complex mental problems the signs have (sorry not sorry)

 Aries: A real conformist. They like to look normal, act normal, be normal. While deep down they have this thing that makes them unique and special, I really don’t get it why most of them try to “go with the flow” all the time. For fuck’s sake, you are original, embrace yourself! They are SO afraid of what the other people have to say, that’s why they cannot succeed in life.

Taurus: They always like to be “the good guy” in every situation, they ALWAYS want to present themselves as the most humble person you’ll ever meet. When in reality, deep down, they’re just a weak-ass attention whore who has a boring life and they always try to be at their best because they always follow stereotypes, doesn’t matter how much open-minded they are.

Gemini: Another attention whore. They constantly need approval and assurance by everybody, they’re the MOST FAKE people. Their low self-esteem makes them this person that pops up in your life, suddenly, out of nowhere, assures you things about you (which might not be true), sugarcoats every single one of your problems and when you pay them back with your real goodness for their FAKE goodness, they become mentally stable and they start to believe in themselves. Then they get bored of you and forget that they even had you as a friend. 

Cancer: Cancers are so bitchy. I mean, they always like presenting themselves as that good innocent blonde angel in pink fluffy clothes when in reality they always cheat, they care only about themselves and their family, nobody else.

Leo: Jfc, these people need to chill. (most of them). They talk SO much, they always try to be the center of attention all the time and they always try to have the best things in life. If someone is less successful (on their imaginary scale of success), they see that person as a weakling and nothing more. If a person is more successful on the same scale, they start talking shit about their person behind the person’s back, neglecting every success the person has ever reached, trying to ruin the social image of that person. While behind the mask, they are actually cowards and are terrified and afraid by that person’s success. If they cannot destroy the person’s image, they try to befriend them and stay friends, presenting an image of “the best squad”.

Virgo: Maybe the most judgmental people you’ll ever meet in your entire life.Their ego is so big, they even get depressed, thinking that they’re better than everybody around them, thinking that something is not wrong with themselves. Here we have a reversed big ego when the individual has an immense ego, constantly reassuring themselves that they are not egotistic, but only practical and really successful. But you know what? Stop living inside your forlorn mind and go use your potential because you suck if you drown yourself in self-pity for the rest of your life. And you will never be able to evolve.

Libra: These people are crazy. I mean, CRAZY. Constantly bothering everybody around them with gossips and that kind of things while acting innocent and good, when in reality they don’t fucking realize that THEY are the one who’s spreading gossips. They love acting like social justice warriors, they just cannot live without attention and popularity. It’s disgusting, stop it. Spread your false positivity somewhere else.

Scorpio: Another example of people who want to look like the baddest guy OR the best guy, there’s no in-between. And it’s all because of attention, because they need compliments. In fact, their real goal is to look, act, behave and BE hard-to-get, they love living in the clouds. The scary thing is that they can achieve this very easily because they have natural charm, especially for the ignorant masses. But one day, they will tire themselves trying and close themselves inside them, that’s the price. They will really become unreachable and will end up living alone, isolated somewhere until they overdose and die.

Sagittarius: They have a serious PHOBIA of showing their feelings and revealing how they feel to another person, especially their partner or someone they love very much, while deep down, they feel really hard and true. They are very constructive and productive but sadly, they are so nervous and this makes it almost impossible for someone to love them because they hurt, accidentally or intentionally.

Capricorn: Freaks for success and being the best. Stop trying so hard, for fuck’s sake, be original and spontaneous for once. They always try to be original AND the best at the same time, they only think about working and success and when they achieve it (because they actually HAVE the potential to get what they want) they will get bored and depressed and the only thing that will be able to pull them out of their depression will be… a new task/goal. Stop doing that to yourself, just relax and pay attention to the beautiful things in life.

Aquarius: You can’t win an argument with these people. Not because you can’t but because they won’t let you. Because talk too much and probably aren’t paying attention to your opinion and what you’re saying in the conversations. The thing is, they act like they do pay attention about what you have to say. They have this need of being the most intelligent person (and they are very intelligent but they’re definitely NOT the most intelligent, they’re only just a show-off). Know-it-alls beyond borders. Jfc, y’all need to think before you speak. And stop acting so intelligent, you’re not stupid if you don’t understand maths or chemistry, gosh. Just relax and admit your mistakes, you’ll learn more that way and you’ll put your intelligence and potential in good use.

Pisces: Ugh, where do I even start with these. The thing is, they can morph into every one of the signs mentioned above. When in reality, they are only manipulators who are good at acting and making y’all feel wonderful and all that stuff but it’s sad because they’re probably using you for their own goals. They can be so cold-hearted and materialistic on purpose. Too bad because they have immense potential, they could be very successful in a good way. But it’s not them to blame, but the cruel society they live in, because Pisces are actually never born evil, they become this vengeful monstrosity that society has created. Don’t underestimate them and stay away from them if you mean to harm them.

Silent Treatment

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Fred Weasley x Reader
Summary: You catch Fred saying the wrong words to the wrong person.
Notes: Sorry it’s a bit short. And if there is any spelling/grammar errors. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing…Also I’m not really that great at writing NSFW, so you can just fill in the ending with what you’d like. ;)
Requested by: Anon
Word Count:974

You rounded the corner, looking around for Fred. You and George were so excited to tell him about the absolutely hilarious prank you just pulled, and got away with, on Filch. You spotted your boyfriend’s familiar red hair near the Great Hall. You quickly made your way down to him, leaving George behind a bit. You saw that he was talking to Angelina, making you slow down. You didn’t hate her, but she definitely wasn’t your favorite person at Hogwarts. Your boyfriend’s ex that he is still friends with? Yeah, not exactly Best Friend material for someone who gets jealous like you do.

“Have I ever told you how much I absolutely adore you?” You overheard Fred say to her. She had her bright smile plastered across her face. Fred was leaned up against the wall, his back to you.

“I could stand to hear it more.” Angelina replied. George finally caught up and stood next to you.

“I adore you.” Fred said. You clenched your fists, whipping around and storming off.

“(F/N)!” George called. Your name got Fred’s attention and he turned around to see you walking off. He ran up to George.

“What.. What d-” Fred began.

“You’ve really done it now.”

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anyone hating on the scene in M20 where pikachu talks is duuuuuumb. sorry not sorry but you’re super duuuuuuuuuuumb!

legitimately don’t understand the hate. we’ve had an obnoxious ass meowth talking human speech for 20 years and no one bats an eye bc everyone brushes it off as “oh well he taught himself! it’s part of his backstory!!” BITCH I DON’T CARE LOL??? it just canonically proves any pokemon is capable of learning human speech. look at manaphy from one of the other movies, look at the telepathic lucario & zorua, all the telepathic legendaries.

no one cares if they talk but suddenly ash’s pikachu does once in this AU MOVIE and hell apparently freezes over lmao okay

not to mention, with all of the out-of-context videos showing just pikachu talking, the scene in question implies that pikachu never actually talked, but it’s just what ash hears either thru delusions of being on the cusp of death or bc in that specific moment he was able to understand pikachu bc of their close bond

can people stop acting so fucking stupid about this scene, please? thanks

A Promise I Intend To Keep

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: None, just loads of fluff

Written By: Kace

A/N: This is for @katymacsupernatural’s “Wish Upon A Star” Challenge. I chose a Beauty and the Beast quote, because Belle is my favorite princess and Cas is adorable so yeah… Hope you like it!

Quote: “Well, there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…”

I didn’t completely understand it. Every time Y/N was near I began feeling a plethora of unusual things. I felt like I had bugs crawling in my vessel’s abdomen and my hands would begin to feel cold and clammy. Even my heart would clench when I nonchalantly stared into her captivating Y/E/C eyes.

It was peculiar. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around it. My tongue would feel as if it were tied in a knot and I couldn’t speak whenever she would say something to me.

Dean realized something was off when we were celebrating a win after a vampire hunt one night and we all went to a local bar. I was quiet, because Y/N was around, but that wasn’t what made Dean notice something was different.

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Ivar imagine #11 “The worst feeling in the world is wanting someone you know you can’t have.”

Ivar watched as y/n spared with the other shield maidens. Out of a group of 4 girls he only saw one. He wanted her without a doubt. The problem was his mother and father. They wanted to find him someone worthy of him just as they had hopes to do the same for his brothers. Bjorn had his shield maiden and after Torvi, Ubbe is married to Margrethe and shares her with Hvitserk, and technically Hvitserk didn’t have a wife but he had many women after him all he had to do was pick one and marry them. That left him and Sigurd to find someone. His mother demanded she be the one to find him someone to marry and love as she cared for him more so she searched high and low for a wife for him but she continued to say she had found none worthy. His father had women lined up for him but after an argument about Ivar and him growing up with Ragnar being very distant his mother made it clear she would be finding someone for Ivar. Ragnar set his sights on Sigurd and started to bring women and their fathers in and out of the great hall day after day for Sigurd all the men had to do was promise something Ragnar needed and offer Sigurd a girl he wanted. His mother however treated it like she didn’t want him to marry, didn’t want him to find a women, didn’t want him to try for children, or didn’t want him to value the same things he was taught to value. It confused him to say the least.

Snapping back to reality he heard y/n ask if he was going to be at the feast his father was throwing tonight. He couldn’t help it he rolled his eyes. It was a stupid to ask a prince if he would be at a feast celebrated by his family but you had just wanted to talk to him. Taking his eye roll as him not wanting to speak with you and hearing your friends call to see if you were coming you quickly gave up on the conversation with Ivar seeing his brothers pass you bringing a drink to Ivar as you walked away.

“Brother that is not how you get a women.” Ubbe spoke making Hvitserk and Sigurd laugh and Ivar scowl. “Next time a girl tries to make conversation don’t roll your eyes and just smile a little.” Hvitserk finished. “Brothers Ivar will not have a woman like her. She is a fighter. Ivar needs someone who will do as he pleases he has always been spoiled.” Ubbe and Hvitserk knew Sigurd couldn’t let just one conversation go by without adding in his little jabs against Ivar but to each brothers surprise Ivar didn’t bite back with something against Sigurd no he just got a faraway look each brother then understood Ivar’s mind was on y/n.


Ivar had finished his bath after training and he had spent the last 20 minutes sat in his room getting changed to his tunic. While his brothers waited for him to be finished he spoke “Is this ok. Or should I wear the first one. I did like the one I wore just now. Which one Ubbe?” Ivar lifted each tunic as he spoke clearly not joking about such a choice. Ubbe was sat on the bed watching as his little brother tried on every tunic he owned clearly trying to impress y/n deciding to give an answer to Ivar he opened his mouth to speak but Hvitserk interrupted from his spot on the floor “Ivar stop acting so stupid. She is supposed to be the nervous one not you. You are a prince.”

Obviously this did nothing to help Ivar calm down in fact it did the opposite. Ivar knew his brother was trying to help but the prince thing set his brothers apart from everyone else all it did for him was remind him that had he not been a prince he would have been left for dead like Sigurd had wanted like his father wanted. Seeing Ivar start to lose confidence Ubbe spoke “Ivar the one you are wearing now is best.”

To say Ivar’s smile was blinding would be an understatement clearly he was nervous something Ubbe did not understand as Ivar was full of confidence and even if it was fake he was better at keeping it hidden. Ubbe and Hvitserk smirked at each other maybe they would help him get the girl or maybe he could do it without their help time would tell.


Y/n was nowhere to be found. It had been hours. The food had been long gone and the ale was quickly disappearing. People were dancing and some were sneaking away to have sex but Ivar could not find you anywhere and the thought of someone touching you was making his blood boil. Everywhere he looked someone was touching or kissing or about to sneak off and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking if any man touched you when he wanted to touch you he would do worse than break the man’s hands clean off. Ivar kept drinking to drown out the thoughts of you and another man. Ubbe quickly spotted how drunk his brother had gotten and was trying to think of a way to convince him to go to sleep early when Ivar’s head snapped to where he heard you laughing.

As Ivar’s head turned he expected to want to launch himself from where he was seated to wrap his hands around some man’s throat however what he found was you sitting just outside of the celebration with 3 girls. One of the girls with long blonde hair was just sitting down after refilling the shared jug of ale. Ivar watched as you through your head back laughing at a joke one of the other girls a redhead by the name of Celia had made. As Ivar studied your group of 4 he recognized the other 2 girls were twin girls with black hair and green eyes. 2 girls’ Hvitserk and Sigurd had been dying to get into bed. Ubbe sat watching as Ivar watched you and your group. Every time a man would come up to you 4 he would leave obviously shot down and a little annoyed. It became fun for the Ragnarsson boys to watch you all play drinking games and to turn other men down soon Hvitserk and Sigurd were sitting with Ubbe and Ivar watching as well.

Hvitserk and Sigurd wanted to go and sit with the twins and try to persuade them into their respective beds as they stood to go speak to the girls Ivar could tell the feeling he had was jealousy burning his insides. Ubbe convinced Ivar they should go as well and soon all the Ragnarssons were sat with you and your group of girls. As Ivar approached you and your friends Celia smirked like she had just seen the best thing she would ever see in her life “What C?” you questioned as Ubbe slid into the spot between her and the tree she was sat next to. “Hello girls!” A very drunk Ubbe couldn’t contain his excitement his brother would talk to the girl he had wanted for a while and if Ubbe had anything to do with it he would get you two together.

“Hi. How has the feast been?” Celia was being polite and trying to give them something to talk to you about. “Clearly you have been drinking.” You spoke as you looked to a blissed out Ivar leaning against a tree trunk you had been using as a seat earlier in the night. Ivar couldn’t help but answer “Of course we have been! It’s our fathers feast after all!”

Everyone chatted for a while but you soon fell out of the conversation. Ubbe noticed and gave you a questioning glance. “You good?”

As he asked you part of you wished it was a different younger crippled Ragnarsson that was asking you and giving you his attention but you looked to Ivar blissed out and who wasn’t really aware of his surroundings as you answered Ubbe “The worst feeling in the world is wanting someone you know you can’t have.” Seeing where you were looking Ubbe felt some shred of hope that you and Ivar could love each other. While Ubbe did not know you he knew his brother. Ivar was hard to love but he defiantly needed it the most.

You were the daughter of a farmer. You were no princess. You were no earl’s daughter. You were a farm girl. You knew. The way he looked at you. The amount of times he saw you train. The days he would sneak through the bushes along the tree line to see you bathe in the river. You knew Ivar wanted you. You wanted him too. You couldn’t have him. But he could have you. That hurt. That hurt more than you wanted it to. It wasn’t a boy liking a girl. It was a prince that needed to find someone to marry. A prince that needed to find a woman. A prince that needed to find someone to have children with.

Ivar sunk down the tree stump he was leaning against to lay on the ground. You decided to give yourself tonight. Sinking next to him looking up at the stars you closed your eyes. Maybe right now you weren’t the prince and the farmer’s daughter. Maybe tonight you could be the girl and the boy.

Imagine 7

Character- Newt
Word Count- 734

“Newt! Will you stop being so annoying?” You shouted, frustrated at the boy standing in front of you. 

“Why do you even need them?” He asked, smirking at you. 

“Why? So I don’t bleed everywhere! Haven’t you ever seen a tampon?” You yelled at him, snaching away the tampons he stole from Alby’s spot he hid them in for you. You didn’t need them, but you don’t like having to ask for them every month, especially if Newt is wasting them. 

“Bleed where?” He pressed on. 

“You know where! Stop acting so stupid!” You yelled back. 

“Whatever! I’m leaving! I can’t even stand talking to you!” Newt shouted, going to the map room door. As he went to yank the door open, the handle fell off, leaving us trapped in the map room. 

“Nice going! Now I’m trapped in here with you! You are the shuckiest shuck face there ever was.” You said, quoting what Minho said quite frequently actually.

“I’m the shuck face? Look at you! I can’t stand you!” Newt shot back, crossing his arms.

“Well if you wouldn’t be such a cocky, annoying, stupid shuck face then this wouldn’t be a problem.” You yelled back, walking closer to Newt for emphasis.

“Well maybe I wouldn’t be that if you didn’t drive me crazy every day!” Newt fought back.

“How do I drive you crazy? You started everything!” You yelled, now feeling his breath on yours.

“Like this.” He whispered, smashing his lips onto yours.

It took you by shock at first, but you started kissing him back. You were supposed to hate him, but it was kind of hard to tell the difference between hatred and love. You knew that you loved him, and you hated yourself because of it. Newt deepened the kiss, slamming you against the wall of the map room, shoving his tongue down your mouth. Your hands were in his hair, his hands moving down to your ass. He squeezed slightly, causing you to moan quietly. You could feel him smirking against your mouth, knowing he got the reaction he wanted. 

His hands moved to the hem of your shirt, fiddling with it before pulling it off completely. His lips were on your neck, moving down. He roughly kissed your neck and bit down, making you moan again. 

“Jump.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

You did what he said and he carried you over to the map room table, climbing on top of you. He started grinding on you, sending you into a fit of moans. You realized Newt hasn’t taken anything off yet so you roughly pulled his shirt off, reconnecting your lips with his. He propped himself up on his elbow, making out with you. His hands moved down to your pants and fiddled with the buckle, pulling them off along with his. His bulge was really noticable, and you moved your hand down to it, rubbing him through his boxers. He groaned and pulled off your bra, his lips attacking your breasts. 

“I’ve always loved you.” You whispered to him. 

“I’m gonna show you how much I love you.” Newt whispered, pulling his boxers down along with your underwear. He lined himself up at your entrance and slowly went in, letting you adjust. After those few seconds though, Newt was flying in and out of you, astounding you. It felt so good, and you loved how Newt was so rough with you. You two both released a long string of moans before reaching your highs. You just lied there on top of Newt for a little bit before going to change. 

Right after you both got done getting back into your regular clothes, you heard the door of the map room burst open, causing you to jump backwards into Newt. He pushed you off of him and winked at you, letting you know it was an act. 

“You guys ok?” You heard Alby ask, walking inside. 

“You really think I was fine? I was stuck in here with him!” You said, referring to Newt. 

“What was all of the noise in here?” Alby pressed on. 

“Us screaming at eachother like usual. This shuck face doesn’t understand a bloody thing.” Newt said, rolling his eyes. 

“Oh, ok. I’m gonna go now.” Alby said, walking out of the door. 

“That was close.” Newt whispered into your ear, kissing you lightly on the lips.

Nash Grier Imagine for blogging-about-magcon

You munch onto the twizzlers Nash gave you. He sat next to you as he scrolled down his twitter newsfeed. “Fans are crazy.” He brings up to you as you receive a text from Cameron. He only texted you whenever he needed a favor from either you or Nash.

You and Nash weren’t dating. You were childhood best friends, and it will always stay that way, you hope. You had small crushes on Nash here and there throughout the past years, but didn’t want to ruin anything. For him however, you didn’t know. You couldn’t tell what was going on through his mind.

Nash stopped talking as you replied back to Cameron. You look back at Nash who was off his phone. “What?” you ask.

“Nothing.” He replies as he gets up from his seat. You knew something was wrong. “What did I do noww.” You laugh.

“Nothing.” He repeats. You knew you were going to get aggravated sooner or later. You rolled your eyes as you continued to text back Cameron, asking him “what’s up”.

You look back at Nash as you dropped your phone on his bed. “Nash.” You say as you walk up to him. “Just tell me if you like him or not.” He says to you. You felt your face get confused quickly. “What?” you let out.

He points to your phone as he paces the room back and forth. “Answer the damn question y/n.” he says more forcefully this time.
“Who, Cameron?”

“Stop acting so stupid, yes him.” He looks you in the eyes. It wasn’t his normal pure blue eyes, it was hatred. Something was definitely bothering him, you didn’t know what it was. “I don’t even know why he’s texting me…” you say regretting it. “That’s what they all say.” You knew he was getting angry.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about, Nash…”

“Whatever.” He says as he rushes out of his room, slamming the door behind him. You felt tears form in your eyes. You had no idea what just happened.

After a short period of time, you hear slow footsteps creep in the hallway. The door peers open as you see Nash’s mom. “Hey honey?” she says with a small quiet tone. “Hi…” you say as you hold in your tears. She sits next to you on his bed as she rubs your back. “What happened? All I saw was Nash storming out of the house.”

You shake your head in confusion. “He saw me texting Cameron, and got mad.” You explain as you take deep breaths. “Oh lord, Nash will come back. Do you need anything?” she asks before she leaves the room. You shake your head again as you hold onto your phone. You got a text from Cameron:

I’m coming

You roll your eyes waiting and waiting for him to enter the room. You didn’t know what was going on. You hear shuffling up the stairs hoping it was Nash or his mother, or even Skylynn.

However, it was Cameron. “Y/n.” he says as he enters the room coming over to you. “Cameron…whatever you did.” You start to say.

“I didn’t. I should’ve told you. Nash likes you a lot.” He says out of breath. “W-what?”

“He’s liked you for a long time. He told me not to tell you, but I think he got jealous when he saw you text me.”

“Nash…” you repeat, realizing what this boy is saying to you. You felt a spur of butterflies open in your stomach as you drift off from what Cameron was saying to you. “HELLO.” He yells as he waves his hand in front of your face.


“He’s in your driveway!!!” he alerts you as he jumps around the room. “Okay, act normal, okay? Whatever you do, say yes. Okay?” he says to you antsy. “I think you need to act normal.” You say to him as he starts to run around Nash’s room. He finds his way into the closet as you hear a couple of doors slam throughout the house.

“Say yes, say yes.” Cam repeats as he stands in the closet. “Shut up.” You hush him as you watch Nash come into his room. “Y/n…”

You look down to the floor as you wait for him to reply. “I got jealous…” he explains to you.

“Clearly.” You hear from in the closet. You put your middle finger out behind you over to Cameron. “I just liked you for a long time…I was actually going to ask you if…”

“Yes.” You say.

“You didn’t even know what I was going to say.” He chuckles as you see the clearness in his eyes.

“I said…” you start to say until Cameron bursted out from the closet. “She said yes!!!” he screams as he jumps onto Nash.

Nash uses his arm to push Cameron off as you wrap your hands around his neck. He kisses you on the cheek as you eye Cameron in the back.

“Okay, I don’t want to be in here when you guys have sex…so I’ll be in the kitchen.” He waves as you roll your eyes.

“So you’re my girlfriend?” Nash asks as he holds onto your waist. “And you’re my boyfriend.” You confirm as you place a small kiss upon his lips. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a luke blurb/imagine (its up to you lmao) where he gets mad at you because you did something kinda dumb but its only because he loves you and wants to keep you safe idk thank youuuu

aw sure :-)

so luke would’ve convinced you to go down to the studio with him for and you would’ve been there for a few hours and it was fun but you’d be getting a lil bored bc luke had been recording for a while and the boys were nowhere to be seen so you’d just be chilling on your own and you’d pull out your phone but you’d have no signal so you’d go outside bc it was getting a little stuffy anyways so you’d just be barely outside the building and you’d hear a few fans shout your name from the gates and there was only a few of them and most of the time they were rlly nice to you so you’d walk on over and you’d had a lil chat and they’d ask for some pictures and it’d be kinda weird cus you weren’t famous or anything but you’d take a couple anyways bc the fans were lovely and harmless but a couple of minutes later luke would walk up behind you and he’d have this really stern look on his face and his jaw would be clenched and you’d be like ‘hey babe’ and he’d like force this smile and just be like 'hey’ and put his arm around your lower back and pull you into him a bit and be like 'go inside, i’ll be in in a minute’ and you’d just furrow your brows but be like ’…okay’ and go in and luke would say hey to the fans and take some pictures and stuff before going back into the studio and you would’ve found calum so you’d just be chilling and chatting and luke would come in and start talking to cal about the track they were just recording and you’d say something about how good it sounded but luke would ignore you and carry on talking to calum and you’d be all confused but assume he just didn’t heard you so you’d say something else about it a a few moments later but once again he would just ignore you and calum would begin to sense the tension so he’d excuse himself and leave the room and you’d be like 'is everything okay, luke?’ and he’d just laugh kinda bitterly and be like 'maybe if you stopped acting so stupid and careless then things would be’ and your heart would just drop a little in your chest bc why was he being like this ?? so you’d be like 'have i done something, luke?’ and he’d just shake his head and leave the room

so you’d just be left all sad bc you really had no idea why he was acting like this so you’d start searching your mind for anything you thought you could’ve done to annoy him but you really had no idea and a few tears would fall down your cheeks as you began to over think things and the door would open and luke would walk in and grab his phone from the side without even looking at you at be like 'we’re leaving’ and you’d sniff and try to quickly wipe your eyes and be like 'okay’ and he’d look at you and immediately be like oh no bc you were crying and he had made you cry so you’d grab your stuff and he’d just be stood still and you’d wipe the remaining tears off your face and be like 'let’s go then’ and his heart would be breaking a little bc he felt so so bad for making you cry so he’d wrap him arms around you and pull you in for a big hug and kiss the top of your head and be like 'i didn’t mean to make you cry baby, fuck, i’m so sorry, i’m so stupid’ and you’d mumble 'can you just tell me what i’ve done?’ and he’d be like 'shh, shh, baby you haven’t done anything wrong. i just didn’t like you going to speak to fans without me being there. you know how mean some people can be, love’ and you’d be like 'they were fine, luke, it really wasn’t a big deal’ and he’d just be like 'i know, baby. i guess i’m just so overprotective of you cus i love you so much and i just want to keep you safe and with me all the time’ and you’d just smile bc you could tell how bad he felt and you knew he was just doing it bc he loved you lots and wanted to protect you and yeah aw

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