Alright, Melon awards. Those happened. Yet, every time I have to bring something up it’s because of fans. BTS won album of the year, and I’m already seeing EXO fans acting so rudely towards BTS fans. Saying they “shouldn’t have won the award, EXO should have!!” and just being so mean, and there are some BTS fans acting that way back towards EXO fans, I acknowledge that. 


I am so sick of people acting this way in these fandoms. Do not try and say BTS didn’t deserve that award, they’ve been working their asses off for something like this. EXO had great albums this year, but do not downgrade BTS just because EXO didn’t get one award. EXO literally swept up a good amount of awards for their categories they were included in. EXO won multiple huge awards last night, and I can’t believe fans are going at each other because a single award went to BTS. EXO has also won a bunch of awards the past few years, other groups can win, too. 

Why don’t you all actually support each other?

I mean, these groups are here for the same reason. To make music others enjoy. And they’re accomplishing it. Stop going at each other’s throats, say “congratulations on the win” and move on if you can’t handle anymore than that. Say you’re happy they won, and support the rise in both groups. 

Do you think they enjoying seeing us all act this way towards each other? Do you think they’re happy seeing you insult each other and be rude and violent in their name? They want to cheer over their win with all of us, but how do you think they feel when they look at comments or fans reactions where they’re insulting another fandom or another fandom is being so harsh to them? It’s not support if you’re insulting others in the process.

Both of these groups trained for years. They did not debut for you to become fans and trash other people. 

Be the bigger person and stop.

@ my well-off liberal friends, pls stop acting like Trump voters are all Stupid Hicks, I’ve met so many people through work with degrees from Ivy League institutions who voted for Trump and are proud of it. Your classism is gross.

The Anti-Riley Fandom after GM Bear

Riley: I really want to find my bear, it means a lot to me.
Fandom: For Christ’s sake Riley, stop acting so fucking immature. It’s just a stupid fucking bear, let it go. You’re being such a bad friend to Maya because these tacos really mean a lot to her. Goddamn Riley you’re so fucking annoying, grow up!!1! It’s just a useless ugly toy!!1!
Maya: i waAaNTt tHATt bOoBbleHeAd!!!
Fandom: You see, the bobblehead was of great significance to Maya. She wanted it so she could replace her dumb annoying friend, Riley, who doesn’t care about her feelings at all. The bobblehead was not a toy, it was much more and deeper than that. Maya is a strong independent beautiful queen, she’s very mature.

I hate all those “writing tips” posts where it’s like “don’t do this with your character because it’s bad” and “when a character does this it’s bad” and “don’t write like this because it’s bad.”  That’s not actually giving tips, that’s just someone trying to tell you the right or wrong way to write, except there actually is no right or wrong way to write anything.  It just screams of egomaniacal amateur writers who think it’s okay to be condescending toward other writers just because they think their own work is perfect.

No, I don't have a Caregiver...

If you message me asking me to be my Daddy out of the blue but we’ve never talked, we don’t follow each others blogs, and/or you have never even bothered to like or reblog a post of mine, I’m not going to respond.

Choosing a care giver is a serious thing. It’s a lifestyle, not a game, and I’m not just going to be like “otay, I’ll be your little, Daddy!” No. It doesn’t work that way. I’m Little, not stupid, so stop trying to act like you care.

I made this blog to figure myself out and make some friends in the process. If I happen to find a Mommy/Daddy, then yay for me! But that’s not the main purpose you guys.

✨Sorry about another rant, but I was sad because of all the creeps in boxing me. Most of their blogs weren’t even DD/Lg related! They were just being creepy. 😭✨