I hate all those “writing tips” posts where it’s like “don’t do this with your character because it’s bad” and “when a character does this it’s bad” and “don’t write like this because it’s bad.”  That’s not actually giving tips, that’s just someone trying to tell you the right or wrong way to write, except there actually is no right or wrong way to write anything.  It just screams of egomaniacal amateur writers who think it’s okay to be condescending toward other writers just because they think their own work is perfect.

The Anti-Riley Fandom after GM Bear

Riley: I really want to find my bear, it means a lot to me.
Fandom: For Christ’s sake Riley, stop acting so fucking immature. It’s just a stupid fucking bear, let it go. You’re being such a bad friend to Maya because these tacos really mean a lot to her. Goddamn Riley you’re so fucking annoying, grow up!!1! It’s just a useless ugly toy!!1!
Maya: i waAaNTt tHATt bOoBbleHeAd!!!
Fandom: You see, the bobblehead was of great significance to Maya. She wanted it so she could replace her dumb annoying friend, Riley, who doesn’t care about her feelings at all. The bobblehead was not a toy, it was much more and deeper than that. Maya is a strong independent beautiful queen, she’s very mature.

Imagine 7

Character- Newt
Word Count- 734

“Newt! Will you stop being so annoying?” You shouted, frustrated at the boy standing in front of you. 

“Why do you even need them?” He asked, smirking at you. 

“Why? So I don’t bleed everywhere! Haven’t you ever seen a tampon?” You yelled at him, snaching away the tampons he stole from Alby’s spot he hid them in for you. You didn’t need them, but you don’t like having to ask for them every month, especially if Newt is wasting them. 

“Bleed where?” He pressed on. 

“You know where! Stop acting so stupid!” You yelled back. 

“Whatever! I’m leaving! I can’t even stand talking to you!” Newt shouted, going to the map room door. As he went to yank the door open, the handle fell off, leaving us trapped in the map room. 

“Nice going! Now I’m trapped in here with you! You are the shuckiest shuck face there ever was.” You said, quoting what Minho said quite frequently actually.

“I’m the shuck face? Look at you! I can’t stand you!” Newt shot back, crossing his arms.

“Well if you wouldn’t be such a cocky, annoying, stupid shuck face then this wouldn’t be a problem.” You yelled back, walking closer to Newt for emphasis.

“Well maybe I wouldn’t be that if you didn’t drive me crazy every day!” Newt fought back.

“How do I drive you crazy? You started everything!” You yelled, now feeling his breath on yours.

“Like this.” He whispered, smashing his lips onto yours.

It took you by shock at first, but you started kissing him back. You were supposed to hate him, but it was kind of hard to tell the difference between hatred and love. You knew that you loved him, and you hated yourself because of it. Newt deepened the kiss, slamming you against the wall of the map room, shoving his tongue down your mouth. Your hands were in his hair, his hands moving down to your ass. He squeezed slightly, causing you to moan quietly. You could feel him smirking against your mouth, knowing he got the reaction he wanted. 

His hands moved to the hem of your shirt, fiddling with it before pulling it off completely. His lips were on your neck, moving down. He roughly kissed your neck and bit down, making you moan again. 

“Jump.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

You did what he said and he carried you over to the map room table, climbing on top of you. He started grinding on you, sending you into a fit of moans. You realized Newt hasn’t taken anything off yet so you roughly pulled his shirt off, reconnecting your lips with his. He propped himself up on his elbow, making out with you. His hands moved down to your pants and fiddled with the buckle, pulling them off along with his. His bulge was really noticable, and you moved your hand down to it, rubbing him through his boxers. He groaned and pulled off your bra, his lips attacking your breasts. 

“I’ve always loved you.” You whispered to him. 

“I’m gonna show you how much I love you.” Newt whispered, pulling his boxers down along with your underwear. He lined himself up at your entrance and slowly went in, letting you adjust. After those few seconds though, Newt was flying in and out of you, astounding you. It felt so good, and you loved how Newt was so rough with you. You two both released a long string of moans before reaching your highs. You just lied there on top of Newt for a little bit before going to change. 

Right after you both got done getting back into your regular clothes, you heard the door of the map room burst open, causing you to jump backwards into Newt. He pushed you off of him and winked at you, letting you know it was an act. 

“You guys ok?” You heard Alby ask, walking inside. 

“You really think I was fine? I was stuck in here with him!” You said, referring to Newt. 

“What was all of the noise in here?” Alby pressed on. 

“Us screaming at eachother like usual. This shuck face doesn’t understand a bloody thing.” Newt said, rolling his eyes. 

“Oh, ok. I’m gonna go now.” Alby said, walking out of the door. 

“That was close.” Newt whispered into your ear, kissing you lightly on the lips.

No, I don't have a Caregiver...

If you message me asking me to be my Daddy out of the blue but we’ve never talked, we don’t follow each others blogs, and/or you have never even bothered to like or reblog a post of mine, I’m not going to respond.

Choosing a care giver is a serious thing. It’s a lifestyle, not a game, and I’m not just going to be like “otay, I’ll be your little, Daddy!” No. It doesn’t work that way. I’m Little, not stupid, so stop trying to act like you care.

I made this blog to figure myself out and make some friends in the process. If I happen to find a Mommy/Daddy, then yay for me! But that’s not the main purpose you guys.

✨Sorry about another rant, but I was sad because of all the creeps in boxing me. Most of their blogs weren’t even DD/Lg related! They were just being creepy. 😭✨