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All about opals

Hi witches!

It’s 2nd post about magical crystals (previous post is here). Today I want tell you something about opals - recently one of the popular gems.

Opals are the result of activity of water in the Earth’s crust. It’s a product of hydrothermal processes of low temperatures and weathering. It finds in igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks, sediments of geysers and hot springs. But they are not only in pretty milky or shiny colors - it’s many kinds of opals. Some are very nice and some are looking like ordinary stone - stone o picture below is opal too.

Opals are calling Stone of Magicians too. According to legend, was created by the magic of a unicorns. They contain the energy of all the elements, but they are conducive only good witches. Opals were used to produce magical potions that were supposed to cure the body and protect against nightmares (they reveal their magical power especially during sleep). Supposedly opals facilitates contact with other worlds. It was believed that opals helped to be invisible.

You shouldn’t use opals with other crystals, because they have much power. Be careful when you use this crystal - you shouldn’t use opal too much.

Properties of opals:

  • Strengthen the body
  • Bring their owner good, happy dreams
  • Balance emotions
  • Bring out the inner beauty.
  • Conducive to love, friendship, loyalty and creativity
  • Help to develop mental abilities
  • Combine you with the higher forms of life
  • Deepen intuition and memories of past lives, as well as develop the prophetic abilities
  • Make you free from blockages and inhibitions
  • Attract good fortune
  • Add self-confidence, gentleness and delicacy.
  • Make your meditation easier
  • Facilitates the closure of certain bad stages of life

How to care for opals?

Is often the case that opals become matte. Some recommend to store them in container with water. Be careful, you can easy scratch or even smash them.

I hope you like it. If you have some questions, ask me. Enjoy!


A sculptor based in Coruña, Spain seems to be defying the laws of nature with his amazing malleable stone sculptures. His name is José Manuel Castro López’s and his works are actually a trick of the eye. They are made out of natural materials like granite and iron oxide, from which he crafts his rock-like formations with folds, wrinkles and flaps as if they were made of clay or skin, as in his “Faces” series where smiling and grimacing human faces are carved out of the solid material. Providing some of the stones’ fleshy appearance, one could say they almost appear to be alive. 

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