dazzed-and-cumfused asked:

I've been identifying with pansexual for awhile and I've recently realized that I am okay with performing sexual acts on other people (I have female anatomy), I dislike the idea of other people performing them on me. I'm also genderfluid (1/?)

Sounds like you might like the word stone. It comes from the lesbian community (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) and it’s for people who are comfortable performing sexual acts, but don’t like to receive them. Paper is for people who like to receive but don’t like to perform. It’s not an orientation specific word and anyone can use it.

Also protip: say dfab or afab (designated/assigned female at birth) because a pre-op pre-hormone trans women’s anatomy is still female anatomy. But she was assigned male at birth (dmab). Same goes for trans men and non binary people’s anatomy with respective words being changed to fit their situation.