Sorry for my absence the past couple of days.🙈 I’ve been a busy bee shipping orders and working on some custom pieces, not to mention trying to spend time just enjoying life🌈🌞 This morning I was determined to create some new pieces with the gorgeous Aura Quartz that I’ve had for a little while. I’m so happy with how these filigree butterfly rings came out featuring Tanzanite and Angel Aura Quartz in a bed of crushed pyrite. Just added these beauties to my Etsy shop.✨ Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!💗

Sugulite - Sugulit

Sugilite is one of the main “love rocks” that brings purple energy beam at bay. It represents spiritual love and wisdom and opens all chakras of this flow of love, bringing them into harmony. Sugulit inspire spiritual awareness and the ability to direct odstice. Sugulit teaches you how to live from your truth and reminds the soul of the reasons for its incarnations. It follows you move through past lives and the situation between life, when looking for a reason unhealthy.