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Part 17 of the Stucky Sticky Note series//They might have both taken art lessons, but they didn’t really stick for Bucky. 

[Post-it/Stickies Guide]


Ways to Use Post-it/Stickies:

1. Flags:

  • They are quite small. 
  • Can be used as bookmarks. 
  • To note important pages.
  • To write down an important word/key word to that you wish to study.
  • A small memo.

2. Mini Sticky Notes.

  • Bigger Surface Area to Write on than the flag.
  • You can write down a word on one side and the definition on the other.
  • You can recopy an example done in class (if it is not too long…)
  • You can sketch a mini-diagram/graph.
  • Still use it as a bookmark.
  • Write down Important Tasks/Memos.
  • Motivational Quotes/Inspirational Sayings.
  • A Short List of Things to Buy
  • To-Do List
  • Cover something up if you make a mistake.
  • Doodles

3. Sticky Notes.

  • Able to write several definitions.
  • Longer Examples.
  • Bigger diagrams/Graphs/Tables.
  • A Longer To-Do List.
  • You can use the Bullet Journal system on this.
  • Important Memos/Dates/Events.
  • Grocery List.
  • Quotes/Proverbs.
  • Doodles.
  • You can use it as a bookmark, but the flag would have been a better choice.
  • Grammar Rules.
  • Bigger Area to Write.

Best of Luck.

Haven’t drawn old Scarecrow in a while and I just read The collected Batman Aventures vol 2 last night that had a great story featuring Crane. Love the way he’s drawn in the animated series style! Props to @the_swedish_scarecrow who’s cosplay was my inspiration! #thescarecrow #scarecrow #jonathancrane #professorjonathancrane #arkhamasylum #btas #batman #batmantheanimatedseries #batmanvillains #batmanfanart #fanart #DCComics #dccomicsfanart #stickynote #stickynotesketch #drawing #postit #postitnotes #sketch #copicmarkers #coloredpencils

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Part 15 of the Stucky Sticky Note Series//Bucky visits Peggy

*NOTE: I got the idea for this from a tumblr post I saw a while back and it was a drawing of Peggy, Steve and Bucky talking about the grenade incident so if anyone knows what I’m referring to and can link it to me (so I can credit it) I will be super grateful ! x


New Illustration work for FUSEN sticky notes. (GAKKEN STA:FUL CO., LTD.)
This spring I drew illustrations for new animal sticky notes. They will start to be sold from next month August 2016 at stationery stores like LOFT, TOKYU HANDS throughout Japan.
Thanks to Gakken designer Akiko I really enjoyed drawing these illustrations! Can’t wait to see them at stores:)
学研ステイフルさんより来月から(2016年8月) 全国のLOFTや東急ハンズ、文房具屋さん、雑貨店などで販売始まります。今日パッケージがウチに届いたのですが、実物を手にとると嬉しいですね〜。