Stiffness human

A thing about humans that would freak out aliens. We get fat.

No, hear me out. Earth is so damn hazardous, that we evolved ridiculously overpowered energy storage. We can go without food for days, even weeks, because sometimes our ancestors had to. And now we’ve got plenty of food, but our energy storage system is still so overclocked that we can develop layers of fuel so thick it’s like armour.

Imagine all those stick-thin aliens being scared stiff because humans are so good at eating everything our bodies store ALL OF IT.


The first and second world wars being famous, of course, for the fact that they left absolutely no psychological scars on anyone involved.

Imagine getting to 73 and being this much of a fucking bellend.

Jimin Scenario: To Hold You.

Request: Requests are open! Yaaay Can you write a vampire prince AU, where he have a human girl for a while now, & he took her to his “vampire palace” to get to know more of his vampire side, his family & what they do. With How surprise she’s of seeing him as a prince & royal. The plot could be how sweet he’s with her, & fearless with the others specially his enemy. You can add a fight scene if that helps. & you can end it as you wish. I just can’t take vampire prince jimin out of my hand after BS&T

Vampire AU.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

-I’m not sure if this is right- you muttered as you opened the door for Jimin. You were ready to go, you had told your maid to brush your hair until it shone and then you had pinned half of it with a pretty broach Jimin had gifted you a few months ago. It was beautiful as it was antique, and you couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it than to go to his place for the first time.

-Of course it is- he assured with a smile, dashing, was the only word you had to describe him. Jimin was beautiful beyond words, but that one seemed to adjust somewhat right. He had this odd shade of hair, blond, but with an ashy tone that with a certain amount of light looked lilac. -Everything is ready, unless you don’t want to go- he suggested softly. 

You did want to go, you died with curiosity to go to his place, that by the rumors it was something huge and out of the ordinary, everyone talked about it, the high palace by the hill, but not many people dared to go there.

-I want to- you affirmed and that made Jimin take your hand to pull you out of your house. The carriage was just in front of your street. You really liked it, it was luxurious but cozy on the inside, the two white horses that pulled from it made great contrast with the black material of the carriage itself. -I’m just a bit nervous-

-Nonsense Y/N- Jimin laughed helping you in after the driver opened the door for you and Jimin extended a hand for you to get in easily.

He was holding your hand as you rode there, but that didn’t make anything to your nerves. -So everyone is going to be there? Your parents? Your brothers? Friends?-

-Of course!- he chirped. -I gathered everyone for this special occasion-

-How thoughtful- you mused making him laugh. -And are they really ok with it? I mean won’t they want to… eat me?-

At that Jimin lost his smile, shaking head. -No one will ever do such thing, bringing a human isn’t perhaps the most common thing for us but- he kissed the back of your hand smiling a little again. -But I already spoke about it and there’s no turning back, I found you Y/N, I couldn’t ever let go of you-

You smiled at him this time. -We found each other-

-This way you can know more about me too, more about us, and that way you can be sure if you want… this, this kind of life- he finished with a sigh.

-I wish to know it all, but you can’t blame me to be nervous though- He chuckled amused with that. -I’m serious, are royal vampires as mean and ruthless as human monarchs?-

-They are- Jimin conceded enjoying your eyes going wide to then chuckle once more. -But not towards you, you are with me Y/N, everyone will treat you like they would if you were…- he laughed lightly like he was enjoying some secret joke and you hit him with your fan.

-Like what my lord?-

-Don’t call me that- he nagged but still with a laugh in his mouth. -Like my wife-

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The Changes You Can't See - a MikaYuu drabble

Yuu feels a little stupid he’s never noticed: Mika can’t sleep.

Naturally, he’d assume Mika would lay down in his room at night, because that’s what you do… when you’re human.

“You seriously never noticed?” Mika watches him incredulously.

Yuu scratches the back of his head, embarrassed. “I never paid it much attention…”

That’s a pretty Yuu thing to do, Mika must decide. He takes the explanation without much more of a fight, sighing a little.

Yuu can hear the ‘incredible" in that tiny puff of air.

He steps next to Mika, leaning against the shabby house wall, and looks out the starry night sky like Mika does. “How does it feel not being able to sleep?” Yuu asks in innocent curiosity.

Mika doesn’t answer. Yuu can feel him becoming stiff.

“… Not human,” He spits the words reluctantly.

Yuu huffs. The answer doesn’t please him, and silence is all that passes between them for a moment.

He thinks it must be lonely… to stand out here every night on his own– like the nights when Yuu would cry as a child. So loudly, apparently, that a soldier would snitch him to Guren and make him check on Yuu.

He wonders, did Mika cry too? Did he cry alone in a room, not getting the image of his family dying out of his head?

Did he have a Guren who came to check on him? Someone who stayed until he fell asleep?

“I can’t sleep,” Yuu lies, the words coming out of nowhere.

He turns to look at Mika, his face as innocent as ever. “Will you stay with me?”

Mika’s eyes grow wide. “You want me to stay with you in your room?”

“I want you to stay with me in my bed.”

Mika blushes. Even in the lacking light, Yuu can see it - feel it - more likely.

He lifts his hand to touch Mika’s cheek, the skin hot, stroking over his cheekbone with his thumb. “Will you?”


Mika glances to the side.

“I guess.”


You’d think it’d be awkward to share a bed, but somehow… both seem to know exactly what to do.

Yuu faces the wall, laying on his side, and Mika casually places an arm around him from behind.

“This feels like something we’d do as children…” Mika mumbles, his voice full of warmth. He’s so close, his breath spills into Yuu’s hair, disturbing it.

Mika adds, “When you were still a crybaby.”

“I wasn’t a crybaby,” Yuu grumbles in protest. The tips of his ears feel hot.

“You were. You’d think I didn’t see with your back turned to me, but I did.”

Yuu grows silent. His brain is slowly connecting the puzzle pieces. “… Is that why you’d come lie next to me?”


There’s a smile in Mika’s voice.

Yuu’s ears grow hotter, and Mika presses a kiss to the back of Yuu’s head.

They don’t say anything for a while. There’s only the sound of them breathing and the beat of their hearts.

“Thank you,” Yuu mumbles eventually.

Mika’s presence always had something soothing. It felt like he wanted to be around Yuu, and Yuu wanted the same. It’s almost like they sought comfort in each other - back then - as they do now.

Mika mumbles back, “I have to thank /you./”

He shuffles closer, holding Yuu a little tighter, like he’s preparing himself to join Yuu in sleep.

Yuu forgets quickly that it’s something that Mika can’t do.

And never will.



  1. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss [x]
    I started reading The Name of the Wind in 2014, but I only finished it at the beginning of 2015. It wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it, it was the very opposite of it: I was loving it so much I didn’t want it to end. The writing style is so beautiful it makes you wanna keep reading it forever. I’m planning on reading the sequel, The Wise’s Man Fear, in 2016 and I know I’ll make everything for it to last forever.
  2. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton [x]
    I always loved the Jurassic Park movies, and I knew it was a book, but I never care enough to read it - until the new movie was coming out, and I was totally pumped about it and we, Brazilians, got a totally stunning edition of the book. I bought it, I read it and I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to read its sequel as well.
  3. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr [x]
    I got this for my birthday this year and @violinwaist told me to read it. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The story is heavy but told with such a delicacy you don’t even mind when it rips your heart out. 
  4. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn [x]
    That might be funny but everytime I felt like no reading at all, or when I was hating everything, Gillian Flynn and her books were the ones that made me feel better again - I read her three books, and her novella (The Grownup), this year. I could put any of them or all of them in this list. I saved Sharp Objects, the only one I haven’t read by November, to the very end because I knew it would make everything better. But Dark Places was the one that fell closest to my heart. I love the dark sometimes even supernatural feel it has, I love the end, I love Libby with all her flaws and I love Lyle so much. 
  5. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent [x]
    Gina told me to read this (do you guys remember her? The loviest person alive? Her blog was paygeturner) last year I think. Or at the very beginning of this year. I was procrastinating reading it because I feel like I would enjoy it so much more if I read it in a physical copy. Now, at the end of the year, I decided to give it a shot and Burial Rites was the last book I’ve read. The writing is so beautiful and poetic, the main character, Agnes, is so fantastic and interesting. And it’s a quick read - if you start now you’ll probably finish it before midnight! The Goodreads says it was inspired by a true story, but it was more than that. The author, Hannah Kent, did a full and deep research about Agnes, she uses true letters at the beginning of the chapters, most of the names are real, the places she mentions still exist. I don’t have words to describe how much I fell in love with this book.
  6. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach [x]
    I love non-fiction books. I love books and essays about cadavers, serial killers, anatomy and everything in between. This book was a blast! Yes, Roach talks about cadaver and about lots of awful and disgusting things that happens to them, some experiments and such, but she does all that with humour and inserting fun facts here and there. I’ve learnt so much by reading this book and I couldn’t stop talking about it while I was reading it - my mother hated me for that, because I kept talking about how much someone can eat before the stomach explodes during dinner, and how some people tried making head implants (that was so horrifying).
  7. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day [x]
    I love Felicia Day, that was made me pick up her book to read, and I was so glad I did. It’s not that common to find memoir by someone like Felicia, someone who’s just like us nerds, who grew up on a computer, playing games and finding their best friends online. When I was growing up it the computer was starting to be something everybody could have, and when my parents bought us one I would spend hours playing on it. When the internet came, I would spend hours in forums and online games and taking to people - I still do that for the most part of my life. And it’s great to read someone you admire talking about it, and about the anxiety and depression. 
  8. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell [x]
    Everybody knows I love Rainbow Rowell, and most of you know I’m actually rereading Carry On right now. There’s something about her writing that it feels like going home after a long time, and Carry On having that Harry Potter feel to it makes it even more intense. The World of Mages felt like something I knew all my life, and it helped that we already knew and loved Simon and Baz. 
  9. The Diviners by Libba Bray [x]
    I started reading this book in 2013, I think, but I put it down after a few chapters - again because I felt I would enjoy it more if I was reading it on a physical copy. But this year I got tired of waiting the day I’d be able to buy one and started reading my e-book of it, and I just couldn’t stop reading it. The writing is addicting and everything is so intense, you’re always wanting to know what’s going to happen. (But it didn’t scare me, which made me sad.)
  10. The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell [x]
    What’s better than a book that talks about books and bookshops and people that are passionate about books?? Nothing, I can tell you that. This book made me feel so emotional (I swear, I cried so much reading it and there’s nothing sad about it, but I just couldn’t stop). I loved reading about people’s experiences with books, and how they fell in love with it. At the end, I eve sent Jen Campbell an e-mail thanking her and she was the sweetest!
It is astounding to me, and achingly sad, that with eighty thousand people on the waiting list for donated hearts and livers and kidneys, with sixteen a day dying there on that list, that more then half of the people in the position H’s family was in will say no, will choose to burn those organs or let them rot. We abide the surgeon’s scalpel to save our own lives, out loved ones’ lives, but not to save a stranger’s life. H has no heart, but heartless is the last thing you’d call her.
—  Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
Adopted Sibling!Jeongchan

Notes: I had a lot of fun writing this! So this originally was a jihoon scenario but it turned out sweet, in a sibling way. So i think it trend out better without the romance! Requests are open~

•you are a dragon hybrid
•you have the body of a human except you have horns, a tail and wings!
•you’re an ice dragon, so your wings are made up of blue hues with little clear spots
•like other hybrids, you were accidentally made and society had decided that they couldn’t just kill you so hybrids had become a part of society
•cat and dog hybrids were the most common, followed by birds or mice hybrids
•dragons were not common, or other reptiles really, they just weren’t considered cute
•hybrids had their own kind of orphanage and people could come and adopt them, mostly as companions but some people were mean
•they were rumors of underground hybrid fight, where hybrids would get taken off the street and made to fight each other
•it was a cruel world, but wasn’t it always one

•hybrids aged the same was as humans, but they grew into their bodies a little quicker
•while a thirteen year old human would be beginning puberty, a thirteen year old dog hybrid would be done
•so by ten years old, most hybrids were entering puberty
•except for you, you always had to go the extra mile, didn’t you?
•you hit puberty by the time you were nine, finishing when you turned twelve
•you had a baby face, but you’re body was fully grown, your wings were attached to your body
•with your tail coming out, you acted like a dog quite a bit though
•when you were happy, your tail would swag from side to side
•your teeth were quite pointy as well, but funnily enough you didn’t enjoy eating meat
•preferring to eat vegetables or sweets
•at the age of sixteen, you still lived in the same orphanage you were born in
•hybrids came and went, human families did the same
•you’d like to say you were used to it, but it still hurt when you heard people say that you were to old to be adopted
•it hurt to hear that you were inadequate, that you were to rare, too hard to take care of
•most of your days were spent up in your room, which you shared with one other hybrid, a polar bear hybrid named Hana
•she and you were paired up for two reasons, that you both liked and needed the cold, and that neither of you were most likely going to be adopted
•she was optimistic though, choosing to help the children look neat when people came
•you were opposites yet she was a part of you
•"y/n! People are coming!“
•Hana yelled, her messy white hair all over the place as she ran into the room
•"they come all the time Hana.”
•but you got up, knowing that she would force you to come downstairs
•"I hope they take jimin, or taemin! Not that I don’t live them, but they’re aging, and I don’t want them to end up like me.“
•giving her a sympathetic smile, you held her hand as the two of you walked down the stairs
•Downstairs had all of the hybrids, looking nice and clean unlike their normal selves
•in chairs, their were three sets of adults, only one couple with a kid standing next to them
•"children, these are the Jeons, Kim’s, and Yoon’s. They are looking for hybrids, one by one they’ll list personality traits, if you don’t fit in them, take a step back.”
•the head mistress said, she would say the same speech someone came
•"we want a little girl, energetic, bubbly and smart"
•children took steps back, their face getting grim as they knew this might be their chance to get adopted
•the only girl left was a small girl named somi, a hyperactive puppy hybrid
•the Jeons left, similar happily following them, so they could fill out the paperwork
•"we want a boy, someone who dances well, and gets along well with other kids.“
•jimin and taemin were the only ones still standing next to each other, their hands intertwined
•"someone who likes dogs, and can be witty, smart.”
•they both remained there, giggling at how they both fell within these categories
•a chipmunk hybrid and a fox hybrid were friends, who would have expected that?
•the Kims whispered to the head mistress who nodded, and sent the kims to the office
•"jimin, taemin. Get your stuff.“
•they grinned at each other before running upstairs to where they resided
•only the Yoons were left, with a boy who looked the same age as you
•"we want someone who is smart, in their teens, independent.”
•kids took a step back, leaving what the older kids called the reject club
•"someone who would like siblings, and likes to read.“
•hearing a few people take a step back, you looked around to see who was in the line
•only to see that you were the only one left, the one who filled the criteria
•meaning that you were going to get adopted?
•"very well, y/n go and pack up.”
•the head mistress said, takin the Yoon family into the office herself
•"Y/N! You’re leaving the reject club!“
•Hana yelled, grabbing your hands and twirling around
•"yeah…I guess I am.”
•it was a strange feeling that overcame you, leaving the only place you knew, just to leave with strangers that you could hopefully call family
•you didn’t have that many belongings, only a few books, clothes and a stuffed goat/bat hybrid plushie you won at a fair
•walking back downstairs, you hugged the teens who had practically grown up with you
•they congratulated you on getting adopted, saying how lucky you were to leave this hell hole
•the head mistress called your name from inside the office
•squeezing Hana one more time, you let go of her and walked inside the office
•the boy was now sitting on a chair, his black hair being very messy
•his eyes were a dark brown but he had this huge grin on his face
•"y/n, this is your new family. The Yoon-Lee family.”
•waving your hand as a hello, you smiled softly
•when you got outside with your new family, the boy introduced himself
•"hi I’m chan! I’m your brother, the younger one! Well we’re both sixteen but you’re older. We have an older brother too! His name is jeonghan, he’s a bit of a prankster.“
•Chan said as you got in the car, his parents were smiling at the interaction between you two
•you tried to keep up with the one sided conversation, listening to him talk about neighbors, friends, his biological dad who picked him up on weekends
•you nodded and added small sound that made it sound like you knew what he was talking about
•"chan! Slow down, we don’t want to overwhelm them, do we?”
•the woman, his mom said, laughing slightly
•chan’s face turned pink, as he stuck his tongue out
•the car ride was mostly silent, except for chan pointing out landmarks
•like a school, fast food places, a skate park, a hybrid store
•when you pulled up to a house, chan unbuckled quickly, and opened up the car door, running across the street, to knock on the door
•you got out of the car, stretching your wings
•your tail stiff, since human cars weren’t exactly made for you
•stretching out your limbs, you yawned, moving was hard work
•taking your backpack and slinging it on your shoulder, avoiding your wings, you followed the Yoon-Lee’s inside
•the outside of the house was cute, it was white with brown doors and an actual white picket fence
•but the interior was beautiful, there was a mantel in the living room, where a photograph hung of chan and his parent and the older brother jeonghan
•the woman, led you upstairs to your new room
•it was plain, but better than you’ve ever had before
•"we didn’t want to paint it, we wanted you to. Give it a y/n spin on it.“
•she said leaning against the doorway as she watched you look around the room
•it had a closet in it, and two windows!
•"Thank you Mrs. Yoon-Lee.”
•you spoke softly, but the excitement came through the tone of your voice
•"it’s no problem at all y/n, if you’re ever ready you can call me mom. Or just Mrs. Lee, I didn’t take my husbands name.“
•the first sentence shocked you, who would want a strange teen to call them mom?
•"thank you Mrs. Lee, it means a lot.”
•she smiled once more and walked away, to leave you alone for a while
•laying down on the bed, you noticed the difference from your old one to this one
•this one was soft, while the old one was like sleeping on bricks
•curling into a ball, you let you wings open up around you, curling your tail around your body
•and then you drifted off to sleep

•there was knocking on the door, slowly sitting up, you padded over to the sound that awoke you
•"y/n! Mom says that you should get up since jeonghan’s almost here and dinners almost ready!“
•Chan said, his face covered in sweat
•"why…are you soaked?”
•taking a pause mid sentence to yawn and rub the sleep out of your eyes, you questioned the younger boy
•"seungkwan and Vernon were playing with the hose, and I thought that it’d be fun to join them.“
•he was laughing as he spoke, making you want to laugh along even though you had no clue who those people were
•"okay. I’ll be down soon.”
•closing the door gently, you went to the bed where you had placed you backpack
•opening it up, you found a shirt and a pair of shorts
•removing your original clothes, you put on the new comfortable ones
•walking out of your room, you walked down the stairs, making a left turn you ended up in the living room
•walking back to the hallway, you made a right turn this time, where a bathroom, closet, and the entrance to the kitchen was
•"good evening sleepy head.“
•Mr. Yoon said in a sing songey voice
•waving a hello, you walked over to where mrs. lee was washing vegetables
•asking her if she needed any help, she cooed over you before telling you to sit down
•just as you did the doorbell rang
•"I’ll get it!”
•Chan yelled, running down the stairs then opening the door
•his parents shook their head, making you giggle
•"mom, jeonghan’s here~ and he bought company.“
•chan said wiggling his eyebrows as he walked through the door
•in came four boys, one of who you could guess who it was
•"jeonghan, this is y/n. Y/n, jeonghan.”
•she introduced you to the black haired male, and suddenly you were self conscious of yourself
•looking at the table, you waited for dinner to start, not wanting to look at any of the males who came in
•"Mom this is jihoon, he’s helping me in music.“
•jeonghan’s motioned to the green haired male, who had an awkward smile on his face
•"hyung! How is college?”
•chan asked jeonghan, efficiently saving the awkward silence
•jeonghan began to complain about teachers, as he did you zoned out
•thinking about how tired you were, and how you were irritated for no reason
•"how about you y/n?“
•mrs. lee asked, and everyone’s eyes were on you
•blushing, you asked her to repeat what they were talking about
•"we asked about what you wanted to be! I want to be a dancer!”
•chan replied, happily stuffing pasta into his mouth
•"I…hadn’t thought about it.“
•that was a lie, you had thought about it
•you weren’t sure you were going to even escape the orphanage, or what would happen to you after
•you’d get an apartment but then what, work at a gas station or a bar?
•there were so many possibilities, and not all of them were good
•actually most of them weren’t
•"can I be excused?”
•you asked, not wanting to cause a scene but needing to be away from people for a while
•mr. yoon nodded and you stood up from your chair, taking mrs. lee for the meal
•you walked to back to your room, where you kept the lights off and went in a corner
•the room felt so big, so different, it was a change
•you could feel you breath becoming sharp, your eyes teary
•taking gasps of breath, you tried to calm yourself down
•digging your nails into your thigh where hundreds of other little crescents laid
•what felt like hours passed, but was probably only minutes
•you breathing had evened out, leaving you with hiccups
•"y/n, mom said to come tell you that dessert is out if you want some.“
•jeonghan said, flicking on the lights to your bedroom
•when he saw that you weren’t in your bed, he looked around
•seeing you in the corner, he came closer after shutting the door
•"oh y/n.”
•jeonghan said softly, brushing hair out of your face as he crouched down next to you
•flinching away from his fingers, you kept your eyes on his hand, unsure of his intentions
•"I just want to help, is that alright y/n?“
•he asked, his voice gentle
•barely nodding, you let him wipe the remains of your tears
•he stood up, then offered you a hand
•cautiously taking it, you followed him
•he led you to the bed, where he told you to sit as he went to the bathroom
•sitting on the soft bed, you watched him leave the room
•being very still, you tried not to move, to keep your mind off the thoughts that would plague your mind
•when the black haired male returned, he had two towels in his hands
•"I’m going to clean your face, is that okay?”
•jeonghan asked, his voice still quiet
•nodding once more, you let him place the warm, wet towel on your face
•he scrubbed your face with the towel, as gentle as he could
•it was nice to have someone doing something for you, but also strange
•since the orphanage was mostly every person for themselves
•"jeonghan? Y/n?“
•chan wandered into the room, calling for the two of you
•seeing both of you sitting on the bed, he plopped down next to the two of you
•"already making them cry, jeonghan?”
•Dino asked smugly, leaning on jeonghan who had started to dry your face with the dry one
•watching the elder boy roll his eyes at the younger boy, with a fond smile on his face
•snorting at the two of them, you let jeonghan hold your hand
•chan’s head was resting on jeonghan’s shoulder, as he smiled at the two of you
•"you’re family, y/n. You can tell us anything.“
•jeonghan said, his thumb running over the back of your hand, as the three of you sat on your bed
•in your new house, with your family

•"honey get the camera! Aww, chan and hannie haven’t slept in the same bed since chan was nine.”

•"that little fucker, we had work to do.“
•"quiet down, short stack.”
•"fuck off cheol.“


Steven Universe - Werewolf/Greaser Pack AU


Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past 2 days- An AU for SU, but instead of Gems, we have Werewolves! Better yet, Greaser-styled Werewolves!

I want to turn this AU into a project, like have comics, screen redraws, etc. The question now is if anyone will read em?

If any of you want more details about this AU, just shoot me an ask and I’ll gladly answer them!

Special facts about each character under the cut!

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bossgiovanni-archive  asked:

Do you take pictures of you feline studies or is it from recent memory? I always found it painfully difficult to study animals without taking a picture but with a picture, you lose that special dose of life I can't explain. It's not the same from when I was in art school, drawing a very still human model.

Stiffness can be a huge problem when drawing solely from a photo! I definitely agree that it’s easy to lose that “life”. I’ll use this question as an opportunity to talk a little bit about this subject if that’s alright!

The problem of course arises that 1) animals don’t stay still unless they’re asleep 2) even when drawing a live human model, poses tend to be something static that’s easy to keep for a period of time. So capturing motion and life can be hard. 

I always have plenty of reference material to draw on for inspiration and the like, but in general I’ve found working attentively from a single photo will kill the life from my pieces. (It is possible though, so if you’re a client who could only provide one photo of your animal it’s okay! Just not preferable.) For example, for the recent study I did here the client had two photos they liked pose wise, but close to 100 photos on their tumblr for me to browse to capture light, expression, personality, motion, gesture, and the like. 

So I have multiple suggestions, all things that help me immensely:
1) Really learn the anatomy, bone and muscle structure, of whatever subject you’re drawing. This way, you can always add flair from your imagination and can easily fill in blanks if working from a blurry video or set of photos. Which brings me to the next tip;
2) Take videos of the animal/subject. Even just low quality phone videos are fine, after all if you’re working mostly from memory and just using them as a jumping off point you can fill in the blanks! Or;
3) Take a series of photos. That way you can follow through the motion your subject is making. When I’m taking reference photos of my animals, I’m always taking as many as possible. I find a gesture I like, usually somewhere in between a few photos, and fill in the blanks. Understanding the overall motion is what will bring your drawings to life, I’ve found
4) Do lots of quick gesture studies from life. I’ve found generally, the bigger database of fluid poses in your memory the easier it is to pull life into drawings.
5) Study cartooning, especially line of action concepts. I know that may seem unrelated, but having a clear line of action and fluid motion through your pieces goes a LONG way!

I really hope this was helpful for you, good luck!

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 20 : Operetta (Part 3 : Middle picture + quick translation of the diary entry)

Rock ‘n’ Roller skates

Hey Fynn! Wait til ya’ll hear what I just did : I joined a sport team! Yeah this diva is done with her solo career… at least when it comes to the Skullimate Roller Maze. I wasn’t really into it at first but some pretentious gargoyles said ghouls couldn’t join the SKRM, and ya’ll know I couldn’t let them insult us and do nothing about it. I put on my skates and started to show ‘em that a ghoul can play just as well as any manster. When I calmed down, I started to really enjoy playing with my teammates. In fact, you can win SKRM if you hog the spotlight - you need to trust your team to succeed. It was hard on my ego at first before I realized that, but thankfully my teammates are the best ghouls I’ve ever met. We have a legend on our team called Robecca Steam. She’s a bit stiff on human relations but when she gets herself steamed up for a race, she’s absolutely unbeatable. As for Rochelle Goyle, she may be as sweet as an olive-coffin cupcaken but put her on the track and her moves are impressive. I learn a lot from these two ghouls - we even rehearsed a mad double move that sends Robecca through the defense like a rocket. Nobody’s figured out how to stop her yet. I might be a diva but I think I can still play with a team, especially one that is as darn fun as this one!

In Morning

Parts: Dying Rights, Lullabye, In Morning, Dry Drown


His human was beautiful.

Alfred knew now, for certain, that his human was a very attractive specimen. His muscles were firm and his eyes sparkled like the sea and although he might not be able to pass as a merman he was, still, a very fine catch.

Tracking him had been easy enough. The magic that bound the two of them together always pulled at Alfred, coaxing him in the human’s direction gently with a reminder of where his most cherished magic had gone. The others in his pod knew better than to question his decision, not out of respect but out of etiquette. Anyone who gave up their gift never did so easily, but there was always a reason deep down inside of them, whether they could explain it or not.

And so he left them in order to follow after the creature he had kissed. And he was beyond glad that he had.

To anyone else, he appeared a dolphin, but were someone clever they might notice that the local pods avoided him as best they could. He hadn’t befriended them yet and he lurked the shores like an anxious predator; he couldn’t blame them for their caution.

Beyond the shore, his human sensed him.

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If I could recreate the world however I want, I’d change the way it treats androids. I wouldn’t change the fact that I am one.” from “The Reasons For Us

Guys. Guuuys. Pay attention, this an incredibly important message. 

This is how anyone (even if not from a minority) should feel about themselves. No one should feel ashamed of what they are, and it makes no sense to keep on trying to be someone else: it just turns your life into a miserable existence. As long as you are not harming someone else by accepting and embracing your nature, be proud of who you truly are. Always strive to better yourself, yes, but as someone with a conscience and enough free will to choose to be a positive presence on Earth, not because someone else wishes you to appear/be/think differently. 

Every AH fanart I make comes with a dedication. So I’m dedicating this to my girlfriend, the first person who made me feel like “ok, everything is fine, relax, being 100% yourself is fine, you’re fine”. And to starandrea, of course, who is the one who put into words one of my strongest beliefs. 

(also#2, let’s celebrate a new chapter of The Reasons For Us and tonight’s #savealmosthuman tweetout ù7u/)

Being on your period is like having every symptom/side effect ever

Cramps? Check

Nausea? Check

Vomiting? Check

Bleeding? CHECK

Dizziness? Check

Fainting? Check

Sleepiness? Check

Spotty vision? Check

Sore Muscles? Check

Mood swings? Check

Insomnia? Check

Abdominal Pain? chECK

Shortness of breath? Check

Swelling? Check

Stiff joints? Check

Anxiety? Check

Back pain? Check

Bloating? Check

Headaches? Check

Increased Appetite? YEs