This is some serious Noorhelm bullshit you guys are pulling over the yousana mess. Like why do you think Sana has to just be chill and okay with Yousef flirting with her best friend?

That’s fucked up people! She doesn’t have to degrade herself like that. She’ll meet a lot of other, better people later.

She doesn’t have to put up with Yousef.

And it’s fine that Yousef is into Noora too, but he needs to stop giving Sana mixed signals. 

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For real, every time you update, it's always when I'm down in the dumps and the update always makes my day. I had to stay home today because I was sick, but Yoongi and Y/N's hate/love relationship made me forget about it for a bit. Great quality as always :) - the emotionally wrecked anon

believe it or not - that makes me INCREDIBLY happy to hear. That my stories somehow, silly little things that I put a lot of effort into, actually do help something/someone in this world. damn, you’re making me really emotional. STOP IT.