Attention esteemed Orphan Black artists!

BBC America will be airing an Orphan Black Season One encore, Saturdays starting September 14th at 10/9c. We need YOUR art for a special project with GetGlue. We’re selecting ten designs and turning each piece into an original GetGlue sticker - one sticker per episode!

Don’t worry about including text and logos on your design - we’ll take care of that. Just send us your very best OB-inspired art. Along with the glory of having your very own GetGlue sticker, we also have some additional swag for the winners. #CloneClub pins, anyone?

Submit your art* HERE:
Entry deadline: Sept. 10th at 6PM est.

Good luck, Clone Clubbers.

*Artwork, not Art the Detective. An important distinction.


Mistake MESSenger merch that I will sell at Cosplay Mania 2016 XD Pixitato artworks (our artist circle) will be by the Fan fair, table F30 ^^ I alreay have my photo prints printed and manually cut by me XD Forgiveness if the cut isn’t that perfect OTL I promise I created thesw with all my heart


Lady Bug - Your organic market in Willow Creek!

To have your own mart with buyable meat, fish and veggies etc you must download this mod here which includes the links for a few more mart itens! Go there:

And here are some other cc’s I can link (because I remember where I dl it lol)so you guys can decor your mart even more! 

Grilled food:



Window stickers:

Veggie street market:

News Stand:

Grocery Store:


Sticker Mania presents: Window Stickers pack 4 & 5, (the last ones for this time). I just want to clarify that these are recolors of wall decals in the painting section - not window recolors. I also got a suggestion to put them all in one package - and I’ll do that, when I know how to :)

Pack 4 burgers-community center-baby. Download

Pack 5 coffee-pizza-books. Download

Bonus stickers: Spring decoration Download & Pizza Menu. Download

Simlish fonts by ajaysims & gazifu! Sims 4 icons by TheSimKid!

Walls in pic by ATS4 & mango!