Smokey Quartz | ☯ | crystal healing

The stone of Power, the Seeker Stone

Chakra(s): Sacral and Base

Smokey quartz stands for facing life, giving strength & motivation to meet new challenges.

☽ MindBodySoul ☾

“Smokey quartz is considered to be a perfect stone for meditation as it helps refine the vibratory energies within body and create clarity of the mind thus facilitating access to subconscious wisdom. It grounds during the meditation and facilitates alignment between the lower and higher selves. It activates the flow of the kundalini energy and enables access to higher states of consciousness.” - (Dominique Allmon)


✦ MIND Smokey quartz is a fundamental calming, grounding stone. Brings balance into our natural yin and yang energies. Allows a clear path to be established by removing negative thoughts and energies. Gives renewed strength to overcome inner grief, promoting personal pride and creativity. Smokey quartz can transform energy by taking negative thoughts, anger, uneasiness and elevating it into positivity. Aids on keeping one’s mind focused in order to pursue personal goals and dreams. Clears up communication difficulties to dissolve mental and emotional blockages that can get in the way of perception or learning. Provides the mental stability for meditations or any type of healing work. For flightiness or unclearing thinking this stone gives a gentle, steady energy compared to other grounding stones. It is a great aid with insomnia, nightmares, addictions, and hyperactivity.  Acts as a barrier around the person carrying or wearing it. Often used by energy healers to protect and ground their energy for sessions.

✦ BODY Strengthens the supporting and connective tissues as well as the muscles. Stabilizes the joints and stimulates fertility by activating the production of the sexual glands. Promotes detoxification (tissues & organs), facilitating healing by regulating the minerals in the body. Also works on the physical health of the abdomen organs. Helpful with the aliments of the hands and feet. Aids in healing back problems, cramps, and alleviates pain and nerves. It is also believed to protect against radiation, pollution, and electromagnetic smog.

✦ SOUL Provides psychic protection. Helps to manifest dreams. Also collects scattered energies, while dissolving anything negative. Clears blocked energy in the chakras. Will assist with grounding, centering, and enhancing awareness and dreams. Is the antidote for misuse with the Herkimer diamond (astral travel, dreams) allowing one to reconnect back the reality of their physical body, giving a down-to-earth energy and allows return to a solid earthly spirit. Can be used during mediation to connect with the higher Self to access subconscious wisdom, while providing that stable grounded link. Often used to pray to ancestors and anchoring (negative) energy back into the earth to dissipate naturally.

*disclaimer: posted for informational use only. herbs and crystals can compliment any regular medical care not necessarily replace them.

Lughnasadh / Lammas: Earth Magic

By Lughnasadh, The Sun God has already begun his downward journey, facing now toward the dark frosts of Winter. The Goddess, however, never wanes. She simply changes appearance. At Lughnasadh, She wears a face of exquisite abundance. During the season of high Summer the bounty of our planet is in full swing. We reap the benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is a time when most of us experience exceptionally good health and robust living.

Lughnasadh marks the last heyday of the Sun God. Beneath the Barley Moon and Summer stars we, too, enjoy the expiring passions of the season. Marriages are often entered into at Lughnasadh as well as at Midsummer, and as Robert Burns tells us, it is a “happy night” that he spends among the cornfields with his lover. Lughnasadh is a tome when the symbolic aspects of the life-sustaining elements of grain spill over into every part of life.

Magical Herbs 

Lughnasadh marks a turning point in the Earth’s life cycle. Although Summer is hot and bountiful, more visible signs of the Sun’s waning strength lie just around the corner in Autumn’s fallen leaves. During this time of year, Witches use herbs to bring good fortune and abundance in their cooking, healing, potions, and spellwork. All grains, seeds, herbs, and flowers gathered now can be dried for later use during Winter or for decorating the altars of future Sabbats. Like herbs, grains are considered sacred and should be harvested with a magically charged “golden” sickle.

In many regions in the northern hemisphere, Lughnasadh is berry-picking time. In the British Isles, bilberries are particularly plentiful. Gathering bilberries at Lughnasadh is an ancient ritual that has bearing upon the Summertime harvest as a whole. If the bilberries are bountiful, the crops will be plentiful. Just about every herb, flower, and grain reaches its peak of color, flavor, and magical potency in Summer. Garlic is a particularly versatile herb that is used for protection against negative energy and to cleanse and purify the body. Marigold helps us to communicate with Faeries and increase psychic ability. Moss is for financial gain, and at Lughnasadh vervain is used for wealth as well as protection. During this season of marriages, yarrow is a common ingredient in wedding gift philtres and oils for love and union. Hops, used in flavoring beer and ale, favorite Lughnasadh beverages, are also good for sleeping and healing. Witches make healing compresses and teas from comfrey to enhance the healing of broken bones, scrapes, and bruises.

Following is a list of herbs to use in your magic during the Lughnasadh season:

  •  golden rod
  • nasturtium
  • clover blossom
  • yarrow
  • heliotrope
  • boneset
  • vervain
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • myrtle
  • rose
  • peony
  • sunflower
  • poppy
  • milkweed
  • Irish moss
  • mushroom
  • wheat
  • corn
  • rye
  • oat
  • barley
  • rice
  • garlic
  • onion
  • basil
  • mint
  • aloe
  • acacia
  • meadowsweet
  • apple leaf
  • raspberry leaf
  • strawberry leaf
  • bilberry leaf
  • blueberry leaf
  • mugwort
  • hops
  • holly
  • comfrey
  • marigold
  • grape vine
  • ivy
  • hazelnut
  • black thorn
  • elder
  • bee pollen

Magical Stones

Our imaginations can easily be taken in by the magical charms of stones. They are simple enough in themselves, yet we watch and touch and remember, sometimes brooding upon their eternal composition. Witches believe that stones, despite their seeming lack of animation, are objects of wisdom and great positive energy and, like water, are one of the purest of all of Nature’s forms. For untold centuries we have paid attention to the effect of light on form. The geometric forms of crystals reveal fresh new perspectives that aid us in preparing for the future.

At Lughnasadh, as at all the Sabbats, we affirm the time-honored importance of stones as our friends. In addition to prosperity and growth, we seek confidence to face what lies ahead and a strengthening of our bond with Nature. The constancy of each individual stone on Earth centers on a mystical kind of compressed raw energy. Stones contain dynamic qualities and to us they exhibit a magical sensibility seemingly at odds with their concreteness. Within the core of each lies imprisoned, like the Young God himself, the concentrated, exquisite spirit of energy and light. Realizing these truths about about the magic of stones is particularly helpful during this turning point on the Wheel of the Year, when we straddle Lughnasadh’s amazing paradox of abundance and loss.

Following is a list of stones to use in your Lughnasadh magic:

  • cat’s-eye
  • citrine
  • adventurine
  • golden topaz
  • obsidian
  • moss agate
  • rhodochrosite
  • clear quartz
  • marble
  • slate
  • granite
  • lodestone

(Source: Celebrate the Earth A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition by Laurie Cabot with Jean Mills)

anonymous asked:

Hello there!~ I was wondering what you know about crystals? I was attempting to make a connection with a new bit of smoky quartz I got and slept with it under my pillow for one night. Ever since then I've had very very bad luck that has not let up. I was wondering if you knew if this was at all common? Thank you and enjoy your day!

Hello there ~☽♡☾

I know quite a bit about crystals! In this instance, I don’t believe the stone had anything to do with it ~ Often times, somebody who practices with metaphysical things will mistake a streak of bad luck for magickal interference, when really your mind just might be noticing these events more often and convincing itself that the stone (in this case) was the culprit; especially since once you’ve gotten that idea in your mind, it automatically tells your brain to notice bad events that might actually just be more common than you think! 

Yet although it is a slim chance, there is also a chance of it actually being the energies of the stone; did you remember to cleanse it after you purchased it? Usually the stone with pick up energies from the previous owner or handler, which can make it tricky to work with unless you’ve “reset” the energy. Most likely, this is all that is! I recommend full moon, smoke, or salt/water cleansing for smokey quartz ~ So try doing a cleansing and let me know if you still continue to have your bad luck! 

I hope this helps, and hope your bad luck lets up soon. Have a wonderful day!

➺ Rainy


Here’s my crystal collection. Small but growing! I have 3 amethyst pieces, 2 uncut rose quartz pieces, quartz point, smokey quartz, 3 geodes, tumbled rocks (which includes purple howlite, which I wear for concentration) and 2 pieces of peacock ore. I’m looking to expand my collection soon!

Witch Tip ~

If you live near a Joann’s Fabric/Craft store, be sure to visit if you’re looking for materials for a pouch or sachel spell; They provide *free* 3 inch squares of sample fabrics from the fabric roll sections, which can be found in nearly any color or pattern ~ Perfect for sewing together little bags for crystals or herbs!