Stoner Plaza

New rooms added on Glip!
  • Bossa Nova - A huge menu of everything from traditional Brazilian eats to pizza and salads, offered in casual digs.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - Lively sports-bar chain dishing up wings and other american pub grub. 
  • Sage Vegan Bistro - Casual neighborhood spot offering a long list of vegan and veggie dishes, including desserts.
  • Ocean Prime - Upscale chain known for its sophisticated decor, long wine list, classic steak, and seafood menu.
  • Katana Sushi - Sleek, zen-like sushi and Japanese eatery offers booth seating for specialty rolls and classic fare.
  • BOA Steakhouse - Sophisticated hot spot featuring upmarket prime beef and seafood dishes. 
  • Disneyland - Theme park in Anaheim, California.
  • The Glamour Parlour - Hair & Nail Salon owned by Brilliant O’Neal. 
  • Vergara Hair Salon - Hair Salon owned by Lauren Vergara. 
  • Ace of Diamonds - Adult entertainment club owned by Houston Locke.
  • Stoner Skate Plaza - Skateboard park. 

We’ve also added parking garages for each apartment and condo setting to those who want to further roleplay their character leaving and entering their home. We encourage all of you to use the room and get to know some of your neighbors. Many random interactions could be formed from this. 

  • The Ventana Parking Garage 
  • TEN50 Parking Garage 
  • Alder Parking Garage 
  • Vintage at Broadway Parking Garage 

Hahaha shit is fucking hilariously true.


ROOK at stoner plaza.

I had the opportunity to throw out some product and film at stoner plaza the other day, big thanks to ROOK for all the free product and to Ryan Neddeau for the great filming/editing.


Stoner Pumps @sebowalker @nahcomply @sk8rats 🐀📹 #sk8rats (at Stoner Skate Plaza)

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