Dialogue Prompts

Finally a legit story prompt!

“You’re okay. We’re here. Just trust me.”
“You’re not even real. How do you expect me to do that?”

“Don’t you love me?”
“I’m not making that mistake again.”

“You ruined me, and you expect me to knock? Let me in.”

“You have three seconds to say your last words. You can run but it won’t matter.”

“Better start praying.”
“How about we try to get out of these handcuffs instead?”

“I always knew carrying a rubber band would come in handy.”
“Yeah, to make her angrier.”

“I’m just saying that I’m oppressed too.”
“You killed my mother!”

“I don’t have anything more to lose. I can’t waste this opportunity.”

“Anything I can get you?”
“Money. Candy. A knife.”

“We don’t care how you feel. We just want you to be safe.”

“I know I’m going to disappear after this. Just know that I’m always going to be your friend.”

“I told you not to do this! Look where we are! This is your fault!”

“Where are we?”
“Hell, I think.”

typoguy454  asked:

Hey, do you have any holiday deals on trips to Hollywood? I've always wanted to be able to stroll along the Walk of Fame, see the sights and enjoy myself. Could you make that happen? Thanks in advance!

Our company will gladly send you to Los Angeles. How about a nice package we have here. Our Filmstar Package includes a sightseeing tour, a bodyguard and being driven around the town in a limousine for the real superstar feeling. You are okay with it? Okay, your flight is on Thursday.

The warm sunlight of LA hits your skin and you immediately feel at home here. You had always had the dream of living in the center of arts. You had even tried moving there some years ago, but you just couldn’t find a job. You weren’t handsome or talented enough for the film business and your voice wasn’t good enough to be a singer. 

You leave the LAX and your driver waves a sign at you frantically. “The guy from TF Touristics told me you would come and showed me your picture. You’re Colin Wainwright, aren’t you?” You wanted to correct him, since you had memories of a different name, but then you remember how dumb it would be to correct him, after all your name was Colin Wainwright.

You climb into the back of your luxurious car and take a bottle of champagne out of the mini bar. Your hands are shaky as you open the expensive drink and the payment for your shakiness follows suit. The stuff spills all over your shirt and makes the white textile totally transparent, perfectly showcasing your amazing body. The sleeve busting biceps you call your own, the broad shoulders you have, the thick pecs you worked so hard on building up and not to forget your abs, the body part that drives your fans crazy the most.

Wait, fans? Duh, of course. A world famous actor is supposed to have a lot of fans, right? Especially the girls are all over your body and always nearly orgasm when your shirtless torso is on display in your movies and it is in each and every one of them. Though they are not only all over your body, your almost too handsome face isn’t a turn off either. Your lantern jawline, your thoroughly styled hair, with the black cap draped on top of it. Or your amazingly deep blue eyes, sitting under a pair of thick manly brows and atop a perpetually smiling, totally seducing kissable mouth. And the stubble coating your jawline is a total ladykiller too.

As you admire your reflection in the window you peel off the wet shirt, clinging to your sculpted body and a nice tan and a couple of tattoos are revealed. You slide the dividing glass down and tell your diver, with your trademark baritone: “Could you please drive to my house. The champagne spilled right over me and I don’t want to show up on the Walk of Fame shirtless.”

Several minutes later the car pulls up your house’s gateway and is immediately hordes of paparazzi crowd to your car and take photos. “Oh, shit.”, you say and pack your softening horse cock back into your near skintight pants. Damn, you could see the  headlines tomorrow: “Sexiest Man Alive Colin Wainwright jacks off his legendary penis on every occasion!”

Seems like you won’t be able to go to the Walk of Fame for a while now, without people  noticing your bulge, but you sure can enjoy yourself in your giant house for the time being. You and maybe a few of your female fans.

I don’t have any pics to post today so I’m going to share a story from my childhood about the time I accidentally killed an innocent animal. 

     So me and my neighborhood friends were playing with these little fireworks on the dock by the a little lake. They were the ones that dont do any flashy stuff, just make a really loud bank and could probably take off a few fingers if you weren’t careful. 

    One kid lights one and sets it on the cinder-block we were exploding them on. But it rolls off onto the wooden dock. I was like “oh shit its burning marks into the wood we are gonna get in trouble!” So I kicked it into the water. 

   But for some reason these little things are waterproof I guess?? And it just sinks to the bottom still burning all the way down. Then we hear a soft “THUMP” as it explodes. And then this HUGE fucking carp just floats up to the surface along with chunks of what I assume were gill pieces. It swallowed the firecracker. 

    So naturally little 10 year old me thinks “OH GOD I’M A MURDERER” And I convince my friends that the only way we can make our horrible sin right is by making a nice fish dinner out of it. This… infant-sized carp that lived in a polluted suburb pond. So we cleaned it and stuck it on a stick over a camp fire. 

   So there is me and my group of friends sitting around a camp fire, looking pretty sad and defeated, reluctantly chewing small mouthfuls of mushy, flavorless, bruised carp.

Into the Machine (pt.3)

Ruri rolled over, looking down to see herself laying on top of the glass surface. She looked over her hands, seeing herself returned to normal. She popped up to her feet, hearing Iris shuffling next to her. The machine beeped a few times and announced, “Administrator access apporved.” Ruri patted over herself, ecstatic to be whole again as Iris stood to her feet. Iris blinked, a moan exiting her mouth as her polygonal form rippled with static. She looked up to Ruri, concerned that she had left the machine, but was now stuck as she was. Ruri ran to the terminal, watching as it displayed various numbers and statistics. “I… I… How does this work?” she asked, tapping hard on the screen.

“Administrator input accepted. Hello Administrator Ruri, please input your commands.” Ruri listended to the voice as she poked again.

“H-how… What does this all mean!? How can I have Iris be real again?” Ruri asked as a new menu popped up, showing Iris’ job role and system permissions. “Just make her real again!” Ruri yelled as she pressed several buttons, not understanding what their function was. When nothing seemed to change, she smacked the screen a few times, as static filled the display and the system started to crash.

“Permissions unlo… sentry mode ena… safety loc… unknown function… unknown function… error… error… mobile mode ena… error… printing…” The machine called out. “Hologram mode deactivated…” Ruri, in a slight panic looked up to see the Iris hologram start to glow and take physical form. After a few moments the light faded and Iris knelt on the platform. She was still mostly white in color, as it seemed only her skin tone had returned. She opened her eyes, a soft orange glow coming from them as her new form seemed to be going through a slight boot process.

“I-Iris?” Ruri asked as she slowly crept onto the glass, walking past a smaller version of the terminal that had extended from the machine. “Are you okay?”

Iris looked up to her wife, smiling, as she jumped forward. She clasped her arms tightly around Ruri, holding her close and tight. “I’m me again! Wow! Being made of light was really weird!” Iris exclaimed joyfully, before Ruri gave her a slight pinch on the ear. “O-oow, what?” Ruri was almost in tears as Iris held her, burying her face into Iris’ chest.

“D-don’t scare me like that! I thought s-something… bad was going to hap-pen…” Ruri’s voice quivered between inhales and sniffles. Iris calmed and soften, pulling Ruri in tightly, her arms seeming stronger than ever before.

“I’m sorry… We’ll be more careful next time…” Iris apologized as she spied the mini monitor, feeling a slight buzz rippled out from her core. In an instant, Iris understood what had happened, and knew their trials with the machine were far from over…

Into the Machine (pt.2)

Iris groaned, a noticable electronic reverb to her moans as she rolled over. Her body felt light and fuzzy, a lingering tingle floating over the whole of her form. She shuffled up to her hands and knees, slowly opening her eyes to see an open and angular room around her. She blinked, as even though the world around her was all white with shadows, the room was not bright or straining her eyes.

“Wh…what… where are we?” Ruri choked out, her voice sounding metallic. Iris looked over, seeing her wife complete white, including her clothing, and had taken on a polygonal look. Squared off fingers lead down to smooth flat hands, which fused seemlessly into her clothing. Iris was at a loss for words, knowing that she looked just the same as Ruri. She slowly looked down to her fingers and arms, seeing her body as a single unit as well. She touched at her skirt, feeling it to be stiff as steel as Ruri let out a piercing screech. “IRIS! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? WHERE ARE WE!?”

Before Iris could make a move to calm her wife, Ruri was off and running around the room, her short legs letting her bounce and bound forward with each step. Iris watched in wonderment as her wife bounced against the walls, releasing a electronic jolt that echoed off the walls and floor. With each bump, Ruri’s body seemed to ripple with static. until she returned to near Iris’ side, pounding her fists on the wall.

“LEMME OUT LEMME OUT LEMME OUT!” Ruri screamed, the metallic and electronic tone of her voice growing more noticable. Iris waved her hands to Ruri, as if trying to soothe and calm her.

“Hhhhh…” escaped from Iris’ lips, little more than a moan. Somehow, her voice had left her, but she still stepped forward to place a hand on Ruri’s shoulder. A beep and a ripple of static sounded as she made contact, giving Ruri a startle. They shared a frightened gaze with each other, as Ruri resolved her glare upon the monolith affixed to the wall.

“Iris? Are you ok? Can you speak? I don’t understand!” Ruri looks around then starts yelling out to noone in particular hoping the machine that had spoken earlier could hear her. “LET US OUT! GIVE IRIS HER VOICE BACK!” she shouted, her anger being used to mask her panic and fear. Iris pointed angrily at the wall as well, still unable to speak.

“Welcome Administrator…” called out a voice. A few quick beeps followed as the voice returned. “… Ruri Valeth. This is Terminal Omicron Eta and you have been placed in full control of its systems. Secondary Unit… Iris Valeth… Designated Security Supervisor. Permission state: Minimal.”

Ruri looked up to the wall in a daze at what she had been told. “A-administrator? Me…B-but I don’t know about these things, why am I the boss!?” Ruri stammered as a slight tingling started to brew at ther toes. “M-make Iris the Administrator!”

The terminal voice spoke out again, it’s tone devoid of emotion. “You have been selected as you are the more capable. As you both came to inhabit my system, I may only designate one the role of Administrator. The other will remain as part of managing functions for Omicron Eta.”

“Oh… But wait! Remain! Nooo! You have to let us out!” The tingling reached Ruri’s knees, causing her to take notice. She looked down to see color and shape returning to her body. “I-I am the Administrator! Let us out!”



Porky’s Revenge - Ground Pork, Beef Bacon, Brioche, Beemster Dutch Classic, Apple, Onion Paired w/ Broad Shoulders Dry Stout by Sher Yip