Stoner Park

Walla Walla Gothic
  • “Walla Walla?” They say, “like the onions?” You don’t remember the onions, but suddenly they are there, in your hands. They won’t stop growing. They are everywhere.
  • You are quite sure that there was an octopus mural on main street. Nobody you ask about it will give you a straight answer. Sometimes you can hear a gurgling noise coming from the sewers. One day you won’t remember to run.
  • All the Whitman students are happy. All the Whitman students go to poetry readings and work part-time in the restaurants. You know several people who go to Whitman; you haven’t heard from them in years. You know they’re happy, though. All the Whitman students are happy.
  • The place is called Stoner’s Park, but you don’t smell any smoke. Classical music is playing. Strangers chatter as they walk by. Why are there rocks in your hands?
  • The town voted for an aquatic center. The town created an aquatic center. There is no aquatic center on any map. But surely the children must be going somewhere.
  • Coffee Perk is never empty. There is always someone you know inside. The fewer people there are, the more fearful the barista looks. The Starbucks next door looms. You order the apple cider and sit down.
  • There is only one high school. There has only ever been one high school. You are certain of this. You must be remembering wrong.
  • Your neighbor works at Klicker’s strawberry farm. Your cousin works at Klicker’s strawberry farm. Your sister works at Klicker’s strawberry farm. Every day they come back with their hands stained red. You want to purchase some strawberries, but all you can buy is time.
  • At night, the wine tourists come out. Downtown is no longer quiet. You are too late. They must be appeased.

Albert Ramirez X Antwuan Dixon

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to ask for short yoonmin shotgun kiss drabble please? I really like reading your writing and you seem to really like to pairing (bc so do I tbh)


“Okay okay…” Yoongi sat next to Jimin, his hand propped under the bong. The thing was his baby, well so was Jimin. But he’d be damned if he watched Jimin drop it. Glass bongs were expensive, and Yoongi didn’t exactly have the cash to drop if something went wrong and his junior really did end up shattering the damn thing, “I’m gonna light this thing and you’re going to breath in slowly. Then when I tell you, pull that piece and suck, big ol’ breath in, yeah?”

Jimin nodded eagerly and placed his lips back on the mouthpiece, waiting for the flicker of the ugly yellow bic lighter his hyung loved so dearly. 

“Three… two…” Yoongi’s thumb triggered the flame, “One.” His hand flicked over the bowl for not even a second until the green leaves flashed red, “Okay, keep breathing in. Keep going. Let it get milky.” The chamber started to cloud quickly, collecting in the small space. It was beautiful, even from Jimin’s perspective, to watch how the smoke bounced off the glass walls it was caged in. But Jimin’s poor lungs could only take in so much air, and he was running out of space. 

His fingers fumbled prematurely, grabbing onto the bowl and yanking it from its place in a desperation, and up the smoke went, circling down into the small space he had left in his lungs. It didn’t take long for the smoke to reappear in scattered puffs of coughs and choking, but the uncomfortable tingle in his throat was hardly anything compared to the wall he just hit mentally. 

“Yah, what was that?” Yoongi laughed, “You barely got anything.” But even with the chamber still leaking left overs, he could tell Jimin had enough. The kid’s eyes were on fire behind his drooping lids. 

“Hyung, I feel good…” He smiled, looking up at the half-sober elder with innocent eyes. Yoongi had smoked a few before he had made plans to even smoke Jimin up, but he could always go for a second round. Or a third, especially if it was with his favorite rookie. 

“Yeah you do.” Yoongi smiled, “It’s better when you use bongs.” Jimin hadn’t even realized he was still holding his senior’s precious glass in a death grip until Yoongi was prying it from his hands, “Let hyung show you how it’s really done. Maybe someday you’ll be as good as me.” He winked, and Jimin only giggled rather than blush at Yoongi’s playfulness like he would if he were sober. 

“’Kay, check this shit.” Yoongi smiled on the mouthpiece, and Jimin watched like his life depended on it. Yoongi’s thumb flicked the lighter over the bowl until that pretty orange-red color appeared on the weed and slowly he drew his breath in. The chamber began to fill up slowly, collecting and collecting and collecting… Just how much room did Yoongi have in his lungs?

“Milky…” Jimin noted what the term really meant when the chamber became completely opaque with thick creamy smoke. Damn, did Yoongi look good with his back hunched over a bong. It would later become Jimin’s preferred method of smoking with his boyfriend. 

Yoongi pulled the stem from the bong and up the smoke went into his throat and down down down into his stomach. Or at least it looked like it headed as far as it could reach inside Yoongi’s body. The chamber was completely void of smoke by the time Yoongi released his mouth from the rim.

“C’mere…!” Yoongi’s voice had dropped an octave as he motioned frantically for Jimin to come closer, “Suck…!” And Jimin did just that as Yoongi fingers held his chin so gently, a thin stream of smoke pushing down his own throat from Yoongi’s lips. Eyes falling heavy with bright pink gazes and even pinker cheeks when their lips collided and smoke escaped their nostrils. 

“That’s called shotgunning… But you usually don’t actually kiss.” Yoongi pulled back, setting his bong down on the floor nicely, “I just took advantage of a perfect opportunity.” He laughed.

“Hyung, wanna have sex?” Jimin asked with the confidence smoking had given him. But no matter the slight changes in character, Jimin was still Jimin. And a deep red flush tinted his cheeks as soon as the question rolled off his tongue. 

“I guess.” Yoongi shrugged, and pulled the younger forcefully back into his smiling lips. 


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