No Name - Dylan O’Brien (Smut)

Song: Hellberg - The Girl (JPB Remix)

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,648

Warning: Public Sex, Oral, Unprotected, Edging, NSFW

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Sterek ficrecs...

Thank You For This Dance by matildajones  [sterek| M | 62462 | 26/26 | 2016-04-21][Historical AU, Orphan!Stiles, Rich!Derek]

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

just once by stilinskisparkles [sterek| E | 20564 | 2/2 | 2016-07-02] [Royalty AU, Bodyguard!Derek, Prince!Stiles]

“I’m your bodyguard!”

“Yeah, I know, and I get that you’re worried I am somehow living under the illusion you are Kevin Costner and I’m Whitney Houston, but Derek?” Stiles grabs his tie before Derek can stop him, pulls him close enough to murmur in his ear, “I can’t sing.”

Worlds Apart by siny [sterek| E | 92506 | 16/16 | 2016-07-23] [Royalty AU, Prince!Derek]

Derek Hale, Heir Prince of Betonia and Italy, meets Stiles Stilinski, college boy.

It’s Not My Lovestory by LoveActually_rps  [sterek| G | 1653 | 1/1 | 19 Apr 2016][Soulmates AU, First meetings]

When your soulmate’s first words to you were supposed to be etched on your wrist, a blank wrist was quite intriguing and an open invitation to be teased.

Derek’s wrist was missing a soulband.

Every single person in his acquaintance had a soulband, God! Even Greenberg had a soulband.

The Witching Hour by MellytheHun[sterek| T | 8,129 | 1/1 | 30 May 2016][Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Radio]

The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Expiration Dates by KaliopeShipsIt [sterek| M | 226825 | 22/22 | 2015-06-03][Mpreg, Bottom!Derek]

When 13-year old orphaned Derek Hale tests positive as a male carrier, his newly appointed guardian and uncle Peter uses his influence to make the test result go away, aware that in their deeply carrier-phobic society his nephew’s status could prove to be the downfall of the family company.

16 years later Derek is pressured into firing eight months-pregnant Danny Mahealani, creating a publicity scandal that, as the Equal Rights for Carriers movement gains more and more ground, results in an unprecedented media outrage targeted towards Hale & Argent Publishers.

A very reluctant Derek finds himself forced into defending his company’s prejudiced views on national television, facing off in heated debates against Stiles Stilinski, a guy he happened to have a one-night stand with months ago and has been pining over ever since. Stiles is a disgruntled former Hale & Argent employee, a staunch supporter of the ERC movement, he hates everything Derek stands for … and, courtesy of an expired condom, he’s also, unknowingly, the father of the child Derek wasn’t even aware he could carry in the first place.

Ultra Violet by ElisAttack  [sterek| T | 16835| 3/3 | 2016-05-05][Science Fiction, space, Prince!stiles, Mass effect references]

“There’s no way he’s a quarian. Least of all the quarian prince we’re supposed to be escorting.” Erica whines, and Derek wonders why he named her his staff lieutenant, she has no tact whatsoever.

“I’m sorry, but you must be a level 4 friend to unlock my tragic back-story.” The prince jokes. “And call me Stiles, even I can’t pronounce my actual name.”

Or the one where Derek and his crew are assigned to be the glorified babysitter of an alien prince, and everything is not as it seems.

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• • • • Stiles doesn’t know how to explain his bad days. He opens his mouth to try to excuse his fucked-up-ness, but the words that come out are all wrong. They’re wrong and Scott just nods along, like he understands what Stiles is saying but… how? How can he, if Stiles isn’t using the right words?

So he stops explaining, excusing himself, giving reasons with his blurted apologies. He has his bad days, where his head is static and his body feels cold. Days of memories, visions of blood on his hands, a manic smile splitting his face. He has days where his laugh sounds a little too close to his laugh, where someone says a clustering of words—let meyou really have todivineeveryone haspresent—and he’s gone, running for the nearest bathroom stall, shaking, biting back another scream or vomit and it’s all he can do to hide from the grating voice that’s notrealnotrealit’snotreal. 

He has bad bad days. But, Stiles figures everyone has them. They just have trouble explaining it, too.

• • • • Derek doesn’t like to talk about the bad stuff in his life. Actually, he doesn’t like to talk about much, but the bad stuff is something he avoids fervently. That doesn’t mean others don’t bring it up, though. Like Scott talking about pack-dynamics and how much he’s learned, and suddenly, he mentions Derek’s mother. The moment passes. No one blinks an eye, not even Derek. But then, he’s long since managed to hide those flinches of pain. 

He misses the way someone in the pack looks at him when this happens, every single time. He doesn’t miss how the same someone is ready for him, already in the middle of the woods when Derek sheds his skin for fur and flees the loft. He doesn’t miss how Stiles never asks why, or comments on his ‘coping technique’, or tells him what he should be doing instead. It’s like he just knows–of course he knows. 

That, sometimes, you just have bad, bad days.

Irresistible - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,759
Request:  By Anon - omg okay can you do a stiles imagine where you guys bet to see who can go without sex the longest (they’re dating) and the reader is constantly teasing stiles whether it’s eating popsicle in front of him and the pack(who knows about it) or the clothes they’re wearing and then finally he breaks and dom!stiles please & thank you😁

A/N: Shout out to Er @obrosey-af cause she wrote one similar to this and we chatted about it cause I didn’t want her to feel like I was copying, so if you haven’t read Sex Deprived yet please do it!

Stiles had done it to himself. You rolled your eyes, the word vomit coming from your boyfriend’s mouth was no surprise to you. He always spoke before he thought, especially when he’d been drinking, which was his current predicament.

“I’m irresistible. Just admit it.”

You scoffed. “Please. You couldn’t keep your hands off me if you tried.”

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