Bury My Soul Six Feet Under

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He feels as though he is breaking, shattering, cracking at the edges. He lost the one person who has always been there. Octavia. His sister, his responsibility. 

His responsibility

He screams, the sound ripped from his lungs as he contemplates the world without his baby sister. Without her. 

He failed. He failed. He failed. He’s alone

There’s no universe without her and he now understands Achilles’s rage. He’s never been so broken and the only way he doesn’t kill himself is the image of Echo and Roan and all the other Ice Nation, gurgling blood as they choke from his bullets. Him dragging to Echo where his sister fell, slowly killing and making it hurt. He wants her blood, he wants her screams. He wants to make her beg for mercy and then throw her off the cliff. She doesn’t deserve a good death. 

Octavia, dying, breathing her last alone. No, he can’t think about that, the image is so impossible. She’s so full of life, his baby sister. Ever since the day she came wailing into the world, looking at him and keeping him tethered to this world when the burden, the loneliness became to much. 

He taught her how to read, how to write, how to chart the stars, using the stories from times gone by. He cast her as the women that were powerful, that were independent, that changed the world and goddamn it she should have had that chance. She should’ve been able to alter the course of the universe just as quickly as she wormed her way into people’s hearts. 

She deserves the world he could never quite give her. The one where she got to stay the girl who played with butterflies instead of the one who had his blood on his knuckles. She should’ve loved and laughed and shined brighter than anyone he ever knew. 

Tears drip as he struggles to breath, remembering the first time she ever said his same. Bell-a-me she’d struggled to say, asking for a story one night while their mother was away. That was first time he’d told her the story of Augustus and Octavia and the glories of Rome. 

She’d always been burned into his heart, the one point of that would always point him home. Did he even have a home? How does he get there? 

There’s nothing in the world without her, the colors have dimmed, and his heart seems to be running on rage. 

Her words, the last words she’d ever said to just him seem to pound against his mind as he dragged someone. To be used as a bargaining chip against the only other person he loves enough to give up everything for. His heart was always a weakness, Roan knows that and he wants to scream but his heart is ripped in half, laying bloody beside the sword back in the cell. 

In her own way, she’d said she loved him, still. After he let monsters crawl in and make a home in him. After his hands were so red with blood that they stained the water. After his soul was torn to shreds. 

She can’t be gone. Until he is forced to bury her himself, he won’t fully accept a world without his sister. The hope takes root and he feels himself calming down, Octavia always took whatever challenge the world threw at her like it was personal attack on her, she’d survive. She’s survived much worse. 

His lips twist into a snarl, if she really is gone, when he’s finished the entire Ice Nation will be a smoking ruin and Achilles will be surpassed in the whispers and warnings of the world about how dangerous love is. 

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A Story for Victoria Ch. 7: The Queen’s Lament

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Story Summary:  The land of Fabulacor is divided into four kingdoms: Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds. Guided by their goddess, Fortuna, the subjects of these Four Kingdoms live, laugh, and love. However, hiding in the shadows of the past there are truths known only by a select few. Enter young Victoria (Monaco), who loves to hear her Nana’s fantastical stories of a time long gone. Join Victoria and those she loves on a journey to discover the truth behind the greatest tragedies of Fabulacor’s past as well as what it means to sacrifice, to love, to wish, and to hope.

Chapter Summary: Let’s return to the beginning, shall we?

We did it folks! Well, I did it, finally. The chapter’s late, but it’s here, and I hope you all like it! Also, what am I doing updating on the same day the Adventure Zone and Dream Daddy update/come out? Am I crazy? Thank you all for being so patient and sticking with me. I have now confirmed with myself that there will only be two more chapters after this one, so we’re tumbling towards the end, folks! Since we’re getting to the end, is there anything you guys on tumblr would like as an extra bonus gift for following the story and liking all the posts? I could write and publish a bonus story for ASfV that would be tumblr-exclusive? It could be Franada or Belaliech or Sufin or any of the ships that are in the story. You guys let me know what you think! 

As always, if you have any questions or just want to tell me how cool you think the story is (or how bad, I guess? Eep), you can comment on the story itself, send me a message on tumblr, or even just freak out in the tags. I check all of those places, so I’ll see ya. 

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“Imagine stealing the 11th Doctor’s fez.”

The Doctor was rambling. He did it a lot. It wasn’t bad - you thought it was rather funny and maybe a little adorable.

And while you loved to listen to his stories of times gone by and dimension where blue is red, sometimes it was hard to keep up with, especially with all the long, technical words he used.

So, as you feigned understanding, you eyed up his fez, sat lovingly on his head.

It was a nice hat, you supposed.

Leaning over and grabbing it, you placed it onto your head instead, grinning widely. Instead of telling you off, the Doctor smiled at you.

“It looks good on you.”


A/N: this is a oneshot request from @thomasgibdamnson hope you enjoy!

You can’t believe it. You’re finally going to be reunited with your old Quantico roommate JJ. You’ve stayed in touch the past ten years but you haven’t had the opportunity to work together until now. She had called you. Wanted to know if you were happy working sex crimes and to be honest you had been craving a change. A spot on the BAU had opened up and she had thought of you, which is how you found yourself standing outside of the glass doors to that lead to the BAU. JJ notices you when she stands to get more coffee. The blonde’s face breaks into a grin and she waves you in causing the two men at desks near hers to turn and look. One is a tall, curly haired, skinny boy with skin that needs some sunlight and the other is his polar opposite. Dark skin with tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves and collar, he’s mostly muscle with a bald head and neatly trimmed facial hair. Entering the bullpen you squeeze JJ in a tight hug and she lets out an uncharacteristic squeal. When she releases you she smiles and grabs your hand, dragging you to her desk and the two men.
“Agent Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid.” Morgan nods when she introduced him and Reid had waved. “This is my old roommate Mara Bowes. She’s going to be filling the open spot on the team.” She beams over at you.
“Agent Bowes?” A dark haired man calls from the doorway of an office.
“Yes sir.” He motions you into the office and you head up. JJ whistles at you from down below and you flip her off behind your back. You hear her laughter follow you into the office. “Door shut?”
“No you can leave it open. I just have some paperwork for you.”
“Oh, awesome Agent, um,”
“Hotchner. I’m the unit chief sorry about that.” He smiles, “please call me Hotch.” You nod and take the file of paperwork from his desk. “JJ said she’d show you around.”
“Sounds good.” You head back out into the bullpen and see both Morgan and Reid laughing and JJ is grinning. They all look up at you and sober immediately. Oh god. What has JJ told them? “JJ.” You say in a low warning tone. “What did you tell them?”
“Nothing.” She says a little too innocently.
“She just told us you were a good dancer.” Reid says with a smile.
“We’d love to see some of your moves or do you only do them in your underwear?” Morgan asks biting back a grin.
“JJ!” You cover your face with a hand. “That was one time!” Oooh you were so getting her back for this.
“That was fun.” You say wiping your face with your towel. It’s been two months and thankfully you’re fitting into the team well. After JJ’s little story time you had gone home and broken out some old photos you had of her. One where she was clearly drunk and wearing a fake Santa Claus beard on her face. You had framed it and put it on your desk until someone noticed and made a comment. You were more than thrilled that the one who had noticed was Garcia. She had immediately taken a picture and made it her background then slyly pointed it out to the rest of the team. JJ had taken two more days to notice, it might have been longer if Reid hadn’t brought her a Santa hat to “go with her beard.” You had removed the photo after that but Garcia still had it as her background.
“Yea, have you sparred with JJ yet?” Morgan asks after a swig of his sports drink.
“No, she keeps claiming she’s too busy but I think she still remembers last time.”
“What happened last time?”
“I pinned her in less than three minutes.”
“I’ve been training with her she’s good.”
“We’ll have to see whose better soon.” You say with a grin departing into the ladies locker room. After a quick shower with your Bluetooth speaker blasting your music you yank on your favorite bra and underwear set, both a deep red and continue to groove out while drying your hair. You don’t hear the door open, and you certainly don’t hear him call your name. To his credit he doesn’t laugh, doesn’t make a sound so you don’t know how long he’s been standing there when you turn to grab your shirt.
“Ahhh!” You shriek when you see him. He’s got his go bag in one had, sweatshirt in the other and one hell of an amused look on his face. “Damn it Morgan you scared the hell out of me!” You snap yanking on your shirt.
“Sorry.” He says with a small chuckle, “I wanted to see if you wanted to grab a bite. I was gonna call Garcia but she’s on a date tonight.”
“Sure.” You say stepping into your jeans and sliding them over your butt to button them. “What are you thinking?”
“Yes.” You grab your own go bag after twisting your damp hair up into a bun. “Let’s go.”
“Well I learned two things tonight.” Morgan says after the last sip of his beer.
“What’s that?” You say before biting into another French fry.
“JJ isn’t a liar and you do have moves.” You shoot him a glare before he adds, “Red.”
He never does stop calling you that.

Marie Jalowicz Simon was born in 1922 into a middle-class Jewish family. She escaped the Ghettos and concentration camps that claimed the lives of so many other Jews during the Second World War by living in hiding in Berlin. After the war she was a professor of classical antiquity at the Berlin Humboldt University, but rarely spoke about her past.

Shortly before her death in 1998, her son Hermann Simon, director of the New Synagogue Berlin Foundation - Centrum Judaicum, recorded Marie telling her story for the first time. Gone to Ground was put together by the Author Irene Stratenwerth and Hermann Simon from those tapes.

Photo & caption featured in Gone To Ground: One Woman’s extraordinary account of survival in the heart of Nazi Germany by Marie Jalowicz Simon.

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Positive story time: I've just gone to uni so started coming out over last few days. I mentioned to a girl on my course that I was ace when talking about LGBT stuff, and she was like "Dude, no way, me too!". First person I'd told. Then went to the LGBT meet and everyone I spoke to knew about asexuality and was totally cool with it. Encouraged, I came out to my best friend on the phone and she started laughing and said she guessed that she could come out too as ace. Life is weird and wonderful!

It is! 


And from the same week as Wild Tiger, is Rock Bison’s column card. It was sadder than I expected, though I like the first kiss story.

After this will be either Dragon Kid or Origami Cyclone… though I am also hoping for some photos of Sky High’s one soon!

(Excerpt from Weekly “HEROES”)

Thump, thump, thump, thump……

My chest was beating at a furious pace.

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“Ugly Ducklings”

Kelley is a twenty three year old writer who was born and raised in Hawaii, specifically on the island of Oahu. They currently live in Portland, Oregon, where they are studying to become a future librarian. Their hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and trying not to bump into things as they walk.

They have written three essays that they are sharing with you, our readers. This is the third of three essays. The first essay, “Missed Connections”, can be read here. The second essay, “Scenes in Context”, can be read here.

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Could you also do Denmark with symbols ☮,♦, ☯ , ▼, ♒, ൠ? Thanks again! :-D

No problem friend, I could babble about Denmark all day. :3

☮ - friendship headcanon

Denmark is one of those friends that can’t sit still and do nothing. He has to be out and doing something, anything, with his friends. Sometimes it drives people like the other Nordics, or the Netherlands up the wall but Prussia is exactly the same way so they make good use of their excessive energy together.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Denmark loves building things. Legos, Lincoln Logs, Kinects. He loves it all. Den is a fantastic story teller. He tells stories about times long gone, from his time as a Viking, as well as Danish fairytales and stories from Hans Christen Andersen. He gets really into the telling as well, throwing his whole body into it and doing dramatic voices. When not goofing around and letting out his inner child, Den keeps in shape by going for jogs in the evenings.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon

Denmark likes being around friends and family. It comforts him and makes him feel safe and secure. He absolutely cannot stand being alone. When he’s alone he begins to start thinking and that inevitably leads to him thinking about his inadequacies and his failings which leads to him beginning to spiral.

He also loves watching comedy and action flicks with the others but is terrified to watch horror and psychological thriller flicks. 

His favorite holiday is Midsummer’s Eve and he’s not a huge fan of winter. (How he’s managed to be so close to the Nordics despite this is amazing.)

▼ - childhood headcanon

When Den was a kid, he really didn’t like the dark. He was terrified of what laid in the shadows that he couldn’t wrap his head around and understand. As such, he would always gather Sweden and Norway close to sleep snuggled in between them. It was the only way he would feel protected, since Norway wasn’t afraid the beasties that lay in the dark and Sweden was intimidating enough to ward them off if the beasties came close. For the longest time it was the only way he could sleep.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

Denmark isn’t the best cook in the world. He can produce meals that are edible and are… okay. They’re nothing like what the more gourmet countries can produce, but the meals are hardy and are filling. Good for what ails ya. Where Denmark does excel is in baking. He was the one who invented Danishes after all. He loves baking breads and cakes, especially during the winter, and filling the house with the sweet smell of baking dough. He always makes the most elaborate cakes and pies for his friend’s and family’s birthdays and feels the most magnificent sense of pride when he sees his loved ones enjoying what he creates.

  ൠ - random headcanon

Denmark actually keeps a remarkably cool head during crisis situations. He may give the illusion that he’s panicking, but actually he’s formulating the best way to fix the problem. He may get short-tempered with people but that’s just because he puts himself under a lot of pressure to help the best he can. He’s also the one to keep others calm when they are panicking. He knows just the right way to speak to people to soothe them and keep their heads level. If something bad is going on, Denmark is probably someone you’ll want on the scene.

Send me a character and some symbols and I’ll talk about the headcanons I have for them!