If you're stuck in Stockholm:

I just wanted to spread this information in English in case you don’t understand Swedish. If you’re stuck in Stockholm and can’t get to your home/hotel please follow the #opensweden on Twitter! People are offering their offices, opening up their homes and offering rides to people who are affected by this. Please stay safe everyone ♡ Please reblog this to make sure that as many people as possible get this information!

I live in Stockholm and there’s been a suspected terror attack. A truck was hijacked and drove down our busiest shopping street, through crowds of people and into a department store.
People are dead.
People are injured.
There’s been a shooting at a different location.
The entire city is on lockdown. Commuter trains, subways and buses are off.
People are locked inside public buildings and their jobs.
Other places evacuated.
All the theaters and cinemas have closed.
The police are discouraging people from walking through specific central areas.
The streets are filled with people who are walking home.

I work at a preschool and we decided to take the children inside, the phones rang warm with parents who would be late, who couldn’t come and pick up their kids.

It doesn’t feel real, they got us too. It felt inevitable, and it was.

Fuck terrorists.

a truck just drove into a crowd on the busiest street for pedestrians in Stockholm. It’s not yet known how many have been injured or killed but there are multiple deaths. It’s unclear if it was a terror attack or an accident, but it’s suspected to be a terror attack
The truck drove into the store Åhléns varuhus and there have been reports of a fire

har ni familj/vänner i Stockholm, ring dom, men få inte panik. Det är kaos just nu, så anta inte det värsta om dom inte svarar direkt

You never feel it quite as deep as you do when it hits home. I am so angry, so furious right now. The most beautiful thing about Stockholm is how peaceful it is, not just the nature that surrounds it but the mentality of the people living there. We won’t allow you to put fear in us, we won’t allow you to take away our good faith in humanity. We will continue to open our doors to those who need shelter the most. The Swedish soil belongs to those who love and nourish it, no matter colour, religion or background. That’s not something you or your extremist opposites sitting in the parliament can ever change. Sweden will remain peaceful as we work towards further unity. I have so much love for my city, for my country, for my home that remains home no matter where I go. - d