Stone Dragon

  • fighting my 1st dragon in Inquisition:The dragon is the monster. It rains fiery death upon me and my people. I must destroy it!
  • fighting my last, 12th dragon in Inquisition:I am the monster. Look at it, it's just sleeping there peacefully. Harming no one. And I'm about to kill it. The last of its kind in Thedas. Oh god I am the monster.

bubsjostrom asked:

Where's a good place to get rocks that won't mess with the PH?

Hi there, rocks mess with the carbonate hardness not with the pH (but the higher the carbonate hardness the more stable the pH is).

So, to my knowledge there are three kind of stones which doesn’t affect the hardness in water:

Now, I do not know where a good place is to buy those rocks because I do not know where you live ;) Maybe you just try to find a good aquarium stuff distributor locally or online. I have two online stores where I buy all my stuff (but in Germany).



Spanish street artist Pejac (previously featured here) recently paid a visit to Seoul where he hit decorated the city walls with more of his trademark trompe l’oeil murals, including a paper plane that’s been shot down, leaving a trail of smoke as it descends, and a stone dragon using its fiery breath to scorch the shape of a heart on a nearby wall.

He also painted a partially open curtain on a locked iron door, playfully using the locking mechanism as the curtain’s tie-back:

In addition to his murals, Pejac created a few of his beautiful painted window silhouettes in his hotel room which, when viewed from the proper angle, appear to be interacting with the outside world, including a helicopter that appears to be carrying the morning sun:

Visit Pejac’s website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook to check out more of his wonderful artwork.

[via Arrested Motion]