For decades, there have been few photographic images of Harriet Tubman depicting how the abolitionist and Civil War spy looked in her lifetime.

Now there’s one more.

New York City auction house Swann Galleries has announced that it will auction a newly discovered photo of Tubman March 30.

Kate Clifford Larson, author of the biography “Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero,” estimated that Tubman was between 43 and 46 years old when the photo was taken, placing it shortly after the end of the Civil War. At the time, Tubman was living in Auburn, where she had purchased land in 1859 from then-Sen. William H. Seward — land that will soon become the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park.

Larson said that in her 20 years of researching Tubman, she’s been sent dozens of photos of black women by people claiming to have discovered a new image of the soon-to-be face of the $20. But not one has actually depicted Tubman.

DAPL looms with Trump’s support. This means a continued legacy of stolen land and poisoned water. This means genocide.

The single easiest and most impactful thing you can do this very week: divest your money from DAPL.

The one thing the backers of pipeline projects care about is money!


Step 1: Find a credit union or a bank that doesn’t support pipelines (Amalgamated Bank in New York just for example… but I love my Credit Union!! see if you can sign up for a credit union through your job! Shop around!

Or find local Black-owned banks and credit unions to support through a simple Google search!!)

Step 2: Close your account with banks supporting DAPL and Energy Transfer Partners (BofA, Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo, TD, pretty much all the big ones).

If you’re of a dramatic disposition, make a spectacle out of it! Film it! At the very least do take pictures and post them on social media #bankexit #nodapl #defundDAPL

Step 3: contact your branch representative and let them know exactly why you closed your account, because you can’t be a part of funding genocide, trampling Indigenous Land Rights, and causing irreparable damage to our air, water, wildlife, and climate.

Encourage them to see the light and invest in clean green energy projects, which are the future.

Again, what these people understand is money. Make investments in Fossil Fuel a losing proposition!

Step 4: Log on to, where they are keeping track of how much money is being divested, and enter your total!! Every little bit helps!

Step 5: Keep fighting! Stay tuned! Keep learning!

And keep environmental racism and indigenous rights, from Flint to Standing Rock and beyond at the center of your environmentalism! 💥

So I’m posting my booklist It’s a compilation I’ve aquired from listening to many speakers like bobby hemmitt, Bro. Panic, yaffa bey, Alim Bey, tons more etc etc. all these books have a purpose whether spirituality, history,magic, african history, enlightenment, melanin, alchemy, Mythology and more.. basically everything that falls into the “conscious” category. This is MY personal book list of what I’ve read/reading/wishlist so some of it may not work for u and some will. To each it’s own. Enjoy. If u have a question about one just ask. Oh and if by chance any of you guys are rich and would like to purchase me some of these books you can def email me and we can work that out. 😀😊☺😁😜✌

Knowledge is Power:
SubconsciousCelebrity’s book list:


• The Isis Papers - Frances Wesling

• The Hermetica - Peter Gandy

• Hermetica - Walter Scott
• Hermetica - Copenhaver

• Pagan Origins of the Christ myth -

John G Jackson (32pages)

• The Finding of The Third Eye - Vera Stanley Alder

• The Egyptian book of the dead - Muata Ashby

• Legends of the Egytpian Gods- E.A. Wallis Budge 

• The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple

• Christianity Before Christ - John G. Jackson

• Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey

• Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe

• The ankh:African Origins of Electromagnetism - Nur Ankh Amen

• African Origins of Civilization Myth or Reality - C.A. Diop

• Without Sanctuary: lynching photography in America - James Allen

• Why Darkness Matters :The Power of Melanin in The Brain

• Behold a Pale horse - William Cooper

• From The Mother Land to the Mothership - Shurlene Wallace

• Secret Source - Adam Parfrey 

• Earth pleiadian keys to the Living Library - Barbara marciniak 

• Who’s who in Egyptian mythology - Anthony Mercatante 

• Psychic Self-defense - Dion Fortune

• Conflicting Genes Nuetranoids and Genocide - Amun re sen Atum re
 (brother Polight)

• Gnosis - Philip Gardiner

• Gnosis - Kurt Rudolph

• Yurugu - Marimba Ani

• 1984 - George Orwell 

• Cosmic Voyage - Courtney Brown

• The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury 

• The island of Dr. Moreau - HG Wells

• The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

• The Art of War - Sun Tzu

• The historical origins of Christianity - Walter Williams

• Metu Neter Vol. 1- (ALL) - Ra un nefer Amen

• Ma’at Philosophy - Muata Ashby 

• Ancient egytpian light of the world -
Gerald Massey 

• Pregnant Darkness Alchemy and the rebirth of consciousness - Monika Wikman 

• The Sufis - Idries Shah

• The historical Jesus and the mythical Christ - Gerald Massey

•The Coming Race - Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton

• Saturn: A new look at an old devil - Liz Greene

• Book of the Beginings - Gerald Massey

• The way of Hermes - Clement Salalman 

•The book of the law - Aleister Crowley

• The Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception 
- Max Heindel

• The God Genes - R.a. Waldron

• The kemetic Tree of life - Muata Ashby

• Echoes of an Old Darkland -Charles Finch

• Atlantis and Lemuria - Rudolf Steiner

• The Third Eye - Sophia Stewart

• Supreme mathematic African Ma’at 

• Lost cities and ancient Mysteries of the south - David Hatcher Childress

• Lost Cities of North & Central America - David Hatcher

• From Fetish to God - E.A. wallis Budge

• The Africans who wrote the bible -Nana banchie Darkwah

• Medical Apartheid - Harriet Washington

• The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women - Kevin Mcnutt

• The Name Negro - Richard B Moore

• Phlilosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey - Marcus Garvey 

• The Womans Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets - Barbara G Walker

• The Women’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects - Barbara G Walker

• The first Americans were Africans - David Imhotep

• The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks -

• Making sense of the Madness
- Joseph Chippalone

• Melatonin: your body’s own wonder drug
- Russel J. & Jo Reiter

• Armegddon Now: the end of the world A to Z - Jim Willis

• Basic Magick: a practical guide
- Phillip Cooper

• The Modern Alchemist
- Richard Alan Miller

• African Origin of Biological Psychiatry - Richard D King

• Melanin: key to Freedom - Richard D. King

• The Diloggun: Orishas, proverbs, sacrifices - Ochani Lele

• Ancient Christian Magic
- Marvin Meyer

• The Historical Origin of Islam
- Walter Williams

• Spiritual Cleansings & psychic Defenses - Robert Laremy

• Lakshmi : the goddess of wealth and fortune - devdutt pattanaik

• Dark light - Edward Bruce Bynum

• Cosmic memory - Rudolf Steiner

• Atlantis the Antideluvian world
- Ignatius Donnelly

• Astral Dynamics - Robert Bruce

• Temples of Light - Danielle Rama Hoffman

• Dirt: Social history…abuses of dirt
- Terence McLaughlin

• Elixer of Immortality - Robert E Cox

• The Destruction of Black Civilization - chancellor Williams

• The secret books of the Egyptian Gnostics - Jean Doresse

• The Astral Body - A.E. Powell

• The Metaphysics of Sex - Julius Evola

• The Theology of Time- Elijah Muhammad

• Other Tongues Other Flesh- George Hunt Williamson

• Stolen Legacy - George G.M. James

• Three Initiates: The Kybalion -Dover publications

• Kundalini for the New Age - selected writings of Gopi Krishna edited by Gene Keiffer

• The Confessions Nat Turner- William Styron

• Ruled By Secrecy - Jim Marrs

• Biographies of the Great Kings and Queens of Africa and Notable Black Men and Women - Lee John Smith/Deanna Williams

• The People Could Fly -Virginia Hamilton

• The Kybalion A study of he Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

• The Serpent Grail - Phillip Gardiner

• Circle of Isis - Ellen Reed

• A People’s History of United States -aka-(white people ruin everything) - Howard Zinn

• Cosmic Trigger - Robert Wilson

• The People of the Secret - Ernest Scott

• The Ancient Power of the Flower of Life - Drunvalo Melchizedek

• Simulacra & Simulation - Jean Baudrillard

• Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft

• Sun Gods in Exile - Karyl Robin Evans

• Oracle of the illuminati - William Henry

• The Perfect Sermon or Asclepius

• Angels Demon & Gods of the New Millenium - Lon Mili Duqquette

•The Golden Fleece and Alchemy- Antoine Faivre

• Vril, The Power of the Coming Race-
Edward Lytton

• Gospel of The Zodiac - Bill Darlison

• Lucifer Dethroned- William Schnoebelen

• Hermetic Magic- Stephen E. Flowers

• The Gnostic Scriptures- Bentley Layton

• Nag Hammadi Scriptures- James M. Robinson

• Basics of Magic -Chic Cicero

• The Golden Dawn Journal - Chic Cicero

• The Virgin Of The World : hermes trismegustes

• The Goetia - S.C. McGregor Mathers

• Universe Earth and Man - Rudolf Steiner

• The Cup Of Destiny - Trevor Ravenscroft

• The Apocrypha of Jannes and Jambres - Albert Pietersma

• The Astral Plane - C.W. Leadbeater

• The Solar System - A.E. Powell

• The Egyptian Mysteries - Arthur Versluis

• The Secret Teachings For All Ages-
Manly P.Hall

• The Monuments of Mars - Richard C. Hoagland

• The Tree Of Life - Israel Regardie

• The Fall Of America - Elijah Muhammad

• Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

• Two Thousand Seasons - Ayi Kwei

• Civilization or Barbarism -Cheikh Diop

• Ancient and Modern Britons - David Mac Ritchie

• The Diplomatic Relations Of The United States - Ray Irwin

• Encyclopedia Of Spirits- Judika Illes

• Trance : Formation of America - Cathie Obrien

• The Great Cosmic Mother - Monica Sjjoo

• The Gnostics - Tobias Churton

• The Cube of Space - Kevin Townley

• Meditations on the Cube of Space- Kevin Townley

• The Anatomy of the Body of God -
Frater Achad

• Astral Travel - Gavin & Yavonne Frost

• Mind Power into the 21st century -John Kehoe

• Lucid Living - Timothy Freke

• The Hidden Creator - Hilton Hotema

• Secret of Regeneration - Hilton Hotema

• The Great Red Dragon - Hilton Hotema

• The handbook of Yoruba Religios Concepts - Ifa Karade

• Yoruba legends - M. I. Ogumifu

• Wise Women of the Dreamtime - Langloh Parker

• Astral Travel - Robert Brute

• Siva : The Erotic Ascetic

• Daimonic Reality - Patrick Harpur

• The Dream And the Underwolrd -James Hillman

• The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious - Carl Gustav Jung

• Mysterium Coniunctionis - Carl Gustav Jung

• Aeon - Carl Gustav Jung

• Psychology and Alchemy - Carl Gustav Jung

• The Presence of Siva - Stella Kramrisch

• Hebrew Myths -Robert Graves & Raphael Patid

• The Black Sun - Peter Moon

• Equinox of the gods - Aleister Crowley

• Necronomicon - H.R. Giger

• What dreams may come

• Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt - Edward Malkowski

• Gnosticism - Stephen Hoeller

• The Devil - Jeffrey Burton Russel

• Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters - Hilton Hotema

• Satan: the early Christian Tradition - Jeffrey button Russel

• Dictionary of Symbolism - Hans Biedermann

• Encyclopedia of Gods - Michael Jordan

• Dictionary of Deities - Patricia Turner

• Hindu Deities a Mythological Dictionary - Margaret Stutley

• Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man - Albert Churchward

• Gods of love and Ecstacy - Alian Danielou (shiva & Dionysus)

• Vodou Visions - Sallie Ann Glassman

• A Textbook code/system/ concepts …Victims of White Supremacy - Neely Fuller

• Palo Moyombe -Congo initiation spirits… - Carlos Montenegro

• Seth God of Confusion - Herman te Velde

• The Ancient Egyptian Buddha -Muata Ashby

• Enuma Elish - L. W. King

• Mornings of the Magicians - louis Pauwels

• Powers of the Orishas - Migene Gonzales-Wippler

• The Souless One, Cloning and Counterfeit Creation - Mark L Prophet

• The Egyptian Elements of the Old Testament - Amin Sharif

• The Souls of White Folk - Veronica Watson

• Ancient Sungod - Hilton Hotema

• The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real - Peter Redgrove

• Godwin’s Kabbalistic Encyclopedia - David Godwin

• The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage - S.L. Macgregor

• God Wills The Negroe - Theodore P. Ford

• 5/5/2000: Ice The Ultimate Disaster - Richard W. Noone

• In Search of the Dream People -
Richard w. Noone

• The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King - E. Crowley

• The Lesser Key of Solomon - Joseph H. Peterson

• The Pale Fox - M. Griaule

• The Serpent Shakti - Asha Auset

• The Greatest Story Never Told - Lana Corrine Cantrell

• The Rebirth of Pan - Jim Brandon

• International Meat Crisis - Harvestime Books

• The Call of Cthulu and Other Weird Stories - S.T. Joshi

• The Warlocks Book: Secrets of Black Magic - Peter Haining

• Encyclopedia of Black Magic - Cassiel

• Atlantis - Aleister Crowley

• The Sword and the Flute: Kali and Krsna - David R. Kinsley

• White Supremacy and Negroe Subordination - John H. Van Evrie

• Encounters - Edith Fiore

• Spirit Rapping Unveiled - Hiram Mattison

• Ego and Archetype - Edward F. Edinger

• Theosophia: Hidden Dimensions of Christianity - Arthur Versluis

• Kundalini, Evolution, and Enlightenment - John White

• The Opening of the Way - Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

• Tantric Visionsof the Divine Feminine - David R. Kinsleu

• Sex Magic, Tantra, & Tarot - Lon Milo Duquette

• The Moses Mystery - Gary Greenberg

• Moses and Akhenaten - Ahmed Osman

• The Serpent Grail - Philip Gardiner

• Paralell Myths - J. F. Bierlein

• Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire - Drusilla Dunjee Houston

• The Emerald Tablet - Dennis William Hauck

• Scales of the Black Serpent
Basic Qlippothic magick - Michael W. Ford

• The Soul’s Secret - Hilton Hotema

• Nightshades - Jan Fries

• Typhonian Teratomas - Mishien Linden

• Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic - Thomas Karlsson

• The Biography of Satan: Exposing the Origins of the Devil - Kersey Graves

• The Chicken Qabalah - Lon Milo Duquette

• Hanuman, an Introduction - Devdutt Pattanaik

• Qliphoth, Esoteric - Edgar Kerval

• Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies among the Georgia Coastal Negroes - Georgia Writers Project

• Myths & Legends of Babylonia and Assyria - Lewis Spence

• The Mysterious Sphinx - Hilton Hotema

• Alchemy of the Soul - Lee Irwin

• Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship With the Goddess of 10,000 Names - M. Isadora Forrest

• The Golden Ass - Penguin Classics

• Time and the Technosphere - Jose Argüelles

• Magical Child - Joseph Chilton Pearce

• Infancy in Uganda - Mary D. Salter Ainsworth

• Yakub: The Father Of Mankind - Elijah Muhammad

• Melanin the Chemical Key to Black Greatness - Carol Barnes

• The Golden Age of the Moor - Ivan Van Sertima

• The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors - Kersey Henry Graves

• Holy Harlots: Femininity, Sexuality, and Black Magic in Brazil - Kelly E. Hayes

• Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast - Colin Wilson

• Who is This King of Glory? A Critical Study of the Christos Messiah Tradition - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

• Darkness Visible: Awakening Spiritual Light Through Darkness Meditation - Ross Heaven

• Aghora, at the Left Hand of God V.1 - Robert Svoboda

• Aghora II: Kundalini - Robert Svoboda

• The Science of the Dogon: Decoding The African Mystery Tradition - Laird Scranton

• The Cosmic Serpent: Dna & The Origins of Knowledge - Jeremy Narby

• Angels, Demons, & Gods of the New Millenium - Lon Milo Duquette

• The Road From Orion - Judy Kay King

• The Isis Thesis - Judy Kay King

• The Book on Palo - Don Demetrio (original publications spiritual books and supplies)

• Spirits of the Night - Selden Rodman

• Voodoo Charms & Talismans - Robert W. Pelton

• Voodoo Shaman: The Hatian Way of Healing and Power - Ross Heaven

• Complete book of Voodoo - (original publications spiritual books and supplies)

• Voodoo in Haiti - Alfred Metraux

• Voodoo Rituals: A Users Guide - Heike Owusu

• The Voodoo Quantam Leap: Alternate Realities, Power, & Mysticism - Reginald Crosley

• Polaria , The Gift of the White Stone - W.H. Muller

• Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits - Donald Tyson

• A New Orleans VouDou Priestess: The Legend and Reality of Marie Laveau - Carolyn Morrow Long

• Brazilian Palo Primer: Kimanda Recipes to Make You Win at Love, Money, Business, and Life - Robert Laremy

• Blood Magick - Seth

• Rituals and Spells of Santeria - Migene Gonzales-Wippler

• Egyptian Erotica: The Essence of Ancient Egyptian Erotica in Art & Literature - Joseph Toledano

• Egyptian Magic - Joseph Toledano

• Black and White Magic - Marie Laveau

• Wicca Candle Magick - Geri a Dunwich

• Cunt Coloring Book - Tee Corinne

• Secrets of Magical Seals - Anna Riva

• Creating Magical Entities - David Michael Cunningham

• The Magic of Believing - Claude M. Bristol

• The Wise Wound: Menstruation and EveryWoman

• Mysteries of the Dark Moon The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess - Demetra George

• Taboo: Sex, Religion & Magic - Christopher S. Hyatt

• Dragontime Magic & Mystery of Menstruation - Luisa Francia

• Star Walkers and the Dimension of the Blessed - William Henry

• Cosmic Radiation - Hilton Hotema

• The Great Law - Hilton Hotema

• The Way of the Orisa - Philip Johm Neimark

• Encyclopedia of African Religion - Molefi Kete Asante

• African Folklore An Encyclopedia - Philip M.Peek and Kwesi Yankah

• The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man - Henri Frankfort

• The Serpent Power: Ancient Egyptian Mystical Wisdom of the Inner Life Force - Muata Ashby

• Egyptian Hieretic texts transcribed - Alan Gardiner

• Ecstasy through Tantra - John Mumford

• The Gnostic Religion: The Message Of The Alien God and The Beginning of Christianity - Hans Jonas

• Apocolypse of The Alien God: Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism - Dylan M. Burns

• The Serpent Power - John Woodroffe

• The Teachings of PtahHotep: The Oldest Book in the World - Hilliard III Asa

• The Acid- Alkaline food Guide - Larry Trivieri

• The Mahabharata

• Mysteries of the Mexican pyramid - Peter Tompkins

• Man’s Higher Consiousness - Hilton Hotema

• We Do Not Die - Hilton Hotema

• Ancient Secret of Personal Power: Tetragrammaton - Hilton Hotema

• The Magic Wand : The Caduceus - Hilton Hotema

• Ancient Future - Wayne Chandler

• Symbols Signs & Signets - Ernst Lehner

• Ancient Astrological Secrets of the Jews Revealed - Rueven Shomroni

• The Great Initiates - Edouard Schuré

• Synchronicity - Allan Combs

• Interpreting the Eclipses - Robert Jansky

• Sexual Astrology - Marlene Rathgeb

• Planetary Symbolism in the Horoscope - Karen Hamaker

• In Search of The Medicine Buddha - David Crow

okay but let’s talk some structural ass paralleling here boys and girls

1x01: lucifer saves chloe from someone who shoots her; she doesn’t know what he is (pilot)
2x01 chloe saves lucifer from someone by shooting them (with a taser); she tries to find out what he is but is derailed by amenadiel (everything’s coming up lucifer)

1x02: we first learn a little about chloe’s dad/her past as an actress/her dad dying (lucifer, stay; good devil)
2x02: we first learn a little about lucifer’s mom/his past in heaven/him being thrown out/losing his relationship with his father (liar liar slutty dress on fire)

1x03: lucifer is angry that someone is impersonating him/taking his role (the would-be prince of darkness)
2x03: lucifer is angry that someone is taking his job as punisher and talks about how it changes you/nobody asks for it (sin eater)

1x04: lucifer tries to get chloe to sleep with him, but she discovers his wing scars/what makes him vulnerable/she shoots him and he bleeds (manly whatnots)
2x04: amenadiel discovers that chloe is lucifer’s weakness/his deal with dad/everyone spends the episode basically telling chloe she should get laid by someone definitely not named lucifer (lady parts)

1x05: lucifer is intrigued by the idea of being mortal/the danger of it; maze wants to return to hell (sweet kicks)
2x05: uriel appears to order lucifer to send mom to hell/he IS mortal i.e. lucifer kills him (weaponiser)

1x06: lucifer discovers his wings were stolen/struggling with the legacy of who he used to be as the FAVORITE SON
2x06: lucifer melts down because he believes that he is a MONSTER

(oh my god the parallels between that just, from favorite son to monster, and focusing on his idea of himself oh my cheesus no)

1x07: deeply personal episode for lucifer centering around his past and what he got from his dad (his wings) and how he is shaped by that (wingman)
2x07: deeply personal episode for chloe centering around her past and what she got from her dad (her career as a cop) and how she is shaped by that (my little monkey)

1x08: lucifer is so jealous of dan he can’t see straight, even though nothing is really going on; blames linda for ganging up against him (et tu, doctor)
2x08: chloe is so jealous of ella she can’t see straight, even though nothing is really going on; lucifer and linda have the first real breakthrough in their relationship (trip to stabby town)

1x09: father frank, piano scene, DEATH
2x09: i don’t know but it starts with D and ends with


@Regrann from @blackafrican7000bc - A PEOPLES STOLEN LEGACY… II - #regrann

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Stolen Legacies: Photographs taken in Brazil, 1870-1882

Brazil is believed to have one of the largest archives of photographs of enslaved Africans in the world. That’s because slavery in Brazil ended in 1882, and the last few decades of the practice coincided with the beginning of photography.

Marc Ferrez/Moreira Salles Institute