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Hey mayra its amys birthday in japan do you have anything planned?


Dear Amy Rose,

Hey! Long time no read! (Haha, see what I did there?)

Heard it was your birthday So, it’s your birthday today! How cool is that? Did you have some nice cake? I bet you baked your own or had Vanilla and Cream whip you up something with Cheese. (Vanilla, Cream, Whip? Come on, that’s gold.)

I’ve been out and away for a while, eh? Guess messaging you on the MilesElectric isn’t the greatest… but I do have a surprise for you!

Heh, ready for this?

A scavenger hunt!

Alright, get ready for a totally awesome adventure! I may not be able to celebrate with you, but I still want you to have a good, exciting day. And what better way to have a birthday then with a friendly game, right?

Object one: It’s hiding in Station Square. Don’t get afraid or nothin’, I didn’t put it in any sewer drain. (I knew you’d hate me if I did, ha!) But go to the tallest skyscraper you can find! There’s a message on the rooftop for ya. If you get a little lost, I already took the liberty of getting those floating help boxes reprogrammed to tell you some hints. So no sweat!

See ya on the roof!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Found me? Ta-dah! It’s a flower from Palm-Tree Panic! You were so small back then… but man, you could move! I thought the perfect first piece of the scavenger hunt could be you twirling that windmill flower on the softest winds of the tallest skyscaper!

Well, it was a pretty image in my mind… anyway.

B-but that sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Hold on! I’m still not done yet! Round 2!

Next, you’re going to be traveling into the Mystic Ruins. Talk about memory lane, but this is going to be different!

You may not recall very well, but I’m sure you’ll get there! Big can help you out, I let him in on the secret! That is… if he remembers everything I said to him… Good luck!

I’m hiding somewhere in a special tree. See ya when you get there!

- Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

Congrats! You’ve found me! Can you believe it? I know you like music, and visiting the Chao Garden with you was really fun! The chaos all grew up and live with Knuckles now on Angel Island, but I can’t help remembering how you would learn to play the flute and serenade the Chao. (Or were you just trying to impress me?)

Either way, I wanted to get you a flute. The one everyone kinda shared was old and rusty. And.. well… yuck. But hey! Now you have a pretty one! Promise to play it for me sometime, alright..?

We’re down to two more! (Tails says this is getting complicated, but what does he know, huh? Planes, maybe. But not fun birthday activities! That’s my expertise!)

Alright, Amy. This one could get tricky. So pull up your boots and adjust that pretty headband of yours… we’re going to Spagonia!

Tails said he’d lend you a ride if you really are stumped on finding a way there. So no sweat! (Ew, that would be gross. Haha! Just kidding!)

Once you’re there, there’s a particular Alley way I think you’ll remember… Can you find it again? You’ve always been able to find me, I’m sure it won’t be a problem!

Till you find me! I’m hiding near the alley way and somewhere by a table near the little outdoor diners there. Good luck!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Woah! Almost done! Knew you could find me!

It’s… well, this one is kinda embarrassing… We bought ice cream together, and I got really down about Chip all of a sudden… started talking about him and losing my smile. But you know what? I really appreciated how you spent the rest of the day making me laugh and realize that he was always going to be in my heart.

So? I asked the guy we bought the ice cream from and- Wallah! He’s made a special ice cream just for you! He told me it’s got everything you love, including vanilla and strawberries. (I remembered!) It’s also shaped like your head! Three scoops and then two cones facing down to mimic your ears! How cool is that!? Died it pink too, so it’s cute. I think the customers will like the new addition! But mostly, I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ll admit, I took a bite, not bad. Though, kinda weird… eating an ice cream shaped like your head. Still! It was a great day! And I never have forgotten it.

Last one, and I know you’re gonna love this the most! Like, really like it! It’s gonna blow you away! Hands down, it’s the greatest idea I’ve ever made! (And that’s saying something.) So your last and greatest stop is…

Pause for dramatic effect…

Twinkle Park!

I know right? You’re probably thinking- “I was just there! Why’d he drag me all the way- no, half way around the world- just to come back!?” Well, you’ll have to wait and see!

Tails should still lend you a ride if you need him, if not, I hear Professor Pickle has a knack at rowboats… (That’s a joke. Please don’t cross any oceans, I can’t save you if you’re over water, thanks.)

You’ll find me hiding at a very special place. One you’ve probably forgotten all about… (Or have you?) Come find me at the place where air is thin and keeps on rolling! Just like me!

Can’t wait to see if you find me!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Did I surprise ya? I’m the Ferris Wheel! Years ago, you once told me something very important on those colorful, turning lights… I’ve been wanting to return the favor for some time now. You were actually quite funny, I’ve never seen you act so nervous and shy before. (I thought that was my thing.) But you really did bear your heart to me and I never forgot that.

You were truly sincere about your feelings for me… I may have not really responded back to you… but I did my best to try. Remember? You said, “Can I fall in love with you?” And I thought it odd that you asked. Although a little cramped in the seat together, I remember telling you that it was your choice, not mine. But I.. never did feel right about that.

You laughed it off and smiled. You were really strong then, and I couldn’t tell. I wanted to do something special for you this time. I know I miss a lot of birthdays, but this one has to be the greatest one yet! Because- lo and behold- I’m right behind you!

… Assuming you’ve turned around and heard me answer you after all these years, I guess I can say that I’ll see ya around, Amy!

Glad I could finally say it. Tell you how truly special you are to me.

Here’s to many more birthdays! Though, I’m still planning on spending the day with you. Haha, nice psych, huh? Heh, you’re.. probably not even reading this letter anymore.. but you may look at it later, like when you get home after our awesome time together! (I’m thinking it’s gonna be super cool, cause you know, all your dreams coming true and stuff like that? Haha, kidding! Kidding… or am I? That’s up to you!)

Amy…. If you are still reading this… and just in case I really do chicken out at the last second…

My last gift for you today…

Is a free smile… and a long kiss.

Okay, this got weird. I should of just ended it there, but I’m writing in pen so now this is awkward.

Ahhh, I don’t know why I’m still writing!!! Anyway, have a good night, Amy! And try to keep cool about this, okay? I’m just not… not good about showing my emotions very much… But you are special to me. I wanted you to know that. Once… and for all.

Well, I guess it’s about time I said it then.

Happy Birthday, Amy Rose.

- Love, Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

So I totally chickened out, and you must hate me now. But before you summon that great, big hammer of justice on me- Please go to Tails’s library!

I don’t want your birthday to end like this.. I know it’s late, but just find the book I once told you about! The one with the Black Knight?

Flip open to where the Lady of The Lake is drawn, I know you’ll think she’s pretty. There’s something there for you! (Don’t worry, it’s better than an apology letter…)

Okay! See ya there Find me there!

- Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

This time, you turn around, you’re officially my girlfriend!

- Hoping this works and that you don’t kill me first after getting your hopes up! Your hero, Sonic.


the huge guy approached your car. when he took off his sunglasses, you recognized it was the man you were here for, your new patient, Captain Syverson. “you’re a sight for sore eyes.” he stated, speaking what was obviously on all the soldiers minds, “im Captain Syverson, nice to meet you.”

you were finally both going home, after months of being his therapist and learning everything there was to know about Syverson he was going home. you sat across from each other on the plane, he watched you, “what am i going to do without you?” he asked, “how am i going to be normal?”

you laughed, “you and i both know you’ll be fine Captain.” 

“i still want to see you. if thats all right.”

“you could set up an appointment-”

“not like that.” he laughed, “i mean on a date. if i even know how to do those anymore.” 

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oOF I'm trying to watch Big Bang Theory and help my friend I really wanna watch Big Bang Theory but I need to help my friend what do I do

i mean personally i would help your friend if they need you! you can always watch the big bang theory later if you still want to, but your friend needs you now.

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If I were to draw really shitty fanart would you still want it


Hello, and welcome to the first ever 2B9S week, hosted by myself, Irri, (@invaldalia) and the lovely Lumi, (@lumicakes). This is a week by 2B9S fans, for fans young and old, artists, cosplayers, authors and more!

What is 2B9S week?

A full week in early December dedicated to the ship 2B9S. Each day, participants will submit a piece that corresponds with the daily theme to the week through the use of tumblr’s tag system. At the end of the day, the participants and their works will be listed and reblogged for archiving.

When does it start?

It begins December 1st and ends December 7th.

Are there any rules?

Not many!
1. Please be polite to everyone participating. We’re all fans of the same thing! Let’s keep it civil.

2. If you miss a day but still want to submit, you can! Just message us and we’ll help you out.

3. For the sake of brevity, all fics need to be placed under a “read more” link. If you’re on mobile, you’ll need to access tumblr on your browser and add the link into your text from the desktop version.

Is NSFW allowed?

We know how these fandom is huehue and lewds are always great! However not everyone wants to see them, so all mature content needs to be tagged as #NSFW2B9SWeek and if you feel it’s really smutty, maybe a read more link.

Do I need to do all the days?

Nope! You can do all of them or just two! This is no pressure fun!

How do I join?

Tag your piece with #2B9SWeek2017 and the corresponding day tag, (i.e, for day 6, you would tag your piece as #LunarTears2B9Sweek) this makes it easier for us to find your work.

Can I do anything?

You can do whatever you feel like! Genderbends, role reversal, AU, anything you want and for whatever day you’d like. You’re not stuck into doing one thing if you don’t feel like it.

(Mod irri likes genderbends cough cough you know, earn her favor)


Day 1 -  Protection (December 1st)

Day 2 -  Kiss (December 2nd)

Day 3 – kemonomimi (animal ears and animal tails)/fairy tale/sinoalice (December 3rd)

Day 4 - T-shirt Date/T-Shirts (December 4th)

Day 5 – Modern (Human) AU (December 5th)

Day 6 -  Lunar Tears (December 6th)

Day 7 –Restart (9/05 and 9/19 the days when 2B and 9S wake up after the game) (December 7th)

Finale pt 1 - Thank you post and final collection (December 8th)

Finale pt 2 - Final participation list posted (December 10th)

Thank you and welcome to the week!

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🔥 If you still want to do any unpopular opinions talk about the TD cast. :o

Mima should have had a cameo. Also there are way too few Taoists. 5 members compared to the Buddhist temple’s 76 million and counting members. Gimme more Taoists ZUN. Reincarnate the rest of Miko’s royal ensemble.

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Hey Jack. You haven't (?) seen (?) my post, which is chill because God knows the tag is busy (or maybe you just weren't feeling it I dunno) but I still wanted to recommend you play Hiveswap Act 1. It's beautiful and funny and the music is killer (with Toby leading nobody's surprised) and I think it would be right up your alley in writing and humour. It's more of a visual novel (so you can do voices!), not too long either, and it's cheap, so it would be a good short series to consider. Thanks!

Literally just recorded the first episode! The game is fantastic!!

Should also mention that I know next to nothing about Hiveswap OR Homestuck but a LOT of people had been recommending it, while I was playing Undertale too, so I thought I’d give it a shot cos it looked really neat. 

so much sapphic positivity is focused on relationships, but not all of us have that in our lives, so here’s to the single sapphics. whether you’re pining after a certain girl, or don’t have anyone in your life. whether you desperately want a relationship, feel neutral towards romance, or are loving being single. you are sapphic no matter what and your relationship status does not define you. you are going to be okay