most people don’t want to believe in ghosts, they just want to spend all of there time eating chinese takeout on sunday afternoons. msg is just a myth and it was created by white people. red chrysanthemums are hardly there and then they are there, they bloom with full force right in front of bystanders noses. no one will know the truth until you dip your finger in spit then stick your pinky hands into the electrical socket.   

  • intrusive thoughts according to tumblr: stick ur leggy in the air! eat the leaf! throw your shoe in a tree! other fairly normal and regular impulses that anyone can have!
  • intrusive thoughts according to me, an actual person diagnosed with OCD: stick your finger in their eye socket, pry out their eyeball with your fingers, squish it into a pulp and shove it down their throat with a knife while you fuck them in public while covered in filth
  • the point of this post: intrusive thoughts and impulses are not the same thing and people with horrible, disgusting, sexual, violent intrusive thoughts who struggle with them every day and try to be good people DESERVE SUPPORT and their struggles SHOULDN'T BE TRIVIALIZED by people misunderstanding what intrusive thoughts can be
  • tw: violence, sex, gore, body horror, knives, eyes