There he is! After talking about it a whole bunch the pokekids world now has a Kyurem; Kye! Thanks so much for all the convos, asks, and ideas about Kyurem, it really got me interested into a pokemon a literally didn’t know anything about!

For Kye I used the dream anon’s amusement park type idea, but I decided to change it to a circus (more so for aesthetic stuff), but Kye here’s still the one in charge! I did make him a shiny though; I was going to use the normal color scheme but then I saw the shiny version and I fell in love. There’s going to be other members of the circus too, but they’ll be in either their own separate thing or part of a big character design post with other pokekids designs. 

Kye looks and acts 100% evil, but doesn’t really do anything evil (at least not to anyone’s knowledge), so Kelvin is convinced he’s up to something, despite the other Swords of Justice telling him otherwise. Cobus and Kye kind of have a friendly rivalry thing going on, often both the renaissance fair and the circus being booked in Alola at the same time, but the rivalry between them and their business’ never really goes beyond a few jabs at each other (except Kelvin sees it as Kye trying to ruin his uncle’s business). 

I had a lot of fun with this design, but what do you guys think of the sketchy art? I know I usually do stuff a lot cleaner/finalized but with the sketches I’m able to draw out a lot more ideas/get a lot more character through. What do you guys think? Are you guys ok if I do this with other designs?

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I hope you guys enjoy this guy!

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)



clip 1 Er jeg sen?

clip 2 Slave

clip 3 So hot

clip 4 Fy Faen


Twelve Days of Twelve: July 18th: Team TARDIS

A relationship in all its forms, in the combination of a passionate and powerful Time Lord and a young woman so very similar to him.

Thank you to fic writers for telling the stories that canon didn’t tell.

Thank you to fic writers for giving minor characters a voice.

Thank you to fic writers for expanding these worlds that we love so much.

Thank you to fic writers for sharing your talent, your ideas, and your words with us all.

Thank you to fic writers for your hard work, commitment, dedication, time, energy, and compassion.

And thank you to the readers who make it all worthwhile.