The Year We Ended the World

by sixpenceee user Harlequinade 

I wiped away a tear again as I stared at a picture of my parents, my grandma, my sister, and me. We were all having such a good time on that day. December 12th, 2016. We were celebrating my 20th birthday. We had decided to go to the movies, then out to eat, and then bowling because we didn’t want the night to end just yet. That was definitely one of my funnest birthdays, and one of the last happy memories I have. Now a year later, and they’re all gone. I never imagined I’d be spending my birthday without them, or any day really. 

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Okay so,

Dear fellow introverts, this post is completely besides the general point of this blog and I’m unsure if this will even get posted, but I thought I’d give it a shot. 

A few months ago I previously made a post of how I’m immensely insecure about releasing music due to the fact that I have social anxiety and that I am also heavily introverted. The admin of this blog gave me so few words but they really gave me a huge dose of courage to purse it, then a handful of you guys said such kind words and it really has helped me follow through with my next step as a musician. With that being said, I’m planning on releasing a six song EP. 

I previously had no thought of finishing this project I’ve been working on because I’ve been getting so discouraged. But really hearing your guy’s words really made me feel like I needed to so this for myself. And so, I’ve started a kick starter project. No truly and honestly I’m not asking ANY of you to donate. I really thought I’d let you guys know that you really have helped me follow through with this project I’ve been planning to do for two years. 

Thank you so much.

- Bella


Sweet Escape 

This is it. The only reason why I like my birthdays. Even families like myself and Alt have their own sacred traditions, and our annual recreational camping escape is one of them. Though, in my special case of this year, it is indeed an escape. Nonetheless, I refuse to let my mind drift into that mess of confessions and kisses again. Instead, I am determined to only focus on picturesque scenery and all the plants and herbs I have yet to discover. The next two weeks I and Alt will be spending in solitude and I can not think of anything else that would bring me more joy.

Hinata’s ethereal love - Titanic AU

Hinata gazed for the longest time at his beautiful serene face. His voice was gentle as he whispered sweet words to his sleeping lover, caressing his cheeks softly and placing chaste kisses over his cheeks, nose, and lips. Hinata whispered to him times and times again.

I love you.

Komaeda peacefully slumbered in his arms and Hinata smiled warmly with adoring affection as he held him close.

I’ll never leave you, Komaeda. I hold true to my word until my dying breath. You’re my first love, my divine blessing, my liberating hope. If the heavens hold sovereignty over my soul and damned me for loving you, then I’ll carry the weight and banish myself into the hell fire, flap my ethereal wings and fly to you. Whether your love is holy or blasphemy, I’ll continue to love you until the end of time.

Hinata didn’t know how much time has passed till the break of dawn cracked through the starry sky. Morning came to light up a new day upon the sailing ship. Komaeda slowly opened his eyes and was greeted with a warm smile as the sun shined bright through the window, illuminating Hinata with the morning rays of the sun.

Hinata held Komaeda closer as he placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Morning, Komaeda.”

Komaeda smiled back through his sleepy stupor. He placed his hand on Hinata’s cheek and whispered lovingly with a hoarse morning voice.

“Good morning, Hinata-kun.”

Felt a sense of inspiration and wrote this piece today for the story. Thought I’d share the love.~


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Could you maybe write something about Harry’s girlfriend walking in on him pleasuring himself in the shower?💓


Okay, so this would probably be something that would happen quite a few times.
Maybe it’s in the morning when they both have to get ready for something, Harry has to go to a meeting and Y/N has got a long day of work ahead of her. They both would be in a bit of a rush because they spent a few too many minutes in bed, cuddling. Y/N would have already gotten ready, her hair done and a bit of makeup on her face and her clothes already adorning her body. Harry would have jumped under the shower the second Y/N left the bathroom, to fresh himself up a bit.
And maybe Y/N would realize she forgot something in the bathroom, maybe one last little detail of her makeup and she would walk over and just go inside because it didn’t matter, they were comfortable like this and there was nothing to be awkward about.
She would stand in front of the mirror that turned a bit damp with the water that clung to it because Harry was showering quite warm. Maybe she would put on some lipstick or lipgloss, concentrating on doing a good job but then a sound would distract her.
It was definitely not the water that kept running, it was a very different sound that caught her attention. A very deep and familiar sound.
It was that type of sound that made her thighs press together and that tingle in her stomach appear.
He moaned.
Harry moaned.
And she would be shocked at first, especially if it was the first time she ever walked in on him because well, it’s not everyday that she catches him pleasuring himself, right?
But she would keep quiet, not wanting to disturb him and ruin this for him. Of course she wanted to just strip out of these clothes and join him so she could do this for him because it was her job to do this and she desperately wanted to do this but there was no time.
So she would stay in front of the mirror, the lipstick still in her hand and her body not moving the slightest bit because she was surprised and actually quite enjoying this because it was hot and dirty and she just loved it like that sometimes.
Harry would keep on groaning and moaning, completely oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend was standing right there, listening in on him touching himself. He would get close, his hand moving faster over his cock, Y/N could see that through the milky glass. His pleasured sounds would turn louder, turning into whimpers and full moans.
And when she would hear him come her eyes would almost roll into the back of her head because she loved the sounds he made, always loves them. A few more soft whimpers would leave his mouth, echoing in the bathroom, before the water would turn off after a few moments.
Y/N would hurry out of the bathroom immediately, not wanting him to know she was listening in on him. She would act like she would search for something in their bedroom when he would come in with only a white towel around his hips and water droplets that would be so delicious to lick-
He would ask her if she was looking for something, her nervously saying she found it when she threw her phone into her bag.
After kissing his lips quickly and saying goodbye she would leave the apartment, now wet between her legs and needy for him.
This would be one hell of a long day.

Across the city, figures slumped against buildings, some stirring but most remaining motionless. People ignored them knowing the police would get around to collecting each individual, all the Sleep addicts who’d finally taken too strong of a hit and fallen asleep in the open. I couldn’t imagine how great it must feel to sleep.


After our shower we changed into warm clothes, fall in the mountains around North Bay was pretty cold. 

I had been so busy on my business trip I only got the chance to talk to Isla a few times.It was so good to just see her, to feel her beside me. I felt awful, I was probably boring her to death with all the details of my trip.

After I put on my jacket I joined her on the sofa.

She laughed and raised her hand, “Your hair is a mess." 

She pushed a few strands from my face, as her hand came down I picked it up placing her palm against my lips.

"I missed you.” The words left my lips without any thought, they had constantly swam through my mind while I had been away from her. Not that I hadn’t known before I left for three weeks, I wanted her by my side always but the small separation confirmed for me that I didn’t know how much longer I could go living separately.

Her smile was soft, matching the slight blush on her cheeks, “I missed you too. I never got the chance to tell you but I’ve hired someone to help at Reused.”   


“Uh huh.”

I wanted to ask her right then and there to move in with me, but I chickened out, I didn’t want to push her and we hadn’t even talked about it, yet.

Instead I asked,”Are you ready to go, we have a pretty long drive a head of us.” 

She beamed a warm smile my way,” I am.” 

When she stood she took my hand in her’s helping me up. Once I was on my feet my hands moved to her hips, pulling her close to my body. After a long hug I took her hand and led her to the car. 

Writing Challenge #246

Write a short story that includes these three characters and their roles, below.

Protagonist: A sarcastic student who loses their job at a jewelry store.

Antagonist: A robber with Deipnophobia (the fear of dining, dinner conversations or carrying on a conversation while eating)

Ally and/or Lover: An aspiring journalist that knows too much.

anonymous asked:

Hey! If requests are still open could I request a fluffy Akashi and kuroko scenario where their crush is at their house and they have to spend the night over because of a terrible rain storm? Also love your blog and writing!!! Keep up the amazing work!! :D

Hello! (*^v^*)ノ゚Thank you so much, it really makes me happy to hear that! And here we go, double fluff for Akashi and Kuroko! (〃・ω・)ノ~☆・゚+。*゚・.+

You were supposed to collect 25 different plants to make a herbarium for your biology classes. The plan was simple: since there was a huge park close to Kuroko’s house, the two of you would go for a long walk and find as many flowers as you could, hoping that you actually could find more than 10 different ones before the ominous dark clouds on the horizon would reach you.

The task proved to be more difficult than any of you expected, and after a whole afternoon of searching, you sat down on the grass, each of you holding a small bought bento in your hands.

“How many do we have?” you asked, examining a little sloppily made piece of tamagoyaki.

“Twelve.” Kuroko scrolled through his phone with a frown. “But I’m still not convinced about those two grass samples. I think it’s the same thing.”

Before you could answer, you were stopped by a sudden flash of light and a loud thunder that followed right after. First drops of rain hit the grass.

“I think we should head back.”

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Story time

Alright so, April 7th 2015, I had a friend ( @sleepysak ) go over to my house to pick up my school laptop since I had forgotten it. I keep texting her, letting her know that my guard dog was inside that day, I didn’t want her getting bitten since I wasn’t sure if she had met the dog before. I let her know to go through the back room and let her know where my room and laptop were located. It’s full blown mission, she is updating me with basic texts, when all the sudden it’s all caps and jumbled letters. She eventually was able to reply properly about what had happened. That being, I had forgotten about my property’s first line of defense. THE BEES. And that’s how I got my friend stung by a bee on her birthday.


This past September, my family and I welcomed a new member into our family: Riley. After our first dog, spotty, passed away in 2010, my mother vowed never to get another dog (or in her words, “never unless they found a way to make dogs live forever”).  One day in July, a friend of a family friend, a dog breeder, asked if we wanted to come take a look at his new bulldog puppies. Going for $2,200 a pop, these puppies were supposedly “pure bred and fathered by a show winner”. The breeder bragged to me about a pure chocolate brown little thing that he was going to keep to breed with her father, and that their chocolate litter could sell for $3,000 apiece. I had never heard someone quantify another life in such a way, as if they were just a product. I was quite shocked by the experience. However, because they were so expensive, I knew the breeder would be making sure they were healthy and cared for.

Flash forward to September, I asked my dad if he knew where all the puppies were and how they were doing. He called the breeder to find out and was told that there was only one puppy left. She was an unconventional looking bulldog, with long legs, very few wrinkles on her face, and full of black and white spots. These traits made her an undesirable pure-bred bulldog, because she looked more like a cross-breed. Since the breeder was unable to sell or breed her, to him she was useless. She was 5 months old, and would soon need to be spayed, so the breeder was considering euthanasia. He didn’t want “his” dogs in a shelter going for free, so he would rather the dog belong to no one. I was floored as to how someone could have so little disregard for a living, breathing animal. I immediately told me mom of the situation and we both agreed we should brought Riley home.

Riley was so scared her first day. Living with a breeder for five months meant she had little human interaction and no one to provide the emotional care that she needed. Her breeder never taught her to go outside and separated her from her mother at a young age; so it was no surprised Riley was wary of us humans. Over the next few weeks, we worked hard to gain her trust. It was tough since she ran away from us at first. But after a while, she understood we meant her no harm and warmed up to us.

To the breeder, Riley’s traits made her a liability. But to me, those traits make Riley who she is. Her long legs are perfect for performing Olympic worthy jumps to get to her food bowl; her few wrinkles are highlighted when she gives her best pout to go outside; and her spots are a reminder of my previous dog, an adorable Dalmatian. In my eyes, she could never be a liability, she’s the most intelligent, playful, and special dog I have ever known.

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