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what would calum be as a husband?

annoying, no matter what you’re doing he wants your attention, having a hard time expressing his feelings so instead of telling you how he feels he writes songs about you, seems cold and distant but when he is with you he turns into a cuddly bear, his hands always on you, trying to solve every argument with sex, lowkey jealous of everyone who attempt to flirt with you… yet claims he is not jealous, up for a good blowjob anytime of the day, him secretly wanting to be the little spoon, every single time he uses the opportunity to slide his hands under your shirt after a 10 second making out, showing weird fun facts on the internet, he wants to buy every puppy on earth even if you tell him you two can only have 3 puppies on total

panicking when you announce him that you are pregnant, deep down being afraid of he is not gonna be a good father but in the end he is going to promise you that he wants to protect you and the lil hood no matter what, promising that he is going to teach the lil kiddo soccer (because let’s be real, calum would totally do it since he was so good at it) & he swears he is going to spend as much as time he can with two of you, even if he’s on tour


Alright guys, here’s the deal. I’m a college student about to start my senior year (and I am equal parts excited and terrified!). I’ve been working the same job every summer for the past four years, but I found out a few weeks ago that he isn’t able to hire me back this summer, and I am completely broke.

I’m going to need at least $1500 to pay for all my school expenses, about $300 every other month for insulin and syringes for my cat (and vet bills), plus enough money to buy food, litter, uv bulbs, and all the other basic necessities for myself and my animals.

I’ve just opened up an etsy shop here where I’ll be selling primarily bookmarks like the ones pictured above, and I could really use as much help as I can get. There are only a few designs now, but I’ll be adding more as quickly as I can make them, and I already have a few ideas in mind.

So please, buy some bookmarks if you can (you can never have too many bookmarks, right?), pass this around, spread the word. I’d really appreciate the help.

A few weeks ago some friends and I were discussing magical girls. Then I started to get some ideas. What if there was a team of magical people that revolved around the pride flags? For now I’m just calling the story Pride because I’m lazy with names.

I may not ever do anything with it, but at the very least it’s been a fun character design exercise so far. Anyways, here’s Ace; their weapon is a deck of cards, and they have the power to turn invisible and make a temporary copy of themself. They can also fuse with the pan character for a power surge! All of these characters have an item that allows them to transform into their magical forms, and Ace’s is their black ring. I tried to incorporate as many hearts and spades into their design as possible.

three rules for loving an angel:

i. understand that an angels love is absolute. you may love him with all of your heart but you will never love him as he loves you. you are human and small and your heart has not lived as his has, child. you will not understand his sort of love.
you will fight, but do not doubt that he loves you. he will never suggest taking a break, or seeing other people. the glass in the kitchen will shatter along side his shouting, but do not doubt that he cares. the neighbours will talk about the storm that raged for a week while he fumed, but do not doubt that he loves you. you will not understand how, but he loves you.
he will lay with you on the sofa downstairs for hours into the night, running a hand through your hair and tell you stories that never made sense when you heard them in church, and he will tell you that he loves you with all of him, that every cell he possesses cares for you. do not attempt to envision it. he has more in him than you can imagine, do not attempt to understand. just tell him that you love him too.

ii. understand that angels are first warriors. if your angel is old, he will have been armed with a sword and a shield, and he will have struck down his siblings and watched his older sister be carried down to the depths of hell. if he is older, he will have known a time before war, and that is almost worse.
sometimes, his hands will shake and you will not be able to stop them. you will mention something unwittingly and he will pull away sharply and fall silent. it may not take him long to recover, but he will think about it for three weeks, and hide behind his smile for your sake. sometimes, he will make a reference to events long since passed, and you will remember that he was there. you will need time to recover from this thought, and he will not understand. he finds it hard to remember how young you are.
he is a protector by trade and you are what he has chosen to protect. there is no war, you want to tell him. don’t. allow him the small triumph of keeping you safe. let him lock the doors and windows for you. let him look over his shoulder when you walk together. it will help him to have something to protect, even if there is no war.

iii. understand that angels are. angels are. angels are undescribable. there are not words for how he will look at you. he will look at you like you are the sun on the hottest day of the year in the middle of cloudless sky. he will look at you like you are the first creation he’s ever truly seen. both are true, but neither are correct.
he will describe every inch of you at some point or another, in this lanaguge or that, but no matter how many words you discover, how many languages you master, there will never be words enough for him. you cannot describe the galaxies behind his eyes, the electricy in his fingertips, nor the the softness of his heartbeat underneath his shirt. you will run your hands down his wings a thousand times, but you will never describe it, or how it makes you feel.
your voice will crack and your pen will fall still and you will flush under his eyes. words will stick to your throat and all you can think to do is touch him. touch his skin and his hair and his clothes. touch him everywhere. it’s the closest to describing him you’ll get. the words for describing this will never find their way to you.

tell him that you love him. it will be enough.

—  it’s been three weeks and i can’t get the thought of you out of my head. // lj 

Tony was wearing the equivalent of tissue paper and some hideous, puce colored robe loosely dropped across his shoulders. He was also in the middle of some kind of tropical forest with a crazy Angst God.  As far as rescues go, this was definitely one of those ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’ ones. 

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Are you still taking prompts? From the dialogue generator: Henry & Jo "Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress". Or "The way you flirt is shameful". Or both.

“Surely we’ll reach civilization sometime soon,” Henry said, far too chipper for a guy trudging through the woods in a filthy tux. “They can’t have taken us far.”

The sun was barely above the horizon, and already Jo’s hair clung to her neck in the thick heat. She wiped her damp brow, wrinkling her nose at the unfamiliar stickiness of foundation and concealer on the back of her hand. Disgusting. Yet it still paled in comparison to the squelching mud oozing between her bare toes, the friction of her wet red dress on her skin, and the growing stink of her own sweat. God, this sucked.

“I’m pretty sure you said that an hour ago,” she grumbled, stepping over an exposed root.

Henry chuckled. “And I’m pretty sure you were asleep an hour ago,” he reminded her, and she shot him a glare. Wisely, he ducked his head, and mumbled, “Sorry,” though he didn’t look that contrite. “But we will get out of here eventually–I promise. Even if I have to–”

“No,” she said. “For the thousandth time, no. We can get out of here without you–” She searched for an appropriate euphemism. “–taking a swim. And, besides–do you even know where we are?”

He paused and looked around, eying trees that all appeared the same to her. Eventually, started walking again, and told her, “No. I haven’t been wandering through the woods without some sort of map or guide in a very long time.”

Of course not. That would’ve been too easy. Instead, they were stuck with what might as well have been useless trivia. Her phone was gone, her gun and badge were gone, her shoes were broken, and the long skirt of her dress was bunched at her thighs and held up by a prayer and Henry’s tie. The fact that the situation could’ve been worse did little to ease the irritation–or the disappointment.

“We almost had them,” Jo said. “We almost had everything we needed last night, and then…” Then they were drugged when they went undercover at that damn party, and got dumped in the middle of nowhere in the freaking rain.

“God.” She groaned. “This didn’t even give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.”

“It was a lovely dress, though,” Henry said.

“‘Was’ being the keyword there.” The stupid thing was beyond salvaging now.

“Indeed,” he said, with a brief laugh. “Though you looked–”

“Ridiculous?” she suggested, giving him a look that dared him to argue.

“Stunning,” he said, coming to a stop, catching her hesitantly by the wrist. She went still beside him, and he gazed fondly at her, smiling. “Jo, you–”

“No, Henry,” she said, softly, and his face fell. Not this. Not now. “We both know it’s not just a compliment. Not with us. And I…”

Part of her wanted to give in, wanted her to pull Henry into her arms and kiss him with everything she had. But the rest of her whispered reminders about a dagger, about ships and photographs and a pocket watch, about subways and antique guns, about the best friend she’d ever known. Time. She still needed time.

“I think we need to focus on fixing us first, okay?” she said, and took his hand. “We’re not there yet, but we will be.”

“I really was just planning to compliment your appearance last night,” he said, with a wry grin and a conspiratorial tone that quickly turned sober. “But I do agree with you. I value you and your presence in my life far too much to rush our relationship. I don’t want this to end poorly.”

“Then let’s get the hell out of here and go fix this properly,” she said, and began walking again.