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You did an ask about stiles being a tease, but what about Derek? I prefer sterek, but pretty much anything would be great. :)) Thank you very much! (Unless you already have this and then just point me in that direction.)

What a great idea, @lovelyhazandlou. Tease!Derek just for you. (I mean, it’s not like he has to do a lot. Just stand there basically.) And these are all Sterek. - Anastasia

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Practice Makes Perfect by Sarcastictilltheend

(1/1 I 1,134 I Not Rated)

Stiles lost a bet to Scott so now he has to go to a fitness class, a thing he very rarely does.
Exercise is just not his thing.
He (as predicted) ends up making a total ass of himself, but to his surprise the instructor Derek doesn’t seem to hate him for it.
If the ridiculously hot guy thinks that it’s cute or sweat or whatever, when Stiles looks likes he’s dying, he’s not gonna complain about it.
He’s not totally stupid after all.

Cock-blocking kids and cranky caregivers by yogini

(1/1 I 1,231 I Teen)

Sometimes parents need a bit of alone adult time…
And sometimes kids make it damn hard for that to happen… Like, ever…

Downward Facing Wolf by pinkypromises

(1/1 I 2,360 I Teen)

Derek gets into yoga. Stiles doesn’t think his life could get any worse.
Five times Stiles is unprepared for Derek’s Downward Facing Dog.

Howl by CaptainStucky

(2/? I 2,774 I Not Rated)

Isaac has been getting into way too many fights for an 8 year old. So as his teacher, Stiles is obligated to set up a meeting with his father, Derek Hale, who also happens to be Stiles’ dad’s deputy. Derek shows up to the meeting extremely late, covered in blood, and outrageously attractive.

Look After Me by alicuh

(7/7 I 16,807 I Teen)

“It’s like a sleepover. With people you know nothing about, but who know everything about you,” Stiles said, regretting his choice of words immediately. “Fun, right?”

After months of being away, Peter turns up at a pack meeting with with an 18 year old de-aged Derek, showing up to drop him off and leave. Stiles has missed the sourwolf, and when him and younger Derek start getting closer, they both start dreading the day Derek will be changed back, and the odd circumstances take a toll on both of them.

Howling by alicuh

(1/1 I 18,536 I Mature)

A piece of worn material shoots through Derek’s window. Derek frowns slightly and stands, going over to pick it up.
In, assumedly, blood, it reads:


Derek rolls his eyes, sighing, and throws it back out the window, going back to his book.
or the one where Stiles life is threatened, so Derek stays with him to protect him and STEREK OCCURS.

The Awkward and Sometimes Painful Life of of Genim Hale by BlueRunawayMoon

(18/18 I 114,464 I Explicit)

Stiles is a writer of gay erotica whose work, according to his Editor (one miss Lydia Martin) has gotten dull and boring. Lydia suggest’s that Stiles try to LIVE a little, gain some new juicy experiences that he can write about and bring the heat up again. Only problem is Stiles is a bit on the dorky side and not good with ‘living a little’. After a whole slew of embarrassing situations brought on by his best(sometimes!) friend Scott, he’s given some wise advice and decides to take a tropical paradise vacation. All’s going good and well, and he’s got a major crush on his super hot tour guide Danny. Yet it seem’s like he can’t stop bumping into Derek, who, as annoying and brooding as he seem’s, also makes it quite clear he WANTS Stiles. As in…wants wants. With the two being brought together almost by fate, Stiles discover’s that Derek is more than he seems….WAY more.


Stiles x Reader

Requested By @niawoods

Stiles watched as a book tumbled out of your bag and you grabbed it before he could catch a glance. You groaned and shoved it back in the bag and turned back to the papers you were studying as if nothing happened.


“Was that the book you wanted from the store?” Stiles watched as your eyes widened and you froze. “The one I offered to pay for until you could pay me back?”


“No.” You said a little to quickly.


“Can I have a look at it?” He asked, eyes narrowed as he tried to pinpoint why you’d been acting weird for the last few weeks.


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Apology (Requested)

request(s): I’m not sure if you’re taking requests at the moment but if you do, could you please write one with stiles where his girlfriend has an important competition for a club or an event and asks him to come but he yells at her because he’s worried because of the benefactor but later he is sorry and they make it up if you know what I mean (please not too long just a quickie or makeout scene)

A/N: Let’s pretend the Beacon Hills swim team doesn’t suck. And while editing this I realised that there’s no condom involved but still, don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!

Warnings: smut, language and stiles is being a little bitch


“Got anything?”, you asked as you placed a mug full of coffee on the desk next to Stiles’ laptop while he typed away. It took him a few seconds to register that you were here, let alone asked something. He let out an annoyed groan before he shook his head and leaned back into your chair, rubbing his eyes to shake off the fatigue. You sighed and glanced at the screen with several police files opened next to a tab to research weapons, people and creatures that could fit the description of the reports. 

“Maybe we should take a break?”, you suggested carefully in order not to rile him up even further. You knew it was important to Stiles to figure things out, maybe even solve the case and not just because he wanted to help. There was always a bit of fear of being useless involved, you all knew that even though it was nothing anyone should ever mention around him. You guessed that he felt a little out of place with all the supernatural going on around him, he wasn’t a werewolf, he couldn’t predict death and his fighting skills were close to yours, which basically meant you weren’t useful for anything but swimming. But he could provide information, and loads of it. If there was one person that knew shit about the supernatural other than Deaton in this town, it was Stiles. 

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“Make me.”- Stiles Stilinski

Request: ‘44 with Stiles?’

from these prompts

prompt: You’ve been getting on your boyfriend’s nerves the whole day, making him frustrated. But he has his ways to get you frustrated…


pairing: stiles x reader

A/N: lol I really am not good at writing smut but whatever. School started again and being a sophomore sucks so I can’t promise regular updates, but I always write on my stuff even when it’s not ready to be published yet. Love you guys xx


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You had been going on Stiles’ nerves the whole day. You disagreed on everything he said and tried to make it seem less threatening than Stiles made it out to be. At first, you did it to calm him and you. You didn’t want another supernatural drama, you couldn’t take it anymore.

But during the day, it has gotten a game to you. Usually, you didn’t want him to get frustrated. But it was really freaking hot, it turned you on like crazy. He would close his eyes to remain himself calm but would roll them afterwards anyway. Sometimes he even pulled at his hair and it reminded you of times when you would pull at his hair out of pleasure.

You often licked your lips in response, clearly being turned on by how frustrated he was. A giggle left your mouth ever so often when he rolled your eyes at you.

Stiles on the other hand was pretty fucking mad. He knew you’d only get on his nerves to get him frustrated, but it worked every time you did it. He knew you got turned on by this and when the time was right, you would get all of this back.

School had ended and Stiles had driven the both of you to his house. He let his backpack fall onto the ground as he pulled off his jacket. He seemed stressed and for a single second, you felt guilty for making him feel stressed. That feeling vanished as you saw the way his biceps flexed as he picked his backpack off the ground to look for something.

“You know, I just feel that this guy is evil. We can’t be nice to him, he’ll cause us problems, I promise you!”, Stiles ranted about Theo. You grinned to yourself and rolled your eyes. “I don’t know, he seems like a nice guy. I don’t think he’s dangerous, maybe you’re overreacting.”, you answered .Stiles spun around in a quick move, not caring to hide his anger anymore.

“Would you just shut up for once?”, he yelled. A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips. “Make me.”, you whispered. Stiles approached you with a few steps and had pressed you against his door within seconds. “Oh, really? Don’t’ think I wouldn’t know what kind of game you’ve been playing the whole day,Y/N. Believe me, if you want me to make you shut up, I’ll make you beg for me to finally make you cum over my hands.”, he spoke, nibbling on the skin of your neck only seconds afterwards.

You moaned at his words, you were the one who was frustrated now. Sexually frustrated. “Do you still want me to do that, baby?”, he asked quietly while kissing up and down your jawline. You couldn’t do anything but nod in response. “Alright.”, he grinned. Within seconds, he had easily picked you up so he was holding your body up by your thighs.

He pulled you in for a firm and passionate kiss. He’d had enough of this, he’d had enough of you playing with him, now it was his turn to get you frustrated. Stiles lay your body on the mattress once he’d reached his bed. He still stood at the edge of his bed, eyeing your body hungrily. He licked his lips as he imagined what he would do to you.

“What am I gonna do to you, kitten?”, he asked sweetly, but you and him both knew he would be anything but. “Shall I eat you out? Circle my tongue around your throbbing clit and push my fingers into your pussy? Or shall I just tease you until you’re a whimpering mess underneath me?”, he asked as he hovered over you, his eyes full of lust. You gulped, not saying anything.

“But you were a bad girl today, weren’t you? You got me all frustrated and always disagreed with me although you know I don’t like that.”, he pointed out. He placed kisses on your neck, sometimes sucking at the skin to leave marks. “You don’t deserve to cum so quickly today. You’re gonna beg me to finally free you from your frustration.”

You cried out as he quickly rubbed over your covered core. You still wore your jeans, but you were so desperate for his touch that even this would be enough to make you come. “Oh fuck, No! Please do something!”, you cried out and arched your back off the bed. A dry laugh escaped Stiles’ throat as he used his other hand to push your back onto the mattress again. He had taken his hand off your core again and you were already so frustrated you hoped it would have been enough torture already.

“Ssshh, baby. You know you’re not going to get what you’re craving if you’re so impatient.”, he spoke huskily, whispering into your ear and sending shivers down your spine. Your hand quickly grabbed his shirt, trying to hold him close to you. Another laugh escaped his plumb lips as he saw how desperate you were. “Eager, yeah? Sorry, baby, but you’re not frustrated enough.”, he whispered. He opened your jeans and slowly and painfully slid them down your trembling legs.

Your whole body shivered as his hands touched your legs. Now he was face to face to you again, hovering over you. His hand soon was where you needed him most as he started rubbing your slightly less covered core again. You almost screamed out as his finger tips grazed over your clothed entrance. “FUCK, please do something!”, you yelled out, closing your eyes in pleasure and frustration. “Not frustrated enough.”, Stiles simply replied, grinning.

As you opened your eyes to look at him, he licked his lips and winked at you, making you groan because you knew what was coming. Stiles climbed down to your throbbing core and removed your soaked panties painfully slow. Your hands fisted the sheets beneath you as soon as his breath hit your core. His lips approached your clit almost in slow motion. But once he placed a gentle kiss on your clit, you finally moaned out in pleasure.

As Stiles continued to circle your clit with his tongue, you gripped his hair at the roots and pulled at it, making him moan against you. But as soon as the moan left his mouth, he pulled away again. Your eyes shot open and widened. “No. Stiles, get down there and fucking make me come! You can’t be serious right now!”, you cried out and he chuckled in response. “Nope. You just have to be patient until I decide to release you.”, he grinned, cocking his head to the side.

You bit down on your lip in thought. But suddenly an idea popped up in your mind and you grinned to yourself. “Yeah, no.”, you grinned back at him. Your hand slipped down to your throbbing core and your started rubbing circles on your clit. Eyes immediately shut, you moaned again. Being the impatient person you are, one of your fingers immediately entered your core and you started pumping it in and out.

Your movement was suddenly stopped by Stiles’ hand, which grabbed yours and pulled it away from your heat. “Oh no,”, he told you, lust evident in his eyes. “I’m the only one that makes you come tonight. No masturbation, just me and my fingers and my tongue.”, he licked his lips and your breath hitched in your chest.

You gulped and nodded silently. Stiles put his lips on yours surprisingly. The kiss was passionate but filled with love. You loved this about Stiles; that he could be full of lust but you could still always feel how much he loved you.

His fingers slowly ran down your body, leaving goosebumbs along the way. You shivered because of his touch and arched your back eagerly. A laugh escaped his swollen lips as he pushed you back down onto the matress. A grin was placed on his lips as his fingers quickly pushed into your entrance. You screamed out in pleasure.

Your fingers grabbed the material of his shirt as he pumbed in and out of core. He placed a few kisses on your face and you put on a lazy smile before his lips met your clit again. He sucked on your swollen clit and circeled it with his tongue. You let out a loud moan in response, telling him to continue.

“Oh god, Stiles!”, you moaned out and pulled at his hair. He grinned against your clit and it pushed you closer to the edge. The hand that wasn’t gripped around Stiles’ hair gripped the sheets beneath you.

Stiles continued to suck on your clit and finger fuck your core without further disruptions. “Come for me, princess.”, he suddenly mumbled against your clit. That was all you needed to be pushed over the edge. You screamed out and pulled at his hair as you arched your back and your orgasm rolled over your body.

Once it died down, you lazily let yourself fall back into the matress. Stiles’ lips soon found your neck again as he began peppering it with kisses. “Ready for round two?”, he whispered into your ear. Your eyes widened in surprise. “So fucking ready.”, you whispered back, already getting wet again as you thought about how he would soon be inside of you.

You gribbed the hem of his shirt as he sat up and pulled it over his head. Your fingers caressed his skin as they discovered his chest. Your touch left goosebumbs all over his skin. Grinning, your fingers slid down to his jeans and you slowly opened them. 

Your hand immediately slipped into his jeans and palmed his dick through his boxers. Stiles closed his eyes in pleasure and let out a quiet moan. You placed your lips on his lovingly, while using your other hand to caress his cheek. “Sorry baby, but I’m not patient enough today.”, he mumbled as he broke the kiss and pushed his jeans down and threw them onto the floor along with his boxers. 

He was now fully exposed to you and although the two of you have had sex many times before, it was always shocking how good he looked. You admired his body further while he searched for a condom in his nightstand. As he finally found one and pulled it on, he positioned himself at your entrance.

He pushed some hair strands out of your face and pushed his lips on yours. “Ready, baby?”, he whispered, glancing at you. You nodded in response. He kissed you as he entered you, swallowing your moan. 

Your finger nails digged into the skin of his back, surely leaving marks. As Stiles’ mouth left yours to place kisses on your neck, you moaned out loudly. You knew it wouldn’t be too long till the both of you would come, since you were both already so frustrated. 

Stiles pulled out and pushed back into you several times. He grunted and moaned into your ear and you bit down on your lip to surpress further screams.

Stiles was the first one to ever make you feel that way and you didn’t think that anyone could ever do it better than him. He knew your body, he knew how to make you feel good. 

Stiles’ fingers pulled you out of your thoughts as they circeled your clit. You knew you’d come way quicker with him doing this. “Ready for your release, princess?”, he whispered into your ear while he thrusted into you.

You nodded ever so slightly and at first you thought he hadn’t even noticed. But he had. His speed increased immediately, pushing you closer to the edge. His fingers circeled your clit with more pressure.

Fuck!”, you yelled out, as your orgasm rolled over you for the second time that day. Only a few seconds later, Stiles came too and collapsed onto your body wuthout crashing it. 

He rolled next to you, staring lazily at you, admiring every detail about you. He took a hair strand of yours and put it behind your ear, caressed your cheek afterwards. 

“Don’t fucking ever get on my nerves ever again.”, he whispered to you, which made a grin appear on your face. You finally opened your eyes again and turned your head so your gaze was meeting his. 

“If I get this every time when I get on your nerves, I’ll do this every day.”, you smirked and he slightly rolled his eyes. “Come here.”, he demanded and you cuddled into his side. 

“You’re so fucking gorgeous. I love the way you give me orgasms.”, he whispered into your ear. A laugh escaped your mouth and you slapped his arm. “You’re such a dick.”, you grinned. Stiles’ arms wrapped securely around you.

“I’m kidding, babe. I love you.”, he said and kissed your head. “I love you too,”, you whispered back and squeezed one of his hands. “Although you’re a fucking dick.”, you giggled.

Start All Over Again

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Request//  Derek returns from helping Cora out and he brings back his new gf (reader) and everybody is super cautious because of his past but she is what she seems (nice, courteous, helpful, sarcastic, whatever) she’s a were wolf so she understands that life. But the pack try to “test” her with dumb things and make her cry/get angry and leaves.  Derek would be made at them and when she comes back Derek makes them all apologies r Scott and the pack have to find her and apologise for being rude.

A/N// Thank You @damalseer For Requesting This, I Hope You Enjoy

Derek’s P.O.V

Never in a million years, I would have thought I would ever meet someone like Y/N. Helping Cora was the best idea ever. I left Beacon Hills around 6 months ago to help Cora find a house and settle in. Making sure she had everything she needed, but it was the time that I was getting back home. Y/N and I thought That it would be a good idea that she comes back to live with and she would be able to meet the whole pack.

She’s a werewolf to so she understands the dangers in life, but somehow she always knows how to help out. She is the sweetest person ever, she is so nice and helpful. She can be sarcastic at times and she was courteous and obliging to all. That is what I loved about her. Also, she wasn’t scared, her being a werewolf made her fearless. She was up for anything. We wanted to protect everyone.

We were on the plan going back to Beacon Hills. Y/N rested her head on my shoulder and I could sense that something was wrong. 

“Babe what’s up?” I questioned as I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me more.

“I’m just nervous about meeting everyone,” Y/N told me and I hugged her

“You have nothing to worry about,” I told him, she didn’t say anything else, she just rested her head on my chest and watched the rest of the film that I had my laptop.It was only a 2-hour flight and we planned to watch a film so it would make the flight go faster. It did, it felt like we were in the air for 10 minutes.

We got all our things and went to my old loft. When I open up the door, there were all sorts of things laying everywhere. The pack.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Sorry about the mess, I told the pack if they needed a place to go to sort things they could come here. I guess they have” Derek said placing the bags down.

“That’s fine baby, don’t worry about it,” I told him, then all of a sudden I heard voices. Derek turned to me and people flooded into the loft with their backs to us. The one turned around.

“SOURWOLF!” One cheered. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Derek just gave him an angry look, but then their attention was on me.

“Derek who’s this?” They asked Derek looking me up and down.

“Scott, this is my girlfriend Y/N, Y/N this is Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Liam, Malia and Kira” Derek introduced us I gave them a warm welcome, but they kept looking me up and down. I wasn’t sure what they were doing.

“Anyway, guys what have you been doing in here?” Derek asked them

“Oh research, about different…” They stopped then looked at Y/N

“She’s a werewolf,” Derek told them

“Supernatural creatures” Scott continued. But he kept looking me up and down. I don’t think he liked me. We all sat down talking about and Derek and I met and what supernatural creatures the pack had looked at.

“I will be right back babe,” Derek told me placing a kiss on my forehead then left went upstairs. That’s when everything changed.

“What are you really doing here?” Scott asked me, now standing above me with his arms folded.

“What..what do you mean?” I asked, really at confused as what he was on about.

“Oh come on, What are you really doing here. What do you want? To destroy our pack?” Scott told me 

“Who have you killed. How many people have you killed.?” The one called Malia blurted out.

“We’ve had lots of killers in the town, we don’t need anymore! So go!” Stiles told me. How could they think this about me? They don’t me. I have done nothing wrong. I could feel the tears in my eyes, I was angry and upset.  I got up and pushed past the heading towards the door. That’s where Derek came down. He saw that I was crying.

“Baby what’s up? What’s wrong?” He said getting panicky 

“Why not ask you so called pack!” I shouted before running out the door. I was so torn. How could they think that about me?

Derek’s P.O.V

“What the hell did you say to her!” I yelled at the pack. How dare they upset my girlfriend. I was so made at them. I loved her so much. So how she always found a way to make everything better.

“We don’t trust her,” Scott told me “It’s just from all the other girls you have been with turn out to be evil and killers” He continued.

“Y/N is different, all she does is care about me, she’s cares about everyone she meets. She is the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. She is not like them. Don’t you think I can make my own decisions? I’m older than you for crying out loud. How can you be so careless!“ I shouted at them. 

"Derek were…Sor” I didn’t let them finish what they were going to say.

“I’m going to find her and when I do you lot are going to apologise to her!” I shouted a left the loft going to find her. It was hard as I only had to follow her scent. I found her on a bench crying. I ran up to her and pulled her up and into my arms and she burst out crying.

“Baby I’m sorry about them. They are total idiots. They thought that something might bad happen because of my past. But baby you are different. I love you so much. I will shout it from the rooftops I love you and I Don’t care what they say. I love you Y/N. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” I told her hugging her really tight like she was going to leave me. 

“Come back please,” I told her as I kissed her head. She looked up at me and then smile then nodded. We walked back to the loft hand in hand.

When we stepped foot into the loft all the pack were crowded around. They looked upset and guilty. Scott stepped forward.

“Y/N were so so sorry. We’re sorry that we upset you. We didn’t mean to. It’s just that it’s hard to trust people nowadays. Especially werewolves. “ Scott apologised. I knew he meant it I could hear the guilt in his voice.

"It’s okay. And thank you” Y/N told him and gave him a hug. She came back over to me and I hugged her tight.

“We will start all over again”