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Here’s why you need to watch Stick It (2006) right now immediately

If anyone’s looking for a fantastic movie to watch then Stick It is the movie for you

It’s funny

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It’s emotional

It’s badass

It’s not about getting the guy, or becoming pretty, or being the best or winning. It’s about girls being themselves. It’s about girls being stubborn, and messy, and broken, and strong, and young, and finding their way and being who they want to be and not letting anyone tell them otherwise. It’s about girls standing up for each other and changing a system rigged to tear them down from the start and those are the reasons it’s my favourite movie (definitely one of).

So if you need a movie with amazing stunts, a beautiful message, that’s going to make you feel good about yourself, that doesn’t show it’s women as ‘sexy’ despite the fact that they’re always wearing skin tight leotards, and in which at no point is a man the main character in a scene then watch it right now immediately!