honestly the most aesthetic, relaxing, luxurious, and cinematic moment of my life was dancing my way through a 70s dance party in a black cocktail dress and 5 inch stilettos in the middle of a cruise ship sailing through the caribbean where they were serving free champagne for some reason (i may have taken a dancing shortcut through a private event) and during an ABBA song i simultaneously twirled and picked up a glass in each hand from a passing waiter and i double fisted all the way to my massage appointment while 70s dance music played. i will never top that moment. i peaked right then and there and i’ve come to terms with that.

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Hey Arseon I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your fanfics. You write smut very, very well. *wink* I think you're really neat and I think your platonic stories and headcannons are adorable. You have really made me see how being Asexual really works. Thanks for opening my mind to that!

Aaaaaahhh, thank you!! I’m super glad you’ve been enjoying the fics and headcanons and smut. X3 

I’m glad I could help you learn more about asexuality too, although there’s really no one way that being ace works. ^^ But that’s one of the great things about this little corner of the fandom - there are so many rad ace friends around here, and there’s just so much variation and nuance, from not wanting anything to do with sex full stop through to my vast entertainment of writing fictional characters going at it but not wanting anything to do with it personally, and everything and anything in between. I’ve learned so much from everyone else too! Honestly, the only qualifier is not experiencing sexual attraction, and then everything after that is totally individual. People can have totally different relationships to the idea of sex and still all be totally valid as aces (or whatever sexuality they identify as tbh) and it’s awesome to see everyone being so accepting of that*. 

(*Everyone in this little community/corner of Tumblr that I’m in, I mean… I’m sure there’s still plenty of jerkasses out there who don’t. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here who’s been nasty about it. You peeps are cool. uwu)

i think the mandotroopers exist to keep other mando groups like death watch and the protectors in place; basically watchmen.

it’d make sense, considering there is no way ordinary imperials can beat mandos… unless they pit them against each other.

so if a mando group stirs up trouble and refuses to cooperate, you can always beat them into submission instead of BDZ-ing right off the bat.

Glitch in the matrix

Tried to stir my ramen noodles in the pot but i ended up stirring just water and i dont know where i put my noodles

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The whole Dean blaming Cas spoiler is fake. Someone on twitter said their friend saw some ~~mysterious~~ interview with Misha on the morning news. They've given no evidence to back it up so they're obviously trying to stir drama up. The extreme bro fans are eating it up though *lol* won't they be disappointed

well, i look forward to seeing their salty tears ;)

“Hi, Mom! Sorry about my room being a disaster area from earlier. I didn’t think such little Pokémon would cause such a mess, heh.”

“No worries! Like I said, I’ll take care of it. I’m just so glad you’ve finally gotten a Pokémon of your own, too! I remember my first battle… It wasn’t so different from yours, actually!”


“Oh, yeah, of course! I didn’t live around here at the time, so I didn’t get one of the starters that Professor Juniper gives out - You know, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott - but your grandpa went out and caught a Minccino for me instead, and she was the best partner I ever could have asked for! So small and cute, but so strong, too! We stirred up quite a ruckus when we first met, her and I! Though of course, it did end with us getting kicked out of the local amusement park…”

“…You’re not gonna kick me out of my room, right?”

“Wh- Ahah, of course not, honey! This is your home, after all! Now go out there and be the best you can be!”

Whenever I get really amazing comments on old chapters of FRI, I end up getting lost in re-reading that fic and it stirs up my love for it all over again.

This is why comments are important, even on stuff posted forever ago.

I’m trying to be better about leaving them, because I know how much I appreciate getting them. I owe a bunch of you some commenty love.

(Thanks @dynamicsymmetry. That was a nice surprise to wake up to ❤️)

hey guys im gonna try to sneak out of my room so i can both put away some of my dishes and also so i wont go stir-crazy from being locked up in my room for 3 days straight

@theracody said: i don’t watch SU but I know they tend to deal with forgiveness and stuff. She’ll probably be given another chance

I hope so. But even if she does get redemption eventually, this episode is definitely enough to stir up a whole new wave of jasper hate that I really don’t want to see. The whole thing just has me miserable, and I’m honestly so URHHHGHHH

After Fairy Tail 494...
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Acnologia, somewhere in the middle of the ocean...<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> My dragon senses are tingling...<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> There are 8 dragon slayers again<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> What the actual fuck<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> GODDAMMIT...AFTER ALL THAT?!<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> EVEN THE GUY I RIPPED TO SHREDS IS BACK AGAIN?<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> Fuck this, time to just slay everyone<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>