still. I used the other lens (tele), I went to new spots, the weather was fucking nice and for once I had the keys on my table so I could freely decide when to go take pics, instead of usually when the bosses take the keys and give them to me for a few minutes when they don’t need them (sometimes when it’s raining).So yeah, I’m really proud of my pics.

These are completely unedited, straight out of the camera. I’d probably crop them a little but hey, the raw material is fucking nice


Before & After

The processing on this one was a little more artsy than I’m usually inclined to use but I like the way it came out.

Above is the straight-out-of-camera RAW and below is the final export.

Once again I’ve included screen shots of the main settings I used, the colour shifting was preformed in the Camera Calibration panel.

Then I cropped the image to a 16:9 ratio for the sole purpose of using it as a wallpaper

Taken with the 5DmkII + 50mm 1.8

[F1.8 | 1/2000th | ISO100]

Photos by Iain A

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Photographers and users of cameras, don’t be afraid to bounce that flash. A wall or ceiling is a wonderful means to better distribute the light from the flash to fill your scene in a more visually pleasing manner.

Examples above…
Color Shots - On one side, ,we have our subject very dark with a very light background and no flash. See how dark he is and overpowered by the background light? Now look at the other shot where I simply aimed the flash up at the ceiling and took a shot in the same place and look how much better it looks.

Examples below…
Selfie BW flash samples - The middle shot is just straight out of the camera with the light around me. The one where my face is very bright is the flash aimed -at- me. And the one that is well light from above is a flash bounced off the ceiling and curtains to create a whole different look. Each is usable but a simple change of light makes a huge difference.

If your flash doesnt bounce, diffuse it with a sheet of paper, making sure its folded back around the flash just enough to stop any leaks of light that could appear on the sides or top of the shot. Try colored paper, especially orange and yellows, as long as they are somewhat translucent they make excellent diffusers. But, you can use use that same piece of paper to bounce and diffuse that flash by covering the flash aimed at your subject with the paper and bending the paper up towards the ceiling as well.

Remember kids, flash responsibly.

‘This Mortal Coil’

Model: Agnieszka Ewa Nowak Edelmann.
Photographer: Jeremy Gibbs (RomanyWG)
Concept: Agnieszka Ewa Nowak Edelmann.
Location. Manoir au piano grounds - France.

No post. Straight out of the camera.


Daniel Cheong (Mauritius/France) - Dubai Fog

‘Straight out of the camera’ is a concept which I am not familiar with. I don’t pretend to show reality, but an idealized version of it.

Daniel Cheong was born in Mauritius, originally of Chinese descent, and French by nationality, currently living in Dubai. He has always loved photography, but only became serious about it when he bought his first DSLR in 2006. He then aimed to perfect the technique of Digital Blending, which consists of manually blending multiple bracketed exposures in order to obtain the maximum dynamic range, while trying to keep a very natural look and avoiding the common mistake of many 'overcooked’ HDR images. This slight element of the surreal, or hyper reality often found in painting is what he is trying to achieve.

Daniel Cheong is a 'rooftopper’, he finds the city most appealing when it is shot from the highest vantage points, and specially at the 'Blue Hour’. © All images courtesy of the artist

[more Daniel Cheong | via designboom] Submitted by Ed Jelley
External image

While most phones come equipped to take photos, they don’t come close to the same experience of using a dedicated camera. The distinct feel and added control are just some reasons to keep a compact camera in your carry. Fujifilm has been a huge player in the mirrorless camera game over the past few years, and they’ve sent us their X30 to review, confident that it can fill that need for a small, capable on-the-go camera. In this review, we’ll put that to the test — but we won’t be doing any extreme pixel peeping. Instead, we’ll explore how the X30 measures up as an everyday carry camera.

The Specs

External image
  • 12MP 2/3” XTRANS CMOS Sensor
  • 4x Optical Zoom Lens with f2.0-2.8 aperture, 28-112mm equivalent
  • Macro, Super Macro, Scene shooting modes
  • Full Manual Controls
  • 3” Tilt LCD
  • Built in Wifi for easy sharing

Design, Fit, and Finish

The Fuji X30 is a compelling blend of retro design and modern technology. Magnesium alloy construction of the body leads to an incredibly sturdy camera that feels great in the hand. The dials and control rings are all crafted of metal with precision ridges for tactile control. Nothing on the camera wobbles — the dials and buttons feel deliberate and solid, as they should be. Every press on the customizable buttons are affirmed with a satisfying “click,” nothing mushy here.

External image

The electronic viewfinder is the largest in its class, providing an excellent field of view and accurate color representation. Settings, a shooting grid, and focus confirmation are all easy to read on the display. Flipping the orientation of the camera changes the viewfinder as well, making it even easier to see what’s going on. The large viewfinder made it easy to frame out shots and it is hugely helpful to know exactly what the exposure settings are going to look like before pressing the shutter.

External image

The camera is fitted with a comfortable, ergonomic molded rubber grip section. Throughout the course of using the camera, I never felt as if it were going to slip out of my grasp. I brought the camera with me to New York City and the grip was easy to maintain with one hand. Overall, the design, fit and finish of the X30 are superb. It feels like a solid camera that will have no problem bouncing around in a bag or being worn around your wrist for countless days of shooting.

Operation and Performance

I really like how the X30 can be as easy or as complex to use as you want it to be. The camera can be set to fully automatic to capture fleeting moments, but has full manual controls to get a shot exactly the way you planned it. The menu system is easy to pick up on and the quick menu (with a dedicated “Q” button) is fully customizable to suit your shooting style. Through most of the testing, I shot on aperture priority mode. This leaves the shutter speed up to the camera and the aperture setting up to me. Most photos were properly metered and exposed, leaving me happy with the results.

External image

The zoom lens is equivalent to 28-112mm on the full frame scale. The low aperture lens shoots effectively in low light and can produce some nice bokeh (background blur with your subject in focus). At the wide end, it’s great for landscapes, architecture, and getting pictures of large groups. The middle range is ideal for portraits, and the long range end of the zoom can get up close to something that you might not be physically able to. The unique image stabilization mechanism ensures that most shots are in focus and tack sharp. I found this particularly useful in low light settings. When taking pictures at night, the darker conditions usually resulted in a lower shutter speed. The image stabilization allowed for lower shutter speeds when hand holding the camera, eliminating the need for a tripod.

External image

Fuji’s mirrorless cameras have earned so many accolades for their straight-out-of-camera JPEG image quality. This is due in part to the on-board film simulation that emulates Fuji’s film stock. There are several modes and all of them have their place (Provia is standard, Velvia is vidid, Astia is soft, etc.). I personally prefer the muted tones of the Classic Chrome setting. The in-camera processing ability lessens the need for extensive post-processing and makes for a quicker, easier to share, and more fun photography experience. Post processing at a computer is not my favorite part about taking pictures. The X30’s straight out of camera JPEGs cut down on the need to spend extra time in front of a screen, leaving you with more time for shooting. To see some samples of the X30’s image quality and in-camera processing at work, check out the photos I shot with the X30 in my review of the Spyderco Dice.

External image

The tilting screen is useful in a variety of shooting situations. No more laying on the ground to frame out a shot or standing awkwardly on a chair to get that perfect pocket dump photo. The hinge mechanism is robust and the screen locks back into the body with ease. Once you’ve taken a photo, it’s easy to share straight to your smart phone or computer. Simply press the dedicated wifi button on the camera, connect to the created network from your device, and beam the photos over.

Sometimes it’s just as fun to share the photos as they are to take, and the built-in wifi is a welcomed and useful feature. This was especially useful on my trip to the city. I was able to shoot during the day, go through the photos on the train, and the share the images I liked by the time I got home.

Carry Options

Fuji’s X30 is much easier to carry around than even the smallest digital SLR. The camera is compact, ergonomic, and easy to use. The X30 can fit in a jacket or cargo pocket, but don’t expect it to slip comfortably into your jeans. I’ve been carrying the camera in both my bag and jacket and haven’t found it to be a burden. The lens does stick out from the camera a bit, so be careful of snagging it when placing the camera in a pocket or bag.

External image

While not the best option for a truly pocketable camera, the X30 is excellent to keep in your EDC bag. It’s light enough to not weigh you down, and the performance and versatility of the zoom lens will come in handy in lots of shooting scenarios. The X30 has a ring on either side of the body for strap attachment, either a neck or wrist strap can easily be used. Due to the smaller size of the camera, I prefer a simple wrist strap. Holding and using the camera is easy with one hand. The thumb and finger grips are comfortably shaped and encourage a firm grip.

Pros & Cons


  • Great image quality straight out of camera
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wifi for easy sharing
  • Tilting screen makes composing easy


  • Not truly pocketable
  • No dedicated charger, must charge battery in camera


I can honestly say I’m a big fan of the X30. It’s been fun to shoot with for the month. The X Series by Fuji is an optimal blend of retro styling and cutting edge camera technology that results in a well-built, fun to use camera. Fuji has managed to retain the spirit of shooting with a dedicated camera in the X30. The electronic viewfinder is crystal clear, the build quality is top-notch, and the price is right.

External image

For $599, you get a lot of camera. I personally EDC the X100T, the X30’s bigger (and more expensive) brother, and both cameras are equally fun and easy to use. It’s been hard to pick out anything truly negative about the X30, and I’ve been trying. For a point and shoot camera, the X30 delivers on ease of use, image quality, and speed of sharing images. With street prices dipping as low as $500 for this dedicated EDC point and shoot, the X30 delivers a lot of camera for the money.

BUY ($500)

Disclosure: The manufacturer of this product sent this sample to be considered for review at no charge. It does not, however, affect my opinion of the product as stated in this review.