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When I tell people that I’m a vegan, I always get one of three reponses: “I could never do that!” “Who cares?” And, mainly: “why?”

I always ate meat. Growing up on a small farm in Morristown, Tennessee, it was expected of me; my mother made us potpies, stews and roasts, and we all ate them. My brother and I grew up in a very traditional and gender-conforming way, helping dad take care of the animals, although I always ran and hid when it came time to slaughter, something I never got used to.

I moved out the day I turned 19, set on city life. I moved to Toronto, Canada, a major change for me! Everything was exciting and I landed a decent job and apartment within the month. I was ecstatic. 

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Isn’t it crazy how we make memories we wish could last forever and as soon as we drift apart from that person all we want to do is forget?


3:00 a.m. chronicles.

So a friend of mine challenged me to write about something other than dragons (or fantasy) for once. Actually, he specified superheroes. He wanted me to write a short story about superheroes.

This is for you @gladwellmaxwell

Amelia opened her front door and immediately made a beeline to the kitchen.

The house was just as she left it, books on the floor, batteries covering the counters, and TV still running, but she didn’t pause for any of it. Instead she headed to her cheap old coffee machine with the single minded focus of the extremely tired and proceeded to dump over half the container of coffee powder into it without bothering to measure anything. Blinking her eyes slowly as she fought off exhaustion, she pressed the necessary buttons to get the pot started. Then she slumped onto the counter to wait.

In the living room, her TV played the local news channel.

“In other news, our local superhero Zap was spotted on three separate occasions last night in the process of stopping various crimes. It’s estimated that she managed to save a total of 46 lives last night alone, but various businesses owners have come forward demanding that she take responsibility for the property damage that tends to follow in her wake. One business owner in particular pointed out that she technically has no link to the justice department, and is therefore a vigilante that should by all rights be arrested. Our news anchor Carlos investiga-”

Growling under her breath, Amelia snatched a heavy D battery off the counter and threw it with unerring accuracy at the TV.

There was a crash, the tinkling of glass hitting the floor, then blessed silence. The woman took a moment to enjoy it before sighing and mentally adding the cost of another TV to this month’s bills.

This is exactly why she refused to buy anything over 200 dollars.

The coffee machine beeped, announcing it’s task finished.

Eagerly pulling the pot out, the woman noticed that it was still half empty. Which meant she hadn’t put enough water in it. God damn it.

That was okay though. She knew just how to fix it.

Setting the pot down on the counter, she made her way over to the refrigerator and popped it open. Reaching into the back, she felt around until her hand encountered the cool metal of a can. Smiling triumphantly, she pulled out the energy drink.

It was some new brand she had encountered the other day, with a caffeine content that was barely legal and with a cartoon sketch of Zap on the front. Amelia frowned at it.

“To give you that extra Zap to your day!” it proclaimed.

Somehow that didn’t seem as funny as when she first bought it.

Sighing, she cracked it open and poured it into the half empty coffeepot until it became full. The mixture turned black. It bubbled threateningly up at her.

She chugged the whole thing in one go.

Letting out a contented huff, she placed the now empty pot in the sink to deal with later and causally tossed the empty can over her shoulder and into the garbage can. Then she blearily made her way to the laundry room while she waited for the caffeine to kick in.

In the laundry room she stripped down out of her outfit and took a moment to glare at it. Yellow and white. Why in God’s name had she thought wearing an outfit of yellow and white was a good idea? Everything stained those colors! Everything!

Sighing, she shoved them into the washer and dumped a stronger detergent cocktail than normal in after it. Leaning forward, she set the machine up with the right settings then attempted to turn it on.

It remained still.

Scowling, she tried again, only to be faced with the same result. With a growl of frustration she slammed her fist into the side of the machine.

There was a spark. The machine started running.

With a satisfied nod, she left it to run while she headed for the bathroom.

On the way down the hall she paused at the open doorway leading to her bedroom and took a minute to gaze at her bed longingly. After a moment though, she shook her head sadly and continued her journey to her original destination.

In the bathroom she turned on the shower, twisting the hot water knob all the way, then twisting the cold water knob a bit too as an afterthought. Then, with a sigh of relief, she stepped in.

Immediately the hot water began working to relax her tense muscles and she closed her eyes in pure bliss as the water started rinsing all the grime away. After simply standing there and enjoying herself for a few minutes, she reluctantly pulled herself together and grabbed her washrag to clean off. The bottom of the tub rapidly began to turn gray and murky with the dust and mortar falling off her skin, but with every bit removed she felt a little more human.

Only one nail plinked onto the floor when she washed her hair, and it was pretty small. Much better than usual.

Feeling a bit more awake now that she was clean and feeling her morning concoction begin to kick in, she cut off the water and reached down to remove and empty the little net-like filter she had over the drain to catch all the debris before they could clog the pipes. Best investment she ever made. All those plumbing calls cost a fortune she didn’t have.

Stepping out and drying off, she took a moment to wipe off the mirror so that she could check her own reflection. Tilting her face this way and that, she determined that no, there weren’t any cuts that were visible. That was a relief; her boss was beginning to make thinly veiled inquiries about her nonexistent boyfriend. If anyone slipped her another abuse pamphlet, she’d probably end up doing something that’d get her locked up for life.

With that done, she removed her work uniform from it’s hanger on the back of the door and proceeded to put it on. She had to wipe the mirror clear two more times while she did her hair and makeup, but when she finished she looked nothing like the half-dead zombie who originally dragged herself through the door that morning.

Nodding to herself she opened the door and made her way back to laundry room.

The washer was just finishing it’s cycle when she walked in and she quickly switched the load over to the dryer, setting it up to run while she was gone. As if fearing that it would suffer the same fate as it’s companion, the machine started up without a hitch. That taken care of, she made her way back to the kitchen and made a beeline to the pantry.

Opening the door, she reached in and made to grab a couple of breakfast bars real quick, before changing her mind at the last moment and simply snatching up the whole box. Turning around, she grabbed her purse from where it was sitting on the counter and stuffed the box into in, taking a moment to remove a single bar and stuff it in her mouth.

Heading for the door, she paused one last time as her phone chimed a alert. Tugging it out of her purse and unlocking the screen, she was confronted by one of the “reminder” messages she had set up to send herself everyday. This one simply had the words “The Reason” and a picture of a dust covered little girl with a bloodstained knee and the biggest smile on her face as she was embraced on both sides by her tearful parents.

Amelia felt her expression soften and the last vantages of exhaustion leave her as she gazed at the picture. Then she straightened her back, switched off her phone, and headed out the door.

It was time to go to her day job. After all, superheroing doesn’t pay the bills.


The doors swept open as the usual figure cloaked in black linens armed with an elven long bow stepped in. The quiver at his back was nearly empty with only a few arrows remaining. The speckles of red scattered across his garb not just mere decoration. With his arrival, the house steward and several attendants set to work at prepping him in this evening’s loungewear. A near nightly routine that the House had grown accustomed to these last few weeks.

“Another successful run, Master Firestorm?” Asked Calberi, passing the time with small talk while removing and handling his armor and weaponry.

Vaelrin nodded. “Yes, quite successful.”

Calberi chuckled soft, ignoring the tense glances spared all around by others. They knew better than to accept it was nothing more than just a jog.

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… OK! Fine….


Frickin’!!! >:(

…There is something I haven’t told you as well. The Tsukaimon at the dam. I’m almost certain it was the devidramon we fought in my home village.
… Meaning I’m on the run too.

Angels and Stars, and I thought I had problems…

Jeebus. Listen here, kiddos, if there is anythin’ I can do for ya?

Well right now we are headed to the Forest Terminal to meet with some friends of mine. As thou’st probably realize we’ve gotten a bit side tracked, and could really restock our items. If thou would be so kind to let us recoup here it ‘twould be much appreciated.

Well! I only sort of understood what you said, but I’d be totally fine with lettin’ you stay awhile while ya shop!


That’s fair.

Ooo! Ooo! Can I go! I wanna go with Flamon!

Hm… Well I’d say that up to them. What do ya say?

Sure, I’m cool with that!

!! [sparkles!]

I only ask you be careful, yeah?
Things have been more dangerous lately. Ya never know who’ll be out there.



My cat just brought a live bird into the house and I had to sort everything out. So I went into the corner of the landing and got this tiny little feather puff to hop up onto my finger and I was able to carry it out of the front door like that!!!
She flew inside a bush, so I think she’s safe now.
I’m going to call her Claire from now on btw

The girl of my dreams.

Recently in one of my previous posts I compared Waverly Earp coming out to her sister vs me coming out to mine and Iv decided that I owe you guys abit of a story time.

From a really young age I knew girls never had the same thoughts as I did.

In primary school I always use to hang out with the boys, dress like them and play every sport known to man because I thought it was cool and I could impress the girls.

I loved my hoodies and caps and my mom wouldn’t stop buying me these stupid dresses that weren’t practical cause mom I want to play soccer and I can’t play with this shit.

So my mom would see me leave the house in a dress and when I got to school I would haul my ass to the bathroom praying that no one saw me in this rainbow pile of shit and put on my hoodies. I really hated dresses.

Anyway in year 5 when everyone was dating everyone and Jessica (me) just wanted to play soccer. I didn’t really care about the boys. All I wanted to do was play soccer not only because I love the sport but because this girl who was two years above me called Destiny was like the best thing that could’ve happened to this little lesbian boy child. We became best friends. (Unfortunately she left in year 5 but we’ll get to that part soon)

Due to me living like 45 minutes away from my school my parents decided that they we’re tired of driving me and my sister and decided that I was going to attend a high school about 15 minutes away from where I lived.

Anyway. Fast forward to year 10 in high school. Where I went through the WTF AM I WHY DO I LIKE BOOBIES STAGE. I started playing club for the University. It was a pretty big deal since I was like 15 and all these girls were like double my size and about 5 years older than me. There was a point where I wanted to stop because I felt so intimidated by the teams we would play against and I’m like really fucken short so it didn’t help either.

UNTIL someone really special showed up at a trial for our team one day. I remember the day so clearly. Since we had already been selected for the team my coach said me and a few girls didn’t have to attend trials and we could just sit in and watch.
Me and my really good friend Sam were sitting on the podium talking about our previous game whilst trails had started. We watched how girls were running up and down playing 5s for about 10 minutes until this blond haired girl showed up. I recognized her I just didn’t know where.

After the trials. Everyone including me and Sam walked into the locker rooms where coach had put up the Team sheet with all the names and positions on it.
I scanned it. Yep there was my name Jessica No.9 written next to it (striker). And then I saw it. Destiny with no number yet confirmed.

Jesus Christ did I freeze and die for about 10 seconds. After my mid panic attack I turned around and walked towards my our changing room locker to collect my belongings before my dad picked me up. Maybe it wasn’t her was it. I didn’t know until I turned the corner and there she was. Destiny my year 5 crush who was like the only reason I showed up to soccer. Standing there looking like a god dayum Angel.

Thats when I knew that bitch is so far down the gay brick road that I couldn’t just tap my cleats and ungay myself.

Destiny and I re kindled our best friend relationship that year and I came out to her and she accepted me obvs cause she is like the best thing ever.

At the beginning of this year, i was still in school (year 11) and Destiny had graduated and had decided to stop playing since she wanted to travel abroad in the UK. Before she left she attended a function that our soccer club throws every year.

I met up with Destiny who picked me up at my place since my parents had the car that night. The drive there was pretty quite for some reason which was really odd since we both were/are such talkers.

Due to us being the youngest there by like 3 years , destiny and I missioned up to the roof and watched the people dancing on the open deck and my coach drunk as he was the year before.

We smoked and drank a bottle of Cheap champagne that we nicked from the kitchen about 10 minutes before.

I don’t know how it happens but I was laughing so hard I snorted our champagne onto destiny. #smooth.

I looked towards her and my heart started beating really fast when our eyes connected. She looked at me and like smirked and I melted a little.

I don’t really remember how it happened but one second I was cleaning champagne off her face and the next we were mid eye contact when my drunk ass coach decided to give a speech and was like shouting my name into the crowd. I climbed off the roof leaving Destiny and accepted the “ youngest player award”. I said my goodbyes to her that night since she was leaving the following afternoon.

It’s been about 7 months since I have seen Destiny and well I miss her. I keep replaying that night in my head wishing that I had kissed her and that my coach hadn’t interrupted our near perfect moment.

On Friday the 26th of August 2016, I got a message in our club group saying that she was coming back home at the end of the year.

Let’s hope I can get another chance.

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Prompts about the 7 deadly sins? Thank you so much!!


  • “You want too much, it’s taking over your life.” 
  • “You’re killing yourself, Ben. How can you have those thoughts without even knowing her?” 
  • “Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies. Seriously, you’ve been staring at him like he’s a piece of meat and you’re a starved wolf.” 


  • “You seriously just threw out half your meal,” he said shaking his head. “People are starving and you just threw away half of a fifty-dollar meal.” 
  • “You’re one person, you don’t need $200 worth of groceries.” 
  • “Instead of having a five course meal, why don’t you just get a salad?”


  • “You’re a con! You’re stealing from people!” 
  • “Those handbags aren’t even real. You need money that bad?” 
  • “One day, all these possessions aren’t gonna matter. When you’re on your death bed and no one’s there, you’ll know why. No one likes a greedy man.” 


  • “The most dangerous man is one who’s not scared of God.” 
  • “I didn’t see you at the food drive this year. What happened?” 
  • “Sometimes you gotta go through some shit to get to the good parts in life. And when you refuse to do that, don’t be surprised when people lost interest in you.”


  • “She got the promotion over you. Can you stop thinking that she has this, like, personal vendetta against you?”
  • “You spend so much time hating. Is your heart even capable of loving anymore?” 
  • “Passive aggressiveness is still aggressiveness. Be happy for once. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel.”


  • “Quit wanting to be someone you’re not. If you stop trying to be like them, maybe you’ll actually find yourself.” 
  • “You’re just too jealous of people. I think it’s better if we both just called it quits. This isn’t going to work.” 
  • “You’re happy when people fail! You’re upset when they succeed! And you complain that you’re not happy!” 


  • “It’s okay to be proud of yourself, but when you can’t be proud of the people you love, you make yourself out to be someone you’re not.”
  • “You’re not god, Matt. Stop walking around like we’re supposed to bow at your feet.” 
  • “The hardest thing to do is get rid of that awful pride you have. Just for a day, pretend you’re like the rest of us. Pretend you’re no better, no richer, not more talented. See how you feel at the end of the day.” 

An excerpt from One Day:

Jason burst into the house with Elmer in tow.

“Lucius!” the former screamed. “Lucius!”

He was there in a flash. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“I did something horrible,” said Jason, his voice cracking.

His guardian softened. “Hey, it’s all right. It’ll be okay. Whatever it is, I’ve probably done something similar.”

“Oh really?” he asked. “When was the last time you tried to get back at someone for saying that your parents died because of their poor reflexes only to end up making that person reveal their powers right in the middle of a crowded classroom causing agents from a super secret government organization to barge in until you knock them out with a fireball?”

Lucius stared at him for an eternity before saying, “Just last Sunday…”


“Okay, okay,” he said. “I’ve never done anything like that but this isn’t the end of the world. It’s going to be okay. We can fix this.”


“I have no idea.”

today i walked down the hallway and heard your laugh. my knees immediately buckled, and my heart felt as if it was going to leap from my chest and follow you. every night for the next week and a half i dreamed about it, and i dreamed of your dark hair shaping into the bleached blonde. i couldn’t help but wish you’d do something similar to me.
today i walked down the hallway and held your hand. my fingers spun like yarn between yours. we alternated through dangling wrists attached by each other’s pinkies, and then index fingers, and then our palms would touch again. i couldn’t wait to feel you press against me like your silky palm against mine, like your silky skin making mine feel like a home.
today i walked down the hallway and smelled your perfume from what felt like a mile away. suddenly, i was chasing you. i chased you down the hallway, trying to get another smell of you, maybe something you’d left behind. all i found were buckled knees and my own skin, feeling more like a vacant hotel room than a home
—  a story in three years
Badgering Family Members

“… Your brother.” The man growled snapping Kane out of his thoughts. “Hrm…?” He asked canting his over his shoulder to stare at the bearded man. “Where’s your brother?” He asked yet again. Kane rolled his eyes. It wasn’t like he knew so why did he badger him? Both brows knit together annoyed of the hovering man. It almost made him feel like he was a child again. Being scolded for not knowing where the other twin was.

“Off in a brothel I’d reckon, it won’t be the first time.” He replied rather annoyed. He turned to look back at the various vials laid out on the table. Heavy booted steps stalked closer, closing the distance between the two men. “You’d reckon? You don’t know where your own kin is. But you can murder them?” Kane turned to look at his uncle with his jaw clenched. “What would you know? You walked away and left us. Don’t act like you care Krel’theas. Just like Saji said, you were nothing. Always were nothing, yet here you are badgering me where my brother is. Explain to me how I’d know where he was?” Kane replied lifting an arm to jab his godfather in the chest with two fingers. “Especially if I was out here with you and your fucking men… now let’s get through this before we start swinging punches. Or… before I decide to….” Kane lifted both arms then curled two fingers on both hands mocking his uncle. “Murder my own kin. They had it coming and you know it.”

The Harbinger was annoyed growling under his breath. He took his jacket off of the chair sitting beside him and left the tent. The Commander couldn’t help but watch shaking his head. Krel’theas turned to look around the tent. Tables of vials, samples from the demon’s carcasses lined up neatly in a row. Heavy booted feet moved to leave the large tent and walked as Kane spoke with a few members from his organization. “How the fuck did you turn out to be just like your father?” He inquired causing Kane to turn back and glower at his uncle.

“I expected that more from your brother, but you?” Krel added. The words were almost like a knife being jabbed into his abdomen. It made him sick knowing that he was just like his father. If anything he thought it was his brother Reylain that was like him. But a part of him knew that Reylain was exactly like Saji. “Leave.” Kane snapped ordering one of his guards to go back.

“What do you want Krel? If you want a family reunion, fuck that and fuck you.” His head shook as those once parted lips pursed tightly together. He had much more to say but this was already enough of a show for everyone. He watched as Krel crossed his arms over his chest. Brows knit together in annoyance. The Commander watched every expression his nephew had. Slowly he paced forward, again closing the distance between the two. Blue-hazel eyes glowered into his nephew’s orbs.

“Something isn’t right; you and Reylain were attached at the hip growing up. He even took a beating by your nurse for you. Yet he’s not here with his little brother. His little brother that he’s done everything for, and here you are playing it off that nothing is wrong.” Kane attempted to take a step back but his uncle’s arms quickly moved to hold him in place. There was no escaping now and he knew it. In fact Kane didn’t even know where his brother was. All he knew was that he left the estate for gods know what reason.

His mind wandered wondering where his older brother was. “I don’t know. He left and I haven’t been able to get a hold of him since. He disappears sometimes, days, weeks, months, this thing isn’t new Krel. Now let go of me, I need to go find Stitch and discuss something with her.” Krel’s eyes moved to look at the doll who was stuffing her face with his dumplings. “She’s right there eating my dumplings again.” Kane turned to look over his shoulder to stare at Stitch.

They both watched with pursed lips as she turned to look over at them both. “Found her for you.” Krel added letting go of Kane’s arms. The Commander turned on his heel leaving the area. He took hold of his swords and lifted them to hold over his shoulder. An arm wrapped around Ayrai’s shoulder pulling her with him. “Let’s go kill some fucking demons.”

Kane watched as his uncle and his group left his organization there. The clanks of weapons being forged and repaired echoed in his ears. Lashes swept up to gaze up at the fel-green skies

“Reylain where are you?” He whispered to himself.

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Am încercat să-i fac să înţeleagă că eu chiar sunt diferită de restul fetelor din ziua de astăzi. Şi nu, nu sunt genul ăla de persoană ciudată, probabil tocmai de asta mulţi nu cred în ceea ce spun. Inclusiv tu. Când ne-am întâlnit în acea seară m-ai întrebat de ce de fiecare dată când ne vedem sunt tot singură şi nu am niciun iubit. I-am răspuns foarte sigură pe mine că eu caut o persoană cu care să am o relaţie serioasă pentru că nu-mi plac aventurile.
“- Păi şi n-ai găsit chiar pe nimeni în tot acest timp? Nu te înţeleg.
- Nu, nu am găsit. Iubirea trebuie să fie reciprocă. Au fost persoane pe care le-am plăcut, unele m-au plăcut şi ele, iar unele nu, dar nu s-a legat nimic între noi. O singură dată am iubit cu adevărat şi am simţit că pot construi multe cu persoana aceea.
- Păi şi ce s-a întâmplat?
- Să iubesc doar eu nu a fost de ajuns. El nu m-a iubit. Nici măcar nu cred că a simţit ceva vreodată pentru mine. A durut. Parcă ştia ce simt pentru el şi încerca de fiecare dată să mă îndepărteze. N-am ştiut niciodată de ce şi probabil că nici nu voi afla. A reuşit până la urmă. M-a făcut să-l arunc într-un colţ al inimii mele. Felicitări! Chiar nu credeam că vei reuşi să mă faci să nu te mai vreau.

Three weeks later

Although Anita has been keeping up with everything work wise from Nasir’s home, being the ambitious person she was, today was a day she prayed she would reach every night before bed and every morning when she woke. 

Anita was in her second trimester! 

Something about the fact that she was in her second trimester just brought so much joy to her life, it was like one step closer to having the love of her life in her arms. The blessing she never knew she needed and the joy she never knew she always wanted.

After Nasir took her to her old house to go get as much stuff as possible before never returning , just not feeling safe there anymore, and finally making Nasir sleep in his own bed after a week of coxing. Though he was out of town for business which he almost dragged her too not wanting to leave her behind alone she shooed him off reminded him how she wasn’t going to leave the house anyways since she didn’t have any check up appointments the week he was gone and plus they face chat every night so of course he will know if something wrong she reminded him.

Anita decided it was time for a change….something simple yet drastic. She decided to do it weeks ago after she picked it up in the pharmacy store when she last went with Nasir, but was hesitant. Now with this new found joy she decided to jump at the change full force.