Imagine doing a video call with Woozi and seeing him get flustered when you ask him to do some cute gestures.

BONUS: Despite being reluctant at first, Woozi still does it because he wants to make you happy.

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Challenge: Do a TBH with 10 or more of your mutuals

@morelikeafox tbh erin i would die for you you are the love of my life these last two years wouldve been so different without you im so so thankful for you

@croatoan-the-line candi you are fcking rad and i cant believe how long we’ve known each other on this hell site, i still remember your first message to me 

@saintksoo youre my favorite ksoo stan you are so cute and you love him so much and its so nice to see it on my dash and truly the most iconic thing to happen to me on is when you made a gd&top post w/ a one direction url and i was like !!!!!! and we became mutuals in .5 seconds but then BAM you did a 180 and turned into a kpop blog a day later

@cypherslut i wont ever say this out loud again but becky… newly appointed gdragon loving nerd deity….. you are funny and lovely and such a lovely person, it doesnt matter that youre an intellectual property thief 

@betterscenes my favoritest mina in the entire world!!!!!!!!! this isnt a tbh b/c we all already know this BUT!! you are funnier than me and everyone else and you take the time to try and console me when im freaking the fuck out about my future

@kwon-ji-yongie annie annnie annnnnnnnnieeeeee i dont deserve you you always talk to me even tho im a jerk who doesnt always respond and youre an amazing person who writes me haryong scenes and your kids are so so goddamn cute!!!!! 

@big-bangtans roxyyyyyyyy my would be travel buddy :((( you’re so so talented and so nice and ive always been so jealous of like ?? how secure you seem?? and how you get to travel?? and you have a job?? and honestly i feel like youre an ideal adult- especially since youre only 17!!! 😉😉

@gdwho u wont see this but your absence has left a gaping hole in my heart :(((((( im so thankful that we’ve met and talked 

@softhie tbh andy you are SUCH a lovely person and my favorite louie and i feel guilty for somehow getting you to follow me and im sure i ruin your dash every time i post (for which i apologize!!)

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

An oldie but a goodie: my favorite photo of Harry.

He’s doing all right. We’re still not sure if it’s just teeth problems or something worse. But we’re giving him antibiotics and that helps some. His appetite is good. And he’s still a pain in the butt when he wants to be. I take this for an encouraging sign.

I’m stressed and worried but finding some distraction in writing and books and stuff. Sometimes just scrolling through Tumblr provides some relief. (See, even Tumblr has its uses.)

That concludes this life update.

PSA- New Smut Policy

Simply put, I’m not doing smut anymore even though I’m of age.  Quite frankly, it’s one of my least favorite things to write.  I’m quite convinced I’m awful at it, it drags my drafts down because I am very self conscious about writing smut scenes and as a result it takes forever to do said drafts, and I have trouble writing it without feeling highly repetitive.  I have tried writing it many times, I have looked up suggestions and tips on how to write it, but quite frankly I’m still very uncomfortable with it.

As a result, everything is going to be a fade to black from now on.  I will still do smut on IM, as the quick banter style I’m much more comfortable with doing, and since me and one other person are reading it, I’m far less self conscious about it.  I will be adding this to my rules later tonight.

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Remember when you drew like the whole onceler fandom little things for christmas? I still have the spook you drew me and its one of my favorite things ever i love it i hope youre doing great

ghfhgjdm I’m so happy you still like that omg?? <3

I am doing fantastic, my mom bought cheese buns this morning and they’re scrumptious

Favorite Things Tag

Things I love

Thanks for tagging me @animoozies! your blog is still hella awesome btw!

ONE SONG: master piece theater III by Marianas Trench

TWO MOVIES: 50 first dates and the blue exorist movie (it was just too cute)

THREE TV SHOWS: Cake Wars, Texas Flip and Move (omg its so entertaining, also texas represent!!) and Miraculous Ladybug

FOUR PEOPLE: My mom (who is basically my other half), My dad, My dog (hell yeah she counts as a person, she is my queen), and @purpletsuki (BFF)

FIVEFOODS: pasta, pizza (gosh i love Italian food XD), spicy ramen, humus, and anything pretzel related! 

I tag: @purpletsuki @camicake02 @nekoclair @jesus-otaku @drunkcyclonus @pastel-spotted-weeb @thesecretseason @absent-voices

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Tagged by @beautifullights1​, and thank you! This looks fascinating! I think I’ll try to pick these all from different fandoms, because otherwise it might get TFA-heavy.

Okay, #1, from the Hobbit fandom, absolutely has to be Coats and Customs, of which I am absurdly proud - I’m proud of that whole series, but C&C was the one that kicked the whole thing off, and I still love it.

#2, I think, from my beloved TFA, would have to be Not What I Expected (Just What I Needed), because that’s the first time I’ve done a/b/o and I think I did something interesting with it.

#3 is Better Cold Hands Than None At All, a Potter fic, because I had a lot of fun with the word choices and the phrasing in that one, and also it was an exercise in putting a lot into a very small number of words - and also it’s unrepentant Dark!fic, which I don’t do often.

#4 actually continues the Dark!fic trend, with the Aladdin fic Harsh Lessons, because alternate endings can be interesting and giving Jasmine some teeth was kind of fun.

And last but not least, #5, from the Snow White fandom, The Evil Queen Explains, because it was fascinating to try and put myself in her shoes and figure out what could make someone be that cruel. Also I had fun with the language.

I have no idea who to tag, so…anyone who wants to play, please do!

Get to know me (continued)

Yippi another one of these

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

Tagged by: @horrayfangirling

Nickname: Gracie (wow what a shocker), Angel (I’ve still got no clue where that one came from, Pidge (idk), Vivian, and like 63839 other nicknames I’d rather not share

Star Sign: Leo ;)

Height: 5'6" guess I’m sorta tol?

Time Right Now: 12:24 am my sleep schedule needs help

Last Thing I Googled: what happens when you get gasoline in your eyes, that’s a long story

Favorite Music Artists: Owl City, Imagine Dragons, Jonsi

Song Stuck In Your Head: the opening song to the second season of Tokyo ghoul and IDK WHY CAUSE I REALLY HATE IT

Last Movie You Watched: Big Hero 6, absolute favorite movie hands down

What Are You Wearing Right Now: I am wearing jeans and a flannel cause I went out earlier and when I came back I didn’t feel like changing

When Did You Create Your Blog: like a year ago, I haven’t used it much until now

Followers: 60 ;-;

What Do You Post: Voltron, anime, maiming fairy tail, American cartoons such as Voltron, somewhat important issues, aesthetically pleasing things, VOLTRON

Do You Have Other Blogs: nope

Do You Get Asks Regularly: nope

Why Did You Choose Your URL: i don’t remember all I know is that I wanted it to be Latin

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life: I would like to become a software engineer

Okay I reallllyyyyy don’t feel like tagging 20 people so I’ll just tag 5 instead

@crystal-glaceon @grimmhearts @skydusk87 @doginshoe @the-one-with-the-fandoms

Remember you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to

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i honestly think you are really cool. zemo was absolutely my favourite character from CW and i actually wanted to play him myself and just never did thanks to another muse taking over, but you play him better than i could ever even begin to dream of doing. you have a beautiful, fluent, broad writing style that really brings out the character and all of your interactions are filled with amazing detail. you've put so much work into him and it shows. you've done a great job, keep it up!


   tbh zemo was my favorite character from CW & ahh no man, if you still have muse for him I say GO FOR IT. but i’m glad that other muse did stick to ( I hope you’re happy writing hat muse ),. honestly, thank you soooo much.  i am really focused on detail but, one of the problems i ran into in high school/college, was being concise. SO, i wanted to use ZEMO as a chance to really hone in on the detail & make it general specific and just REIGN IT IN while still being very VIVID. and i hope i achieved that sense of control with him while still being able to give the writer a good description of his surroundings or thoughts or actions.  i really felt an immediate connection to him ,largely in part because of daniel’s performance. and i know he differs A LOT from the helmut zemo in the comics but we don’t know if THAT VERSION of helmut zemo will evolve from what’s happened in the CW FILM so far. but i just!! LOVE THIS SAD DAD & I’M GLAD YOU SEEM TO ENJOY HIM TOO. thank you so much for sending this in darling, it means a lot!!

  • me:[sees enjolras meta on my dashboard] oh my god, i love him so much, i think he's my favorite after all -
  • me:[sees joly art] there he one and darling my sunshine my favorite
  • me:[suddenly thinks about the last verses of jean prouvaire] have i ever said that i would lay down my life for jehan prouvaire, my favorite ami
My Top 10 Favorite Things About The New Ghostbusters Movie

Because apparently I like telling Tumblr my 10 favorite things about nerd movies.

1.     Kate McKinnon. I mean, I could probably leave it there. But I no longer see her and call her “That one SNL girl”. Because she is queen. And seriously, her face. In every. Single. Frame. I swear her face is made of rubber. Like, her expressions are fantastic! I’ve finally found Buster Keaton’s opposite. And somehow I still love both of them.

2.     Chris Hemsworth being a dumb blonde. Okay, so I know I’m like, way behind on the times here. But I’ve honestly never really thought Chris was attractive. Like, I didn’t think he was unattractive I was just like, “Meh. Doesn’t do it for me.” And I swear I’m not attracted to his dumb-ness. I think I’m attracted to the fact that I saw him and was prejudice and thought “Buff, blonde, action guy. He’s got to be a tool.” But tools aren’t okay with making fun of themselves. And the fact that he’s literally playing a reverse-gender-stereotype-dumb-blonde makes me sort of love him. The glasses don’t hurt either. And maybe I’ve just discovered his smile. It’s not my fault! I was blinded by prejudice before!

3.     All the nods to the original movies and the cameos. Seriously, all the people who are mad that they’re rebooting Ghostbusters. Seriously? The original cast is behind this reboot! They support it. And they made all these nods to the old movies. They kept the movie sort of cheesy and goofy like the first two were and didn’t try to action it up to grab the attention of a modern audience. That movie is totally 80s/90s but with better graphics. And it was loaded with Easter Eggs. And I love them for that.

4.     Just Kristen Wiig in general. I mean, I already loved her. But this just made me love her more.

5.     All four of those little weirdos. I’m so glad they made these characters so real and relatable and dimensional. This wasn’t “Let’s make Ghostbusters, but with women!”. Because that would be cheap, and it would feel cheap and flat. And I would have hated this movie if it felt like they were pandering to a female audience to pacify feminists or whatever people think they were trying to do with this movie. They just made an awesome movie with flawed, crazy characters who just happened to be female. And it was awesome and flawless. It so easily could have been, “Ghostbusters but with women!” but it wasn’t. It was just “Ghostbusters”.

6.     The ghosts. I mean, I know they were cartoon-y but I loved them. The movie stayed sort of light and didn’t go full-on The Conjuring. And that made it feel like the originals :)

7.     The five billion one-liners. Particularly from Chris Hemsworth. And his inability to answer the phone.

8.     Kristen Wiig’s face every time Chris Hemsworth was in the room. And Melissa McCarthy attempting to rein her in.

9.     Patty being a genuinely nice, concerned human being. She wasn’t a scientist like the others. She just wanted to help out. And even in a crappy job where people ignored her, she still tried to be nice. And that’s so rare.

10.  Patty saying, “Nothing in here. Just a room full of nightmares.” About the room full of mannequins. Because FINALLY a character in a scary movie who does and says what any normal human being would say.

**And bonus. The scene after the credits :)

tbh, that bit in the extended opening after they sing “but we’re not going to do it alone” where there’s a brief pause in the music and Yellow Diamond’s silhouette slooowly turns slightly to glare sideways at the camera and then it just like smash cuts to the “We are the Crystal Gems” official opening part, is still one of my favorite things ever. It’s just so cool and well done and I love it. Like it was such a great way to sort-of introduce the Big Bad

and also ‘cause I remember the first time we saw it was the recording of it from SDCC 2015 and when that happened the audience just started cheering and going wild and there was just so much excitement and hype both there and in the discussion online and it was so great, I love that and I can still feel echos of that energy whenever I rewatch the extended opening, its great


Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures
Telling Our Stories: Bi Stories Project Launches at Comic Con
"Bisexual youth and adults need to see stories of people like us."

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to make my parents and grandparents tell stories … But in my Southern Baptist family, the few stories about people like me were shrouded in euphemisms or shame … Eventually I found that the word to describe myself was bisexual.”

I came out, found the LGBTQ community, and became an activist. But still stories about other bisexual people were few and far between. Bisexual people were barely visible … prominent bi celebrities were either closeted or assumed to be gay …  Our stories in popular culture were stereotypes and clichés.

This weekend Sunday, July 24 at 3 pm, BiNet USA launches the Bi Stories project with a panel Bisexuality and Beyond: New Frontiers in Popular Culture," at Comic Con in San Diego , a project that invites bisexual+ community members (Bi+ = including those who identify with labels like pansexual, fluid, queer, polysexual, and any other terms you like to use that denote attraction to people of more than one gender) to share our stories.

Please come and share your stories good as well as bad of being a bisexual/non-monosexual person. Include experiences of discrimination as a bisexual person, because if we don’t clearly delineate what is wrong we cannot fix it. 

It easy! Just click the link and go to and follow along with the panel on social media using the hashtag #bistories.

People are rational actors, and, as history shows, no government can
mandate prices in the face of massive inflation. If they try, black markets arise—or merchants simply refuse to take the tainted money. Since the Lannisters are still considered rather wealthy, we can assume that they have some basic understanding of numismatic theory and limit the Westerosi gold supply. This may be why, as Cersei reminisces, Lord Tywin gave Lord Rykker a murderous look when he suggested that, if the late King Aerys needed money, he should sit Tywin on his chamber pot: Extorting gold from the Lannister vaults would cause massive inflation and ruin the house.

Death Grips - Lost Boys (practice)