When I was little my mom used to tell me this bedtime story. In this story I was Princess Lindsay and she would choose one of my friends to be my Princess companion. There was a dragon in my kingdom that slept for 60 years at a time and then would wake up starving, so one day he woke up, flew to my castle, and threatened to eat me and my friend. BUT we were having a tea party, so we invited the dragon to partake in our tea and muffins, and he was satisfied enough that he no longer wished to eat us. Then he flew us around the kingdom, dropped us back off at my castle, and went back to sleep for another 60 years.

Anyways my mom is an amazing story-teller.

(I used to bang 💥🔫 not even gang affiliated. won’t catch me, i make sure im well educated. Use them wipes with Black gloves to rid of residue, boy you know how i do. Keep them fingas clean, but do em dirty see. empty the clip then toss another one in. like cigarette ash flick open the beam. slay. Then reign supreme. He hit the ground, now he dead, black top painted an ungodly red. unholy, full o'holes, cross the t on me for only god can judge me. I have no god so it’s all me. being the best i can be, that’s the American in me. Don’t eva judge me.)