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I wasn't suggesting that you like Vriska, it's extremely clear that you despise her. Nor was I suggesting you excuse her. I'm saying that you act as if Gamzee has done nothing wrong and like everyone who does something even slightly not nice to him is an abusive pile of shit. I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve better either, I'm saying that you're excusing the inexcusable behaviour from him and that you are essentially the Gamzee equivalent of a Vriska fan in denial.

Hmm, okay first off honey no. Gamzee and Vriska aren’t the same person. So let’s go through a list to make things a bit easier;

Gamzee and Vriska are two different characters.

Good, agreed?

Gamzee and Vriska have different personalities.

Good, agreed?

Gamzee and Vriska have different ways they interacted with their friends.

Good, agreed?

Gamzee and Vriska killed people under vastly different circumstances.

Good, agreed?



Alright, now we’ve had these facts placed down, let’s go down for why I am sympathetic towards Gamzee and why I loathe Vriska-

Why I hate Vriska;

Everything abusive and horrible Vriska did was of her own freewill. Her prolonged physical/mental and sexual abuse of Tavros? All of her own freewill simply so she could try and twist him into her fucked up wet dream ala Mindfang. When he tried to refuse, she paralyzed him then emotionally abused him via blaming him constantly for what he did. She killed Aradia without remorse using Aradia’s friend when Aradia tried to help then blinded Terezi when she attacked her because of her shit actions. Then when Tavros finally decided to try and get rid of his abuser Vriska killed him. She could have easily flown away but instead she murdered him because she was mad he was ‘too late’.

Then she made Jack Noir and fucked everyone over purely for pride. Oh you may argue ‘Jack was gonna be made anyway!’ Yeah exactly yet Vriska insisted on shoehorning herself in simply so SHE could be the one to be the Hero. Despite know her leaving would kill everyone on the Meteor but she was gonna do it anyway.

First thing she did in the Dreambubbles? Mindrape Tavros then merrily committed mass genocide. When everyone got fed up with her what did she do? She gave up. If not for John her mass murders of all the ghosts would’ve been for literally nothing.

Now she’s alive what is she doing? She’s still abusive towards Tavros and acts as if he owes her- even though she was the one who murdered him. She also trapped Terezi in an abusive relationship, she abused and beat down Jake the instant she got the chance. She’s insulting and manipulating everyone via passive-aggressive abuse into her plans and refuses to bring back their friends and also leaves after abandoning all her friends to her shit plan just so she can get in a pissing match with herself before going to confront Lord English.

The hammer in the coffin for me hating Vriska;


She had PLENTY of opportunity to become a better person. She chose not to. She chose to remain her abusive old self because that is how she likes it.

Gamzee didn’t kill Nepeta and Equius of his own free will.

He was NEVER abusive or foul or murderous like Vriska. Unless provoked he was more than happy to drink faygo and scare himself with his fucking horn pile.

In fact, pretty much ALL of Gamzee’s friends verbally abused him; Karkat constantly ridiculed and mocked him, Eridan told him his miracles was a bunch of shit, Equius pestered him every day to tell him how horrible he was.

Then he looked into Lil Cal’s eyes and went berserk; he was suddenly hemospectrum obsessed when he never gave a shit before (Equius) and hacked off the body’s heads (AR) and brutally beat a sweet green girl to death because she was in the way (Caliborn) Gamzee was literally sicced onto Equius so Equius would be dead to prototype him into ARquiusprite and create Lord English. We seen Jack literally gore his own fucking eyes out over Lil Cal’s gaze.

And the thing is Gamzee was utterly docile the instant they calmed him down and snapped him out of Lil Cal’s influence, unlike Vriska who continued to be her vile abusive self.

The Meteor Crew abused him; it’s as simple as that.

Vriska immediately targeted Gamzee for her bullying and abuse now that Tavros was dead and everyone let her. She trapped Gamzee in a fridge with corpses and everyone let her despite the fact Gamzee was not a threat.

They fucking forgave an unrepentant mass murdering abuser who was fully in control when she did everything, yet some how Gamzee is the dangerous one.

Gamzee needs help, not further abuse. Violence and hostility is absolutely the worse way to deal with Gamzee; he suffers from psychosis and withdrawal along with the side affects of Lil Cal’s influence.

Also he’s fucking docile and not a threat unless provoked.

Unlike Vriska who attacks/abuses/harasses anyone that doesn’t agree with her.

The Meteor Crew chose to forgive Vriska, who was an unapologetic mass murderer and who carries on abusing everyone, yet they attacked and deliberately isolated someone who was mentally controlled into killing his friends and offered no violence once he was calmed.

The behaviour of the Meteor crew is abusive and cruel and so fucking hypocritical. It made me disgusted with Rose and Dave they let this happen without a second thought, especially since they’re so chummy with Vriska. Assholes.


Now get the fuck out of my ask.

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WOW OK I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE STUPID PEOPLE YOU'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH ON THAT POST OMFG!! As for Youtube, I've long since stopped reading comments. SO MANY SEXIST PEOPLE. Makes me sick. *sigh*. Like honestly, if someone is so ignorant on a subject that they are spreading hate because they think it means the exact opposite of what it means, should they not hmmm idk... take it upon themselves to EDUCATE THEMSELVES before posting on a public forum about it? People act so stupid sometimes.

I know! I have stopped reading comments in the past but sometimes i accidentally see one and it’s so ignorant that i just feel the need to say something lol. and THANK YOU like why do people have conversations about how awful something is when they’ve never studied it a day in their life. i’ve never read anything about electrical engineering and idk anything about it so you won’t see me commenting on it or trying to have a discussion about how awful it is lmao. 

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You even changed "fuck off" into something you think is "innocent" to show people you're "quiet" "nice"

I don’t give a shit about what people think of me. You obviously don’t know me so telling me to “stop acting” is pretty fucking stupid, don’t you think? I’m not pretending to be anything I’m not, I’m being myself. As for you, why don’t you come off anon and stop being such a coward? :)

Teachers can fucking chill we know this stupid test gives you a paycheck so stop acting like you give a fuck about us because we know that you could care less if we were alive