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one time i was walking through a quarry near my house, and i see this guy leaning on some rocks and im bored so i go over to see whats up, and hes got like 3 gunshot wounds, so i rush over to him, get bandages and stuff out of my bag, cause you know you carry that shit when you go into a quarry, gotta be safe, but when i looked back, the guy was gone and there was just a rock carved with the words "a warning" and ive never been back to the quarry since

side note on the quarry story, i still had the blood on my hands from when i checked to make sure he was still alive afterwards

mike and eddie as bffs who tell stories at the quarry together and mike gives eddie piggyback rides because ?? eddie secretly likes them and mike actually loves hearing his friend having fun and happily squealing every time he runs a little too fast >>>>

Graduation Day Part 1 (BTVS 3.21)

This is part of my ongoing Buffy Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the show. You can find the full list here. Gifs are not mine.

I always fly through the last two episodes of season three. The battle scene is one of my favorites and I always get excited to re watch it. But first, Part 1. Side note: why do season finales always get so recap-y? I always feel like I’m mostly just noting events down for later in the end.

I enjoyed the realistic vibe in the air as everyone prepares to graduate Sunnydale High. Cordelia dislikes the color they chose for gowns (of course) and everyone is discussing the big day. Despite years of torment Harmony is suddenly nice to Willow, who feels affectionate in return. Willow says she even misses gym. I detested high school but even now get that nostalgic vibe. Like Buffy, my SO doesn’t get it. 

Faith is sent on a mission to kill an innocent professor. She doesn’t even care to ask why “the boss” wants him dead. The Mayor picks her out a flowery, girly dress for Ascension Day which just so looks like something he would want his women in. Faith expresses doubts it’s her

The Mayor: “Not you”. Let me tell you something. Nobody knows what you are. Not even you, little miss seen-it-all. The Ascension isn’t just my day, it’s yours too. Your day to blossom, to show the world what a powerful girl you are. I think of what you’ve done, what I know you will do…No father could be prouder.

Faith: I hope I don’t let you down.

The Mayor: Impossible. Come on. Change back into your street clothes and I’ll buy you an icee.

This relationship is just so weird. He gives her all this fatherly approval and affection she so deeply craves no matter if he’s asking her to murder everyone in the next sentence. She doesn’t comprehend what a good father is so anyone will do. I think the fact that he never wanted her sexually was a huge reason she trusted him so quickly, though. 

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The signs as dumb ways I’ve hurt myself

Aries: Accidentally setting myself on fire while writing Christmas cards

Taurus: Almost breaking my nose on two separate occasions with a potato

Gemini: Walking into a door that I thought was a push door when it was a pull

Cancer: Having said door open into my face while i was making a sarcastic comeback to my friend

Leo: Deciding to buy a peanut butter cup because I’ve not had one for ages and getting halfway through it before remembering that I am allergic to peanuts

Virgo: Accidentally setting myself on fire while making paella 

Libra: Forgetting the stairs were there

Scorpio: Being punted into a four story deep quarry by a particularly pissed off sheep and landing in nettles

Sagittarius: Giving myself a concussion and mild hypothermia from sledging

Capricorn: Pressing a ball point pen too hard into the paper and having the innards fly out and hit me in the eye

Aquarius: Punching myself in the face three times in as many days

Pisces: Accidentally setting myself on fire while sewing