Chapter 3




However, here are five reasons to still watch the show:
1. Lady Gaga is back!
2. Plot theories will be answered.
3. Actual history will be portrayed.
4. OG Evan Peters returns!
5. The Mystery


Inktober 2016 👽

Inktober prompts!

31 days of spooky and Autumn related prompts!!!

Rules- not to many rules but still..
1. Do every day!
2. Prompts are open for interpretation of course e.g witchsona could be yourself, a friend an oc whoever. Entire scenes/illustrations can be drawn or just the prompt.
4. Pencil and colours allowed to but ink is the important part!!

Day one-Witchsona!
Day two-Spider webs
Day three-Magic!
Day four-Pumpkins!
Day five-skull/bones
Day six-your Halloween costume(draw yourself/oc whoever wearing your outfit)
Day seven-Zombies
Day eight-Your familiar(crow, toad cat etc.)
Day nine-Autumn leaves
Day ten-Stars!
Day eleven-Gemsona!(they’re magical and halloweeny right? XD
Day twelve-Zombifed!(you, oc etc.)
Day thirteen-Sweets and other goodies!
Day fourteen-Vampires!
Day sixteen-Cats!
Day seventeen-Owls!
Day eighteen-Your Hogwarts house!
Day nineteen-something scary..
Day twenty-The moon!
Day twenty-one-spell book! / casting spells!
Day twenty two-Ghostifed!
Day twenty three-A nightmare!
Day twenty four- plants!
Day twenty five- your cosy outfit!
Day twenty six- candles! Flames! FIRE!! ;D
Day twenty seven- Haunted..?!?!
Day twenty eight- Skeletons!!
Day twenty nine- In the dark! Nighttime!
Day thirty-Piratesona!
Day thirty one- Trick o treating!

Good luck and have fun!

Canon Khadgar stuff that hasn't been addressed in game but is totally still important.

1. Medivh killed his former Master and caretaker, and the Kirin tor gave no shits about Khadgar’s loss.
2. He managed to scry in on Council of 6 meetings.
3. He has a mechanical cricket that can detect warded books.
4. He lives through others relationships vicariously and acted as marriage council to his two best friends.
5. The skull of Gul'dan used to chat him up.
6. He was the first one to figure out that Deathwings plates are his weakness and can be ripped off.
7. Deathwing threatened to hunt down Khadgar and kill him. (Why the balls was Khadgar not in Cata.)
8. He knows how to cast magic while intoxicated.
9. Aside from His former master, no one cared about and for him till Medivh, Lothar and Garona. He wasn’t treated with respect and care until after he defeated his corrupted Master.
10. He’s one of the rare major lore characters that’s been around since RTS days where we know jack shit about his family.

Today marks 8 months. I feel mostly satisfied with my progress. Shoulders/arms finally starting to slim out a bit. Hair that I chopped off right before transitioning is back to temple length, which is still only about 1/3 of the way to where I want it to be. The veins in my forearms still need to chill the fuck out. 34A. Weight stable. Started Progesterone a week ago. Pardon the double filtered mirror selfie, the lighting was shit.

anonymous asked:

Can u list ur top 10 ultimate fanfics including all fandoms, not just BS? Im curious of ur taste in fanfics.

If I’m to list 10 ultimate fanfics none of them would be in DC fandom, don’t worry :3

So here, my top 10 (im not active in these fandoms anymore, but they still make me happy!)

1. For Better, For Worse by RobinRocks (Hetalia, USUK)

2. We’ll meet again by George deVailer (Hetalia, USUK)

3. Auf Weidersehen, Sweetheart by George deVailer (Hetalia, GerIta/USUK)

4.  Here comes the candle by Mizu-Tenshi (Hetalia, USUK)

5.  Black mud by curlydots (Fate/Stay Night, Gilgamesh/Saber)

6.  Desiderata by stereobone (Avengers, Tony Stark/Loki)

7. Teamwork by LulaMadison (Avengers)

8. The Marketplace - Crossover Tales by Kryptaria (James Bond, 00Q)

9. A is For by RobinRocks (Hetalia, USUK)

10. I give you the sky by Mizu Tenshi (Hetalia, USUK)

  • Mud:everybody reblogging that "My muse makes shitty decisions" thing and I'm like
  • Mud:she doesn't make shitty choices she just has murderous friends
  • Mud:who are sweet on her but still
  • Mud:not totally a shitty choice
  • Mud:arguably it's a smart thing cause if she's ever in trouble she's got two murder bots ready to defend her
  • Mud:so
  • Mud:good job, BG
  • Mud:you're making smart decisions
  • 'Nilla:bg makes decisions that look shitty but are actually super smart

bonnibel666  asked:

noo it's 6/2(1+2) 6/2(3) 3(3) 9

u cant divide the 6/2 there whats on the bottom , the 2(3) is all one term its all one number if u divided the 2 there youd jst b leaving th 3 out and actually, if u wanted to do it tht way, it wldnt end up as 3(3) it would end up as 3/3 which still is 1