Female Chinese Adoptee in America

Hello, I’m Megan, and I am a female Chinese adoptee from southern China.  I bounced between an orphanage to a foster home until I was adopted at age three to Italian/Irish/Syrian/Lebanese American parents.  I’m now a college student studying English Literature and German Language.

Beauty Standards

Actually much better for me!  I grew up seeing mainly white models and actresses, so I never compared myself to them because I’m…well, not white.  Therefore, my self-esteem is pretty high in terms of appearance.  Moreover, I only discovered Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas in high school—so I really didn’t see a lot of Asian celebrities.


I consider myself American.  I have trouble filling out race/ethnicity/nationality questions, though–I never really know what to put if “American” isn’t an option, so I usually check “other.”  Many of my friends say I act like a typical white girl, whatever that is?  

Daily Struggles

Now that I’m older, people always ask what my relationship is to my parents.  I’m my mother’s “friend” and my father’s “young girlfriend” which is honestly very creepy and uncomfortable for me. I don’t really understand why people make these sort of comments anyway. Distant family members have often mistaken me for my brother’s girlfriend.  Kids used to bully me, though it never used to bother me very much and still doesn’t.  Never fit in with Asian kids or white kids.  To most of my Chinese classmates, I wasn’t Chinese enough and don’t speak it.  My white friends made a lot of Asian jokes at my expense.  Older generations of Chinese that I’ve come across were actually a bit disappointed that I didn’t speak Chinese and that I’m not connected to Chinese culture.

Dating and Relationships 

lot of creepy pick-up lines.  A lot.  Also a lot of guys assuming I’m submissive and weak… One guy was very excited by the fact that I’m into BDSM.  He was also very disappointed to learn that I’m a sadist.  The look on his face was absolutely priceless!  He hasn’t contacted me since!


I celebrate most American holidays, in addition to Lunar New Year and “Gocha Day.”

Home/Family life/Friendships

My family is great.  My close family of aunts, uncles, first-cousins, and of course my parents and my brother don’t treat me any different.  I’m very close with my parents, and very grateful that I was adopted into such a wonderful, loving family.

Identity issues

For a long time, I didn’t consider myself Chinese.  Honestly, I still really don’t… I look Chinese (for the most part…) but I feel American.  Sometimes, it’s very easy for me to forget what I am, having grown up in a small town where mostly everyone knew my situation.  Now that I’m older, everyone assumes that I’m just a typical ______.  If they see my name, they’ll be very surprised that I’m Chinese—because my name sounds Irish.  People straight-up ask me “what are you.”  I was very angry at my birth parents for a long time, as it seemed likely that I was given up because I was either born the wrong gender or born second.  Now, I don’t really care.  I just know that, outside of my own family and friends, there isn’t really anywhere I fit into because of how I look or act.  I see a lot of things online now that accuse white parents of not allowing kids to connect to their “true” culture or whatever, but I have never once felt that China was my “true” culture.  Moreover, my parents did try to get me involved in Chinese communities when I was little, and I refused.  In fact, I actually told my mother that I wasn’t Chinese, so I didn’t want to go to Chinese school.


I resented my birthparents a lot when I was younger, so I never had any interest in learning Chinese.  For different reasons now, I still don’t. I’m learning German, though.  I want to learn Korean too! 


I’m really happy with my family, but adoption isn’t a magical solution.  While I had no problem with my family, I did have a lot of issues with depression and anxiety related to adoption.  When I was little, I had a lot of attachment issues; I thought my parents were going to give me away again if I wasn’t good.  Right after I was brought to America, my mother told me I would have constant night terrors and wake up screaming, and they were often about being abandoned again. Also, not all foreign adoptees want to learn about their culture or even care about it at all.  I mean, I only did because I wanted so badly to fit in with the other Chinese girls at my school.

Things I’d like to see less of

Stop telling me that my parents aren’t my parents.  Stop telling me that my birthparents loved me so much that they wanted to give me the best shot by giving me up.  That’s utter bullshit—neither you nor I know what my birthparents were thinking.  Honestly, I wish there was a different word for it—because they’re not my parents at all.  Stop using adoptees as arguments for abortion.  Please, just stop that.  When you tell us to be glad we weren’t aborted, it surprisingly doesn’t make us suddenly happy.  It reminds me of when I was depressed and actually wish that I had been aborted.  Also—I hate the movie “Annie.”

Things I’d like to see more of

If you’re writing about an adoptee, know that all of our experiences are different.  I was so, so lucky to be adopted by parents who love me—not everyone has that.  There is a sense of gratitude I have towards my parents that I will never be able to repay, and even though they don’t ask me to do that, it doesn’t change that fact that I am so thankful towards them.  Would also like to see more Chinese adoptees in general.  There are a lot of us… After all, most of us are products of the One Child policy.  Also, the majority of us are girls.

Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

Sorry, but the non-blood-related siblings falling in love is still kind of gross to me.  I grew up with my brother—just because he isn’t blood-related to me doesn’t make us anything other than siblings. 

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Name: Raluca
Age: 14, almost 15
Country: Germany

Hallo, my name is Raluca. I was born in Romania, but I live in Germany right now. I’m fluent in English, Romanian and I’m still learning German at the moment. I like reading, listening to music and spending time with my friends. The thing is that I don’t have that many friends. After I moved in Germany last year I lost touch with a lot of my friends. This is why I want a pen pal. I want to get friends all around the world and learn different languages and about different cultures. Maybe improve my English and German too:)). I also have social anxiety so it’s kind of hard to make new friends and being in another country makes it worse.

Preferences: Ages 14-16

BTS Reaction to You Being Just As Smart As Namjoon

I really wish I was as smart as Namjoon, but OMG, he is a genius. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction. <3

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Jin: “Hey, jagi, are these you grades?” Jin asked as he held your old report card from high school. You glanced over at it, nodding your head nonchalantly. He looked from the sheet of paper to you, shocked to see the high marks on the paper. He had not seen a GPA as high as yours before. “Whoa! Do you know a lot of things? Have you taken an IQ test before? Do you know if you are a genius?” He asked in amazement. He spent the rest of the day asking you about the different types of things you learned and how you had learned them so fast; in awe that you were so intelligent.

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Suga: You sat in the studio room with Yoongi, listening to the newest track that he was working on. He clearly had a bit of an issue with the way that the music was coming out; unable to figure out what didn’t sound right about it. You leaned forward on the seat, taking a quick look at the computer screen. “Why don’t you slow down the tempo here, raise the base, and add percussion?” You asked as you pointed to different parts of the music. He stared at you in amazement. “How do you know all that about music?” He asked in confusion. You shrugged your shoulders, mumbling that you taught yourself as though it was nothing. He shrugged his shoulders as well; making fun of you as he did.  

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J-Hope: He was excited about going with you to listen to your speech for a science convention. He was aware of the project you had been working on, but he didn’t understand any of it. He listened diligently to your speech, trying his best to stay focused, but he found it really hard to keep up with the different, complex terms you were using. As soon as you came down, he started exclaiming about how smart you were. “(Y/N), you were so good! I didn’t understand close to any of it, but you sounded like you knew everything that you were talking about!” He reassured you sweetly.

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Rapmon: The moment that he heard you were going to be a guest on Problematic Men, he was honestly a bit surprised. He didn’t think that you were stupid or anything, but the two of you never really talked about your school years or the things that you knew. When you were actually on the show, he couldn’t help but just stare at you in amazement. You knew almost every math problem, language/riddle question, and puzzle questions. You were answering questions faster than Namjoon could. “Damn…” he whispered to himself as he listened to you explaining one of the riddles that no one else could solve.

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Jimin: He knew that you were smart due to the amount of things that you knew, but he had never really seen how smart that you were. However, he thought it would be really cool to bring you with him to one of the variety shows that he was going to be on. The certain show had several different people from different countries all showing off different things from their native country. He stared at you in shocked confusion when you walked in and easily started talking to different people in different languages. “Wait, how many languages do you speak?” he asked the moment the two of you were alone. “Hmm, thee at the moment. I’m still trying to learn German,” you told him in a casual tone, making him even more amazed.

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V: “I’m just saying, the four smaller inner planets, also known as the “terrestrial planets” are primarily composed of rock and metal, so there is bound to be some sort of water or life on at least one of them. There have already been small signs of water on Mars. The first signs of trickling water are dark stripes or stains on crater wall and cliffs seen in satellite images. Due to Mars’ atmosphere this water would have to be salty to prevent it from freezing or vaporizing, so there is a possibility if people were to go to Mars, they would simply need to filter it to make it drinkable,” you explained to Taehyung. The two of you were having a random talk about aliens, but you went off on a bit of a ramble about the actual possibility of life on Mars. He stared at you in a mixture of perplexity and adoration as he listened to all the facts you were mentioning about the solar system.

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Jungkook: He was already constantly astounded by the amount of things that Namjoon knew about random facts and languages and maths, but he was even more stunned by how much you knew. He came up to you, wanting to ask you a quick question about grammar for one of his school papers, but you sucked him into an entire lesson about grammar as well as different terms used between areas of Korea and how to use them properly in sentences. He listened to you as long as he could, but quickly become distracted and started making a playful meme face. “Jagi, I think you are blowing up my mind.”

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Und was denken sie über Niederländische Leuten? (I'm still learning German so hope that was correctXD)

(Leute instead of Leuten and it’s A+ 100% perfect~ 😂)
- sehr locker
- weed everywhere
- alle fahren Fahrrad
- Wohnwagen

helloooo my name is justine and i’d love to meet some cool peeps on here!!

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