WELCOME TO MY LIFE, JOSEPH SHIRT. One of the Storytellers perks I got! O__O My Dad gave my Mom the mail today…

Mom: “OHHH This one is from JOEY!”
Me: “Ooooh???”

Since I got a few different perks I wasn’t sure what it was so I started opening it and THE SMELL WAS SO HEAVENLY. He sprayed his cologne on it. ♥___♥….. Seriously you may think it just looks majestic in videos but it does IRL too.

Feel free to re-watch Joey & Tyler’s video to see my new shirt in action. LMAO

THANK YOU, JOEY!!! <3333


Throughout Black History Month, we’ll be celebrating storytellers in film, TV and more who are making a name for themselves by highlighting stories that are often neglected by the mainstream media offering POVs that deserve to be celebrated. First up, is Blackout for Human Rights member and filmmaker behind Selma, Ava DuVernay. CHECK OUT the interviews below and SHARE this to celebrate her brilliant work!

  • Watch Ava DuVernay’s Extended Interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 
  • “One Person Can Make a Difference”: Ava DuVernay talks with Democracy Now about Selma and the current fight to stand up for the human rights of all Americans:
  • “A small town that is already fractured by unequal representation in local government and law enforcement begins to crack under the pressure. People of color, the oppressed, take to the street to make their voices heard. The powers that be seek to extinguish those voices with brute, militarized force and disregard for constitutional rights. That’s Selma 1965. That’s Ferguson right now” Ava DuVernay talks to IndieWire about Blackout for Human Rights and Ferguson:
  • “Ferguson is a mirror of the past. And Selma is a mirror of now. We are in a sad, distorted continuum. It’s time to really look in that mirror” Ava DuVernay discusses her film Selma with The Wrap: