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Y/N should have listened to Stiles when he said that Theo wasn’t the good guy. She didn’t believe him because she thought that everyone has a good spot. A soft spot. So, she went on a date with him that quickly made Theo fall in love with Y/N and they ended up together.

But after watching Theo sink his claws in her brother’s stomach, her heart completely shattered.

He still had no clue that Y/N was behind her until scott whispered her name and told her to run. Theo slowly turned around and faced your scared face filled with tears and he instantly felt regret, knowing what was about to happen.

Before he could say anything you turned around and started running to your house, still afraid of what could happen if you stayed there. When you got there, you quickly locked all of the doors and ran up to your room, you closed the door when a thought came to you. You didn’t close the windows.

“Y/N” you instantly recognized the voice and you started opening the door again to escape the situation, but Theo was faster and stronger and stopped you from doing so.

“You need to listen to me, Y/N” You turned around and faced him. You also saw his eyes filled with tears, but you couldn’t fall for the act.

“I know that what I did was wrong, but I can ex-” You interrupted him by giving him the hardest slap that you could.

“Ok, I deserved that”

“Believe me, Theo. You deserve a lot more than a slap” you told him, voice filled with venom and rage.

“Don’t you ever come near me or my brother ever again. And god help you if you do”

Silence was the only thing in the room as both ex-lovers cried silently and looked at each other.

“What does that mean?” Theo asked, disappointed as he heard how weak he sounded.

“It means we’re over”  

This was absolute trash.

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I am still working on my full Shady House analysis, but I have discovered something potentially huge that I think needs its own post.

Upon close inspection of this very large painting hung on the wall when you first walk up the stairs, I noticed it appeared to be a portrait of someone. A portrait of someone with long blonde hair, a round head and pointed chin, who is presumably female. A portrait of someone who could easily pass as Lusamine.

However many years ago it was before Aether built their island, Lusamine (and Mohn) had to live somewhere. They were probably also already very wealthy and had a nice house. The Shady House is a very nice house.

What if Lusamine still owned the house, but of course no longer lived there? The portrait is very large and placed in a central area of the whole mansion, visible right from the front, which is a typical location for a portrait of a wealthy homeowner.

What if she allowed Team Skull to take the property as part of their deal? That doesn’t really explain the rest of Po Town, but hey, it’s interesting food for thought.

(I have a rambling explaining what I theorize is the deal with Po Town posted here if you’d like to read it, as well as a detailed analysis of Guzma’s Shady House room posted here.)

-my family is awesome and i love them
-they would be cool with us smoking inside
-no rent (which will help because we need to buy new phones now)
-free food
-could get rides from my dad/mom/nanny whenever

-my mom hates my cats ): and my nanny and little brother are very allergic
-it’s further away from our jobs/my school/everything we love basically
-even though it’s a guest house it’s still like… their house
-we would have to share a kitchen

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17/Joyce & Hopper

17 Falling asleep by the fire


“It’s mostly decorative.”

“Not for long. Ya’ll deserve a working fireplace.”

Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper stood in front of the fireplace in the Byers’ kitchen, assessing the situation. Joyce had been busy winterizing the house for the past week, but Jim still claimed that the house was far too cold. Joyce told him that it had never been a problem before, but she had forgotten how… obliging Jim Hopper was when one found themself in a relationship with him. She had found it cloying when they were kids, the way he showed up at 6 AM to clean out the rain gutters, or mow the lawn for her parents, or drive her to school and work.

Now she just wondered what it would feel like if her fireplace did more than hold her grandmother’s old knick-nacks. It never occurred to her to get the fireplace going when there was a perfectly good firebox in the yard, heating up the house. Well, a perfectly mediocre firebox that her landlord never came over to fix, even though the water jacket wasn’t going to last another winter.

So they spent the good part of Saturday morning on the roof, Jim in safety glasses and a dust mask, brush in hand - and Joyce dictating to him from a musty DIY manual she found in the cellar. Mostly they argued over the correct way to go about cleaning the flue. Joyce swore by the manual - Jim just swore and tried to do what he felt was correct, which was often the exact opposite of what Joyce knew was correct.

Finally, the task was done. They sat with their backs against the chimney, watching the sun go down in a not quite companionable silence. They made their way down the roof when the snow began to fall and headed into the house to clean the mess inside and test the fruits of their labor.

“Jim, the house doesn’t smell like it’s about to burn down.”

“I know.”

“I think we did it.”

“Sure did, darlin’.”

Joyce gave a cursory look around the house and grinned. “The boys are gone for the night.”

Jim smirked and tried to appear oblivious. “What on earth could you have in mind, Joyce?”

Ten minutes later, Joyce was rolling out a pair of sleeping bags on top of a large quilt that was placed a safe distance from the blaze, while Jim placed the kitchen chairs around the perimeter. Joyce stood and went to the living room to fetch another blanket from the couch. Jim helped her drape the blanket over the formation of chairs, creating a makeshift fort. The pair crawled inside of the fort and snuggled against one another.

“This is the silliest thing you’ve ever done, Joyce.”

“Will gets to have a fort, why can’t I?”

Jim chuckled and brushed his lips against her mouth. “You’re right. You deserve a fireplace and a fort.”

“Damn right. Wanna help me christen it?”

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Thank you to fic writers for telling the stories that canon didn’t tell.

Thank you to fic writers for giving minor characters a voice.

Thank you to fic writers for expanding these worlds that we love so much.

Thank you to fic writers for sharing your talent, your ideas, and your words with us all.

Thank you to fic writers for your hard work, commitment, dedication, time, energy, and compassion.

And thank you to the readers who make it all worthwhile.


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening


Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe (VERY IMPORTANT) and have fun~ <3