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The fact that you dont do rape imagines or eric and dylan gay imagines shows what kind of person you are( a good one) thank you!! And you are a wonderful story teller, keep up the good work:)

You are so sweet, thank you!! I just think some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for you guys 💜

(I used to bang 💥🔫 not even gang affiliated. won’t catch me, i make sure im well educated. Use them wipes with Black gloves to rid of residue, boy you know how i do. Keep them fingas clean, but do em dirty see. empty the clip then toss another one in. like cigarette ash flick open the beam. slay. Then reign supreme. He hit the ground, now he dead, black top painted an ungodly red. unholy, full o'holes, cross the t on me for only god can judge me. I have no god so it’s all me. being the best i can be, that’s the American in me. Don’t eva judge me.)