Hawaiian Crows, using tools to get at insects, and fighting over them


- Believes sticks are the answer for everything in life

- Likes to flirt

- Believes flirting is the second answer for everything in life

- Peace and Love

- Can be REALLY stuborn

- Can make extreme meme faces

- Really, the meme faces, fear them

- Dipper pines voice

- Is obcessed about space, galaxies, aliens and stars

“This is MY stick!” To learn more about Ivar and real wolfdogs like him, check out #dogsonadventures #PNW #pnwonderdogs #pnwonderland #pacificnorthwest #wolfdog #wolf #wildlife #nature #wolfdog #realwolfdog #arcticwolf #wolves #stick @animaladdicts @bewil.d @wildgeography @wildlifeonearth @wildlife @wildinpics

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Aaah, sorry, i was on a roll uvu

I shouldn’t have posted this page right after the other, but so many people were desperate and i was in the mood to draw, so here you go//

THIS IS FRISK, who goes by the name Stick

And you’ll discover why really soon eve

Feel free to send them asks already ovo//

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