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Water Magic Master Post

For fertility, female reproductive health, eyesight, and beauty
Condenses each night from mist onto leaves, grass, etc.
Commonly used in beauty spells, and is said to be more powerful at dawn on Beltane

Pond or Lake Water
For peace, relaxation, and self-reflection
Use for meditation to achieve inner peace and tranquility

Creek Water
For purification, harmony, and cleansing
Good for cleansing certain crystals if not contaminated with chemicals

River Water
For cleansing, moving forward, protection
Placing an item in running water will remove magical charges

Sea Water
For health, magical power, and manifestation of goals
Good for cleansing and purification spells

Spring Water
Traditional “pure water”
For growth, cleansing, and prosperity

Some hot springs have high sulfur content, which is good for banishing spells

Well Water
For healing, wishes, and intuition
Also Depends on the mineral content of the water
For example, if copper is present, it will do well in love spells

Swamp Water
For banishing and binding
When stored in a sealed jar, it can be used to attract negativity to a designated area and away from another

Rain Water
For energy, protection, and cleansing
Use for revitalizing and growth spells

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