Okay so @deathcabjenny told me about how the sheriff and Lydia probably gotten so close after she convinced him that Stiles is real and I am so shook because HE FUCKING KNOWS THAT LYDIA IS THE ONE FOR STILES AND STILES IS THE ONE FOR LYDIA AND HE KNOWS THAT STILES AND LYDIA LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND HE KNOWS THAT LYDIA WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP HIS SON SAFE. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. 

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Ok but *if* Santa is real? (We're talking about a world where werewolves exist!) Can you imagine Stiles going stealthSanta every year only for one day to stumble into the real one? And Derek being all smug like 'told he was real'.


but now all I can imagine is Stiles as a kid who tries to catch Santa in the act every single Christmas. He’s so determined, that boy. The Sheriff has taken to not going to bed on Christmas Eve because he ultimately knows Stiles is going to stumble over the Christmas tree and he’s going to be all night putting it back up. He wants to tell Stiles to go to bed or stop him from trying to go downstairs in the first place but Claudia doesn’t have the heart to stop Stiles from pursuing it. 

Every December Stiles gets so excited, telling his momma how exactly he is going to catch Santa this year. Stiles’ white board actually started with his plans to catch Santa, a present from his mom. Every time he uses it he still feels the phantom touch of her ruffling his hair - it’s why he is so attached to it, especially after she died. The string was entirely Stiles’ own idea, fascinated by the big boards at the station when he and Claudia go to visit the Sheriff at work after school.  

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Oh my gosh I was just hit by a lightning bolt of an idea. Going along with what the other nonnie said, Stanislaw is the big brother to little Janusz, but what if Sheriff Stilinski isn't actually Stiles biological father? What if Stanislaw is Stiles dad but couldn't stay and raise him because of his job? What if he Stan was frantic and begged the newly married Jan - sorry John - to take Stiles in and raise him as if he were his own? Maybe Claudia wasn't completely happy about that. Part 1/?

Also in regards to Sheriff Stilinski’s “father” maybe John was closer to him in terms of personality than the viewers thought. Stan could have spent the majority of his life protecting his younger brother from their father’s rages. As another form of protection as but possibly a way to lighten the load of raising his son, Stan takes care of elder Stilinski’s nursing home bills. John has a touch of pride, so he never contacts Stan when Claudia dies, for monetary help. Part 2/end.

I love how you’ve included my personal head canon for the Sheriff here - that “John” is an anglicised version of his Polish name. Bless you, anon! 

And yes, this could all absolutely work, and I hope that you feel the urge to write it! 

(not so subtle hint) 

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I gotta say I really like when fic writers either give me stilinski family feels or they paint a harsh opposite, either via neglect or judgment. I like playing on both sides of the fence. Honestly fic is so fantastic because you can have an amazing adventure in one bright world and then flip it into a rampage or a slow burn of emotion. Just saying sometimes you just want to be hurt and bundled back together. Also, thank you and all the fic writers out there for the beautiful, painful words.

Thank you! 

And Stilinski family feels will always be my crack. They’re both such imperfect characters, and they’ve both made such mistakes, but at the core they’ve got so much love for one another. And there’s a sort of desperation to that love too, I think. They’re all each other has in the world, and they know exactly how precarious that can be. They both so afraid of losing the other. 

I can’t bring myself to write an abusive!Sheriff fic, because I love him too much, but there’s certainly enough material there in canon to stretch it easily. 

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HONESTLY John Stilinski quietly telling Stiles "I'm proud of you," quietly telling Derek "You've done well," and very VERY DELIBERATELY STANDING UP TO BAD GUYS AND SAYING "if you want my boys, you'll have to go through me" is my fucking aesthetic and I will read and/or write a MILLION AND ONE FICS ABOUT IT.


Listen, I just need Papa Stilinski to do some things, okay?

1.) I need him to sit Stiles down and tell him he is proud of him, that if there is one thing he did right in this life, it’s Stiles. Because Stiles needs to hear that. Stiles needs to hear his dad say, “I don’t regret you.” He needs to hear his dad say, “it wasn’t your fault, kiddo.” He needs his dad to hug him and tell him “you’re a good kid.”

2.) I need him to awkwardly hand Derek a beer, look him in the eye and say, “if you’re ever in trouble, son, or need someone to talk to that isn’t, well, Stiles…you know you can come to me.” 

3.) I need Derek turning up at the Sheriff’s front door, looking absolutely devastated, because he was stupid and wore his dad’s leather jacket and ended up getting into a fight and the sleeve got torn and HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY THING HE HAS LEFT OF HIS DAD. I need Derek not knowing what to say, just holding the jacket up, but the sheriff understanding. I need the Sheriff gently guiding Derek inside and calling a guy he knows to come take a look at it. Stiles comes tumbling through the door an hour later, frantic with worry because THERE IS A HARPIE ON THE LOOSE, only to see Derek watching some random dude like a hawk while he mends the jacket, his dad’s hand on Derek’s shoulder. (Bonus: the Sheriff also made Derek a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in Stiles’ favourite mug because he knew it would comfort Derek to have something of Stiles’, which Derek cradles the whole time.)

4.) I need the Sheriff making a really long speech at their wedding which either starts or ends with something like, “it’s not every day a father gets to see his son happily married but I think we can all agree, it’s even more rare for a father to see his son actually marry a boy his father approves of” *insert laughter here, makes reference to over protective sheriffs with shot guns* “and loves, every bit as much”. At which point Derek is gripping Stiles’ hand so hard under the table, looking over at Cora who is crying her eyes out, despite herself, hiding her face in Lydia’s shoulder. After, the Sheriff comes up to them both, warns each of them to be good to each other or there will be hell to pay, takes a big bite of cake - causing Stiles to squawk and grab the fork and Derek to laugh - before going over to ask Melissa to dance.