You’re worth more than them (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: Could you write an imagine where Liam gets into a fight at School bc his IED gets the best of him and he’s called to the principal’s office and is silent not talking to anyone so Scott calls the reader who’s the only who can get him to calm down and get him to talk about what happened and takes him back to her place and he’s upset, explains what happened and cries in her arms and she comforts him (strictly platonic pls)

A/n: I’m sorry if it’s not that great. And sorry if i haven’t been posting alot of imagines, it’s just that i’m having writers block but i hope tomorrow i’ll post more imagines for you guys x

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Stiles Stilinski Drabble

6 - Is there a reason your naked in my bed.


You had just got back from a long day at work and you were tired as hell. You yelled out your husband Stiles’ name. No answer. Just then you heard moans coming from yours and Stiles’ room. Is he cheating one me? You thought. You climbed up the stairs and opened the door of the room to see Stiles NAKED on the bed jacking off, with his eyes closed. Being the smartass you are asked him, “Stiles, what are you doing?” You smirked. You caught him off guard and he opened his eyes, startled and embarrassed. “Uh, hi Y/N. Um, I was.. well you see… I wa- oh I got nothing. Well the thing is we haven’t sex in a month and I was horny so this was result.” “You could’ve just asked love and I might have given you what you want.” You gave him a teasing kiss on his neck then sucking on it travelling up to his ear and saying, “Your changing the covers of the bed by the way.” You giggled and walked away leaving his there shocked and wanting more. ‘Y/N THATS NOT FAIR! YOU CANT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!“ “All’s fair in love and war, baby.”

We did it guys!

We have reached 3K milestone. Thank you guys so much for enjoying my imagines and preferences. 

As a way to thank you guys I’ll start doing Ships  from now on aswell so send me your info and I’ll see who you suit with as a cute couple. Boys and Girls alike!