Storm deserved better than this

Turn loose the mermaids(Part24)

Here we go! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I had a week from hell last week. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

Btw guys, do you remember when you thought Chat was afraid of storms, back in chapter 9? Lol, as if. I wonder if any of you will figure out what that was about.

Anyway here comes the feels whaddup.

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One day, I will learn to listen to my fucking instincts when they scream at me, Chat thought bitterly, grabbing tightly onto a rope as another wave broke, the water splashing all over the deck and almost knocking him off his feet. Chat kept in mind to give Kim a raise for holding the wheel of La Coccinelle so well during a storm like this. Lightning struck in the horizon, making him clench his teeth. They needed to get out of these waters as soon as possible. Getting a better grip on one of the ropes, he shouted over the noise of the thunder.

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Friendly reminder, Black Johnny Storm deserved better than being in a terrible movie, being subjected to JUST being an adopted brother rather than his sister also being black just to prevent Susan Storm’s “style change” (which is bullshit be let’s be real, look at all of those black excellence posts about real women being smart as hell), and honestly, the fact it felt more like the made him black to make sure they didn’t come off as racist (even though they still did by making him adopted??? Like what the fuck was that even?? Just make Susan black???? They both deserved better!!)

@ginaofthe100 ~ from this thing

her touch is light and if he would let it it could undo him in a million different ways. but he knows that he can’t allow it. he knows that he can’t let himself fall apart. there’s too much. there’s just the darkness, there’s the weight, and the pressure lingering there inside of him. and he feels like he’s suffocating, something tightening in his chest. he withdraws just a little, there’s some tension in his shoulders, too. and he wishes the could sink into the way he thinks she might want him to. but he can’t. he doesn’t know much about giving in, about taking.

he looks at her and her eyes are soft. so soft. and he wishes that he could keep them like that. keep her softness protected, her genuine concern. saying she’ll help. but he doesn’t want her anywhere near the storms that rage inside of him. she deserves better than that. but he doesn’t know how to give that to her.

he wishes that he could keep looking at her but instead he lowers his eyes to the movement of his hands. he takes hold of one of hers. it’s a light grip. but he feels like he’s clinging onto something. he almost asks her why. but that seems unfair to push on her. he’s always overthinking when he’s with her. like he has to do something right. but he doesn’t know how to do anything right.

“i’ve got it, gina. i’ve got this.” he says with a small nod of his head. his voice low, a little unsteady. he has to let out a breath to even it out some. “i don’t want you to worry about me. it was –“ he takes a pause, presses her hand a little tighter. “just a thought.

Saphael instagram headcanons

Okay, so I keep reading all these fics, where Raphael is a clueless lil fuck when it comes to social media, but tbh I’m pretty sure the vampires actually vamp sped into the Apple store 10 minutes before the sunrize to get the iPhone 7 on its release day, so here’s some Saphael instagram headcanons 

  • Raphael is the biggest aesthetic hoe ever, he has the best faded dark blue theme and a lower case bio
  • Every time during a hunt, when Raphael would have the blood dripping from his fangs, the first thing he did was always take out his phone and take a selfie because STAN CANT YOU SEE IT LOOKS SO! AESTHETIC! and everyone would be so annoyed just 
  • When Raphael accidentally stumbled across Simon’s Instagram, he almost got a heart attack, and that says a lot considering that he’s dead
  • Becuase Simon is such a post-anything-cute-from-his-camera-roll (such as a picture of a bacon tattoo he saw on an old lady in the subway), a bunch of ugly ass Instagram filters and frames and a lot of emojis kind of a guy
  • So he’s barging into Simon’s room looking so angry that Simon is scared that Raphael is finally done with him and is now going to skin him
  • And then he starts yelling 
  • How could I what? 
  • And he storms off
  • And 2 minutes later he comes back telling Simon to come meet him at 11pm next night to think of a theme or something because DIOS, this is such a disaster… a disaster!!
Taylor Caniff Imagine for Grace

i was sitting in the back seat while nash and hayes sat in the front talking about football or something. i got a text from taylor “hey some of the boys are coming over to yours later so hopefully we can have some alone time x” i smiled as i read the text. “nash are the magcon boys coming over today?” i asked “yeah how did you know?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows “oh em cam put up a tweet” i lied. i hated lying to nash but if he ever found out about me and taylor life wouldn’t be worth living he’s unbelievably overprotective. hayes began to talk “nash, did you hear taylor apparently has a secret girlfriend” he said laughing. my eyes widened as i went red. nash laughed “that’s never going to last, taylor has some serious commitment issues” my heart sank, i remained quiet the rest of the way home.

when we got home i ran to go get ready for tonight, i put on some black leggings with a bellytop and a little bit of make up. i walked downstairs “woah who are you trying to impress?” hayes questioned “no one” i said defensively “go change no way you’re wearing that” nash said. i rolled my eyes and went up and put a magcon hoodie over my top there was no point arguing with nash.

i sat on my bed scrolling through twitter until i heard the door ring. i strolled down stairs as taylor stared up at me. “hey” i said smiling not directing it at taylor specifically. “hey grace” the boys replied as they went to the living room. the sexual tension between taylor and i was extremely intense and i could nash was starting to notice. taylor coughed “ehm wheres the bathroom?” he asked.i stood up “i’ll show you where it is” as i lead him upstairs. i could feel nash staring at us as he left. as soon as we go out of sight taylor pushed my against the wall and started intensely making out with me grabbing me everywhere. suddenly he wasn’t leaning on me anymore.

i opened my eyes to see nash pulling him off me “i fucking knew it” he said shaking his head “nash please! i really like him and he really likes me don’t do this!” i yelled “you’re so clueless!” nash said in disbelief. “what’s that suppose to mean?” i asked offended “do you really think you’re the only one he’s dating right now? i’ve seen him be with at least 5 girls this week” nash said. my heart fell as i looked at taylor “is that true?” i asked him “of course it’s true” nash said smugly. “nash shut the fuck up just leave” i screamed as he left.

i looked at taylor again “is it true” he hesitated “grace i’m sor-” he began “save it, i don’t want to hear your excuses, i deserve so much better than you” i said storming off, he didn’t follow me so i knew he didn’t care enough. i ran to my room and lay on the my bed and cried for what felt like forever.

i felt a hand on my back and i looked up to see hayes “are you okay” he asked “no” i managed to say as i buried my face in his shoulder and crying more “it’s okay you can do so much better” i didn’t say anything “is nash still mad at me?” i asked not really wanting to know the answer “of course not he’s mad at taylor for taking advantage of you, he’s only looking out for you” i cried even more. i eventually fell asleep in hayes arms