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Since it wasn’t destiny, it was Aizen...

How about it wasn’t canon, it was Kon!

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686 is actually Kon in a Kisuke made Ichigo body, there to protect Ichigo’s sisters and his friends, as Ichigo while he is off protecting the world as a shinigami.

Only Rukia and Ichigo know the secret and that’s whats up with the cover

Look at them looking at each other so knowingly! They know the truth! They know whats up!  Ichigo looks so much buffer and better in this cover. I bet after the fight party Ichigo and Rukia meet secretly around the back of the clinic and he tells her how he vanquished Bach once and for all when his reiastu reappeared before the others got there. Ultimate secret agent Shinigami! 

No where in the manga does it say that Orihime and Ichigo are married, nor does it say that Kazui is their biological child. He could just be adopted by Kon and raised as a Kurosaki because he is a little human with Soul Reaper powers! Probably due to Kisuke moving Karakura town during the fake Karakura town battle.

Also no where in the manga does it say that Renji and Rukia are married. Also Ichika can not be their biological child, because souls can’t have children! You know, the manga? The balance of souls? The reason why Quincies were hunted down?

Ichika was adopted by Renji because she was a street kid like him and he wants to take her under his wing. She reminds him of his best friend and captain, Rukia. Also the reason why Rukia has this embarrassed look when Kon asks her where is her kid, because even though she is like a big sis and step mom, she’s not really Ichika’s mom. It’s “their” kid because they are parental figures in her life.

Ichigo isn’t present at Rukia’s investiture as captain because unfortunately he was off on a mission protecting the world. Fulfilling his destiny, to protect everyone with the powers he gained. Rukia understands this. And even though he’s away for long periods of time, Their reunions are EPIC. I mean, just look at that COVER!

Because of her the rain stopped. He is the man in her heart. He can’t keep up with the speed of the world without her in it, so he is in the Sereitei, with her, where he belongs. And this cover proves that they know it and now we know it!

And Aizen Sousuke is still the baddest mofo to ever be created.

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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Accept the story as given: The Doctors re-write history, save the Time Lords and thus release themselves from the burden of guilt which has haunted the Doctor for hundreds of year.

And yet the story as given also maintains that in saving themselves, they exterminated the Daleks. Genocide.

It seems Moffat’s Doctor suffered not because he committed war crimes, but because he committed war crimes against the wrong people. Moffat’s Doctor is actually quite okay with genocide — not one of his incarnations gives it a second thought here! — provided the right people are slaughtered.

One could actually make a pretty good case that any war against the Daleks is a Just War and that only genocide could lead to victory in it. But Moffat doesn’t make the case; he doesn’t even acknowledge the issue.

The Time Lords are saved and that’s all that matters. Seldom — if ever — has Doctor Who offered such a chauvinistic message as a happy ending.

(Strangely, the episode’s secondary story stands in direct contrast. In it, the Doctor forces humans and Zygons to negotiate a way out of their conflict, insisting that killing innocents is never worth the cost. From that synopsis it seems Moffat must have intended the secondary story as a comment on the primary, but I saw no internal evidence to suggest the parallels were anything but incidental.)

This moral, this philosophical, blindness appears again and again in Moffat’s Doctor Who. Consider the girl (and world) in a refrigerator in the above-referenced “A Christmas Carol” or the glee with which his Doctor informed the Silence he had programmed every member of the human race to kill them “all, on sight” in “The Day of the Moon”.

It is not the fact that Moffat’s Doctor kills that is so problematic; the Doctor has a long history of using violence when nothing else will work. It is that Moffat’s Doctor kills so easily, sometimes with joy and almost always, without acknowledging that there even are moral issues involved.

This is especially ironic given Moffat’s obvious love for the program’s past. Think of “Genesis of the Daleks”, when the 4th Doctor could not bring himself to destroy the Daleks more or less in the cradle, or “The Runaway Bride”, in which the 10th Doctor nearly allowed himself to die after destroying the Racnoss. Ten’s face, as he came to recognize the horror of what he had done is one I can still see in my mind’s eye, though it has been several years since I watched the story.

It is almost enough to make Moffat’s version of Doctor Who seem like another program entirely, an alternate universe’s series, in which might makes right and genocide is fodder for joy and jokes, so long as the “right” groups are the ones on the receiving end of slaughter.

—  On first viewing TOTD can seem good, but on second viewing you realise how Moffat!Who is lacking the fundamentals of what the entire rest of Doctor Who had: exploring morality. (X)

“He’s your almost.”

“My what?”

“Your almost. Your shy smiles in the corridor and not-so-accidental brushes of the hand. Your 1am conversations and 9pm walks to nowhere in particular but 3pm nothing. He’s your almost.”

“So what’s going to happen? Surely we can’t just finish here?”

You can’t meet her gaze this time as she stares at you, searching desperately for answers you don’t have.

—  Some stories don’t end, they just stop, 30/11/2015

Leo Fitz + Talking about Simmons


I miss you.

It’s been five years, Clara. You made a promise, but I looked for you that day and you weren’t there. So, I left. I moved on.

No, but I was. You weren’t there.

Ken Tucker likes Stories Don’t End, the new album from Dawes and thinks you might too:

I kid Dawes about their influences — I kid because I like the way these boys carry those influences with their own good humor, and with a loose assurance that their distinctiveness will shine through. On the lovely title song “Stories Don’t End,” singer-songwriter-guitarist Taylor Goldsmith talks about the ineffectiveness of talk — how words cannot express all that he wants to say about the woman he’s describing, the feelings he has for her. For that, he requires not only words, but the slightly fuzzy timbre of his voice and the gentle drumming of his brother Griffin Goldsmith. He gets closer, in this way, to suggesting how complex a story one song can tell, because as the title reminds us, the stories of a relationship, once launched, don’t end. We impose a narrative — a beginning, middle and end — upon them.

Image via Dawes

Whenever we fought, and I thought it was all breaking down I always asked him,
“Do you love me?”
Cause if he said yes then no matter what, I knew we could work it out.
But the last time we fought, I didn’t have to ask him.
I already knew the answer was no.
—  It took me five and a half months but I got over every part of you.
What exactly are EXO's achievements you ask....

Well… It’s just a small list. Nothing to big

- First million sellers in 12 years

- Double million sellers within 2 months

- First group to achieve an All-Kill within 3 hours

- Artist with the most pre sales (500k)

- Biggest sales week for a kpop group ever

- Best charting for a kpop album on the Billboard 200 for EXODUS (70 and 90)

- Highest charting album for a male group

- Beat SNSD for the best selling album on Gaon

- EXODUS album being #1 On Gaon for 4 consecutive weeks

- A webdrama which reached 50,000,000 views, being the first Korean webdrama submitted to the Cannes Film Market. Offers from big names in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan…

- Baek ost is the first drama ost to be #1 on digital charts

- 18 wins on Music Shows for the same song (CMB)

- Beat BB record for sold out artists

- Tokyo Dome concerts only after 3 years

- 1.2 M EXO-L trying to buy tickets for Exoluxion (that could fill 21 Tokyo Domes)

- Ranked #1 at Forbes Korea (Korea #1 power celebrity)

- Won 4 times in 4 different categories at MAMA 2014 + Album of the year for 2 consecutive years (and probably three  )

-  Topped Gaon Digital with the highest streaming total of 2015

- Has one of the most powerful and successful endorsement deals

- Has ¼ of the physical market to themselves for consecutive years

- Has one of the biggest online fandom sits wit over 3 Million fans

- Nearly 500,000,0000 in Total Youtube Views

- Most streams for an Asian artist on Spotify with half a million with the EXODUS on debut day.

cr. Besmug

“But EXO is still seen as something only ‘fangirls’ care for an the ‘public’ doesn’t care.”

“EXO can’t be the nations boy group when the public doesn’t know their music”

When I see comments like this it bothers me. So what if EXO doesn’t have the public wrapped around their finger. Music is subjective, and rather if your a fan girl or a regular old joe. You’re going to like what you like. This Idea that only success comes if the public knows you is utter BS. It’s nice to have public support but that doesn’t garner success. If you don’t have a fandom backing you to get the word out there, ain’t no one checking for your shit.

 You can have the money and the general public all you want but if your fandom isn’t buying your shit and your ass is only a one hit wonder or you can never live up to your last hit… don’t say the general public is everything, because the publics taste changes ever so often. If they won’t buy they wont buy it. 

 Instead of sticking to a sound for people who have been backing you ass for years. You’re sitting here trying to please the public with boring old music that’s the same shit over and over. You don’t grow as an artist and you remain the same. Meaning the public is only buying your music for the name not quality.

Funny I say that because its the same shit these people claim a fan does. Hmmm…. 

While your sitting here saying EXO only has fans, EXO will never have the general public, EXO this and EXO that. Us fans will sit here enjoy this good old hot tea and continue to collect these lovely receipts. It’s only 3 years in and still growing. Why settle for just the general public. When you have the fans worldwide.

You can keep saying fandom power is what gets EXO success. No matter what those fans were once apart of the general public. Don’t forget that. 

Fans are what rank in the money and can create a receipt as lovely as the one above. With popularity and fans and spreading the word it turns non-fans into fans. That general public you claim thats so important. Looks like fans to me.

At the end of the day. General public lasts for so long and can only get you so far, but a fan… oh a fan. That’s the real Tea.



Here’s a little special something to keep you guys happy till the next update for WYIM 9 v 9 <3
The first Pucca Short of many to come!

Please don’t take this seriously, this doesn’t determine the ending of the main plot at all. I simply wanted to have a little fun, and to give the GaruxPucca fans some lovin’~!

(Also, please excuse the quality of the drawings, I started this a little over halfway through my course last year! I only just recently got around to finishing it :’-D)


I set up an official series page on Tapastic for Pucca Shorts, to keep proper track over all of the stories >v<

Check it out!





“Go ahead and continue to resist with those broken swords.”

Gintama + Chapter 523