they’ll tell our story one day
like a bed time story
when our bones and memories are dead and gone
when everything about us has turned to dust,
they will remember

about how a girl and a boy postponed the end of the world, and how their love saved humanity from destruction

and we will live forever
you and i
because our bond is timeless

Profiling the Pen: fiacresgirl

I’ve had a few people tell me I should answer these questions myself, as another writer of Olicity fanfic, so to kick off the second year of Profiling the Pen, I decided to,  I hope you enjoy!

What is your writing process like?

I would describe it as multi-layered. I rarely sit down at my laptop without ideas already percolating. Usually I gather my thoughts while I walk my dogs. I walk everyday for at least an hour and sometimes more, and I use that time to imagine and let my thoughts go in whatever direction they want. Sometimes I’ll get bits of dialogue, other times I’ll think my way out of a plotting problem or find some new way of infusing meaning within a scene. I’ll then go home and jot everything down until I have more time to really write it. For every 3-6K chapter or story posted, I’ve gone through that process probably 3 or 4 times. Rarely will I write anything in one sitting and then post it. I’ll go over it and then over it again. Then I’ll post it and look for grammar and punctuation mistakes, of which there are usually a number. AO3 likes to insert extra spaces after anything italicized, so I have to take out those too.

When I’ve written something that doesn’t spark, I’ll either set it aside and wait for further inspiration - which will often come from either life or TV shows I’m watching and sometimes books or fanfic - or I’ll go to a beta friend like @lerayon and ask her to read it and tell me what she thinks. Talking it over with her is often very effective for removing my mental blocks. Ultimately, though, I write a story the way you make a sandwich - in stages and with layers.

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone?

I’m not very fast. Maybe 5-700 words per hour? I can write faster than that, but I try to be a concise writer. When I edit, I’ll work at hacking out any dross and dumping things that aren’t strictly necessary. Once in awhile, things will really get going, and then the words will come of their own volition. That’s a fantastic feeling. That I rarely experience.

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing?

I need silence, and I need to be left alone. This is not just for the writing itself, but for the imagining and planning too (although I love headcanoning with a fellow writer or friend). Mentally, I need space. If life has been overstimulating, I’ll need extra time to clear out my mental locker before I can do any of that. It’s why I’m less productive in the summer. My son is home, he’s a huge extrovert who is always moving, talking, and insisting on having my attention - unless he’s on his iPad. I have to decide how much to limit his time on electronics and how much time I need for myself and, as a result, I can’t write nearly as much.

As for food and drink - I don’t need anything specific to write, and because of the above I can’t actually write in public places like coffeehouses or the library.

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes?

I don’t really search tropes when I’m reading fic, but I will say that I love a good coercion scenario like a marriage of convenience. I like it when characters are forced outside of their comfort zones and have to confront sudden intimacy - it’s a nice way of pressing the fast-forward button to get to the meaty emotional stuff. See also: sharing a bed, sex pollen, fake dating, fake marriage, huddled together for warmth, etc. It’s all the same thing, except for sex pollen which means you’ll get the sex up front and not in the middle.

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page?

I don’t find writing to be that difficult. I write for a living, so I have to do it every day. I also have to write about really, really boring things and make them at least somewhat accessible. Writing fiction for fun, then, is much, much easier and more enjoyable.

For me, it’s making myself do it, then, rather than messing around on Twitter or Tumblr or daydreaming, etc. Forcing myself to be disciplined is what I’m always fighting.

Another challenge is that, while I have no problem coming up with detailed ideas for new stories - in fact my whole life I’ve put myself to sleep doing just that - I don’t actually know what comes next. At least not in great detail. This is the thing I don’t understand most about my writing: why detailed planning and outlining doesn’t work for me. I’m a very organized person in real life, but if I try to nail down a plot too hard, it still gets away from me or stalls, so mostly I just go along with where the story is going. I’m working through the what-comes-toward-the-end problem with a number of my WIPs right now.

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read?

No. I write most of what I write because these are stories I want to read. Chances are if I wait around for another angel/human epic fantasy showdown set in the 6th century in what is now Poland, I’ll be waiting awhile.

I wrote A Week off the Grid because I wanted to see Olicity in a rural, domestic setting. I had a great time putting them in fish-out-of-water situations. I thought that was so funny. I wrote Pollen Vector because there was some space in the sex pollen trope for Olicity (and because Angels and Archangels is such a slow burn I needed to write them having lots and lots of sex right up front and that trope fit the bill). Very recently I wrote The Fighter because how I see Oliver’s life in Russia, having lived there, is different than I think how much of the fandom sees it. I don’t view it as romantic at all, let’s just say.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written? Why is it your favorite?

I’m really happy with how the Angels series is coming along so far. It’s largely from my own imagination, and the research I’ve done to create details of that alternate reality has been very enjoyable to do.

As a snapshot of happy, Love Drug is a favorite. I thought Jean Claude Durand’s Dismissal from Service was really funny. Am I allowed to say that? I laughed the entire time I was writing it. I also poured a lot of sad into Кошмар (Oliver’s Nightmare). I struggle with nightmares, so that short series was meaningful to me.

Who are your fanfiction inspirations?

Here is my guilty secret: when I’m writing, I don’t read nearly as much. I can’t. I focus too much on the technique in writing and I lose some of my ability to enjoy the overall story. When I was writing fiction a decade ago, I actually quit because I missed reading so much.

That being said, I’ve really loved stories by @juliesioux @ash818 @machawicket @wagamiller @anthfan @alicecoldwater @dust2dust34 @so-caffeinated @gnimaerd @hannasus and my dear beta @lerayon.

Why Olicity?

This is a question that many of the other writers in this series have answered so well and so thoroughly that I’d encourage you to go back and read their answers. I really enjoyed @juliesioux‘s answer in particular. However, in addition I love Olicity because their romance has been so ambiguous and, therefore, interactive.

Historically, because women are smaller and have been made physically vulnerable by pregnancy, nursing, and child rearing, they have often cultivated power within their relationships. As a result, women are better than men at reading verbal cues and body language, and we like to deconstruct what is really happening in the interactions around us.

A great deal of what is magical about Olicity is unspoken and not in the script at all. We’ve found it in how Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards look at each other, in their dilated pupils and their shoulder touches. They communicate so much nonverbally that they don’t have to speak a lot of the time. For the viewer this means that much of their relationship was left to speculation. When Oliver told Felicity “He took the wrong woman,” at the end of 2x23 and gave her the syringe, she knew what she had to do to Slade. She may also have known how much true feeling he was revealing, but the viewer didn’t. This meant that, for the better part of three seasons, the aftermath of every episode was a delicious going over of every look, every sigh, and every sentence. The speedy and talented giffers in the fandom have made it possible to experience and re-experience each episode and have in depth-conversations about what everything Olicity did really meant.

I love that. I love it so much. Not only has it been a fascinating puzzle to put together, it means that Olicity has its own distinct feel and meaning for every individual viewer.

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat?

I have a hard time seeing Stephen get dragged on social media. Everyone’s mileage may vary, but there’s no way I could be as generous, as socially accessible, as tender with small fans, and as generally entertaining as he is on his various platforms and in personal appearances. I straight up wouldn’t have the energy for it, nor would I be as comfortable making myself vulnerable to mockery and criticism the way he is.

He’s said things that offended me, yes, but he doesn’t have to believe the same things I believe or like the same things I do to be someone I appreciate. I’d prefer he stick around and keep being entertaining, so I wince every time he gets taken apart by people online. I feel pretty protective about him.

The second part of these interviews always consists of follow-up questions I ask based on the answers to the above, but I couldn’t do that for myself, so I asked on Twitter if anyone had any questions for me. They were (submitted by @reblynnh and @arrow-through-my-writers-block) :

What ship got you into reading & writing fics?

Olicity got me into reading first and then, after 3x20, writing fanfic. I’d never even been tempted before. That’s the power of this ship!

Is there an Olicity story you want to write, but are nervous to?

Last year for the @olicityficbang I had the idea to write about Oliver and Felicity’s first holiday season. I was going to delve into the conflicts that could potentially arise because they don’t celebrate the same holidays and have their own feelings about what parts of those holidays are really special. The Arrow writers have made a point of Felicity saying several times that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas and also saying that Oliver loves Christmas. I was going to juxtapose this dynamic against a story about hate crimes happening in Star City and how Team Arrow got to the bottom of what was happening there. In the end, though, I decided to write something different. I have a background in intercultural communication and I find how people from different cultures interact fascinating, but I can’t seem to do light treatment of anything, and I doubted my ability to do this story right.

Favorite and least favorite things about the fandom?

Favorite thing? Being able to fangirl in detail about something no one in my real life will ever be as invested in as I am. I like deconstructing everything, and I love that I can do it with others while still being an introvert.

Least favorite? How things can go from 1 to 11 in 60 seconds and seeing people get upset and hurt by how that plays out.

Favorite AU you’ve ever read?

I really loved The Book of Love by Ash818. Is that AU or future fic? Anyway, it made me cry several times in the best kind of way.

Another fandom you’d like to write fic for?

No. Olicity is my first fandom (see above), and I haven’t been inspired by another OTP yet enough to write fanfic for them. Maybe someday!

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“I love these old buildings,” photographer Ed Freeman (@edfreemanphoto) says of the subjects of his book Desert Realty, “They seem to tell a story of an America now gone, a simpler, happier time in our history when we all believed we could – and would– achieve the American dream.” He found this house in #Trona, #California. // #contemporaryphotography #photobook #documentary #landcape #architecture #americanroads #americanroadtrip #documentaryphotography

Today, a plague ran through my classroom after lunch. No less than 8 students went to the nurse throughout the class period. One went home for the day. Three didn’t make it back before the bell rang for class changes. We put their stuff at the side of the room, away from any other desks, so they could grab their stuff quickly and go when they returned.

So I’m partway through explaining how this class wide assignment is going to work when one of the girls comes back from the nurse to get her stuff. She looks run down, like all she wants in the world is to sleep for a week.

As soon as she walks in the room, a boy shouts (it’s a class of shouters, none of the boys in there have inside voices at all I want to close my eyes just thinking about it) “HEY PRETTY GIRL!”

Another boy, as this girl is heading for her stuff, shouts, “SHE’S REALLY CUTE!”

They, and a few of their classmates, then begin to loudly ask her why she’s not thanking them, why she isn’t answering them, why isn’t she talking or looking at them. They complimented her, the least she could do is thank them!

Oh boy.

I got their attention with a loud “HEY” as the girl was leaving (she didn’t stop moving once, through their words or mine) and then. quieter, told them, in no uncertain terms, that since that girl had not asked for their attention that she was under no circumstances required to respond to them in any way. A compliment did not mean they deserved anything from her.

The first boy who’d shouted goes, “Oh?”

The second boy who’d shouted goes, “Are you sure, Miss?” His tone was like someone going “Sounds fake, but okay.”

I said, “Absolutely.”

I’m not sure either boy actually listened to me, but there will doubtless be plenty of opportunities to repeat the lesson throughout the year.

anonymous asked:

I think it's really great how into things you get, seeing on your snap story that you've gone and seen nerve so many times just because you like it so much brightens my mood a bit. So many people are bitter and jaded towards popular media and I'm really happy to see someone who's so unashamedly into something and genuinely happy about it.

Aw haha I do get into things a lot cause they bring me happiness! Just like Nerve does, all my favorite films, movies, tv shows, books, they make me happy and help me forget my worries. Everyone can relate when they think of their fav medias =)
It sucks some people close themselves off to great things just because they’re “popular” though I feel Nerve isn’t nearly as popular as it should be. But like when there’s a great song on the radio, great show on TV, great film and people don’t like it cause everyone else does??? I mean everyone likes it for a reason, right? It must be good to be able to appeal to the mass population! Both young and old; and people of all genders!

anonymous asked:

You mentioned coming up with the pages as you go along--are you also coming up with the storyline as you go along or do you have a general idea of where things are heading?

The main storyline is pretty much completely planned - there are the main points/plot events that I need to hit and then the ending has been set for a long time. There are minor details that have changed over time and side stories that have developed as syw has gone on but I had the main story set before I began the comic!
The journey from point a to point b is what’s improvised

KOKIA as special guest singer at Hollywood Festival Orchestra [2017.01.28]


Hollywood Festival Orchestra New Year’s Concert

Bunkamura Orchard Hall (Tokyo, Japan), January 28, 2017, 13:30~

Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Orchestra: Hollywood Festival Orchestra
Conductor: Lloyd Butler
Guest singer: Billy King
Special guest singer: KOKIA

【Musical program】
~from Hollywood masterpieces & epic music~
God Father / Titanic / The Bridge on the River Kwai / Superman / Indiana Jones

~Special program: a musical world traveler's journal composed from famous movies~
Around the World in 80 Days / Nuovo Cinema Paradiso / I Girasoli /  Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

~Famous music from the silver screen, performed during screening~
Modern Times / Casablanca / Glenn Miller Story / Gone with the Wind / The Wizard of Oz

※ Program and song order are as currently planned in August 2016. They are subject to changes.

The finest entertainment brought to you from America!
One special day to enjoy famous works and masterpieces that were given the chance to shine at the Academy Awards

The fanfare from the thrilling ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Glenn Miller Story’ which is brimming with the feeling of true swing, the grand scale and wonderful, lovely theme interwoven in ‘Gone with the Wind’… The Hollywood Festival Orchestra is a performance of famous music from masterpieces all over the country, taking along and deeply moving its audience. Enjoying a full-blown live performance on musical scale from Hollywood movies… Now you can do just that at the reserved performance as a New Year’s concert from Club T Rhythm during one day of luxury!

With exceptionally skilled vocalists like Billy King and KOKIA, let’s enjoy that famous music from our youth, including recitals by grand guests and screenings of the movie scenes.

anonymous asked:

hey ive seen the ppl attacking you for your opinions on tana and its honestly sad af. im a fan of tana and will probably be one for awhile but just because you dont like her doesnt make me hate you, ily <3

hey ily2, hella respect dude, I wish more people were like that. and tbh, her stalker story videos are actually really interesting, I’ve gone back a few times and watched them again tbh

Why do so many of y'all keep reblogging that post that calls the love story ‘bullshit’ in THG when I know for a fact y'all were here mostly for that supposed 'bullshit’ love story???

Like I get what that post is saying, but at the same time it treats the part of the story y'all have gone to the mat for countless times like shit and y'all are just like 'YEEEEAH, TRUE!!!’