“Mama, Mama!” Alandra yelled as she slowly went down the dark wooden stairs. She had long brown hair that was just before her bum, her brown sparkly eyes hypnotized everyone who came to visit, and everyone in the family. You looked up with a big smile on your face as you were cooking pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

“What do you need cookies?” You asked leaning over the counter. You always had to watch over Alandra, or she would get into everything. But over the past two years when she was four, she had grown to just be attached to you. She was now six and wanted everything to do with you. She never wanted to leave you alone. Whenever you were cleaning around the house she would only be two steps behind you.

“I want you to see my painting.” She said with a smile; a couple baby teeth were missing, but she was still a beautiful young girl. You nodded in response.

“I will after breakfast, now go get your dad and Sam.” Alandra nodded and ran upstairs to go get the both of them. He breathed out and blew some hair up in the air. He had been really tired lately; it was hard for you to walk long distances. For example, you would be cleaning and after at least 10 minutes you would completely run out of breath. Maybe it was just allergies from it being spring time.

You heard multiple sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs and you started to set the pancakes and eggs on each plate and sat them in the four spots on the dining room table. It was a really modern table; it was complete glass. You put down the salt and pepper in the middle of the table, along with the maple syrup for the pancakes. Once you sat the syrup onto the table and turned around, Stiles was right behind you with a slight smirk on his face.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked as he kissed your forehead before he sat down and grabbed the pepper for his eggs.

“I slept okay, it wasn’t the best, but I at least got some sleep instead of none at all.” You said and sat done on the other side of the table in front of Stiles. Alandra and Sam sat end the ends of the table.

“Mama, can you hand me the maple syrup?” Alandra pointed at the bottle as she tried to sit up and be a little taller than the table. You nodded as you chewed on your pancakes. You grabbed the bottle and handed it to her.

“Now don’t make a mess.”

You looked over at Stiles and he was just staring at you with a big smile on his face. You smiled and moved some hair behind your ear. You looked over at Sam and examined him. Sam never liked to talk, he was very quiet, and he always played with himself instead of Alandra. Sam was three years older than Alandra. Sam wasn’t even eating his food, he just picking at it with his fork.

“Sam, come on, just eat some of it.” Stiles said as he moved his chair closer to Sam. Same looked up at his father and then back down to his plate. He decided to eat some of his pancakes. Sam was very close to his father. Stiles always spoiled him, he took him out for ice cream, he bought him lots of toys and video games, and he always let him go to Scott’s and Kira’s house to play with Justin. Sam and Justin were the same age.

Everyone ate their breakfast and Alandra and Sam both went to their rooms to play or do their homework. You put all the plates and silverware in the sink, and poured some dish soup in the bucket you soak the dishes in. Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed the back of your head.

“I love you.” He whispered in your ear and it made you smile.

“I love you too, baby.” You whispered back and closed your eyes, resting the back of your head on his shoulder.

“I haven’t been feeling very good. I feel nauseous and really dizzy, and my back is starting to hurt.” You explain as you hold his hands that were resting on your stomach.

“You felt like that when you were pregnant with both Sam and Alandra.” He said and you could sense a smile on his face.

“Should we make it a table for five?” He asked and we both laughed a little.

Wasted - Stiles Stilinski. (2)

Based on: Could you do a oneshot/writing thing please? You’re drunk at a friends party andyour boyfriend stiles who isn’t there is worried about you? You can make the ending up as long as it’s fluffy!
Author: Laurianne. 
Note: I just found out I already made this one shot, but Laurianne did it too. So this is a different version from the same request!

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Liam: Video Game Date

This one has been half done for so long. But it just wasn’t working, so I shuffled the paragraphs etc and I was suddenly super into it. Basically, this past three days I’ve been super busy doing nothing. I tried to write some Scott stuff but it’s so hard and I wasn’t letting myself write anything else and yeah. 

“Mason!” You whined, dragging his name out and making him wince. You hid the devious smile that wanted to run across your face at the reaction and instead held his hand in both of yours. “We need to do this. For the greater good. For all kind, man, woman, natural and supernatural.”

“Your argument is so weak; I don’t understand how you think it’s going to work.” He sighed and you could see his walls tumbling, you almost had him.

“Just… Imagine with me. Imagine your utopia, and this is a part of it. It’s there, isn’t it?” Mason rolled his eyes and you grinned triumphantly. “It is there. And we can make that happen, it’s like the first step to a better earth. An earth for our children.”

“You’re making this a lot bigger than it is.” He groaned but he was already nodding so you chose to ignore the comment.

“Alright, are you ready?”

You looked down at the object in your hands dubiously but nodded all the same, glancing at Mason for but a moment before the noise started and your heart rate increased.

You struck out, knife scraping against flesh as you grunted. Then your opponent hit back and you yelped, the hits suddenly raining down. Within seconds, you were gasping irregularly, you could practically see the life draining out of you, red tinting your vision.

Then you died.

“What the hell! Why is this so difficult!” You snapped, wanting to throw the controller but also not wanting to be unreasonable because Mason had that effect on you. The be reasonable, it can’t be that bad effect. It was probably a side effect of his charming nature and the fact that out of all the pack members, you and he were the most similar. Human and delighted by Bretts everything.

“You just need to practice, and I mean… If you can’t beat me, you’ll never beat Liam.” He smirked and you growled, hitting the replay button with more force than necessary.

“This time, less frantic. You know where the buttons are and you know which ones work which way. You can still press them wildly but have a little finesse with the order.” He coached and you inhaled, nodding seriously. No way would you knock the Mr Miyagi persona if it got you what you wanted.

Your brow furrowed as your thumb jabbed down on the buttons, roughly recreating combos you remembered doing accidentally before. You watched Masons character swing their broadsword out, just as your own sword swung down, the magic whatevers on it helping the weapon slice, cutting him in half from shoulder to hip.

“Oh. My. Good Lord.” You breathed, exultation filling you, your expression likely wild. You turned your head to Mason slowly, the rest of your body facing the screen, and grinned. “I just killed you.”

You doubted the reality, but in your head, it felt like a very paranormal horror movie moment.

He only rolled his eyes, stating “You’ve only done it once. You’re still not good enough yet.”

But you weren’t listening. You were looking at screen as your Troll Guy danced around.

“I cut you in half!” You laughed, clicking the rematch button gleefully, confidence flooding your veins.

It was hours later when the pair of you finally finished. You had a raging headache, a crick in your neck and your eyes were on fire. Mason led you to the front door, slumping against the frame as he gave you a weak smile.

“Alright. You should be able to beat him at least once.” Mason sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly and you nodded.

“Thank you, my dearest, I shall retire now.” You mumbled, giving him a lordly nod before turning and stumbling down his porch stairs.

“See you tomorrow!” He called after you and you raised a hand, your eyes already half closed as you autopilot walked the few streets home.

Liams lips pressed against yours, arms closing you in, your back bounded by the cold metal of the lockers. Your hands curl into his fluffly hair, fingers sifting the duckling soft strands.

“Oh god! It’s like watching Dora and Diego make out, please, stop!” Stiles complains, hands flinging out in your general direction.

Following the orders, you slid out from between Liam and the lockers, pressing a hand against his chest when he tried to pull you back.

“Bosses orders buddy, sorry.” You grinned, leaning against his shoulder companionably, fingers entwining.

“He’s trying to destroy all the fun, like making out against lockers so that no one flirts with you anymore.” He said sullenly and you whacked him on the chest with the back of your hand.

“He sort of has a point. I mean, I would’ve been super cut if I saw you making out with someone back when I had a crush on you.” You laugh, and Liam’s chest puffs out slightly. Leaning back slightly, he gave you a goofy look.

“Aw babe, you had a crush on me? That’s embarrassing.” He grinned and you gasped before bursting out laughing.

“We’re dating.” You grinned back and he laughed.

“Still.” Your head turned to Stiles’ joyfully.

“He’s learning.” You whispered and Stiles made a gagging sound but you ignored him, still caught up in the moment.

“You guys are disgusting.” Stiles muttered, noticing that neither of you were going to say anything, before turning and heading down the hallway, his hand rising and falling in his laziest follow me gesture yet.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” You called at his retreating back before picking up the pace and pulling Liam along after you.

“You’re not going to study again tonight, are you?” He groaned, coming even with you and nudging your hip with his, almost making you trip.

“You guys are so gross; I can’t even look at you.” Mason muttered, stepping up next to Stiles as the group of you headed out into the sunshine. Way to take all the fun out of it.

“We aren’t studying again.” You announced, taking his hands and pulling him into a jerky dance that he tried to resist, instead walking backwards and leading you after Mason and Stiles. You kept the moves up, making him flush slightly and grin, coming to a stop at the lunch tables where the group waited.

“You two need to stop!” Stiles complained from the seat he’d just taken by Lydia, who was watching you and Liam like an old person who’s remembering their younger days with fondness and you groaned.

“We are enjoying our youth in the middle of a crisis, Stiles!” You growled back, kicking a foot high and wild in his general direction to the amusement of the others. Saying no more as you pulled Liam into the seats beside Isaac.

“Enjoying your youth or embarrassing all of us, except Liam, who has no shame when it comes to you.” Stiles grouched and you rolled your eyes.

“Get your own relationship, party pooper.” You grouched back, giving him a sly look that he returned gleefully.

“Okay, let’s move on.” Scott muttered, definitely tired of the honeymoon phase you and Liam somehow couldn’t escape. You leant against the blue eyed boys warmth, giving Isaac a dopey smile that he shook his head at.

“You bring dishonour on the family.” He mouthed at you and you grinned happily.

“I can live with dishonour.” You mouthed back with a smirk and he gave you an affectionate smile.

“What if…” You began, sitting up slightly and pushing Liam flat so you could climb aboard and assert the moment. When you didn’t immediately talk, caught up in just looking at him, he squeezed your thigh.


“What if we played your games tonight?” You mumbled, gesturing to the stack of disc cases by the TV vaguely. Not that you were feeling vague, you knew exactly which two you could win at. Two in case he said pick between these three and only one was in the group.

“You really want to?” He said curiously, but you could see the spark. He was very interested. Maybe he was even going to do the whole “teach her how to do it while our bodies touch all over”.

“I mean, yeah why not?” You gave him a small smile and he sat up so that you were face to face.

“You’re fantastic.” He mumbled, eyes earnest and content on yours as he gave you a slow and tender kiss. It didn’t last long though, him pulling away and giving you a wide mischievous grin. “No more kissing. Prepare to meet your doom!”

You giggled as he wriggled out from under you, half diving onto the carpet before the TV and grabbing at the cases then hesitating. He gave you a soft look over his shoulder and you grinned upside down at him.

“Do you want to pick?” He smiled and you rolled over, crawling until you’d plopped down next to him and scanned the titles.

“This one.” You said definitely, pulling out the one that of the two you were best at and handing it over. He didn’t hesitate, barely looking at the cover before sliding the disk into the console and settling against the bed.

You grabbed your controller, knee walking until you were right next to him and collapsing against his side, making him grunt an oof. Not that it stopped him from leaning into you just as much.

“Say it!” You commanded at your prone and blinking boyfriend from where you knelt beside him. “You have to say it!”

“Y/N is more powerful than anything ever, including the supernatural, the British army back in the day and small pox crossed with the black plague.” He groaned out and you cackled evilly, hands rising from where you’d been poking and tickling him. “How did you beat me?” His voice came out awe filled and a little afraid.

You gave him a secretive smile and he rolled his eyes, pulling you down so you landed half on him, half on the carpet.

“I’d say I love you, but I’ve loved you for ages, half the time as a friend. I’m in love with you, Y/N.” He murmured against your cheek and you sighed contentedly.

“Same.” You said softly, trying to hide a grin and he pulled back, giving you a disturbed and wounded look before catching on your expression. For a moment, things seemed to slow down. You watched the emotions combine onto his face to coalesce into the look of a cat about to pounce. Less than a second later he rolled onto you, his head burying itself in the crook of your neck, his mouth opening and his teeth biting and gnawing onto you playfully and you shrieked a laugh.

“Noooo!” You howled, as Liam pulled back laughing and grinning, his eyes practically hearts as they looked at you. “I’ve been cursed! Oh what heartbreak, for I am forever bound to the whims of the moon, forced to turn beastly at it’s filled peak! Oh lycanthropy, my new friend, shall we never part?”

Liam watched you, snorting at your finish and you gave him a goofy look.

“I’m in love with you too, Dog Boy.” You said softly, the words heavily weighted as he leant down and kissed you gently, both of you wearing smiles you couldn’t hide.

Yay! Gooey and goofy and gross. I’m really going to try and do another Scott one, because Scotts numbers on the list are so low but it’s mega hard. Also, this and the Derek one coming took/are taking a while because I need to get the lay out of their houses/rooms/lofts right. Willy nilly is not my thing, also where is his bathroom/kitchen/everything other than a bed and single couch??? Don’t answer that, I’m working on it.