Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion had answered a distress call. It had probably been stupid on xir part, but what was done was done.

A small ship, even smaller than xir, had crashed on a barren but breathable-to-most-species moon in the system of Hyaldnar. Xe had been making a delivery for xir mentor when xir communication system picked it up, and since xe was barely past adolescence, the journey of not even five rotations was making xem bored and seeing a crash site would be exciting. After all, it was probably an automated distress call, nothing could survive a crash to a rocky moon.

But there xe was, standing in front of a crumpled and burned wreck and the very much alive creature that had crawled out of it after perceiving xir pod landing. Imirrim cursed xir rotten luck, now xe would have to help the poor thing. Xe had been planning on just sight-seeing the wreck a bit, maybe later contact whatever species it had belonged to to tell it had crashed, if only to look good in front of xir mentor.

After a while of the creature gawking and baring it’s teeth at Imirrim, xe recognized the species as human, the fifth longest living space-faring species. Still, xe belonged to the second longest living, and Thalmors like xemself could outlive five humans each born at the moment of the previous one’s death. What had especially stuck from xir exobiology and alien anthropology lessons was humans’ way of expressing their emotions in strange and backwards ways, and their sheer capability to holding grudges. Great.

Imirrim approached the human slowly. It was approaching xem right back, still showing it’s teeth like it was attacking, but but humans expressed their emotions backwards, so that was good, right? Besides, the human was wounded and limping, and xe could outrun it if things went bad.

“Finally someone answered my call,” the human -a male, xe guessed- said as Imirrim was close enough. “I’ve been here for a week and I’m running out of water.”

A week? How was he alive?

“Oh, where are my manners,” the human said and extended the less damaged of its upper limbs towards Imirrim. “I’m Thomas Warren, from the human colony on Clyzma Al Carrim, farmer by profession.”

Imirrim carefully extended a cheliped to mimic the greeting, and did xir best not to flinch when the human grabbed it and shook it. “I am Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion from planet Skismin, apprentice to the Grand Navigator.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” Thomas said and shook xir cheliped some more before finally letting go. “You mind taking me off this rock?”

Imirrim shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. “Sure.”

“Great!” Thomas said and pulled his lips even further back, revealing even more teeth, more than could possibly fit comfortably into a mouth that small. “I’ll be right back.” He limped back into the small shipwreck.

Imirrim was regretting this. It wasn’t customary to help strangers, especially from other species, since there was no telling what they could do. Humans had a reputation of being unpredictable, especially when wounded. And this ‘Thomas’ was covered in wounds, some looking much too severe for anyone to possibly survive.

Thomas emerged from his wreckage, carrying something that was clearly important if he was willing to retrieve it from a wreck while severely wounded. “So, Imirrim, was it? Where are you headed?”

Imirrim led the human to xir pod and helped him climb over the threshold. “Back to Skismin. You can get better help there.” If he stayed alive that long.

“Lovely, you’re a real life saver,” Thomas chuckled. “I’ll owe you one.”

To Imirrim’s surprise -and relief- Thomas did not die during the two rotations’ travel back to Skismin. He talked xir auditory membrane off and after a while filled the pod with the faint stench of alien blood, but all things considered he wasn’t the worst passenger. Once xe had docked the pod back on Skismin and had helped Thomas and his bag of belongings (which turned out to be an assortment of small possibly decorative items, data storage devices, clothes, and even a few ordinary rocks one could get anywhere but that were apparently ‘cool’) to the nearest emergency clinic, Thomas turned to xem one last time.

“If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, call me,” he said with a serious expression xe had come to recognize during their time at the small pod. “I owe you my life, just call and I’ll pay you back.”

Imirrim stared after him for a long while before turning away and heading to tell the Grand Navigator that hir delivery was received and thanked for, and to tell xir mentor about human Thomas Warren.

After xe had told hir what had passed, Imirrim asked one last question. “Master, what does it mean when a human says they 'owe their life’ to someone?”

The Grand Navigator’s age-reddened crest rose curiously. “Like you probably know, humans are known for holding grudges and for being almost insensibly loyal. While they keep in mind all wrong that has been done to them, they do not forget a good deed done to them either. 'Owing one’s life’ means you have done something to them that they regard highly of, usually the saving of a life, and that they will do anything in their power to, as they say, 'return the favor’. Did this Thomas say this to you?”

Imirrim nodded. “Right before he went with the medical staff, he said he owes me his life, and all I need to do in a time of distress is to call him and he will come.”

The Grand Navigator raised hir upper chelipeds in a sign of pride. “You have done well, my apprentice. To earn a human’s favor is a feat of great bravery and compassion. One day, you shall become a fine and daring Navigator, like the explorers before us.”

Imirrim ruffled his crest at the praise. Maybe answering the distress call wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Time went by, and Imirrim progressed from an appearance to a novice and on, up the ranks, and eventually landed a spot as the head Navigator on the long trade ship Pochella, traveling at high speeds through barely charted nebulas and dangerous asteroid fields. Xe plotted courses through the densest of rock fogs and past dangerous gravitational pulls, and not once did his calculations for the course fail.

Xe had lived many more cycles, many more than a human could ever live. Imirrim had counted- xe had kept a distant eye on Thomas Warren in case xe would ever have a need for the favor he had claimed to owe xem, but the need never came. He had died fifty-seven cycles after xe had rescued him, or seventy-two years, as humans counted time, and even more time had passed after that.

Still, even after all this time xe looked back at him for courage when daily life was hard and xir spirit was down. Xe had met and worked with humans many times now and they all shared the same spirit Thomas Warren had had, but none of them had left quite the same impression on xem as Thomas, who had smiled and joked through nine rotations on broken bones and told fondly of his family and farm back on Clyzma Al Carrim.

Imirrim had plotted a course through a particularly dense asteroid cloud, a course that would save the ship a lot of time and fuel. The ship was nearly out of the cloud when the proximity alarm went off and something clamped into the ship’s hull. The computer showed xir an approximate hologram of the something. It was a smaller and armed ship attaching itself to their ship.

The Cieruna members of the crew -small, short-lived, and feathery things with nimble hands and a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields- were screaming in terror. Pirates, they yelled, we can’t shake them off, we’re all going to die. Shush, xe said, we will not die. I’ll call for help, be quiet.

Imirrim galloped to the unoccupied communication post and sent a distress message on all frequencies. “This is Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion, head navigator of the trade ship Pochella. We are inside the Halfway asteroid cloud. And we are under attack by pirates. Please help us.” Once the message was sent xe stepped away from the console and joined the crew in listening to the magnetic creaking of their hull in the morbid silence that had followed xir call.

The ship could not move, following the already plotted course with the extra weight and bulk of the pirate ship attached to them would be suicide, and finding a new safe route out without knowing the exact dimensions of the other ship was impossible, not to mention useless against the threat. All xe could do was hope for a miracle.

And a miracle xe got. Another proximity alarm sounded, and the computer showed an image of a charging mining pod, ten times smaller than the pirate ship and at least a hundred times smaller than Pochella. Outmatched, outgunned, it rammed the pirate ship and despite being hit by their lasers and missiles, it kept on pounding it with its grappling arms and mining lasers and asteroid bombs, everything it had. And finally, when the pod was leaking air and plasma and fuel into space, the pirate ship released its hold and retreated, engines sputtering and its hull dented and battered, and flew away from Pochella and the mad mining pod to safety of the asteroids.

“What was that? What happened? The Cieruna chirred and cheeped. “It is gone! We are saved!”

Imirrim was still looking at the hologram screen. The mining pod was all but destroyed in the short but fierce fight. Someone exited it, wearing a spacesuit and carrying something, and the pod engaged it’s barely functional engines and sped away leaving a trail of debris and smoke in its wake, until it finally exploded from the damage it had sustained a safe distance away.

Imirrim stared at the hologram for a moment, and shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. Xe input a code to the control panel and opened a small airlock near the creature that had saved them all. Xe set off from the bridge where xe was posted and galloped through corridors and climbed down stairs, until xe arrived in front of the airlock that had already closed and the creature that had successfully boarded the ship.

“Are you Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion?” The creature asked. Xe nodded, all the while looking the spacesuited being up and down. Four limbs, two for walking and two for holding. No tail, short neck but a neck nonetheless. No added room for fins or spikes or crests. It was a human.

The human handed their possession to xem -a lumpy bag that both felt and looked like it had rocks in it- and pulled off their helmet.

The human was ruffled and grizzled and had spark burns on his face and his eyes were serious, but he was baring his teeth in a joyous smile. He extended a hand to greet xem and Imirrim took hold of it and shook it.

“I am Stepa Warren,” the human introduced himself. “You rescued my grandfather from a shipwreck when he was young. He spoke fondly of you til his dying day. It is an honor to meet you.”

PlayStation 4 | External HDD Guide

PS4 System Software 4.50 has introduced external HDD support, allowing users to attach external USB drives to their console for additional storage. I’ve put this how-to-guide together for those of you who might be confused as to how this new feature works. 

Minimum HDD requirements

When buying an external HDD to use your PS4, it must meet the following requirements.

  • USB 3.0+ (Blue Colour Port)
  • 250GB Minimum
  • 8TB Maximum

Please note, not all external HDD’s are compatible. Do your research before buying.

Format your external HDD

Before you can use your external drive, it needs to be formatted so the PlayStation 4 system can use that external storage To do this: 

  1. Go to [Settings] 
  2. Scroll down to [Devices]
  3. Choose [USB Storage Devices]
  4. Select your external HDD drive, select [Format as extended storage]
  5. Wait for the system to complete the process. 

Please note, any data stored on the drive after formatting it will be erased so make sure you have a back-up of the any data you have stored on the drive before hand.

Installing Games & Apps to the external HDD

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Scroll down to [Storage]
  3. Press the [Options] Button on your controller
  4. Choose which location you want to download to, System or External.

Moving Games & Apps to the External HDD

  1. Go to [Settings] 
  2. Scroll down to [Storage]
  3. Select [System Storage] Then [Applications]
  4. Press the [Options] Button, then chose [Move to Extended Storage]
  5. Select the Apps/ Games you wish to move by ticking the boxes.
  6. Select [Move] Then follow the on-screen instructions. 
  7. Wait for the Process to finish

Removing The External HDD

If you need to disconnect/ remove your external HDD from the PS4, make sure you follow these steps correctly to prevent damage to your data or drive. 

  1. Hold down the [PS] Button on your controller to access the quick menu
  2. Select [Sound/Devices]
  3. Then [Stop Using Extended Storage]
  4. System will display a message when the device can be removed.

Do not remove the external HDD while the system is switched on or without disconnecting the HDD correctly.

New features under Love 365

After downloaded Love 365, I realized that there is a download function in all purchased stories I had. The FAQ information is limited and I finally email Voltage to enquiry more.

The download button above basically allow you to download the whole story to your device. You can read the story faster and even able to read it WITHOUT wifi. However, it will occupied more storage space on your device.

You can choose not to download the story and just read the story as per current method, connecting to wifi and read it online. It occupied less storage space.

So what happened if you need to clear your storage space when you don’t need those downloaded story? There is a function to clear it.

It can be found under setting. It simply remove your downloaded story on your device but your cg still remains. This function will not delete your purchased.

Hope that help everyone.

The Concentration Crystal- Item Familiar

The concentration crystal should be made of clear quartz. The idea is to go looking for a quartz crystal in stores or online until you find one that you are called to. Purchase this stone and when it arrives (or you get home) keep it on you all the time. Sleep with it, carry it in your purse or pocket, take it into the bathroom while you shower or bath. This process allows you to bond with the spirit that is within the quartz. Once you have bonded you become able to communicate, though this may take some time. When you are able to clearly converse this is when you ask the spirit if it can help turn the gem it resides in into a concentration crystal or as psions call them a psi crystal. Since the spirit is residing within the stone it more than likely has the knowledge to help you pull this off this will be easier than attempting the same thing with a empty stone.

When the transmutation process is completed you will discover that the concentration crystal has a large number of very useful abilities.

1. It can maintain concentration and focus on a spell (or spells) that you have cast allowing you to start another. This is where it gets its name from. As it does this more and more and you gain more experience, the number of spell it can concentrate on will increase.

2. It can be used to store or seal away memories which were traumatic or are currently not of use. Additionally it it can be used by witches with memory issues (such as myself) to store information that would otherwise be forgotten. All this information can be recalled by holding onto the crystal and focusing on the information or memory you require.

3. If you are not personally doing spellwork the concentration crystal can perform spells and rituals which have been magically added into it’s matrix. Just tell it to begin a ritual or spell and leave it alone. It will complete the working while you are busy elsewhere. Or you can have it aid you in a casting requiring more than one person.

4. Quartz concentration crystals can also be used to program and run warding and shield systems. I use one which runs mine, resets anything if needed, updates the system with advanced wards, adds in things that are required, and even does system checks and maintenance. The best part is that they can continue doing this from a goodly distance away.

Essentially they can be taught or programmed to perform any task which you either don’t have the time for or is complex enough that you want somebody else to handle it. If the crystal is programmed properly it will draw the energy it requires to function without your aid. They are just like small magical computers!

Organizational Systems for School

Hey guys!!!!! It’s me!!! I’m finally right back at you all with an all new organizational advice post that will make organizing for school a blast! I’m so sorry for not posting an advice post in a while! I’ve just been extremely busy trying to balance schoolwork, my new leadership position, volunteer hours, extra curriculars, and etc! I hope that you all can understand! I’ll try to post more advice post for often, but I can’t guarantee anything! I you have any questions or would like to talk to me, please visit my ask box! Anyway, if you guys don’t already know, I am doing the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge! If you would to see what I’m up to in that challenge, click here! Thank You all so much for the support, and I hope that this advice post was somewhat helpful! As always, I believe that you all can do it and I wish you all the greatest of luck this school year!

-Ben :)


Binders are probably one of the most common organizational systems here in the US! I’m not sure about other parts of the world, so if binders aren’t the most common organizational system where you live, then please share by replying to this post!  Binders can be really organized as you can just flip through them, but the downside is that they can get very bulky, you have to hole punch your papers, and tons of students tend to stuff everything in the front pocket just to name a few! Anyhow, binders are a solid option for most!


+Can be organized

+You can flip through and find papers easily

+You can hold lots of papers and even a pencil pouch!

+Many types and sizes to choose from!



-Need a hole puncher/hole punched papers

-Students tend to “stuff everything” in that front plastic pocket of the binder

-The closing and opening rings thing can be annoying sometimes

-Holes from punching tend to rip on papers


Another common way of organizing is using folders! I know that a lot of people use these in addition to using binder!  They are really effective, efficient, compact, and organized too! However, all lot of people tend to shove random papers in folders and they can hold that many papers for a class that has TONS of handouts!



+Can separate classes into 2 sections

+Plastic ones tend to be super durable

+Don’t have to hole punch


-Paper folders tear easily

-People still tend to get lazy and shove random papers in them

-Limited paper capacity

-You have to “search” the folder and can’t just flip like a binder

Expanding File Folders

You’ve probably seen these all around Tumblr! They go by many names, such as accordion files, expanding files, and much more! They are pretty uncommon, but are actually really organized, and in my opinion kind of is like a combination of a binder and folder (since there are sections like binder dividers and you just put the papers in with no rings). The really only downside is that it’s hard to find papers in it and it can can very bulky overtime! I know that Sareena from  @studyign and Jasmine from @studyquill use these and love them!


+Pretty durable


+Expands and holds tons of papers

+Don’t have to hole punch

+Usually comes with labels for the tab sections

+Has different sections


+Limited sections

+Can get bulky if you put too many papers in it

+Harder to find papers

“Hybrid Systems”

I don’t know if this actually counts as an “organizational system”, but I will include it anyway! A hybrid system is what I actually use! It’s basically is using different organizational systems together and tailoring each to your own needs! For example, I use one big binder, folders for each class, notebooks for each class, and lastly an expanding file folder to store old work! You can learn more about how I organize in my How I Stay Organized Post (although my system has changed just a pinch since the making of that post)!



+Can make your own system that fit your needs

+Takes the good parts of each system and mashes it into a MEGA AWESOME SYSTEM!

+Can be super organized

+Allows you to adapt to each class for the best organizational results


-Can be hard to maintain

-Things can get lost between all the storage devices you choose to use

-Might have to invest in a lot of stuff

  • Anyway, I hope that this post help you out some how! If you have any questions, but don’t be shy and stop by my ask box (I will try to answer questions when convenient!)! To see more of my study tips and advice, click here! To see my 100 Days of Productivity Challenge for this year, click here! And lastly, if you would like to see how I organize (for inspiration, etc.) for the school year, click here! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT GUYS! 
  • I was inspired my Seo from @tbhstudying and Jasmine from @studyquill to do this post! 
How to deal with Ransomware

Yo, my guys. With the recent Ransomware scare, there is more need than ever to back up your computer data in the event of infection. Recently, it’s forced me to create a back up point for my computer, and it took a bit of digging. So hey, why not outline the relatively simple process here. 

The reality is, Ransomware is extremely hard to deal with once you have it. And by extremely hard, I mean basically impossible. Your best bet is to just backup your stuff, and restore it all if you get infected.

Note: Make sure you read this through at least once before doing anything.

Quick background:

  • Ransomware is malware that will lock you out of your computer by encrypting all of your data. It will prompt you to pay them in exchange for the decryption key, however 9 times outta 10, the won’t actually decrypt your data. So never actually pay them.
  • This process will create, on an external hard drive, a copy of all your OS settings from your current computer. You can then use this to reformat your computer to it’s current point
  • Because of the way this malware spreads, it’s vital that you keep your backup disconnected. This means you shouldn’t use a second hard drive on your computer, or a network drive. Doesn’t matter where, just not on, until you need it, or the malware has passed on.

The process goes like this, for windows 10. 

  1. Make sure you have an external hard drive, or USB plugged into your computer. Make sure the storage device you want to back up to has more free data than your normal hard drive has used data.
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Change the ‘View by’ field to 'large’ or 'small icons’
  4. Click 'File History’
  5. on the bottom left there should be a little shield with “System Image Backup” next to it. Click that
  6. On the left again, there should be a shield with “Create a System Image” next to it. Click that.
  7. A window will pop up asking you where you would like to save your back up. On the drop down menu labelled 'On a Hard Disk" find your external drive. Click it, then click next.
  8. The next page will ask you to select which drive you want to backup. By default the two you need to back up for this are selected. Just click next.
  9. Finally you’ll come to one last screen asking if you want to confirm your back up. Make sure that the two that show are the ones you’ve selected in the previous page. If so, click 'start backup’.

Now this should take a little while to complete. This will depends on whether you have an SSD, or a HDD and also how much data you’re backing up will influence it. if you’re worried it’s taking too long, give it an hour and come back. Failing that, you can always stop the back up.

Once completed you’ll be prompted to create a system repair disk. If you don’t have a USB or DVD with Windows 10 on it, this is something you should create. Otherwise, it’s not necessary. 

Now, that you have a spare hard drive with your backed up data on it, make sure that you keep it in a safe place that it won’t get knocked around in. Hard Drives are quite fragile, and too hard a knock could kill it. Additionally, despite all this stuff on it, the drive is still a functional drive. It will now just have a folder in it with all the data. It’s not advised you use it, as it’s still susceptible to infection, but the option is there if you need it.

Contents of an INFP’s backpack.
Bag look:
 -Dull green (faded and covered in holes)
 -Carabiner holding strap to backpack (old loop busted)
 -Keychain (Cloud’s buster sword)
Right side storage:
 -Pencil Case (full of drawing supplies)
Left side storage:
 -Glasses (had this pair for years now)
Outer Pocket:
 -Assorted candy wrappers (Snickers, Hershey’s, etc.)
 -Empty bag of root beer barrels
 -SD card case (no SD card inside)
Accessory Pocket:
 -Small flashlight (surprisingly handy)
 -Wacom pen (for drawing the cartoons)
 -Cellphone charger
 -Chapstick (why do I always lose these?)
 -Flash drive (full of schoolwork and doodles)
Main Storage:
 -Gaming device (3DS most days)
 -Assorted papers in no particular order (I think some of these are from 2014)
 -Sketchbook (nearly full. need to get a new one)
 -Assorted Notebooks (I can’t organize my thoughts or my notes. Just full of doodles)
 -… More candy wrappers (why do I not just throw them away?)
—  an INFP

what i imagine Relativity Falls Dipper looks like

and also that he records everything with a video camera than writing it down in journals and keeping the video documentaries on some kinda of data storage device

imagining it just makes me so happy

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Y2K vaporware: Indrema L600 (April 2001)

“The console would have been the only open source console on the market, running on Linux, as well as the only modern console to allow free software to be written for it. Besides game play, it was also to be a CD player, DVD player, web browser, and TiVo-like video recorder. It also would have been an MP3 storage device. Indrema closed it’s doors on April 6th, 2001, ten million dollars short for what they needed to continue with the console.”


The Batiri are confused by all the food storage devices around Origins. #dnd #SummerOfAnnihilation @commanderholly @danihartel (at Origins Game Fair)

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33phy33  asked:

So is blazblue gonna just gloss over the myriad of races in blazblue or am I missing something like the penguin people on jobs stage

There are several races:

  • Humans - they’re everywhere and most of them are capable of Ars Magus, while only a select few can use magic and sorcery. They can turn into vampires if bit by one, and into Drive-Unions if they develop a crystal.
  • Beastkin - the only known three are Jubei, Tomonori, and Munefuyu. They are cat-types but others likely exist.
  • Half-Beastkin - they first appear in Phase Shift 1, but Kokonoe is also a half-beastkin since she’s Nine and Jubei’s daughter.
  • Demi-Humans - half-human-half-animals created to fight in the Dark War. Makoto is the best known example. Demi-humans, and half-beastkins get lumped together with beastkins a lot of the time and all 3 face social stigma. Demi-humans are likely the most common type of beastkin bc normal beastkin are very rare, and half-beastkins are rarer. Penguin, cat, dog, squirrel, etc. types have been seen.
  • Vampires -  a pretty loosely defined group. The Alucards and Fuzzy are considered vampires.
  • Illusionary Creatures - beings made by the more intense emotions of those who get close to the Azure. Clavis Alucard is the only known one. Their existences are like Drives.
  • Drives - specifically this is Izanami. She’s Amaterasu’s Drive and is purely immortal because of it.
  • Lycanthropes - basically werewolves created by sorcery a long time ago. They’re really rare, and Valkenahyn is the only known one.
  • Kaka - a clan made from Jubei’s genes before the Dark War. Less than 100 at a time and they mainly live in the Kaka village underneath Kagutsuchi.
  • Demons - they’re never seen in the series, but Hakumen has fought them, and what makes Tager big and red is because of demon genes that Kokonoe injected into him.
  • Ghouls - people who died that have been brought back to life. They’re pretty mindless. Fuzzy can reanimate them, and Relius can as well.
  • Sankishin - only putting this one here because of Susano’o. He gained a will and became his own person. Hakumen’s soul is pretty much perma in the Susano’o Unit now as well.
  • Embryo - Raquel was one of these that managed to take the form of a vampire. I suppose Nobody could be considered part of this category as well, so could Hinata but they only possessed the Embryo and weren’t actually it.
  • Grimoires- Touya was the Origin of the Grimoire that took the shape of a person. Mai is currently the No-Name Grimoire. Hazama is an Azure Grimoire, and Kazuma was likely one as well.
  • Prime Fields - artificial humans designed to explore the Boundary. There’s also the sub-category of Embryo Storages, Murakumo Units, and Kusanagi’s. Noel, Mu, Nu, Lambda, Es, Bell, etc. are here.
  • Black Beasts - there seems to be more than one or even two of them. Basically beings of pure destruction, and can be made from the failure to make a Kusanagi.
  • Artificial Causality Weapons -  Minerva. Relius’ Detonator line comes under this as well, so that include Ignis.
  • Cyborgs - this is Tager’s official race. A human augmented with machinery.
  • Nox Nyctores - most of them have cores which are made out of souls. Nirvana, Yukianesa, Take-Mikazuchi, and Requiem have all got demonstrated sentience.
  • Spirits - beings that can possess others. Terumi can possess people, but it looks like Trinity can only possess Nox’s.
  • Drive-Unions - humans who get a crystal and unlock their Drives. Their condition will nearly always kill them. It’s up to whoever to decide if they’re a subspecies of human, or just people with a terminal medical condition.
  • Apostles - a small group of human men under Spinner Superior’s control. I’m putting them as a different species for the same reason as D-Unions. They’re infected by weird bugs. When angered, they basically become massive insect-human hybrids with razor sharp claws, teeth, multiple legs, etc.

These two aren’t really species but I’ll put them here anyway:

  • Chrono Phantasma (phantoms of time) - exceptions to the timelines who are immune to phenomenon intervention. Rachel is the main example here.
  • Chrono Phantasma (ones who shouldn’t be here) - people who shouldn’t be at the timelines they’re at. They’ll eventually go back to the state they were. Celica is the big example here.

That’s all I can think of right now. There might be one or two more that I may have missed. I’m putting Nox’s and Causality Weapons there as well bc they’ve got sentience.
Drive-Unions and Apostles can become normal humans again, but since they’ve normally got abilities and biology different from humans, I’ve put them as different species. It’s really up to your interpretation.

The main species in BlazBlue society though are humans and demi-humans (the latter treated as second-class citisens). Kaka’s, beastkin, half-beastkin, and lycanthropes are known about but not really accepted as much by humans. Vampires and sentient grimoires like Mai and Hazama are extremely rare and not really known about by anyone.

cade-barricade  asked:

Hey! I wanna know how transformers can share information with each other? Can they transfer all relevant information on the principle of Bluetooth? Or they need to have an analogue of the USB? Thank you.

Transformers these days are certainly “wireless-equipped” - like how the Autobots were able to freely access the internet and download language data in the live-action movies. Or a good example is Ironfist’s series of “Wreckers: Declassified” datafiles, which subscribers had beamed directly to them via a subspace frequency.

They do still use offline storage devices to share data the old-fashioned way (otherwise what’s Soundwave and his little dudes getting paid for?) and sometimes have to jack in to pieces of machinery and equipment to move data onto them, like this time Soundwave replayed a recording from Laserbeak by plugging into a monitor:

Transformers can plug into one another to send and receive data too, though you tend to find it’s done against one party’s will, like the time Rattrap plugged himself into Tankor’s brain and accessed his memories, or through the use of the external link mechanism, the cortical psychic patch, in Transformers: Prime.


TRanSistors Part 2

This was one of the three mega exhibits for the 40th anniversary of the big three appliance computers launched in 1977.   Peter Cetinski, Kelly Leavitt, Dean Notarnicola (captain), his son Drew Notarnicola, & Jeffrey Jonas teamed up to display Tandy Radio Shack computers, primarily focusing on the TRS-80.

Seen here is the rarely talked about TRS-80 Model II, which was designed as more of a business machine than a personal machine.  This means that Tandy gave this machine a 4MHz Z-80A, 32K or 64K of RAM, the largest external storage mediums available, and a 12″ monitor – nothing to sneeze at in 1979.

It included an internal 8″ floppy drive, but it was common to see it with a hulking bank of three external 8″ drives.  It isn’t common to see a model II running, but this is VCF East, and it’s no fun to display a broken computer.  I played Star Trek on it, however it was loaded from a modern CF card storage device instead of the original 8″ drives (which are apparently incredibly frustrating to fix).  I also played Worms, which was a pretty good snake game, even with the awkward controls. 

While they weren’t architecturally similar to the desktop Trash-80 machines, the TRS-80 Model 100, 102, 200, and even 600 series portable machines were a big hit.  A precursor to the modern laptop in terms of portability, these devices had full keyboards that would put many modern machines to shame.  The down side to this design was the limited character display, lacking a backlight or any serious graphics modes.  I still want one…

Stay tuned for the final installment of TRS-80′s tomorrow.

angelcontagion  asked:

if you had a tarot deck where every card related to a food, what kinds of food would each suit signify, for you? (er, if you have time and energy for something silly like this. i can't get it out of my head, and i'm curious what someone else would do with it.)


Wands = Spicy, light-your-ass-up, make you pray at 2am on the toilet even if you’re an atheist, foods and/or condiments. The Ace would be that homemade bowl of reactor core that your great aunt from the islands ate every day to cure her arthritis even though it has pitted the glass jar it is stored in and you’re sure it’s dissolving the little steel serving spoon that goes with it. Because it would be your choice if to put a little or a lot. (Note the boundary is measured in micrograms.)

Cups = Drinks. “Soft”, “hard”, or “otherwise”. Hot chocolate, eggnog, tea, coffee, beer, cocktails, and/or liquor as appropriate for the meaning of the card. The Ace would be Everclear 190 vodka, because it is your choice if to use it to clean (read: sterilize) your equipment or to run a erasure program on your mental storage devices. (That stuff is 95% grain alcohol and is considered a munition of war in some USA cities.)

Swords = Light tasting and/or high-snob foods. Dishes you must be this educated to fully appreciate in the spirit and refinement of the Michelin Star Cook™ who supervised its creation. The Ace will be Vanilla Ice Cream. Really. Look up how much shit goes down in cooking contests over vanilla ice cream. To have anything better than the store brand that always seems to be on sale is hard as hell, because if you’re starting with whole vanilla beans, you can’t just measure a gram of the pod and call it good. Vanilla varies from pod to pod, so making a batch of High Froo Vanilla Ice Cream requires Serious Skills™. It is then up to the reader how much effort they want to make.

Pentacles = Comfort foods. Stews, cornbread, dumplings, that pot of beans that simmered all day long, that beef shank nurtured in the slow cooker all night long. The Ace would be a bowl of chicken noodle soup with the open can barely visible in the background. Because it is up to you if you just wanna make the minimum effort but at least you have something hot, or use that as a start (cuz who can make chicken stock from scratch now, right) to simmer up something more tasteful and fulfilling.

That was fun! ^-^

antikythira  asked:

hey I was wondering if you could elaborate more on how you convinced that recycling company to let you go through their E-waste? I wanted to try doing the same thing but I was curious how exactly you did it (e.g procedure, wording, finding the right company)

Hey Antikythira, thanks for asking! As this topic is concerning me a lot, I will write a somewhat longer response to this question:

As we can assume, literally tons of great old hardware gets destroyed every day at those recycling companies or on the way to them. A lot of the hardware is in 100% working condition, or in many cases, was perfectly working before it was thrown in a pallet carelessly. When you go in there, be prepared to go out in a bad mood, even if you find some nice things. One of those pallets I found, was filled to the top with brand new electric toothbrushes. It really shows how stupid our society interacts with its resources.

The most pathetic thing about digging in that e-waste pallets was, that a huge multimedia retailer is placed just 50 meters across the street. Every day people are buying new printers, TV, radios etc. over there, while perfectly good ones get trashed just 50 meters away.

In my opinion it should be mandatory to handle all this hardware with care and place everything thats still in working condition in a storage hall for a month, and sell it of for $1 a piece before its declared waste. It would be fun to see the sales of the nearby cheap multimedia discounter collapse. The most stuff they sell there today is basically e-waste at the point you pay anyway so….

You can do an image search for “E-Waste Ghana” if you want to check for the worst-case scenario of what can happen to E-Waste after people throw it away.

It hurts in two ways: beneath the obvious catastrophic environmental impact, I don’t even want to know how many nice old pieces of equipment lay there.

If the image above doesn’t hurt you enough, you can combine it with this picture of a guy destroying his HDTV because his soccer team conceded a goal (you can imagine, I don’t perceive such videos as funny in any way):

To answer your question though:

I basically called that recycling company and told them that I’m a local artist who works with e-waste and that I want to dig through their stuff and see if I can find something nice to work with. I right away told them, that I’m well aware of the privacy protection laws they have to follow, and that I don’t want to pickup any storage devices like HDDs / tapes etc. At this point they were very cooperative.

I got there with a friend and they gave me some time to search through one of the trucks. I didn’t have more than about 30 minutes though, as the guy working at the storage itself, didn’t really understand why I was digging through that e-waste anyway.

So, I had to hurry and dug through all that pallets at a fast pace, climbing on top of them, while they were inside that truck. It really hurts your back, as there is no ergonomic way to lift a carelessly dropped 50 pound TV out of a pallet while standing on top of a 1 inch wide wooden frame.

But in my opinion the loot was worth it (and if it’s just to prove what great stuff gets thrown away) especially the Compaq CRT, which was on the bottom of the last pallet, hidden under some laser printers. After the digging, I had to pay 20$ into their kitty btw. …so bring some cash with you.

I think it hugely depends on the people working at the recycling company if they let you dig through their stuff. The one I called, was very cooperative, probably aware of how much good stuff they throw away.

On another occasion, I pulled a perfectly working commodore MPS-803 dot matrix printer IN BOX (!!!) out of a pallet at another recycling facility - but as I didn’t ask, this was technically theft. One guy saw me though and didn’t say anything. There was also a pristine looking graphite colored PowerMac G4 in there - I didn’t dare to pull that one out though… R.I.P.

Well sorry for channeling some negative feelings into my response. There is definitely tons of great stuff going through these facilities, but in my opinion the only effective solution would be to force (by law) all electronic recycling facilities to have every working piece of hardware for sale and handled with care.

kanezai  asked:

Did dazai crush the crucial information? But why?? The biggest plot twist is that fukuzawa n mori were the mother of all the soukokus n not to mention fuku looks fine as heck when he was young

fuku is admittedly finer than he had any right to be.  also a lot more petty, which only serves to make him finer still.

What Dazai crushed looked like an earpiece transmitter to me, although I can’t claim to know exactly what it was pre-crushing.  This would mean that the device didn’t hold information (and it certainly didn’t look anything like parts of a thumb drive or anything other data storage device), it was a means of communicating with a person who shares information verbally.  My guess is that Natsume was in a hurry, gave the transmitter to Dazai, said “here, i’ll explain on the way” and jetted off to keep his little idiots from killing each other.  Dazai might have crushed it to prevent any kind of signal from being picked up by, say, Fyodor.  No clue about the veracity of any of this.  Maybe Natsume gave Dazai additional instructions and we’ll see what they are next month.  Haven’t the faintest.

Solar Panel Goals

So as you might have seen, I got portable solar panels a couple days ago, and a big ol’ power bank yesterday (all told, this investment was $110, including shipping, if you were wondering).

I did this for a number of reasons, the most significant being that I want to be able to demonstrate, any time and anywhere, the sheer power and awesomeness of solar energy. These panels are roughly the size of a sheet of paper, fold in half for easy transport, and have attachment rings to hook onto backpacks, car windows, decks, etc. You can literally take them anywhere, open them up, and immediately begin charging.

If we can show people how affordable, powerful, and just overall exciting this is, we can change how they perceive renewables, Maybe even convince them to invest in their own household renewable technologies!

My second mission is to break my portable device charging dependency. Starting on May 31st, all the power I put into my phone came from sunlight. As of 8:30am on June 1st, 100% of the power stored in my phone was solar energy. The first real goal I have is to go a full month without plugging my phone into a wall, ever. Not even when my phone is dangerously low….which it shouldn’t reach, because…

Of the power bank you see in this picture! The black box in front of the panels. Fully charged, it stores enough energy to charge my phone about 7 times. The solar panels themselves have a storage device capable of holding about 3 charges. Combined, that’s 9-10 full charges for my phone–about a week’s worth, maybe more.

The other thing about the solar panels is that when in full sunlight, with my phone plugged in, they generate enough energy to recharge about 1% per minute. You know, just about the same rate of charge that a wall charger provides. This isn’t a guess, or something I read in the manual. This is what I measured yesterday and this morning when I plugged my phone into the panels. It’s literally just as good, and even better than a wall plug. Because wherever there is sunlight, there is power. No more searching under tables at the coffee shop, or fighting people at the airport. It even works through windows (as seen in this picture!)

The solar panels you see here, from iNiCE, cost me $55. The power bank was $50. Unless I decide to go live in a cave for the rest of my life, I will literally have unlimited energy.

Future goals include getting my laptop off the charging grid, too, and providing energy to my family/friends when needed to reduce THEIR energy consumption. It might be just nickles and dimes at a time, but it adds up.

I’m just gonna say it: I’ve had these solar panels for two days, and they’ve already proven to be an exciting, worthwhile investment, with promises for what the future holds!