Exploring the Colorado Rockies

Westcliffe, Colorado is located about an hour and a half southwest of Colorado Springs in the Wet Mountain Valley. Surrounded on each side by the Sangre de Cristo mountain range to the west and the Wet Mountains to the east, this small community has a beautiful backdrop and plenty of sights to see.

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Secondary Flames of the Sky

I’m talking about Secondary flames here.  While not as common or as strong as primary flames, secondary flames can definitely be important and combine with the Primary in a variety of styles.  Like primary flames, they vary in strength.  By my estimates, secondary flames are found in about half of the population.  They take some training to find and to master.

Sky flames are an overwhelming flame that incorporates elements of the other flames.  For this reason, I do not consider that Sky flames can be secondary flames.  However, secondary flames can supplement and compliment primary Sky flames as they are only one specific element.

Note: Sky flames are unlikely to have a secondary flame.  Those who wield a secondary flame are rare (think of Flames of Wrath using Sky Flames and secondary Storm flames) and the secondary flame will be exhibited more strongly in these people.  However, this is a rare occurrence as Sky users are rare and a Sky who can use secondary flames is even rarer.


Secondary battles concerns of Rain secondary users is slowing down the enemy and/or giving others around them time.  Their focus is what they can do for the group.  They show similar characteristics of primary Rain users, but not to the extent of primary users. 

(Think of how Gokudera may initially be an instigator, he is also heavily a reactor to comments.  Combine this with a tendency to not back down and he exhibits Rain characteristics as a secondary flame.)


Secondary concern in battles for Storm secondary users is taking out as many of the enemy as possible (whether killing, knocking out, etc).  They show similar characteristics of primary Storm users, although the extent to which they show it will not be as strong.


A secondary Sun users secondary concern in battles will be supporting those around them.  Note that this is different from the Lightning’s defense oriented approach.  Secondary Sun users are more focused towards helping than protecting.  They will show characteristics of primary users, though not to the same extent.

(Gokudera exhibits this secondary in his more blunt and straightforward speech with others.)


A secondary Lightning user’s secondary concern in battle will typically be on protecting themselves and/or those around them.  They may exhibit the fighting style and concerns of their Primary flame, but may impulsively act on this wish to protect heavily.  The user of secondary Lightning flames will show similar characteristics to the primary users, especially with impulsiveness. 

(Once again think about how impulsive Gokudera can be at times.)


Secondary concerns of secondary Cloud users is sticking to the plan.  They’ll be much more willing to break away from their usual fighting style or their plan, but they would still prefer to follow it.  They may show similar characteristics to the primary users (such as an intense stubbornness)

(Gokudera doesn’t exhibit this quite as strongly as his other secondary flames, but it certainly shows up clearly.)


The secondary battle concern of secondary Mist users will be on causing as much chaos as possible.  This may come with a tend towards more resourceful fighting styles being incorporated into the primary fighting style of the person.  They may be one of the harder secondary flames to identify as they may show characteristics of being more evasive or resourceful than average. 

Freaking out

Ugh guys it’s storming outside right now, it’s 3 in the morning, and it’s supposed to be hailing. I have to park my car out when I’m staying in college and I’m scared for the damage it’s going to take. I hate Texas weather so much.

When it ends
Will it come as a crash
And a quick flash of light or will it be slow
Reaching us in slow motion

Will fear be the first emotion?
Will I look at the person beside me
And will my eyes speak volumes of “I Love You’s”
Will I ever get to hold your hand one last time?

Or will I be swept off the face of the earth
My body not even reaching the ground again
Will I wake in Heaven or in Hell
Will it matter where I go?
When it ends
Will I know?



When The World Comes To An End ©